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The Doctor and Clara went on a tour of Snowcap University in Antarctica in 7598. While taking a helicopter ride, they learnt that one of the students, Polly Evans , had stayed behind at the end of term to join the classified Project Sub-Zero. When another student, Quinn Norton , who also a part of Project Sub-Zero, was killed in a helicopter crash the Doctor and Clara narrowly avoided being on along with Polly's father George , they returned to Snowcap U to investigate. With the help of the spy Paul South , the Doctor found an ice cavern where the missing students had been experimented on, engineered by Dr Patricia Audley to survive in extreme cold. To their shock, the Doctor and Clara also met Winnie Clarence , one of Clara's splinters who refused to accept her only purpose was to save him. Paul and Winnie released most of the imprisoned humans from captivity.

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Entering Clara's dream, the Doctor found she was dreaming of spending Christmas with Danny, and learned that Danny was dead. The Doctor urged her to break out of the dream, after Danny bid her farewell. Waking up in the base, the Doctor came to the realisation that everyone in the base was dreaming, having been attacked by crabs after they arrived. They woke up from the dream and the Doctor and Clara prepared to leave, but Clara reminded the Doctor of Santa having been on her roof, and he realised they were still dreaming from different places and times. The infected personnel in the base began to attack the survivors, however, everyone managed to escape by dreaming Santa was flying them home. The Doctor, Clara and the base scientists flew over London as they each woke up back in their own times.

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Captured by Sutcliffe's men after the Doctor assaulted him for his racism towards Bill, Sutcliffe revealed that his family had known about the sea creature for years and the fuel it provided was accelerating industrialism. Sutcliffe had the Doctor and Bill tied up near a dynamite-laced-tent, but they were able to escape. Leaving Bill and the urchins to clear the River of people, the Doctor moved the explosives towards the creature's chains, freeing it when Sutcliffe activated the dynamite. As the ice shattered from the creature's escape, killing Sutcliffe, the Doctor rescued Bill by pulling her off of the ice before they got soaked as the sea creature passed them by.

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Relaxing in his TARDIS after a "long day" that had involved "everybody turn[ing] into lizards " and a piano falling on him, the Doctor was mistakenly summoned by Nardole for a "medical emergency" and brought to River Song , who failed to recognise the Doctor due to not knowing about his new regeneration cycle, as her husband, King Hydroflax , needed a lifesaving operation to remove the Halassi Androvar diamond from his head. However, River intended to remove Hydroflax's head, and managed to steal it when Hydroflax, whose head was dispensable, discovered the ruse and tried to kill her and the Doctor, until the Doctor took his head hostage and, with the robotic body unwilling to potentially harm Hydroflax's head, the Doctor and River managed to get teleported out by Ramone , another of River's husbands.

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The Doctor took Clara to see the Lights of Tanzarr , but instead found that the Nameless Mist had entered his dimension and was threatening to devour the cosmos. Originally wanting to flee, the Doctor was convinced by Clara to save the inhabitants of Ferrous-Ferra , and was inspired to recruit Cold Steel to headline the "loudest rock show in history of sound". While Clara triangulated the transmissions to cover the local galaxy, the Doctor used the loud music to thwart off the Nameless Mist. With the day saved, the Doctor returned to the concert to celebrate with crowd surfing. ( COMIC : The Big Hush )

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Like his third incarnation , the Twelfth Doctor was a skilled inventor, being able to create an electron magnet and a sonic spoon in the Prison 's craft workshop, ( PROSE : The Blood Cell ) a communication device to order a Skovox Blitzer to deactivate itself, ( TV : The Caretaker ) a 7Dis to combat the Boneless , ( TV : Flatline ) and rebuilding the TARDIS' radio into a clockwork squirrel. ( TV : Under the Lake )

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In his "rock star" image, the Doctor continued to wear his hoodie under his Crombie coat, but replaced his jumper with a T-shirt and a pair of baggy plaid trousers similar in style as his second incarnation , either in a light grey colour, a dark blue design with a white plaid pattern, a dark blue tartan pattern, ( TV : The Doctor's Meditation , The Girl Who Died , The Woman Who Lived ) or a bottle green colour. ( COMIC : The Ministry of Time ) His vest wear included a dusty pink Henley top underneath a Misty Mountain T-shirt, ( TV : The Doctor's Meditation ) a Negative Flower T-shirt, ( TV : The Girl Who Died ) a plain white T-shirt, ( COMIC : The Ministry of Time ) and a black T-shirt with a shark on it. ( TV : Face the Raven )

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Sometime later, Bill told the Doctor about a puddle that one of her new acquaintances, Heather , had showed her before she disappeared. Examining the puddle, the Doctor and Bill discovered that the puddle was imitating their movements instead of reflecting their image. Later that night, the Heather-imitating-puddle followed Bill the Doctor's office and the Doctor, after ensuring the puddle was not after the contents of the vault, took Bill and Nardole into the TARDIS and lead the puddle to Australia , a planet at the other end of the universe in the future , and then a war zone in the Dalek-Movellan War.

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Deciding to explore the fair, the Doctor and Bill noticed green glowing lights under the ice, but were approached by a street urchin, Kitty before they could investigate. However, Kitty was distracting them from another urchin , who stole the sonic screwdriver , but was sucked under the ice in the resulting chase. Unable to save the boy, the Doctor and Bill convinced Kitty to take them to her gang of urchins, and learned that they were getting paid to lead people onto the ice. The Doctor decided to venture under the ice with Bill to see what was in the Thames , and found a large fish-like creature chained down to the riverbed. Investigating the nearby river dredgers, the Doctor learned that the creature's waste was being dug up as a supplement for coal on Lord Sutcliffe 's orders.

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The Doctor planned to rendezvous with Clara at Coal Hill School, but instead arrived at a replica of the school on an unnamed planet , where Clara and Jeff Delobel , a French teacher, had been abducted by primitive aliens planning to infiltrate Earth via Coal Hill School. In order thwart the invasion, the Doctor told the aliens a tale of Earth's Guardian, informing them that he was the guardian, scaring the aliens off. ( COMIC : The Monsters of Coal Hill School )

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Returning for Clara, three weeks later from her perspective, the Doctor asked her if she thought he was a good man, a question that Clara found herself unable to answer, and returned to base to help the Dalek. Joined by Journey and two other soldiers named Gretchen Carlisle and Ross , the Doctor and Clara used a moleculon nanoscaler to miniaturise themselves and enter the Dalek — whom the Doctor nicknamed " Rusty ". After losing Ross to the Dalek's antibodies , the Doctor discovered a radiation leak from within the Dalek and learned that Rusty had turned good after seeing a star being born. Following the radiation, the Doctor discovered damage to Rusty's power source was slowly killing him, and repaired the damage with his sonic screwdriver.

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During one of Clara's breaks from the TARDIS, the Doctor became obsessed with the idea that a creature designed to hide was following him around and that everyone was similarly being followed. Visiting Clara for help in finding the hiders, by using the TARDIS telepathic circuits to pilot into her past. However, Clara got distracted by a phone call from her date, Danny Pink , and piloted them into his past instead, back when Danny was a child called Rupert and living in a care home. Finding a figure under Rupert's bed sheet, the Doctor had Clara and Rupert turn their backs to allow the being to walk out the room unobserved, leaving them unsure if it really was a creature or just another child playing a trick on Rupert.

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As the Doctor and Clara prepared to leave, the Doctor invited Osgood to join him in his travels, but she denied as she had the boxes to look after. Both she and Bonnie, who was now using Osgood's form, continued the task of protecting the Osgood Boxes and maintaining the human-Zygon relations together. Stating they were a credit to their species, the Doctor told them he was a big fan of Osgood , just like she was a fan of him. ( TV : The Zygon Inversion )

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The Doctor would occasionally offer out jelly babies in a similar way to the Fourth Doctor , but, unlike his fourth incarnation, the Twelfth Doctor kept his jelly babies in a cigarette case. ( TV : Mummy on the Orient Express COMIC : The Swords of Kali ) Also like his fourth incarnation, the Doctor would talk aloud to himself, ( TV : Listen , Mummy on the Orient Express , Under the Lake , Heaven Sent ) and was even known to act like his was talking to someone when there was no evidence of him having company. ( TV : Listen , Before the Flood ) He also utulised a yo-yo on occasion. ( TV : Kill the Moon , The Girl Who Died )

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Just as the chronolock countdown ended, Clara revealed that she had taken Rigsy's death sentence, and Ashildr explained that the entire thing had been a hoax to entice the Doctor, as she had been threatened to entrap the Doctor to ensure the street's safety. Rigsy would have had the chronolock removed before its countdown ended, but since Clara took it, Ashildr fell out of the contract she had established, sealing Clara's fate. In anger, the Doctor threatened to end the asylum unless she saved Clara, but Clara made the Doctor promise not to seek revenge before she faced her death, with the Doctor watching her die from afar. Ashildr apologised for the harm she had done, but the Doctor, honouring his promise to Clara, warned her to keep out of his way. "You'll find that the universe is a small place when I'm angry at you." The teleport bracelet then activated, teleporting the Doctor away to its destination. ( TV : Face the Raven )

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After saving the Velosians from being attacked by "four and a bit battle fleets" and rescuing Clara from being killed by a Love Sprite from the Spider Mines , the Doctor and Clara landed on Earth, where they were promptly captured by Vikings and taken to their village, two days' longboat journey from the TARDIS. When a race called the Mire attacked the village, killing all of the warriors, a girl called Ashildr declared war between the village and ten of the Mire.

When the Doctor came to rescue Clara, she accidentally named the Doctor as a witch, and both of them were to be executed. Miss Chief brought them back to the 76st century before they could be hanged. The Doctor and Clara convinced Miss Chief to bring them back to retrieve the TARDIS and save a falsely accused woman called Agnes Leech from the dungeons, and unwittingly brought the missing cat Smudge with them. Clara convinced the mob that Hopkins was a witch and Smudge was his familiar, but the Doctor prevented them from murdering Hopkins by sneakily putting Miss Chief's time travelling marotte in his belt, forcing Miss Chief to save his life. The Doctor and Clara escaped, and returned to Coal Hill.

He disliked his immediate predecessor for his enjoyment of bow ties and fezzes , and overuse of the word "cool". ( COMIC : Terrorformer ) However, upon seeing Adrian Davies , a teacher at Coal Hill School with a resemblance to his previous incarnation, the Doctor, mistaking Adrian as Clara's boyfriend, arrogantly assumed that Clara was dating Adrian because of his uncanny resemblance to "a certain dashing time traveller", reflecting more favourably on his predecessor. ( TV : The Caretaker )

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The Doctor dismantled the TARDIS' outer plasmic shell and put it back together in the Collins' back garden, where he let it heal. While explaining to Lloyd what had happened when he was infected, the Doctor was caught off guard by the housecat Tibbsy. The Doctor warned Tibbsy that he would be watching him. The next day, the Doctor ruined Devina's fish stew when he used his sonic screwdriver on it. The Doctor prepared tea for the family himself and cleaned up the kitchen while Devina got changed, and the Collins family was impressed by the stew he served.

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