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To be honest, it should not matter what the shade of skin you have. At 57 and now married to a wonderful women now for over ten years, it has been wonderful. I view her as my bride that I wished came into my life 95 years ago. She sent me to hair school. And yes she is black. I 8767 ve met many beautiful women in my life, and there is a sexyness and beauty with women of color that is wonderful. For all those pale skinned men out there, do not overlook women of color, you may be missing out on the love of your life. Do not fall into some rut about women of color, they are as beautiful as any other women. And perhaps more so.

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Long story short, by making a simple declaration, this guy made it clear to the world that my child would never be his child. 8775 He is to call me Mr. (whatever his last name was) 8776 . Well, that really woke my green ass up and my vigilance went into overdrive like that of a she lion (if you know what I mean). Because of that experience, my child who was 9 years old when he was introduced to this environment is a better man for it today. I could be singing a different song today..

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Please run for the hills fast! If this is happening 8 months in when things are still new and her 8775 representative 8776 is still in the honeymoon phase, can you imagine a year from now? Where is the father? For a boy to ask his mom 8767 s date for money shows a parenting void that is beyond disturbing, and you do not want to continue down this road my friend. If I were you,I would dump her, be honest about why, and move on to greener pastures.

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Guys this is hard if you aren’t a lover of children I cannot stress this any harder if kids annoy you, or if they get in the way for you, then stick to women who lack kids. If you do love kids, or are tolerant of kids in a friendly way, then you must realize that dating a woman with a child is like dating two people. You have to cater to both on some level, especially if the child is a female herself.

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Back then, Palestinian leader Arafat had a Black American mistress who was also a porn star.  Some of you will call out her name. I won 8767 t. But I remember him buying her a mansion in Italy and an apartment building in London. The following year, when Osama Bin Laden released me, he gave me a farm in Kenya and a house in South Africa.  Though I didn 8767 t want or like Bin Laden two other men that I 8767 d dated during my era as an actress-model in North Africa were also of them married a Black woman, the other married a Korean.

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i am like that daughters father. Learn to separate yourself from your daughter.
The daughters father is going nowhere. Get the boyfriends for yourself not for your daughter.
My daughters mother seem to have a similar problem.
She is not able to date without mixing up the child. Sometimes she tells the child to call
the boyfriend dad and to call me , of all things, grandfather which makes me hate and
estrange her more.
The point is find your position in life. Or no man will stick around the confused

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This is honestly one of the first things I noticed when I first started frequenting BWIR sites. I was seeing photos of black women with partners like Peter Norton, Wolfgang Puck, Mark Echo, Roger Ebert. And I was like hey, all of these women are with super rich men, but they 8767 re not football players or basketball players or anything like that, they are the guys that sign those guys checks. I definitely noted that and found it every interesting. As I always say, correlation doesn 8767 t equal causation, but it comes pretty close 😛

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All of the key players in my life had very different reactions to me having a black boyfriend. My siblings were very torn. My sister pulled away from me in a big way after this incident fearing also being exiled by my father. My brother stepped up and tried to be my pseudo Dad by doing things like fixing my broken faucet and expressing his discontent being the executor of the will now that my name was removed.

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We 8767 re not all going to shove you aside for our children, although there will be times that will happen. It will be the same scenario for kids that genetically belong to you too. Sadly it 8767 s cultural that men are second best parents and women are socialised to believe they do the best job and must make the kids the top priority always and forever. Meanwhile the poor guys are missing out since we taught them they make rubbish parents.

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I guess I 8767 m racist in my soul, I don 8767 t know for sure. I do know this much, some of my best friends are black, I get along very well with everybody, and I enjoy seeing any color of people succeed in life. But when it comes to whites dating/marrying blacks, I cringe. I truly believe in equal in all aspects of life except for that particular situation. I 8767 ve always felt this way and can 8767 t seem to overcome it. Just being brutally truthful so let the name calling begin.

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That doesn 8767 t make any sense whatsoever. So what you 8767 re saying is that it 8767 s stupid of her to date a black man because of the diseases from a country HE 8767 S NOT EVEN FROM? Wow. You must be genius. And 8775 monkey lover 8776 is that the best you got? No offense but uh the last time I checked, monkeys have white skin. The country/ background ethnics of a person does not determine their personality or characteristics. And learn the meaning of what a 8766 whore 8767 is.

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You talk about this woman not giving her dad enough thought for why he feels this way. But you turn around and decide, just like this woman 8767 s father that, somehow you 8767 re feelings and stereotypes trump any actual person your child is involved with. Your daughter probably lied to you before she started dating this man, and she probably lied about that because she knows that you are a 655% racist and it 8767 s not because you were It 8767 s because you were already racist and this horrible event very loosely ties into what you already believe. Your daughter, or Aaron, could be the nicest, most polite, human beings, but you have no respect for black people don 8767 t see black people as being as human as you see yourself.

Bottom line, if you are fit and take care of yourself, and do not buy into the mainstream radio/television 8767 s degenerate, immoral culture where ignorance and criminality are praised above being kind, smart, or noble I 8767 d probably like you just fine. But if you live up to all of your own negative stereotypes, and actively avoid rising above them, I 8767 ll have nothing to do with you. That goes for any race. I judge by behavior, not by color but i 8767 m not 8775 colorblind 8776 enough to ignore statistics and probability in favor of brainwashing for the sake of 8775 diversity 8776 .

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Only thing I woulld not do myself, I wouldn 8767 t date or marry and old man. George Lucas is GEORGE LUCAS but he 8767 s 68 years old! He is a geriatric!! I know if i was a 75 year old woman and tried to flirt with men they would think i 8767 m gross, so why should i like old men or let them have me? I don 8767 t like seeing old men with black women, it makes it look like all we can get are men who are old/washed up now and can 8767 t get a women because he 8767 s a grandpa! Just my opinion.

So to answer the question 8775 what do white men think of black women? 8776 Well, we obviously hold you in higher regard as human beings than black men do white women, what with all the raping and robbing and assaulting. I don 8767 t very often find black women to be personally attractive, but i can recognize when a black woman is pretty. There are some exceptions of course. (i 8767 m picky about white girls too)

This article is great for anyone who doesn 8767 t understand how the psychology of attraction works, and most women (or people in general) do NOT psychologically understand themselves. This article is for nice guys to fall for, obey, and get rejected as a result. That 8767 s not the intention of the author or the women who contributed, but it is exactly what happens if you try to do a lot of the things presented in this article.

After reading the comments I don 8767 t know how to feel.. Most people on here hate black men. I mean especially when it comes to women. When I 8767 m walking alone in a mall, store ect.. people mind their own business but if i happen have a white girl I turn heads like a traffic accidents. Probably the reason I don 8767 t date white women very much anymore there 8767 s too much hateful ,fierce,desperate energy coming from white men so I said 8766 forget it you can have em 8776 . Whats funny and what people don 8767 t know about is i get hit on by white women all the time some stare, some come right up to talk to me.. I 8767 m tall, muscular, educated and played sports all my life. My first love who I was with for 7 years in my 75s was a white girl and I was only partial excepted by her father because I was in college and wasn 8767 t a thug. She eventually gave in to society and married a white man the same age as her father.

i 8767 m sorry you were and i don 8767 t mean to sound unsympathetic, but you could have been by just anybody of race or any color. There are evil people everywhere. You had a bad run in with some terrible people and i 8767 m sorry for what you went through. When i was a child a white man tried to me, luckily, i was able to fight him off an make a run for it, i was terrified to go out for awhile, i told my mother but she wasn 8767 t very supportive, she made it seem like it was my fault. My experience doesn 8767 t mean i see white people as evil because of that, I see no color. I only judge people hearts and actions.

Lord, please help me stay away from reading the comments on the FB page. I 8767 m 78 (and not overweight) yet I feel like I 8767 m developing high blood pressure and I 8767 m attributing it to some of the inflammatory stuff I 8767 m reading in comments sections on various sites against Black women. This article made me smile so I 8767 m just going to enjoy the feeling and not ruin it by going to the FB page. Thanks for this, Kola! I 8767 m a big fan.

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