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Kola Boof: Billionaires Prefer *Black* Women - Beyond

Posted: 2017-10-12 18:52

The simple truth is that no one person/ethhnicity/person is homogeneous so none of your bickering matters, none of what this article says matters, none of what that annoying spanish fly Miami Miami says matters, she s flat out pathetic with her comments and obviously has her own personal reservations regarding black people. This goes for anyone who has anything to say similar to what she has. I may have digressed, but the point is that all of this arguing is futile because two expressions have something very true to say about beauty its only skin deep, and it s in the eye of the beholder so with your petty comments on this one site, you re looking pretty hideous. And as long as two people are attracted to each other and in love, nothing else matters. I ve seen alot of people of many different ethnicities that I considered unattractive, but guess what, that didn t matter to their significant other. Neither does anything any of you have to say.

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Fellows, sometimes women are exposed to certain acts of violence that leave them with child(ren) as the end product. Some women have psychological issues which contribute to them acting out inappropriately in the quest to fill a void intheir life and the end result could be child(ren). Sometimes, that child could be the result of your loving actions irrespective of how careful and responsible you are. I know, but I am not making excuses, in fact I am trying to think how I can justify 5 babies and 8 baby daddies in your early 75s..Anyway!

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I don t care who dates or marries whom. All I know that as a white woman I would love to have darker skin. It just looks better and any white woman that denies that is lying to herself. Make up looks so much better on darker skin. Why else are white women killing themselves getting skin cancer to darken their skin? All women from all races or ethnicities are beautiful, but yes, I would love to have darker skin.

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The problem with black girls online is that they simply cannot compete with white, Latinas, or Asians. Almost every black woman I 8767 ve seen has the typical fashion: cheap heels, tons of makeup (as if black women needed it,) gaudy forever 76 clothes, and that those hideous extensions. Where are all the natural sistahs? Why all the effort to look like dark skinned versions of cheap white women? Did I also mention that most of ya are obese? Yes, non stop fat rolls hanging down your inner thighs black women are supposed to be skinny and graceful, the kind white men drool over.

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I don 8767 t give single mothers a chance simply because it is in my ingrained bias to not trust them. They likely bailed on their child 8767 s father and broke up their family instead of making it work and they always have some ridiculous over dramatized excuse as for why. Why would you put yourself out for a women like that only to be in a worse situation where you are not even the childs father and will always come after her children. It 8767 s a lose, lose situation there 8767 s a reason male lions will kill and eat all the existing cubs when they take over a pride.. nature isn 8767 t stupid, so why should we be?

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I think this is an important article because in regards to race relations some people live in silos.
The list is much longer, including Fassbender, and the guy who plays Captain America. These two central tendency in women seem to include color. And for those who say these guys are just playing around more than half were wives not just girlfriends.
Dating outside your race makes you a little more vulnerable to another dynamic but it also expands your options to finding a mate. I wish more people were so open.

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That is if you&rsquo re able to get your thoughts together and your emotions under control and creep out from under that sun-baked rock in that tiny obstructed limited biosphere in which you reside. There is a world beyond South Beach, need you know, where broad-minded people of all races and colors reside, where truth and beauty exist.. No offense to the progressive thinking people of South Beach or Miami intended.

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First of all, average white guys are better-looking than black guys imo. So this person didn 8767 t even factor personal taste into the equation.
Second of all, these black guys never factor personality or personal compatibility into an assessment of why two people might want to be together. Maybe because they have crappy personalities and only think with their d***s, maybe that 8767 s why this never seems to occur to them?
Life is long and looks fade for everyone. You need something beyond just looks to maintain a bond with someone when you get old. You need common values, for one thing, a shared sense of humour for another. But since these guys 8767 future time orientation is nonexistent and they 8767 re not thinking that far ahead, I can see why they may overlook that.

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As a bw this has not been my experience or belief I don t need validation from white men! What if they never find bw attractive? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder what I like you may not that does not mean what I like does not matter! I don t need validation from anyone if I m not your cup of tea keep it moving ! This is 7566 times have changed trust me you can have any race of man you want when it all boils down they re all men! I prefer bm but I have dated white and hispanic men that does not make me racist I just think bm or sexier LOL! MY OPINION!

I agree with the article. There are plenty of very handsome black men in the BC. I feel that aesthetically, we as black people are beautiful. For me if the goal was simply to have 8775 pretty 8776 kids, I could just hook up with a BM if that was all I was after. There would ne no need to expand my dating options. But I 8767 m looking for QUALITY, a man that is the marriage minded, family oriented, provider and protector. And that is extremely hard to find in the BC .dare I say near impossible!!! I 8767 m more concerned with building a happy family with a quality man that is trustworthy and reliable than being the 8775 wifey 8776 of some emotionally disturbed but 8775 Fine 8776 BM. I definitely agree that more BW need to choose quality men instead of being superficial and this means exploring and being open to dating and marrying non black men.

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Iman has a black and indian/asian heritage, if you were to ask an indian/asian what race they would define Iman to be they would say black or mixed race not indian/asian. How come your skin colour, hair, features and figure doesn t look exactly the same as an indian/asian? I think you need to do some extensive research on your heritage, because your making yourself look very unintelligent. You need to be proud of your mixed heritage and try not to be a race your are not as that makes you look pathetic. Why would you diss a race you are mixed with I have never heard something so absurd in my life!

Any opinions from men on dating a woman who decided to have a child with a sperm donor around the end of her fertility years? There are so many single women that, due to various circumstances, found themselves still single in their late 85 8767 s/early 95 8767 s and couldn 8767 t imagine life without a child. So my question is, how do you men feel about that type of situation, where there is no father in the picture to have to deal with?

Oh god the irony! Iman happens to be full Somali, with no Indian or Arab or any type of Asian heritage, just like the majority of Somalis. It seems like you need to do beyond extensive research in general, because you are not intelligent, but then again, I would be underestimating you, as you are clearly incompetent of comprehending valid information. Give yourself a challenge and bring ACTUAL authentic sources.

Its kinda of crazy to categorize women. All women are beautiful in their own way. I hate it when people say that I am going out with this type or that type. We are all in the world together and one person is no better than the next. I have been out with women from all different races and each one has their own unique thing about them that makes them the person they are. I just wish people would stop stereotyping. Its just plan rude.

When first being in 6th grade i was introduced to people of different races in 6969. Never gave it a second thought. Through the years Ive found women of color much more interesting and also a closer connection with. So sad I did not activley allow that to resonate in my earlier life. But now I would tell people to not overlook those beautiful women. If you think someone else of different skin color or shade is not worthy of your attention, then you are falling short of so many wonderful women out there. Dark skinned women, know this your are beautiful. I prefer you over your light skinned sisters.

i am like that daughters father. Learn to separate yourself from your daughter.
The daughters father is going nowhere. Get the boyfriends for yourself not for your daughter.
My daughters mother seem to have a similar problem.
She is not able to date without mixing up the child. Sometimes she tells the child to call
the boyfriend dad and to call me , of all things, grandfather which makes me hate and
estrange her more.
The point is find your position in life. Or no man will stick around the confused

My situation is very thought provoking. I 8767 m 76 about to finish trade school and my girlfriend of almost a year has a 8 year old. We liked each other in high school but she stopped talking to me to get with her baby daddy who left her and doesn 8767 t do anything for the child. We started talking as friends after high school and became serious shortly after. Her daughter loves me, I love her and her daughter, it just bugs me because I never wanted a woman with a baby but I love her a lot. I wanted to start my own family from the ground up. What should I do?

Why refer to these mixed children as black when they are mixed. My son is mixed and he certainly isn t black. He is half black, half white and it is apparent. There is also a big difference. To apply this misnomer to mixed children is to deny half of who they are as if that half was inferior. I don t care how this was historically perceived so spare me. Times and Views change and so should this flawed concept.

Ayan: Thankfully you do not live in the . we Black folks here are much better off without you. But perhaps you do not live here because you were not let in and we are blessed for that reason. You are right, other nations do not have the racial classifications that we have here in the . for better or worse. Nevertheless, we are referring to Iman, not you and she has lived in west long enough to understand the racial categories that exist here with all its limitations and does not run away nor turn her back on being classified as one of us. People of African ancestry throughout the West are referred to as Black, Negro, Moreno, Noire etc. As far as a I am concerned, you have the right to self identify, nevertheless to do so by denigrating other people of African descent is ignorant and foolish. I guarantee you that if you were to live in the west you would immediately be classified as Black and you would eventually understand and embrace it once you realize what an honor it is to be thus classified. Anyway, since you do not live here, you have no business commenting on an issue to which you have no knowledge. Peace & Blessings.

Well I 8767 m from Arkanas almost 95 i have never dated outside my race but i have had white men who jas tried to talk to but I never would because of how everyone see international couples but this year I met a wonderful white man who adores me he changed my outlook on life love has no boundaries you can 8767 t help who you fall in love with no matter who doesn 8767 t like it I 8767 ve learned you live to be happy for self and if you love him give it a shot no matter who disagrees

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