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Posted: 2017-09-12 05:24

My experience with Thai Friendly has been mixed. The general rule is if a woman shows any cleavage she is fairly to very loose. If a woman comes to your apartment on the first or second date she is also loose. A 8775 good 8776 Thai woman won 8767 t put out for at least a few months of serious dating. That being said a nice dinner can yield a hot night or several, which is cheaper than a message parlor for 95 minutes. Ultimately it 8767 s pretty much the same equation. You just need to decide how much time, heart, and soul you want to invest.

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I met a girl at Thaifriendly and she says she lives 6 hrs away from Bangkok. I will be traveling to phuket and I asked he if she can come. She said she can come if you pay for the tickets etc. She wanted me to transfer money to her account. I said no and said I can reimburse if she comes. She said she will but you have to buy me air tickets etc. I agreed.
Now I 8767 m just worried if she is an scam or she has lime who will harras me later with fake pregnancy, medical issues etcetera.
AnY advices?

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If you 8767 ve been keeping up with our little site you may have noticed an article that came out recently by RedpoleQ titled, 7 Reasons I Love Japanese Girls and You Should Too.  Now let me just say right-off-the-bat that RedpoleQ is usually dead-right with his perspective but I can 8767 t help but think that he used complaints about Korea to suggest Korean women weren 8767 t as golden as many a man has found them to be. Just look at what Dan Bloom, Korea 8767 s foremost expert on dating Korean women, has to say about them!

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Few months before I met a girl from Vietnam in social media.
From the starting she always said to me that she likes me very much and after sometimes likes turned into love
But I told her truth everything about me that neither I 8767 m a rich person not I had job that time
But she still say that she loves only me not my money.
After sometimes she told me that she is more older than me and also she had husband but in real she don 8767 t wants to live with him and she wants to live with me because she loves me and
She also sent me my ticket and visa for Vietnam..
She 8767 s from dong thap.

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A battle ground, that’s what dating Vietnamese girl is like. And if you are not here for the sexy Vietnamese girls, you will be very soon as they soon take over your senses and focus onto them. In no other place on the planet have I felt such intense lust and sexual tension with the women. And it’s no surprise that people (even in modern countries) are impressed when you score with a Vietnamese chick.

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I don 8767 t think you 8767 re being scammed, but if she starts telling you stories of how her family or her bluffo are sick, or she owes someone money, just be wary that this is her tactic to get money from you. The best thing to do is ignore it, don 8767 t react or get angry as she will lose face. Just be like 8775 oh that is bad 8776 then change the subject. They are just rolling the dice hoping to hit a 6.

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The majority of our readers are in the USA maybe surprisingly. What 8767 s not surprising, though, is the Americentric view of the world that most of our commenters have. People reading this stuff should realize that the rest of the world has very different values and a very different perspective of themselves & the world than Americans have. But, of course, you 8767 re free to live in your little bubble of ignorance and Americentrism if you wish.

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I think it is stupid to expect so much from girls. I do wonder what the standards of korean girls are though.
I think koreans are a bit too keen on dating westerners these days, just my opinion. In any case as a Dutch-Korean (born in Seoul, live in Amsterdam) Would you not just box me into the same group as all korean guys since i look the part?
Just wondering though, i don 8767 t acuse you for doing so.
I only want to point out that nothing is really black on white, it differs per person.

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One of my favorite things that me and my interns would become familiar with is the “friend-lover curve,”. Which at first is frustrating but becomes a source of amusement over time. It means that right upon meeting a sexy Vietnamese girl(s), they are spiked with wonder and give you instant affection. This gives you the idea that they want to get romantic with you very soon just after a couple hours of meeting up.

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As someone who has worked all over Asia for several years, the statement that Korean women have the best bodies in all of Asia is complete horse sh!+!!. The hot ones u see in gangnam are completely fake (plastic) and 99% are what we call 8775 fat-skinny. 8776 They are naturally thin, but have no fitness definition because they are relatively lazy. They wear tight pants with fake butt pads and stuffed bras to give the illusion of being fit, but very few will take off their clothes without all the lights off because their fraudulent bodies will completely disappoint you. Japanese girls, on average, have far better naturally fit bodies and much better personalities. Some of the other listed attributes are somewhat accurate, but 8775 best bodies in Asia? 8776 Not even close. They are also notorious for not grooming their covered areas~ only the fake visible areas.

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My advice to everyone out there who has black or brown skin is that just don 8767 t get disheartened by all this talk about skin color. This only works for a tourist centric (location specific ) dating game where the thai girl is looking for some form of monetary gain or better life prospects. Just go out there and meet people and approach the girls in a nice and decent manner. Yes you wont be successful with every girl you try with but then so is the case with Westerners. Don 8767 t worry if you face initial rejection, there are too many fish out there and soon you will catch one and with time you will become a pro that can get most of the girls you wish.

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While room service can often elicit luxurious connotations―breakfast in bed, anyone?―a lackluster pile of soggy fries can also be a real drag. Here, insiders dish on what to steer clear of on the room service menu. Time

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6. 95% of Korean men (under about 65 anyways) are garbage. They have almost no redeeming qualities and I feel sorry for Korean women because of that. They also have no idea how to treat women, and frankly, many of them aren 8767 t even interested in women in the tradition sense for example, you will never see a Korean man talk to a women in a bar, on a bus, or really anywhere Korean men seem more interested in other men hard to believe considering how beautiful Korean women true for the most part. I hate almost all Korean men, and I have good reason for it occasionally you will meet a okay one, but even then usually they will hit on you every time you see them, even going as far as touching you in private places, etc. They are all homos, it seems like.

Dude, so are you saying when a woman gets pregnant it 8767 s her fault? Well I am asking because that 8767 s what it sounds like. That is the lowest thinking, did it cross your mind that maybe, she insisted on using protection n the guy didn 8767 t want n told her how everything will be alright n shit like that? You have a girlfriend n am sure u jump in with no protection, if she falls pregnant, will you blame her?

I do the same thing, I play their game than bust them. Than block and report them, one tried to convince me that someone had stole their profile and had been fighting them a long time. I always look at their following list , look for similar features and age. I contact the asking if they personally know that person. That''s how I met one lady, we were talking to the same guy. I educated her on romance scammers and sent her here He would text both of us while we were talking to each other. Texting us about the same thing. Once I busted him, he went to her and complained how bad I hurt him. He turned out to be 78 year old out of Miami, he accidentally sent her his driver''s license picture with all the info.

When I first saw a review of TF, it said something along the lines of 8775 you can get a good looking girl to sleep with you for nothing more than dinner 8776 Yeah, right I thought. In what world does that happen? Thailand, that 8767 s where. I am older and no social butterfly, but I do have social skills sufficient enough to behave. But how, or why, would a cute girl want me? It happened.

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Hahaha, as a Korean woman, I 8767 ve enjoyed your paean to Korean women and most of the reasons you depicted were quite true 😉
I simply think Korean men don 8767 t deserve these wonderful ladies. They are still complaining about Korean women because they don 8767 t want to pay for the dates. There is even an offical crazy losers 8767 organization called 8766 male solidarity 8767 . They believe that all the western ladies out there pay for the dates every time (they insist that 8767 s the real gender equality) and women have to work as well as do take care of all the household (it also includes caring for 8775 their 8776 family, mothers/fathers/sisters and brothers in law, Oh My effing God). The hatred to women is really popular for no reason, they just don 8767 t know how they are blessed.

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Korean women are the most spoiled, bratty and demanding women. The reason many Korean women can 8767 t get married is because they all demand that their husband be good looking, graduated from a top tier university, have a good job and make lots of money. It 8767 s funny noting majority of the women that demand these don 8767 t even have a job or barely have any money, got plastic surgery, etc., etc. Did I mention Korean women are the biggest gold diggers in the world? They even demand the men pay for the meals even on the first date, even if they barely know each other bahaha.