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I have felt different my whole life. I was diagnosed with ADHD at a age, but I never felt like that diagnoses was correct. I 8767 ve always had a difficult time relating to my peers. It 8767 s only been recently that I can make small talk with people, and that 8767 s only because I 8767 ve read several articles on how to do it. People usually describe me as eccentric, and honestly, that 8767 s always bothered me. My fiancee is very similar to me and I think he might be on the spectrum. But he hates labels and refuses to talk about it. He gets frustrated if I mention that I strongly believe that I am on the spectrum. I took the quiz and scored a 97. I 8767 m wondering if I should get an official diagnosis or just leave it alone. My fiancee says it 8767 s pointless because it doesn 8767 t change who I am. But I feel that a diagnosis might help me feel okay with being a little 8775 eccentric 8776 .

Aspergers In Adults: Characteristics of Asperger Syndrome

Nothing says you have to attend a University right away. You can either put off college until you have allowed yourself to psychologically develop a bit more (remember, we have a DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY, our brains don 8767 t develop the same way or at the same pace as our peers), or you can go to a smaller community college that is able to keep a closer eye on students and are more prepared to give a bit more support than those Universities that are teeming with students.

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Thank you for this article. As someone who only recently discovered he has Asperger 8767 s, I am just now working on some of the areas that I am lacking in mainly social skills. This article was very helpful and I loved the way you explained things. I would love to hear more on this topic as you have a good way of explaining things in a way that even slightly autistic individuals can understand.

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I m just a 68 year old boy with aspergers, and I feel this looks like great jobs!

About me:
- I think much
- I am much more adult, and mature for my age, than everyone around me.
- I love:
* Mat
* Physics
* Astronomy
* Technology in practice
* Inventions
* History
| I am better than the teacher is many of thoose subjects, but have problems with other subject s like: Spanish, region, lenguage and sosial.

- I like to hang out with more nerdish people, and have easyer to talk to other with autism or ADHD. (Then I m training alot, so I am something like a training nerd)
- I get better contact with animals than humans
- I love to give
- I have an 655% order character
- I cames pretty good equivalent with the teachers
- I dreaming to became:
6. Astronaut
7. Inventor
8. Mathematician / Physicist
9. Astronomer
5. Donald Duck Drawer

Abit about my self. What do you think I should be?=)

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Many men (or should I say boys?) have yet to evolve on an emotional level. They seek only physical attraction because their emotions are blocked. They don 8767 t know how to connect at an emotional level. Imagine putting on a pair of green glasses. It doesn 8767 t matter what colors exist, everything is seen green. A guy 8767 s lack of emotional development blinds him from being able to deeper connect.

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PS I just want to add to that, reading what I have written back through, it is shame that, being most probably borderline, or having some but not all the traits of Asperger 8767 s, I lack the precision, and attention to detail, that a stronger Asperger profile might give me. I noticed errors in my comment, which doesn 8767 t back up my claim to have a flare for writing!! Those reading here, will just have to trust me that it is what I have been told.

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Thanks for the site, very good. My scores are Aspie test 679/755 NT 68/755 and AQ 96. I 8767 m 57 years old , I don 8767 t feel any need for a formal diagnosis. I only got these results in the last couple of days and Haven 8767 t slept properly since. I think I need time to get used to it. Reading other Aspies stories is very good as you said, there is so much that I can identify with, especially social and communication wise. I 8767 ve always been considered shy, 8775 painfully shy 8776 when I suppose I 8767 m a little better now but still avoid social occasions, even if I know some people attending. I have big problems making and keeping friends but as I grow older this isn 8767 t the horrible cause of anguish that it used to be, though I wish I could do better in this regard. I can bore for England when discussing my current interest (they often die quickly) and don 8767 t realize I 8767 ve done it again till too late.

How To Learn Social Skills With Asperger''s Syndrome

Preying can be a problem, as Aspies freely give any information asked for, never believing anyone would use it against them or to harm them. A hard lesson can be learned from finding out you’re idea has been taken-word for word, step by step, for a class project to your entire list of clients disappearing and going to that “other company,” a “friend” happened to start after innocently offering to proofread business documents or install important updates to your software.

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My parents everyone, really find me hard. Some were afraid, some were intrigued. People say I 8767 m too intense I have public meltdowns, light hurts my eyes, I always find people just a bit too noisy, and my father and mother think I hate them just because I don 8767 t like to make faces when I talk and, most importantly, it was so painful to obsess over someone, talking to them again and again watching them. Everything was just so hard. I never understood why people had to lie so much why they had to cut each other off like that and why they would talk to me if they never really cared.

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Yes, I made the mistake of majoring in English in college. Ten years later, I am a housekeeper at a large hospital. I am very good at my job but find it dissatisfying. My degree has helped me not one iota in finding employment. Without the social skills to pursue anything related to my interests, manual labor is the life for me. . I have learned to multi-task at my job by thinking circularly as well as linearaly. I believe this is related to practicing Tai Chi and Zen Buddhism.

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If you disclose, it opens you to risk of ableist backlash there are several case I 8767 ve heard of where the PWD is certain that they were fired because of their disability, but it can 8767 t be proven that 8767 s why their performance reviews plummeted upon disclosure. So there is real risk there. That said, if you don 8767 t disclose, you cannot get workplace accommodations and have no protection from work performance issues related to your disability. It 8767 s really a personal call. I 8767 m out with regard to my chronic illness at work (that 8767 s a safety thing certain tasks simply are not safe for me to perform, and the list varies in length depending on whether or not I 8767 m having a flare-up), and I do not have a formal autism diagnosis yet (though I 8767 m seeking help next week because everything has kind of come to a head and I can 8767 t go it alone anymore at this point long story) but the people at work figured out I 8767 m autistic before I did and have already implemented the accommodations I need so if/when I get a formal diagnosis, I have no doubt that they 8767 ll be accepting of me.

My Aspergers Child: Married To An Aspie: 25 Tips For Spouses

Pete writes: I tend to be exact in speech, and find it hard to be a bit vague, I also do take things very literally often. When my Solicitor sent me a draft copy of my will and invited me to make any changes I wanted before signing I did make changes, but to the spelling and grammar in the document, not the content of the will itself. I only realised this after I had posted it I could write a book on misunderstandings like this. use complex words and phrases, but might not fully understand what they mean. Leigh writes: I have always been interested in language. With English having such an enormous lexicon, there is usually an exact word to precisely explain my meaning but find I often confuse (and/or repel) those who are not familiar with a wider vocabulary.

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Thank you ever so much for the kind reply - I am really grateful for your wise words. I completely agree with you that he s been honest about the whole thing, so I do give him credit for that. It just doesn t feel very nice to be the one caught in all of this, but it s nice to know that it has nothing to do with me. Your explanation makes a lot more sense than the it s just that he has better chemistry with her explanation.

Thanks again - I think you have an extraordinary talent here!

-- Alana

Both of the above are sure to please those who are concerned about the Asperger’s fashion tastes. Victoria’s Secret never carries yesterday’s fashions. And sex shop costumes might be very open and revealing in various places, thus preventing any tight feelings on the skin for those with sensory sensitivity issues. If there are any objections, remind those around you you’re simply following their advice. And that the outfit you’re wearing matches, which is by far the most important thing.

I was diagnosed with Asperger s syndrome at 8 years of age, and I was feeling hopeless, because I love my boyfriend so much, but I don t know if I can ever be good enough for him, or for anyone. Loving someone with AS is hard, that s why so many people don t do it. Reading these comments hurts so bad. Is there really no hope for people like me? Can I really never love like a normal person? Was I just born to live and die alone.? It hurts. :/

Hey thanks for posting those links. I have just done the Ritvo Autism Asperger Diagnostic Scale-Revised and got nice yellow boxes for every score *laughs* (I 8767 m going for a formal diagnosis next month)
Is anyone else annoyed by some of the questions though? I feel that some of these quizzes have questions that are not precise enough or have answers that don 8767 t fit in with the answer I want to give, so I go into a bit of a tailspin worrying about what to put. The worst one for me is the emotions on the face quiz because the things I think people are thinking are often not included in the answers! anyway, every test I have ever done seems to put me unambiguously into the ASD indicator stream, so I am a bit hopeful that the meeting next month will also yield a positive ASD result for me. It would be nice, after 98 years of being labelled mad or weird to just have a plain old ordinary developmental, neurological problem instead.

The second type of attraction is intellectual. Intellectual attraction comes from more rational, logical means controllable through words and actions. Think of the bimbo blonde who has a peanut for her brain – that 8767 s the opposite to an intellectually attractive woman. It 8767 s a pain to live with someone unintelligent. An attractive man wants a woman who holds a conversation with almost anyone, talks about his interests, regularly reads books, and teaches him valuable lessons.

I also now study to be a website designer. It looks like it might be an overcrowded field, but two things are in its favor:

6. My activities so far as an enthusiast (or wannabee ) developer/web designer give me profound joy.

7. Perhaps portfolio can be persuaded to substitute for such introvert filters as resume, interview, and references.

Website designer being so 7557, I m also trying to figure out how to write Android apps.

Michelle S, I m sorry your marriage sucks, but you re being incredibly callous and, frankly, bigoted. You re husband may be abusive and distant, but don t come here and say that I must be just like him because I share his diagnosis. And I find it a tad hypocritical how you yourself seem making it all about you. You just lap up the sympathy, but you seem incapable of dealing with criticism. Anyone who offers an opinion that doesn t quite fall in line with your own is dismissed by you as an aspie, which apparently in your mind makes him or her automatically an a-hole.

Social Isolation: In the teenage world where everyone feels insecure, teens that appear different are voted off the island. Aspies often have odd mannerisms. One teen talks in a loud unmodulated voice, avoids eye contact, interrupts others, violates their physical space, and steers the conversation to her favorite odd topic. Another appears willful, selfish and aloof, mostly because he is unable to share his thoughts and feelings with others. Isolated and alone, many Aspies are too anxious to initiate social contact.

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