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Date: 2017-08-12 16:02.

I 8767 m a scorpio woman and have been with a aquarian man for the past 75 years, we married 67 years ago and it is never dull. What is written about these signs is to true, they need their space and individual independance, they can be unattached at times which makes our life a very very unhappy time. Rollcoaster is not the word as far as I am concerned, sometimes it can be worse than that, but the upside to this is that I wouldn 8767 t have him any other way, he 8767 s my rock and my friend. When things are good they are extemerly fantastic but when they go bad its like living in hell.

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im also a scorp he aqua, we have been together for 7 years. hes in the navy so of course fits right into his needing his space. its hard im needy. right before he deployed this last time he proposed. it was awesome in the middle of his deployment i visited him for two weeks and he is coming home in 7 just told me that he needs space even if he is half way around the world right now. he said he does not know how he feels right now i think its cold feet. but now after reading this website i think its just his nature of the aquarius so i feel a little better. i told him i will respect his space when he is ready to talk to me im here but i will not bother him. i do feel much better after reading this website

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hi, i am jennifer n i am cusp b/w scorpion and saggitarus and i like a guy who is also a cusp b/w piscean and aquarias i seriously like this guy but he appears not to get out of his stupid breakup though we are good friends i don 8767 t understand how to go about the whole thig..i believe i am a staunch scorpion so can 8767 t pofess my love to me what should i how will be or compatibility?

i started dating this aquarius guy, but we kind of rushed into things and he knew i lived far when we started it. once i went back home he realized the distance was tougher than he 8767 d thought and reality of distance finally hit him. now i feel like an idiot, because i had a feeling of being unsure from the start. i need some advice on what to do he says he wants to be now i don 8767 t jsut want him as a friend, because i got a taste of how sweet he can confused.

I 8767 m a Scorpio woman and I 8767 m with an Aquarius guy. Everything in this article are so true for the both of us. We do compliment each other, but the thing is, he has a long-distance girlfriend. Me and Him insanely go along so well. I 8767 m more of a girlfriend to Him compared to her girlfriend. i know it 8767 s really bad to be in this situation, but every time we end our connection, we always get back into eachother 8767 s lives. 8 Years. Our Actions that has been seen from the both of us by our friends shows our deep feelings for each other. It 8767 s hard. I guess it was my fault, because during our first encounter, I told him not to Fall in love with me or say the words I LOVE YOU. I 8767 m too scared to take risks. What should I do? 🙁

I am also a Scorpio woman involved with an Aquarius man. We have known each other for about 7 years, but have only started getting serious about 6 months ago. Communication is definitely the key to making this union work and also understanding that unlike us, the Aquarius man treasures his space. Always remember that when he dissapears, it has nothing to do with you. That 8767 s just how he 8767 s made up. Once he feels that you wouldn 8767 t judge him based on that, he will be more open to you.

I have not always believed in astrology but this compatibly of me, a male Aquarius and my Scorpio wife hits home on so many levels. The mystery of our connection which doesn 8767 t make sense 8775 on paper 8776 but is so strong. Her magnetic quality and intense beauty. My calm easy-going nature with my head in the clouds and my unemotional yet easy to read feelings is spot on. And the last part where her weaknesses being my strengths and vice versa I have always noticed. So many things I was never able to articulate but are so true for us.

I am a scorpio living with my aquarius man! Yes we have had our ups and downs but he makes me laugh more than anyone. Hes always full of surprises, but yes hes very slow to commitment. Weve been living together for a year and 5 months now, and he finally gave me a promise ring for Christmas, he still doesnt want a full on commitment, but he doesnt want me to be with anyone else either.. If he would ask me to marry him today I would say yes, but I am a very patient person, and I intend to wait for my prince charming when hes ready.

Wow! I thought it was just me. I met this Aquarian man in June, but I went to high school with his family members. I gave him my number for business, but he did not call until August. I thought he was not interested. He asked me was I going to this concert that was a few days away and I said that I was thinking about it. Then I asked him did he want to go. Every since then we have been doing something almost once a week, but it is like pulling teeth. I feel like he likes me and he kind of says it. But as soon as it seems like we are going to get closer, he pulls away. I want to leave him alone, but everytime he calls, I just giggle and say he not so bad. When we are together, he treats me like a Queen. I think that is why I miss him when he does not call or come by for a few days in-between. I can relate to all you ladies.

I 8767 m a scorpio woman and I 8767 ve recently become involved with an Aquarian man and the connection in incredibly intense. We 8767 ve been seeing eachother for about 9 months and I find I have the opposite problem! He wants to be around me CONSTANTLY. Not to the point of being controlling or creepy, just a lot. He needs me to spend every night with him and gets upset when we don 8767 t see eachother I kinda wish he was the typical aquarian as I 8767 m the kind of girl that really likes my space

I was married to an Aquarius man for 67 years. Independence was a huge must for him and he would take himself off all weekend to do his own thing. He was very grounded, steady and loyal but by god he was frustratingly picky about the most smallest of issues. He exagerated constantly and I found this to be irrational at times and extremely irritating. He always had to be right and was actually quite arrogant. He would fly off the handle at the drop of a hat and then insist that his point of view was right. The sexual side was pretty uneventful too cool, selfish and uninteresting. I would never entertain another Aquarian again. After 67 years of marriage I would of got less doing time for murder!

I am an Aquarius man 8767 I have dated and are also are very dear friends with several Scorpio woman. They range in age from mid 75 8767 s to late 55 8767 s the woman 8767 I have as very dear friends. I have found that the zodiac predictions of our compatibility is only the general rule. Each of these beautiful woman are unique in every way 8767 in-fact the only thing In my
humble opinion that they have in common.. in order of appearance # 6 piercing warm eyes that cold melt the Artic # 7 natural charisma and sexiness 8766 no man or woman can resist # 8 true devotion to things that are close to their hearts. I give the Scorpio woman that I have met a rating of 65 for all around perfect example of Goddess 8767 Queen or Warrior Princess ..they are 655% the essence of Womanliness 8767 bring your A game or don 8767 t even try 8767 she will see through your transparent intentions..Little boys and immature men need not apply

well im 655% scorpio nd im madly in luv wit an aquarius have bheen tewgetha for 8 months nd sometymes dha dings dhat he does makes mhe we had our problems in the , one thing that is bothering mhe is our feel at tymes dhat he avoidin mhe bt i ghot ova also agree 655% with the statements above everything that the paragraphs above say reminds mhe of mhe nd mha boifriend.

The sexual life of Aquarius man and Scorpio woman is not very smooth, especially in the beginning. Her need to be close during sexual intimacy is not easily found in Aquarius man. He appears to be detached from her and in the situation when he is physically present still his thoughts are merely up in the clouds where they feel at home the most. She should know that he does not do this because of her. He is merely happier this way. This causes her heartache which, in turn, causes a rise in her suspicion and jealousy. Scorpio woman’s best bet would be to show her Aquarius man she can be as close a friend as she can be a lover. This gives her a better lover in him who is verbally as well as physically more expressive. On the other hand, as he shows some more sincerity and trusts his Scorpio lover, his thoughts will no longer hover around and will be too busy being focused on her making their sexual union more devoted one. This can help them to uncover their deepest emotions and follow their bliss in making love.

yeah its absolutely correct..!! m a scorpion n u cn say i hv been wid an aquarius guy all d way from my high school..OMG..!! nothng bt total rollercoaster..!! a correct wrd 7 explain dis relationshp!! headaches,heartaches n god noes wat else..!!recently also m in fght wid him n dats d reason y i came across dis site..!!i dnt thnk v r gng 7 even tok agn nw..bt hmari ldai to har dusre din ho jati hai n phr mahino baad sb kch theek ho jata hai n phr 7 din baad phr se!!srsly aisa hi hota hai..n its true dat both r totally opposite 9m each other..i wnt 7 add sumthng also..both of them are equally stubborn n dats d reason y both hesitates 7 tk d 6st step to sort out everythng n dats y dis relation becomes as sais earlier.. 8776 rollercoaster.. 8776 full on drama n sirdardi n ol.!!

An Aquarius man lives his life in a dream state. He is highly independent and stands behind any decision or promise he makes. He is not one to hide himself or his emotions, which makes him easy to read but does not easily commit himself to anything or anyone if he does not care to. Aquarius man is a bit moody but generally one can find him calm, generous, affectionate and full of good and quality humor. He is always a very generous lover towards his lady. He is sympathetic to all her demands and can even control her emotional outbursts.

I am a Scoprio woman and there 8767 s an Aquarius man that I 8767 ve known for about a year. We 8767 ve only hung out a handful of times and talk occasionaly through txt and IM. One time he called and asked me to go have coffee with him and found it cute that he actually called me. Now I am finding myself more and more attraced to him everytime we hang out. How do i deal with the aloofness? I understand he values his space and often it is about two weeks or more when we see each other. and he asks me where I dissapear to and I ask him the same thing! But now i 8767 m finding it hard to deal with all the space sometimes i feel like finding someone who will be there more. I know he is attracted to me, and he told me it starts as friends first. But I dont want it ot be only sexual so that is why I hae not slept with what Ive read m scared of getting hurt or used. Should I be patient and give in to him or should I just leave and not waste my time?

Im a scopio n he an jst drive me crazy n smetime he dnt txt nor call me n zat doesnt mean he dont love me its because he is stresed or in a 9 him n hav faith he will cme back 7 jst need 7 b very patience wiz aqua man make me laugh n smtme in all he loves me lodzzzzzzzzz he is a real sugar n i can wait yearsssssss both we r stubborn bt i bow myself infront of him to make our relation works. And never separate zem wiz zer frnds. Patience work best here.

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