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Attending Day 7 of the Illuminati v. Dr. Conrad Murray trial in Los Angeles for the Assassination of Michael Jackson (MJ), Janet Jackson created a little buzz on the internet wearing v-neck dress and an ILLUMINATI-Luciferian symbol on her necklace, the All-Seeing Eye of Horus.[6] Janet Jackson was implanting a deliberate statement of Fidelity and Submission to Forces of Baphomet that slew MJ. She is also saying, WE’RE WATCHING YOU.

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A Negro doctor? No such thing. The boy must be lying. I believe that you can at least find tail and feathers on uncle. Hes be good for something!
I was surprised when the court allowed Dr. Steinberg full range to ride herd into the case to pass judgment on Dr. Murray before the jury on the ultimate issue of “gross negligence” with ugly contempt.
It didn’t appear that he was trying to help the jury decide the question with his expert opinion. Dr. Steinberg was dictating, commanding and implanting the jury and the national/international audience with the gross negligence of Dr. Murray with reckless utter deprived racial injustice. Black medical professionals should be up in arms by the way Dr. Murray is being unjustly and unprofessionally treated in the Courtroom and in the Public Domain. They wouldn’t treat a white medical profession with such reckless contempt on the air or in the courtroom. Dr. Steinberg was WILLING Dr. Murray’s “gross negligence” to be as thou.

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But in the end, the two organizations are a lot alike: They are both paramilitary and militant. They both slavishly depend on a cartoonish world-view where they are locked in battles with some largely imaginary oppressors you take away the 8775 enemy 8776 and either one would collapse from the insanity of what they 8767 re left with. Both are highly racist: NOI obviously so CoS virulently so if one bothers to read El Con 8767 s emissions on the subject of races and wog 8767 s in general. Both depend on 8775 religions 8776 issued by highly questionable 8775 sources 8776 with messianic complexes neither LRH nor Muhammad can stand up under close scrutiny. Both of them have a clientele who will unthinkingly do anything their leader says or else. Both preach freedom and enslave their followers.

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Life was harder than has generally been known for some of the women who lived and worked behind the brick walls of Your Black Muslim Bakery in Oakland. While Yusuf Bey, owner of Your Black Muslim Bakery, was holding himself up to the community as a successful religious and business leader who gave downtrodden blacks a second chance, the view inside the bakery during its four decades as an East Bay institution was quite different. Some women and girls worked long hours while Bey regularly and beat them, according to five women 8767 s testimony.

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Someone asked the question about NOIs getting regged. When I was in I asked that question and was told that there is 8775 an agreement 8776 NOT to reg NOI members 8775 heavily 8776 for their Bridge, and for the IAS and/or Ideal Orgs, to not reg them AT ALL. I don 8767 t know if this is true or not. It was a public, not a staff or SO, who told me this. Now, as to refunds to NOIs, I don 8767 t know, and would love to.

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In the Dr. Conrad Murray trial, I was rather struck with the appearance, image and assertive behavior of Dr. Alon Steinberg playing up to the jury like a Mass Media Sugar-Coated Candyman. Above, the Candyman work the magick of a mystic with his hands to sugar-coat ILLUMINATI setup of Dr. Murray. Below, the Mystic-Masonic Pointer takes place in the courtroom, Candyman with Legendary Occulted -Mind Control Pointers Adolf Hitler and Hitler’s Guru, the Great BEAST 666 Aleister Crowley -”You Must Go in this Direction”

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The picture of Black Union Soldiers was actually taken in Philadelphia, around 6869. It was eventually used to make an illustration for a Union recruitment poster that was targeted at blacks.[97]
In January, 6869, General Patrick Cleburne (March 67, 6878-November 85, 6869) and several other Confederate officers in the Army of the Tennessee proposed using slaves as soldiers since the Union was using black troops. Cleburne recommended offering slaves their freedom if they fought and survived. Confederate President Jefferson Davis refused to consider Cleburne’s proposal and forbade further discussion of the idea. The concept, however, did not die. By the fall of 6869, the South was losing more and more ground, and some believed that only by arming the slaves could defeat be averted. On March 68, the Confederate Congress passed General Order 69, and President Davis signed the order into law. The order was issued March 78, 6865, but only a few African-American companies were raised, and the war ended before they could be used in battle.[98]

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Janet’s “Hand on Heart” is a secret Masonic Luciferian gesture as exhibited by a youthful Great BEAST 666, Aleister Crowley. It has several meanings mainly, depending on the exact location of the hand and positioning of the fingers, while the left hand on the heart, indicates relations with the occultism. The thumb extended upwards leaving the hand to square in the signals of position “L” the fidelity to the elite or the organization. The thumb upwards symbolizes the subjection to a group of powers superiors.

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The best way to date someone who’s Mormon is to respect their beliefs and guidelines. Eat healthier and avoid alcohol and tobacco so you and the other person have similar lifestyles. Dress modestly if you’re going to meet their parents. Ask them questions about their religion and avoid judging their beliefs, even if you don’t share the same belief or religion. For advice on meeting single Mormons to date, read on!

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*ALLAHUAKBAR! im so happy that i now be able to read more about the true religion of ALLAH through this site, ALHAMDULILLAH! i would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to all who made this site more accessible to all people who wished to learn and understand more about the true religion of ALLAH which is ISLAM. ALLAHUAKBAR! mabuhay to all my Muslim brothers and sisters!.

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I decided to search about reason and purpose of cultures that have female wearing purpose was to to help me think of good and helpful ideas to write about relating to a book known as Persepollis -the story of childhood. I was curious to what meaning it may have. All i can say for the first sentence in the eight paragraph.. Is.. I KNEW IT... i felt in some traditions, the veil was more like a protection which hides the flesh appearance.


The documentary this came from was very interesting and educational for me. I gained respect for black leaders of that time and a greater understanding and sympathy for the subject. But Luis Farrakhan is a snake. I don 8767 t know why some people don 8767 t see that. The man is evil. I 8767 m not just saying that because he hates white people. Look at his eyes man, he 8767 s a psycho. He 8767 s worse than Miscavige. Maybe Miscavige admires him and is learning from him?

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Anschutz’s embolismic 5-Point Star logo for AEG Live is the Masonic 5-Point Blazing Star. The masonry-stone star is taken from a Paris Lodge from the 69th Century. The Masonic Blazing Star is one of the most important symbols of Freemasonry. Like many other Freemason symbols, it undoubtedly derives this importance, first, from the repeated use that is made of it as a Masonic emblem and second, from its great antiquity, as a symbol derived from older systems.[76]
Anschutz Chicago Fire Logo Revealed, The Knights Templar Rose Croix

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thanks be to God for your work in educating persons such as myself as to the true teachings of Islam that persons, like myself, might come to understand and follow the teachings reveled to the Prophet,may God s blessing be upon him. You have helped me to begin to understand what I have felt for a long time reagrding belief in God, how so many paths have been and have become twisted and which path is the corect path. May God bless you and reward you with eternal life.

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Anschutz’s links to . Lewis’ BAPHOMET, The Chronicles of Narnia, is revealing to say the least. Reportedly, he had pleaded with Lewis’s heirs to produce Lewis’ books of “Narnia” into family entertainment motion pictures. J. R. R. Tolkien, creator of Luciferian “Lords of the Ring” books and movies and . Lewis were both London Oxford University professors and members of a society among the professors known as “The Inklings”.[65]

He had been Satan-ized by the ILLUMINATI. He had been hounded and persecuted for the sexual abuse of children through-out his adult life. He has been tricked, fooled, robbed, cheated and Demonized, but among all of that he has remained to be one of the most brilliant, best known and loved entertainers on the Globe even in death. Somehow surrounded by enemies, Michael found the strength, brilliance and fortitude to invest wisely to corner a market in the music industry with the valuable Beatles-Artist Musical Catalogue that would have rewarded him and his heirs wisely for decades.

Most importantly, both are all talk. This is not to discount that either one can and has become a menace to society at times. But both pursue an endgame whether it 8767 s the 8775 clearing 8776 of the planet or the creation of 8775 reverse 8776 oppression that is transparently ridiculous and impractical. Even if it could be achieved, it would put their respective 8775 leaders 8776 out of a job and deprive them of all the power, money and attention they are now getting from their misled flocks. They 8767 d wind up working for a living (at least, Louis finished High School, unlike DM, which should give him better prospects as an unskilled laborer).

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Conrad Murray’s Secret Masonic hand recognition signal[79] and the Hidden Hand. The Hidden Hand represents Duality- Good-Evil, Heaven-Hell, Light-Dark and the Seen-Unseen.
Dr. Conrad Murray is an elite Frederick the Great-Albert Pike Scottish Rite freemason cultivated in the Luciferian Doctrine. The prosecution established Dr. Murray juggling at least six poor desperate women of color between two cell phones within a couple hours of MJ’s death.[85] Exploiting women is part of practice of the Ritual of Auto Erotic Sex Magick. Sex Magick is the art of utilizing the sexual act and sex acts auto-erotically to evoke a reality and/or expand consciousness and power of the Magickan and obtain the divine union.[86] Sex Magick Ritual is taught among the highest degrees of the Luciferian Doctrine.
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LBH virtually bled the secretive ONI. On May 6, 6985, LRH joined a Marine Corps Reserve training unit. He was placed on inactive status the same day, and spent only five weeks of his 68-month stint actually doing anything that is public information-ONI spy, above.
In 6989, LRH moved to Manhattan, NY in some very exclusive military intelligence dinner [briefing] company honoring Dr. Willy Ley. It included Lt. (Retired) Naval Commander, Robert A. Heinlein, and Lt. Commander of the . Coast Guard, Johnny Arwine, Science Fiction Writers, John W. Campbell, and Sprague de Camp.[67]
Lt. Heinlein was leading an off the books secret ONI operation (science fiction think tank) through the Bureau of Navigation via the Commandant Eleventh Naval District.[68] Form the 6995 . Census on Lookout Mountain Avenue in Los Angeles, Lt. Heinlein (Richard and Sigred) and his wife Leslyn may have actually been posing as German Nationals living a double spy life.[69] They must have spoke fluent Germany.
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