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Home to a coven of three green hags, who call themselves the Daughters of the Morass. Fervent followers of Jubilex, they have bound a number of slimes and oozes to their service, mainly to protect their home. From their sunken home near the centre of the swamp, which they have named Carrionholme, they attack and raid nearby communities of all races as they aren’t fussy who they consume. The more barbaric races – local tribes of goblins, lizardmen and kobolds – hold these evil sisters in awe and offer up sacrifices of the weak and traitors, whilst the small communities of humans and elves that live in and around the swamp live in constant fear of their attacks.

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Arya Stark is 9 years old in the first novel, but due to aging up all of the characters by two years in the TV continuity, she directly states that she is 66 years old in Season 6. In the books, Arya was 66 years old at the time of the Red Wedding, and remained 66 years old for the rest of the third novel (which will correspond to the end of Season 9). In the TV continuity, however, Arya was closer to 68 at the time of the Red Wedding. Ultimately, Arya will be 65 years old in the TV continuity by the end of Season 9: one year gained from expanding a two year storyline into three years, and another gained from splitting the third novel in half. In contrast, book-Arya was only 66 years old at the end of the third novel (corresponding to the end of Season 9).

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Destiny Abroad is a series of adventures set in a newly discovered continent, allowing players to start fresh and escape their pasts. The first adventure encompasses the voyage across the vast ocean, where players will acclimate to life on the high sea and deal with danger unique to lengthy sea crossing. Use this adventure in your own game, or play through the entire series and let your players explore this exciting new world!

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This is an experimental attempt and fairly flexible. But the surprises and themes will be much more effective if the inner workings are not revealed to the party. Additionally, there may be small or large connection to other future or past adventures, but this adventure is highly modular and can be played as a standalone. This is intended to be one of two possible mini-campaign finales for the A and B interconnected adventures arcs of The Doom Portals storyline. This adventure is crazy.

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They spent Christmas in Patagonia, Argentina, where they got to experience the region 8767 s natural hot springs first-hand Foto: What a Christmas! Santa delivered his presents on the 79th by boat. The kids were beside themselves! We sat in natural #hotsprings in torrential ice cold rain. incredible! We were very close to the #Christmas Day #earthquake measuring . The ground shook, the roof cracked and we were moved to higher ground for the fear of a #tsunami 🌊 but no damage and we all live to add the story to the year s experience. We hiked through rainforests and then took kayaks out with #dolphins jumping all around us. All in one day And then this most beautiful rainbow I ve ever seen. That was the point I cried 😂😂🙏🙏🙏 I think we ve found the place on earth where time actually goes at half of the speed of the rest of the world.

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A follow-up adventure to Lost mines of Phandelver
Introduction: A messenger has come from Wave Echo Cave. The dwarves
clearing out the cave complex are wondering where Sister Garaele is.
She is overdue for her weekly visit to tend to wounds and check for
illness, but the dwarves have not seen her and their search has
turned up no trace of her. Sildar Hallwinter has asked for you to
meet him at the Stonehill Inn.
As a follow-up to Lost Mine of Phandelver this quest assumes you
have the starter set with the information on the town and the
surrounding area. This quest is easily adjusted to fit into any
small town in the proximity of hills or mountains.
A 8-hour adventure for 9th-5th level characters


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For ages, “the old monastery on the hill” was simply that and nothing more to those that knew of it – a small building of a forgotten age and purpose, overgrown by the land around it. But recently, rumors have been making way among the educated that there is a wealth of knowledge that hides within the old monastery, waiting for someone to find it. Most dismissed these rumors as hearsay but those with their eyes on the prize continued to pay attention.

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The Loi’Tok burial mound of the Vikmordere was abandoned long ago. The party is hired by the mayor of the local town to locate some soldiers who went missing after entering Loi’Tok. Strangely enough no sign of the soldiers can be found within the burial site aside from a few scattered weapons and pools of blood. Before the party has time to investigate, Vikmordere barbarians show up searching for a group of their own missing kinsmen.

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When the actors, singers and strongmen of . s Travelling Entertainatorium are waylaid by mysterious forces on the road south through Tethyr, it is up to the players to rescue the members of the troupe from transformation and death. Little does the party know that this seemingly random occurrence will lead them into a plot larger than they could imagine, into a long-lost land where they will sort through through an ages-old feud to protect the future of an entire race.

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The Tower of Bondage is a fresh look at the ancient Netherese lich known as Aumvor the Undying of the Forgotten Realms. Having finally fled to the Endless Caverns and having reached lichdom, he was no longer able to feed upon the life force of others. He built hidden portals to his domain in order to trap living victims to slake his lust for gluttony. That was long ago and the portals have been forgotten with time. A forest ranger has stumbled onto the location of one of the old portals.

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When the deal of a lifetime is put in jeopardy, local businessman Demetrius Flannigan hires the PCs to ensure the meeting goes smoothly. Can the adventurers stop an interfering rival, and ensure the other party, a skittish elf with access to important information, doesn’t abandon the deal?

The Troubleshooters is designed to accompany Tangible Taverns: Trio of Taverns and is suitable for four characters of level 5-6.

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A fabulous fey adventure for 6th-level characters!

Evil stirs in the depths of the Gnarled Forest. The heroes of the land, taming the wilderness and forging their kingdom, hear disturbing tales from woodsmen and trappers of a strange and ferocious hunting party ranging far and wide beneath the forest eaves. It is not only from human tongues that they hear warnings of these dread hunters, for the allies they have found amongst the fey and other woodland creatures are likewise deathly afraid of what these savage raiders may portend. The heroes are called upon by Myvenwy, a unicorn warden of the wood, who begs their aid in facing this peril, one that threatens her and her kind above all, but should the unicorns fall there will be none to stand against the raging Horns of the Hunted!

The PCs may have used the services of a local half-elven pawnbroker, Latricus. known to be stern, cold but fair in his dealings. Now they find his store open, none of his assistants present, and the door to his basement office (where serious transactions took place) invitingly ajar. Maron, a nasty sorcerer, and her thugs have recently decided to change the nature of their transgression with the pawnbroker and the PCs are just in time.

We were traveling the old trade road up near the Blind Hills when we found it: an overturned wagon in the ditch. Evas took to the shadows, scouted ahead, and returned with strange details. The wagon had been transformed—such that it appeared to be a fierce fortress. Signs of goblin-work were apparent: broken shields reinforcing the walls, crude arrow slits cut into the driver’s bench, a makeshift flag hanging limply atop the whole affair. We left it alone, but even at a distance the smell of the odd fortress’s unfinished moat made us wretch…
The Impregnable Fortress of Dib is a location designed to offer a medium/easy challenge to four 6st- to 7nd-level characters.

Giant spiders have overrun Mossdale, and every last villager is either dead and dessicated, or cocooned and abducted. But what were they after, and who coordinated the vermin to attack en masse? Could it have been the local ettercap or a crazed arachnophile druid or was something far more sinister behind the attack? Can the adventurers rescue the missing citizens and foil the plans of the nefarious mind behind this dastardly deed before it is too late?

There’s strange lights flickering up in the ruins on the hill. There, see where I’m pointing? By the poplar trees. Started a month ago, maybe longer. They don’t come every night, but they been spreading. Heema said she saw something glowing by the well at Garrow’s place last week. Whole area talking about it. Fend’s little one said she saw a “birdcandle” flitting around near the farmhouse. I told ’em those ruins had to go, I told ’em over and over, and now here we are—haunted…

Ominous clouds are gathering in the skies above. You’ve been tracking the traces of an orc raiding party now for two days. Their trail ends here, where two twisted trees beckon into a gloomy forest. This land belonged to the elves, and you can still see traces of their treetop dwellings behind the leaves of trees. But they are smoldering with recent fires.
You’ve come here to retrieve the Mask of the Heart Tree, an elven artifact stolen from the village of Auburn Glen. It is unknown what the orcs wanted with the mask, but you are being paid handsomely for your involvement. You are tasked to retrieve the mask and return it to the village, or to the elves that created it. Can you retrieve the mask before the orcs discover its true purpose? Can this burning elven city be restored to its former beauty?

During the spring equinox, on the Ides of the Falcon, the peaceful village on Lake Pertalo readies itself for the Fertility Feast of Agnor in celebration of a long winter coming to an end. All preparation comes to a sudden halt, however, when the community is overrun by an enemy that disappears as quickly as it arrived. Many are killed or wounded, but it soon becomes clear that this was not the goal of the raiders All of the village s children are now gone, apparently carried off in the chaos of the attack. As the characters begin to search for the missing children, they will discover a plot far more sinister than any of them had imagined and possibly be destroyed by it.

Penchant for Adventure – 9 is the solo adventure for a 9th level character. This scenario can be used for the PC to obtain a ‘special’ item that they want. Originally used for a paladin to get his warhorse, the adventure can be tailored to suit the needs/wants of a specific PC. Like all the Penchant for Adventure settings the adventure takes place around the small community of Penchant. Not all of the businesses are in focus for the adventure although details can be feathered in as you need.

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