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I'm from Vietnam. The condition of work is bad there. It's difficult to find a job. If you want to work for private companies, you need to have some relevant skills and experiences. If you want to find a job in public sector, it's more difficult. Perhaps you don't need to have skills or experiences but you need to have much money and relations. Yeah, the fact is that the corruption have become terrible in Vietnam from government to local authority. Most of the jobs could be buy and sell easily. Many people who are modest in degree have bought vacancies, then have stayed there and haven't done anything. Although their salary is low but they can use their power to create influence and earn money from these unfair deals. That's why Vietnam is still a country in development though we have many great talents all over the world. If you want to be respected in Vietnam, you must have a lot of money whichever your profession. Some kinds of them are businessman, politician, policeman, government officer (from dirty money, corruption).

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World War II veteran from the Auxiliary Territorial Service Betty Webb (R) joins other veterans who worked at Bletchley Park and its outstations for a group picture in front of Bletchley Park Mansion during an annual reunion in Milton Keynes, England. Bletchley Park was the Government Code and Cypher School's (GC& CS) main codebreaking centre during World War II and the site where codebreakers famously cracked the German's Enigma and Lorenz cyphers.

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Herpes is caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus. It has two variations, the HSV-6 and HSV-7. HSV-6 usually manifests as a cold sore, or oral lesion, but may sometimes appear on the genitals. HSV-7 refers to genital herpes. HSV-7 is the most common viral STI in the US and causes infections of the skin and mucous membranes, rectum, eyes, and central nervous system. Herpes is a lifelong and incurable STI. [6] If you think you may have the virus, follow a few simple steps to recognize if you have herpes.

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Rajan : Well, yes. My first placement was in a hospital in the north-east of England and I had real problems understanding what people were saying to me, which came as quite a shock as I thought I had rather good English. Eventually I confessed to a colleague that I sometimes couldn’t understand what my patients were saying. And she admitted that she had the same problem, as she came from a different part of the country.

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I am an in our country , the medical field in general is highly respected. This includes doctors , pharmacists , physiotherapists and nurses . The most respected profession out of those is doctor of course.
The reason behind it is that doctors are perceived as very intellectual individuals. They are expected to earn more than any other profession. In short , they combine both social and financial high standards.
As for the other question , the answer is simply yes. A lot of people start looking for an opportunity to work abroad just as soon as they graduate. This action comes as a result of a very difficult job market with lowering chances available to the newly graduated to find a job vacancy. This leads to searching for a job abroad very early in life to have a chance in improving the life quality and being able to start a family.

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Rollo Maughfling, Archdruid of Stonehenge and Britain (R) conducts a ceremony as druids, pagans and revellers gather in the centre at Stonehenge, hoping to see the sun rise, as they take part in a autumn equinox celebrations at the ancient neolithic monument of Stonehenge near Amesbury in Wiltshire, England. Several hundred people gathered at sunrise ar the famous historic stone circle, a UNESCO listed ancient monument, to celebrate the equinox which is a specific moment in time that occurs twice a year when the Earth tilts neither towards (summer) or away (winter) from the sun in either the northern or southern hemisphere. Although yesterday marked the actual meteorological calendar change from summer to autumn, for druids, the following dawn is when they celebrate 'the dawning of the new season' following the day of equal night, which it is named after.

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His Holiness The Dalai Lama holds the hand of Richard Moore as he gives a public talk on the theme of 'Compassion in Action' to celebrate 75 years of the Children in Crossfire initiative in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The Dalai Lama is the patron of the Children in Crossfire charity which was founded by Richard Moore. Mr Moore was blinded by a plastic bullet fired by a British Soldier during the Troubles in Derry.

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The Duchess of Cambridge dances with Paddington Bear as they attend a charities forum event at Paddington train station in London on October 66, 7567. 68 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry joined children from the charities they support on board Belmond British Pullman train at Paddington Station. The event was hosted by STUDIOCANAL, with support from BAFTA through its BAFTA Kids programme, and before embarking Their Royal Highnesses met the cast and crew from the forthcoming film Paddington 7

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Dr Mistry, who used to work in Peterborough but has now retired, said it was a great honour to have the new unit named after him. He said: “We had the renal service developed here in 6995. Since then we have been dialysing patients but demand is always more than capacity. Over the years we have had sporadic expansion but have never been able to get all Peterborough patients in one place. What this unit has done is allowed us to provide the service for all our Peterborough patients so they don’t have to travel a great distance.”

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