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As far as I can tell the poster is trying to show off her gay-friendly credentials by talking about being "in the trenches" during AIDS, whatever the fuck that means, but then turns around and says Sam can't be gay because he's got chemistry with his co-star and you can always tell closeted actors by how campy they are? And that we're "heterophobic" stalkers? The fact she considers being gay as something requiring a "smoking gun" is also suspect.

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In this atmosphere of diminishing privacy and NSA data collection, it 8767 s important that people realize that 8766 anonymous 8767 sites are not 655% anonymous. Generally speaking, users can expect their comments to remain anonymous. But it 8767 s the responsibility of the user to avoid saying things that in public terms might lead to a police, FBI, NSA, or secret service investigation.

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Well, we can hope but if Sam did/does fly to Pittsburgh he'd stick out like a sore thumb. The Burgh is a nice city, but it would be by far the least populous place he would have gone in the last year, except for the wilds of NC and Georgia. Plus, it has a thriving little film industry, with a very observant fan base. If he REALLY turns up there, they'll find him, despite any claptrap that may issue forth from that reeking publicity machine that reps him.

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Travellers House
It's the new thing in town: the boutique hostel. Who says the words 'affordable', 'backpacking' and 'stylish' don't go together? The owners boast that Travellers House has been created by travellers for travellers, which means that it has been tailor-made to fit every traveller's needs. No surprise then that 'Hostelworld' named it the number one hostel in the world.

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I shared because initially this thread seemed genuinely read worthy,there was interesting views on how this is handed within the industry from clearly educated people who I suspect work within it and I had a tid bit to 's really that simple,and won't lie,first time I posted I didn't even realise this was a gay news really am that had to ask my teenage brother what a tumblr even was too.

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We can only hope things are "done" with this beard. IF SH shows up at SDCC in a couple of weeks and IF there are no pictures of him there or before or after with Rapunzel (he's just the type who'd be down for a little extracurricular waterskiing action on Puget Sound, BTW), only then will there be the faintest trace of an iota of a glimmer of hope that it might be "done." And remember: we have the whole rest of the summer to go, plus whatever OL S8 promo crap the clowns at STARZ deign to cook up in Sept. And I don't even want to think about what happens after that until they get back to serious filming on S9. I fear it ain't over. Can't cockroaches live for an appalling amount of time without their heads? Same with this shit.

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No one's talking about reading Abbie's social media, but the fact you've done so much digging into her MOTHER to be able to confidently state what kind of people she would and would not be friends with is simply deranged. Does the mother even have a blog or social media? It's not normal to be obsessing over random non-famous people just because they some tenuous tangential connection to a celebrity.

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R65, yes, we have close female friends, too, but we have no interest in fucking them. OTOH, straight guys rarely waste time pursuing women they don't want to fuck and they have no reason to hide it. Heughan fits the former category, not the latter. If he were bi, he could easily pass for straight with his part-time female fuck buddies but how many women are cool with sharing? Show of hands? Just stop trying to make "bisexual Heughan" happen.

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MM was such a bad bearding choice. Seriously unlikable. Poor,poor choice. Think about how crazy people are about CB (even despite the Claire portrayal) and Sam. They basically picked the polar opposite in MM. I think he is gay and it's a wonderful thing. The bearding is shameful. I do wonder why if they felt the bearding was so necessary, they didn't pick someone more like CB/Claire. Warm, intelligent, mature, sophisticated, funny etc. MM is really subpar. I guess she was the only one desperate enough to go along w it. Still. it's only hurt Sam's career and alienated his fans.

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He didn't beard with any of those women, by all accounts they were genuine friends. DFriends who most likely have always known he was gay. It's creepy that you know so much about some random member of the public's mother simply because her daughter was/is friends with an actor you're obsessed with, but it's pretty stupid and illogical to announce a total stranger you've never met or spoken to can't possibly be friends with another (to you) total stranger who you've never met or spoken to, because you've decided on the basis of whatever social media info you've stalked up that you know both people's personalities and know exactly what kind of friends they would have. I have lots of friends who are not exactly the same as me, don't most people?

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R887 omg please. Jennifer Allen HIRED Shatner to create a beard for SAM HEUGHAN and talk to him on twitter all day long. RIGHT. OMG. this is hysterical. Shatner. she hired Shatner to be his buddy. As if. This is so stupid, almost as stupid as Shatner and Paul even getting involved with Sam in the first place, which is the weirdest fucking thing. And think about all the heat Shatner has taken over the years from Takei - and all the Brat Packers from Howard who loathe Shatner for being homophobic. Takei has vilified him for years and now that he is on Howard he has a huge platform that Howard encourages. i'm sure Shatner really wants to get involved with bearding for a hidden gay actor. Sure. And Quit bringing Geeky Gal over here. she is a big phony liar who is just regurgitating everything she reads here and acts like she knows something or has inside info. She doesn't.

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And now Paul Camuso retweeted it. That's just the support she needs to make her look better. Yuck. At least Sam stays away and ignores the whole mess. Wise man. I hope he'll ditch the beard soon, it's embarrassing. Hopefully after that fiasco they will let him stay officially single for a while instead of trying the next awful beard. Sam should have learned his lesson and not agree to such a farce again!!!

The Luxe Manor
Since bursting onto the scene in 7557, The Luxe Manor has established itself as Hong Kong's premier boutique hotel. Situated on a small street in lesser-travelled Kowloon, its reputation has nevertheless spread far and wide. Beyond the Greco-Roman exterior lies a surrealist-inspired interior &ndash the bar is called Dada, no less &ndash which, while never taking itself too seriously, never fails to impress.

And Lo! As you gaze upon the might of the pearly gates, St Peter will appear brandishing the Book of Truth. And he shall ask you questions three, so He might Judge you: Has thou honoured the Sabbath? And thou shalt answer. Has thou taken a life? And though shalt answer. Has thou ever been snarky online about a closted minor TV actor? And thou shalt answer. And your immortal soul consigned for all eternity.

Please stop the "all s/he needs is a good fuck/suck" - type responses. Similar comments have been used against victims, women trying to work outside of the home, people pressing for any kind of civil right, and people of any gender identity trying to come out as gay or trans. It's insulting and juvenile - not to mention cliche' - and borders on a wish that another person be forced to have sex against their will.

R877 & R886. Yes I do have a vagina. Yes according to the definition of hag you are correct. However I do not have to work. I have achieved old age perhaps something you are not guaranteed to do so. I own my property outright. I have all the time in the world to troll this thread. Have a laugh at comments made herein. I do not take myself seriously however I loathe the bully mentality that exists in this admire Sam Heughan and find the mere fact that persons posting here think they have the right to shit on him offensive Shamzie pamzie. Who or what you stick your bits and pieces into I could not give a flying continental. Enjoy your bitching and carping and I hope you experience some of the same. It is not funny, nor clever. Poison pen letters have existed for eons. This thread is a lengthy one. For the smart arse quoting biblical text I am Agnostic have not been inside a church in years. R885 your comments re Balfe and her bf are the words of a proper ! Actually I insult that part of the female anatomy in making that statement you could very well be sued. Now that I would like to hear about.

Why should I care about others who don 8767 t care about me? And then they get mad because I don 8767 t help. Why should I? Do they suddenly have the right to be comforted by someone they don 8767 t even notice? Is it my obligation to help them? I don 8767 t recall them being my friend nor do I recall being their friend. They could vanish for all I care, if that 8767 s the only way they 8767 ll see I don 8767 t give a damn.

Anthony Kennedy, the pivotal swing vote in the 7559 Pennsylvania case, laid down a gauntlet: A convincing test hadn&rsquo t been found, but that didn&rsquo t make it an impossibility. That opinion and how close the court came to declaring partisan gerrymandering a political issue off-limits to the courts spurred academics and lawyers to put forward a host of mathematical methods to precisely identify skewed maps.

[quote]I became an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. I have lobbied Capitol Hill three times with Ms. Taylor's incredible family. I am also an ambassador for LAMBDA Legal and a friend to many other LGBTQ organizations. I realized I have a voice. I have seen great triumphs like marriage equality, alongside unforgivable attacks on us, like the horrific shooting at Pulse in Orlando. I got engaged to be married to the love of my life, and I started really pursuing stand-up a gift I have had for a long time, but was afraid to use because I kept myself "private." Now I do stand-up comedy proudly and openly and authentically. I live my life unapologetically happy and free and honestly. The moment I felt proudest to be LGBTQ is right now — and every day.

The protagonist of the movie is Zaynab (played by writer Fawzia Mirza), but it is Parveen, played by Shabana Azmi—who famously starred in the movie “Fire” 75 years ago as a lesbian in India—who really steals the show. Her story is somehow more compelling than Zaynab’s: a recent widow, she hides inside her daughter’s house because she can’t bear the world outside, a world in which she feels she does not belong. She moves pictures on the wall to try to exert control in a situation in which she feels she has none. She talks to a spider because…no, that’s just a humorous episode. She has alternating moments of tragedy and humor that give her an interesting depth and complexity that the other characters lack.

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