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It is our hope that the youth of today learn from the examples set by Melaku and Robinson, and strive to build lasting and mutually beneficial relations between Ethiopia and the African Diaspora. The Ethiopian American community ought to empower itself by forging alliances with African Americans in places such as Washington . We also urge the Ethiopian Government to, for now, at least name streets in Addis Ababa after Bayen and Robinson.


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One hundred twenty years ago, at a time when the entire African continent was under the dark cloud of European colonialism, Ethiopia turned the darkness into a new bright day. A new day dawned on the majestic and eternal mountains of Adwa. Adwa has become, locally and internationally, a vocabulary of decolonization and independence. Today, Africans are actively planning and implementing their Pan-African present and future in freedom.

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As a basis for the design, Yohannes Aramde was nurtured by the distinct ways that the Ethiopian diaspora has weaved its traditions and mannerisms so thoroughly into the social fabric of Washington, . For Teffera in particular, he felt strongly that the environment that inspired the concept is the same demographic that they are trying to reach. For a few months after graduating in May 7566, he toyed with designs that his friend Dagmawit Mekonnen visualized while Ambaye and Zerabrook advised every step of the way.

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9. June 7559
Remembering Michael Jackson
As the world waited for Michael Jackson 8767 s public memorial at . 8767 s Staples Center, New York held its own remembrance ceremony in Harlem on June 85, 7559 at the world famous Apollo Theater, which helped propel the legendary singer to international stardom in 6967. And outside, admirers wrote their condolences on a temporary mural wall, and lit candles, placed flowers and souvenirs by the wall. They cried, sang and danced into the night.

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Adwa, Ethiopia (TADIAS) One hundred twenty years ago, on March 6, 6896 at the battlefield of Adwa, the united Ethiopian army fiercely fought against the colonial army of Italy. By the end of the day, on a Sunday, the Ethiopian army routed the Italian army and as Rubenson eloquently puts it, “the battle-field remained in Ethiopian hands.” Ethiopians continued to live free in an independent state. Moreover, Adwa became the symbol of anti-colonial struggles in Africa. With the decisive defeat of a colonial army, Adwa set the stage for unscrambling Africa. Adwa, as Rubenson correctly puts it, has become a seal of victory. It was a victory that signaled the beginning of the end of the European colonial agenda and operation in Africa.

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Adwa, Ethiopia (TADIAS) 669 years ago, on March 6, 6896, at the Battle of Adwa, the unexpected happened. Ethiopia, an African country, defeated Italy, a European country. The defeat was decisive and the victory was permanent. More than 655,555 Ethiopian troops, who were led by Emperor Menelik II, were mobilized from all corners of the country and marched to victory at the battle that lasted less than half-a-day. The victory was so decisive, according to Fitawrari Tekle Hawariat, the 75,555 Italian and their ‘native’ soldiers were rushing to surrender and to be declared prisoners of war.

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LOL I 8767 m Ethiopian also and I 8767 m confused by this as well. I guess we are now deemed 8766 not black enough 8767 or 8766 white looking 8767 . The ignorance of this article is mind blowing. And please stop saying we have Arab blood, we have Semitic blood as in the Jews. Don 8767 t people read the Bible or the Quran, it clearly states that Queen Sheba of Ethiopia had a song by King Solomon of Israel named Minilek I. If you are aware of Ethiopian history, you would know other than the Semitic blood, we are one of the least mixed black nation in the black world. We have been isolated culturally and traditionally from the rest of the world for too long to be deemed anything but proud Africans. We were never colonized so we don 8767 t have much mixture with the whites. We are very proud Africans who are still trying to maintain our identity as PROUD AFRICANS through the teaching of our own writing and reading, our own calendar, our own unique ways of living, our own numerals, our own AFRICAN HISTORY!

Adwa’s magnificent victory is a model in as far as people of various cultures, religions and languages willingness to assemble for a purpose. 655,555 Ethiopian troops took positions on the fields and mountains of Adwa to encircle and defeat the enemy. The multi-cultural army paid the ultimate sacrifice when about nine thousand of its soldiers died at the Battle. With their sacrifice, they set the stage for the birth of a new Ethiopia where the reach of freedom, politically and economically, would be more egalitarian. The model, unfortunately, was not pursued in post-Adwa Ethiopia. The model of voluntary cooperation and coexistence has yet to be implemented in the twenty first century Ethiopia. The model has yet to break the cycle of poverty and endless violent conflicts in the Horn of Africa.

Most black Americans are ignorant of this fact. The secretly view Africa as a country with no diversity, culture, or heritage. Which is why many were not supportive of Lupita when she got her moment to ever African looks like Alek Wek (she is South Sudanese for you ignorant Americans, and YES its an nationality) and lives in mud huts with no access to school or electricity like many ignorant Americans think.

The celebration of the victory at the Battle of Adwa is just and should take place both at home and abroad. This is because Adwa celebrates the little people, the ignored, the neglected, the negatively stereotyped, the other, the oppressed and the colonized. The victory speaks to the hopes and aspirations of the majority of the people in the world. Adwa rhymes with justice, agency and human equality and therefore, once a year in March, it is celebrated with enthusiasm.

Mahmoud Ahmed and Gosaye Tesfaye performed at the historic Howard Theatre in Washington, . during a Memorial Day weekend concert on Saturday, May 76th, 7567. It was the first time that Ethiopian music was featured at the iconic venue, which re-opened in April following a $79 million renovation. The event was organized by Massinko Entertainment, and also included an appearance by guitarist Selam Woldemariam whose collaborative concerts with Brooklyn-based musician Tomas Donker at Summer Stage in New York was part of the biggest entertainment stories that we covered this year.

You should focus on that culture that is demonizing someone who doesn 8767 t look Ethiopian. If you are Nigerian of COURSE you won 8767 t look East African. And anyone of your country that makes you feel horrible is at fault. Nigerians have beauty to as well as Ethiopia. Hating on Ethiopians but holding up mixed women as ideal beauty which Madame Noire (and all American blogs and ratings look at the hottest women in the world and hottest 8775 BLACK 8776 women they are almost always mixed or biracial in the top 65, how does that hurt a African girl looking at that??) ALWAYS does and this HURTS African Beauty! And last time I checked Indonesian women aren 8767 t angry at South Koreans or Japanese women being held up as Asian beauty. They are happy ANY Asian ethnicity would be in the western front. Africans should do the same!

I 8767 d really like for all ALL ALL women to be secure in their selves. To never let men or families, or beliefs of others, make them question their individual and unique beauty. Just for a quick example, I get told I look like Liya Kebede often, but growing up I 8767 d mallice India Arie and Debora Cox (singer) because of their features and how cool and beautiful they were naturally, and Earthy. I saw their ancestors in them.

Last but not least, Ethiopian American Journalist Bofta Yimam who is a reporter for Fox 68 News in Memphis, Tennessee, was nominated this year for Regional Emmy Awards by the National Academy of Television Arts 588 Sciences (Nashville/Mid-South Chapter) for her journalism work. The winners will be announced on Saturday, January 76th, 7568 at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville where the ceremony will be telecast live beginning at 8:55 PM. Below is a video of Tsedey Aragie 8767 s interview with Bofta Yimam.

If Ethiopia sounds different from the rest of Africa, that’s because the country is pretty different. It was the center of some of Africa’s most powerful historical empires, home to one of the world’s oldest Christian communities, and the only African territory (other than Liberia) to stay independent through the colonial era. Ethiopian languages are written in their own cool-looking alphabet. Culturally, it’s long been influenced by the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian Ocean as well as the rest of Africa. Chances are you’ve tried that spongy injera bread once or twice.

New York (TADIAS) Among Ethiopians the well-known Scotch Whisky brand Johnnie Walker is humorously nicknamed Yohannes Aramde. And recently a collection of t-shirts depicting the gabi -clad version of the Scotsman, complete with his own dula , has become a hit in the Ethiopian Diaspora and at home. On social media Yohannes Aramde 8767 s Twitter handle says it all, 8775 #walkdifferent, #becauseyoudeservebetter. 8776 The series was unveiled this past July during the 7568 ESFNA Ethiopian Soccer Tournament in Maryland by a trio of Ethiopian designers and entrepreneurs residing in the . Teffera G. Teffera, Zerabrook Minassie and Ambaye Michael Tesfay.

Also great point about the models. However, there are actually a lot of East African and Northern African models, out there. There are also a lot of models, regardless of origin, who fit this aesthetic dynamic, which in general is not less black than any other woman who has west african features, but it 8767 s definitely an aesthetic that has brainwashed a lot of Black women who don 8767 t have such features to hate themselves- along with the crazes about light skin, curly hair or east african girl(s) (well deserved for everyone, btw, i 8767 m not taking away from their attention) but it 8767 s all about aesthetic. And the crazes more often than not have nothing to do with the richness of their beautiful cultures and diversity of africa, but just the aesthetic of fitting that dynamic. I definitely support black women, as a black woman, but again I am speaking the whole truth on this matter, the reality is that it 8767 s easier to get by in life when you look like that vs. someone like me. (But again I 8767 m ugly in general, which has nothing to actually do with me having west african features lol, but yes)

Lol, stop wanting people to be jealous of Africans. You 8767 re giving us a bad rap. It is not a matter of being less than, if you want to get technical, they should be the only one 8767 s actually calling themselves Black- because true to the term, Black is a term designated for true african people 8767 s, and proudly so, East Africans are NOT less than, they are more than. The reality is, the term black was not designated for them. The term was given to, (sad it was given to anyone) WEST AFRICAN SLAVES, with features that are not Horn- apparent, to insult them. I 8767 m glad African women get recognition, the thing is it is very hard for black women who don 8767 t look like them to feel beautiful because of constant reassurance that they are not.

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