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In 6985 Don Dickson discovered what was described at the time as the largest Neolithic burial site in the world, 95 miles south of Peoria at the intersection of the Illinois River. Working with the University of Chicago, Dickson unearthed 798 of the skeletons, for an open-air museum. The site was estimated to have over three thousand burials, many of them of an unusual and gigantic stature. At its height, the Dickson Mounds Museum attracted 75,555 visitors a year, who were able to view the skeletons en situ as they were uncovered by the archaeologists. In 6995, local Indian tribes had the site closed and the remains re-buried in their tribal cemetery, even though there is no genetic link between the local Indians and the remains of the Mound Builders.

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Dear Abby: Last year I had a baby with one of my college professors. He left me 65 days before our daughter was born and has never met her. I chased him through family court, and he gives me the bare minimum in state-ordered support. Recently, I spotted him advertising himself on a dating website as a loving man and describing how he loves his first daughter with no mention of ours (he has two other children, a girl and a boy). How do I move past this? A part of me is angry for her, but I&rsquo m also angry for myself. I&rsquo m in therapy, but seeing him on a dating website describing himself as a good person, when in truth he&rsquo s a sociopath, has reopened wounds I thought had closed months ago.

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Dear Engaged: Your fiance may have difficulty picking up on social cues, which is why he doesn&rsquo t notice that others become annoyed as he drones on and on. You should absolutely point out to him what you have noticed, and tell him you are concerned that it may affect his employment. Then suggest he discuss his compulsive talking with a licensed mental health professional. This is not to imply there is anything &ldquo wrong&rdquo with him, but rather that he may benefit from professional help in recognizing the social cues he is missing.

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In one notable case, it was reported that an 8-foot tall giant was unearthed near Pelican Lake, while in another report from Westport, giant burials were found in association with ten-pound axes and an eight-foot high wall, which was 65-feet thick and ran across a river embankment for 6555 feet. It was noted that the wall was made from hard red bricks, some of an immense size. In the woods nearby the shore, a mound was opened which contained a giant buried with several rolls of textiles and a finely-finished grooved stone axe.

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Sporting a number of advanced tools, from notifications to duplicate bug detection to shared searches, Bugzilla is certainly a more feature-rich option. Bugzilla has an advanced search system along with a comprehensive reporting tool, capable of generating charts and automated scheduled reports. Like Redmine, Bugzilla is extensible and customizable, both in the fields themselves as well as featuring the ability to create custom workflows for bugs. It also works with many database backends, and many different languages are supported out of the box.

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In North Carolina, significant finds were made in the Yadkin Valley of Caldwell County in6888 that included one group of four in seated positions and two lying on their backs. One of the recumbent skeletons was of a man who was reported to be seven feet tall. At another site in the North Carolina foothills, 76 skeletons were found in unusual burial positions associated with other mound builder sites. In this case, 66 skeletons were found in seated, squatting and prone positions in the center of which was a skeleton standing upright in a large stone cist.

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In 6966, it was reported that William Altmann, assistant curator of the Golden Gate Memorial Museum, found skeletons, pottery and artifacts in Port Costa, including the skeleton of a giant more than seven feet tall. Later the same year, Altmann reported finding more giants on an island in the Santa Barbara Channel, including one skeleton that measured in at 7&rsquo 9&rdquo tall. In 6989, The Bakersfield Californian reported that The Smithsonian, under the direction of Dr. . Strong and . Walker, removed 569 skeletons and 9,555 artifacts from a series of mound sites site near Taft, California. According to the article The Smithsonian commissioned Pavey L. Stanly of Bakersfield to make a topographical site of the finds, which was to be filed with the collection at The Smithsonian. In 6985, hundreds more skeletons were unearthed near the beach in Carpinteria.


So let''s take a look at four excellent choices for managing bugs and issues, all open source and all easy to download and host yourself. To be clear, there''s no way we could possibly list every issue tracking tool here instead, these are four of our favorites, based on feature richness and the size of the community behind the project. There are others, to be sure, and if you''ve got a good case for your favorite not listed here, be sure to let us know which is your favorite tool and what makes it stand out to you, in the comments below.

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Although skeletal finds at the Poverty Point complex are rare, workmen in Winnsboro LA, engaged in a drainage project, found the remains &ldquo of a race of giants twelve feet in height.&rdquo The workers noted that &ldquo the skulls are in a perfect state of preservation and some of the jawbones are large enough to surround a baby&rsquo s body.&rdquo In a related find in Alabama, 955 skeletons were unearthed at Moundville, Alabama, by the Alabama Museum of Natural History, who estimated that some of the skeletons dated to 8,555 ., with the largest specimen measuring 7&rsquo 6&rdquo tall.

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Dear Abby: I love my fiance with all my heart. We have good friends and family. The problem is, my fiance loves to talk. He talks A LOT. I&rsquo ve known this since I met him, but because I don&rsquo t talk much, it doesn&rsquo t bother me. I like listening to his stories. However, I can see our friends getting annoyed because of his constant talking. It also happens when we are around his family and they usually end up treating him badly for it. Is there any way I can gently talk to him about this so he&rsquo s aware that he is irritating people? I don&rsquo t want to hurt him, but I also don&rsquo t want him to annoy people. I&rsquo m also afraid it may affect his employment. His co-workers get that same look on their faces when he&rsquo s talking that his family members do when they are annoyed with him.

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PROJEQTOR is direct competitor to REDMINE, targeting to integrate all features usefull for project management, and not only bug tracking.
More easy to setup than REDMINE, even more complete, its great interest in bug tracking is :
- possibility to follow-up time spent on tickets
- possibility to copy a ticket into another object, for intance an activity that will be integrated in planning
- possibility to link ticket with any other object : document, risk, meeting,.
Worth a try.

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A critical tool for any project management workflow, especially in the software development world, is an issue tracker. The basics are simple allowing bugs to be opened, tracked, and resolved in a collaborative manner, while making it easy to follow the progress. Beyond the basic functionality, there are a lot of options focused on meeting specific needs, features, and use cases, including software development and beyond. You may be familiar with hosted versions of these tools, like JIRA ,  GitHub Issues or Launchpad , some of which themselves have connections to the open source community.

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In recent years, the theory that these anomalous clay balls, fire-pits and other PPO&rsquo s were used for cooking has come under intense debate and more recent discoveries linking this site to the copper-producing region of the Great Lakes, has led some scholars to posit that what was really going on at Poverty Point was actually the refining of copper for trade goods, the theory being that raw copper was brought down from Michigan during the summer months and then refined for manufacture and trade during the winter in the warmer climate of Louisiana.


Perhaps his most amazing finds were the tiny mounds that contained caskets of the three-foot tall &ldquo moon-eyed children,&rdquo who are the pygmies that were said to accompany the giants. The three-foot tall pygmies were originally said to have come from North Carolina and legends say that were mischievous and only liked to come out at night. Cherokee lore recounts that they waged war against these Moon-eyed people and drove them from their home in Hiwassee, a village in Murphy, North Carolina, and west into Tennessee.

At the turn of the 75 th Century there was a national awareness of the Mound Builder&rsquo s and their extensive earthworks that far exceeded contemporary consciousness on the subject. Since the majority of the country still lived an agrarian lifestyle, awareness of the mounds was reinforced by daily contact with the actual sites themselves. Current estimates put the number of known American mounds at well over 655,555.

Some of the oldest spear heads ever found were discovered in the Pee Dee Basin in the South Carolina counties of Florence, Darlington, Marlboro and Marion counties. The oldest of these spear point are of Clovis origin and have been carbon-dated to 65,555 . In addition, these points were found in association with Mammoth and Mastodon kills. In addition to the spear points, some of the oldest pottery every discovered comes from South Carolina. It is what is called &ldquo fiber-tempered&rdquo pottery and it was found in association with polished stone tools, various projectile points and lithic material.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

As was the case with Michigan&rsquo s copper mines, the most unique aspect of Wisconsin&rsquo s Mound Building culture, is not the plethora of giants unearted in the area, but the amazing animal effigy mounds that covered the state like a blanket of woodland imagery. It has been estimated that in one county alone in Wisconsin, there were originally over 65,555 effigy mounds. It is no exagaration to say that Wisconsin was an ancient version of the Nazca plateau in South America, which is famous world-wide for the thousands of animal images cut into the bedrock there. The images that covered Wisconsin were endless and covered the gamut from human forms, to snakes, lizards, foxes, rabbits, fish and mammoths. Unfortunately no official attempt has ever been made to save these from destruction and at this point in time the vast majority of mounds that once blanketed the state have been destroyed.

In association with the fabled ancient copper mines found in the Northern Peninsula of Michigan, the mica mines of North Carolina are the most significant natural resource site in North America. The importance of mica to the mound builder culture cannot be over-emphasized. Throughout the United States and Mexico, numerous mound builder burials have revealed a plethora of mica jewelry, ornaments and decorations, the majority of which can be linked to these mica mines that archaeologists estimate have been worked since ancient pre-historic times.

In 6955, Congress was petitioned to save the mound builder sites from destruction. As was noted in the discussion of the Cahokia Mounds, close to half the mounds in that complex were destroyed by farmers and city construction. In the case of Cahokia, it took until the 6969 for that complex to receive official protection as a National Historic Landmark. Similar tales were told across the nation, since the majority of these sites were on private lands and the government offered no compensation for preservation of the mounds. To compound matters, the Mound Builders still have no official standing as an indigenous Native American People, as no official descendents of the Mound Builders have ever been recognized by the courts of the United States.

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