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The ruins of a flying castle teeming with goblins is heading to the peaceful village of Barrowmist. It is up to the heroes to get up there and stop it before the castle lands in the village and chaos ensues. The group will enter into the ancient struggle between elves and orcs. Not only can they claim the ruins as their home, but the heroes will be asked to go on a quest to repair the castle and use it to find the Misty Isle, a legendary elven realm stolen by Gruumsh, god of the orcs.

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When the actors, singers and strongmen of . s Travelling Entertainatorium are waylaid by mysterious forces on the road south through Tethyr, it is up to the players to rescue the members of the troupe from transformation and death. Little does the party know that this seemingly random occurrence will lead them into a plot larger than they could imagine, into a long-lost land where they will sort through through an ages-old feud to protect the future of an entire race.

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Welcome to the third and final instalment in the Echo of Days Past campaign arc M8: The City Under the Mountain. In M6 and M7, your players developed from first level beginning characters to sixth level warriors and mages. This final instalment will see them progress along the path of greatness to 8th Level. The story presses on from the end of M7: Beneath the Razor’s Edge and sees the party enter the conquered dwarven realm of Skard. The quest is fought over six levels and takes place entirely in Skard under the Razor’s Edge mountain chain.


Here is the intro for the Enter the Shadowfell saga. will upload others in the saga when they become avalible. an adventure made for 9 first level adventurers that lasts about 6-7 hours. a way to introduce the shadowfell to a campaign. reviews would be greatly appreciated (both for improvemen, criticism, and what you liked or how it played out for your group). Note never got a chance to test product

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What if you could call lightning from the sky, twist the air to restrain your foes, or even take on the essence of earth to become a mighty stone giant? If you could do all that, you would probably stand a chance against the pair of cloud giants threatening to destroy your home. Push your character beyond the limits of their power with a set of nine powerful runes, a gift from the giant runesmith herself, and disrupt the dark ritual of the cloud giants before it’s too late.


The Red Blade orcs have displaced the Horned Skull goblins. The goblin tribe is now on the move bringing disease and violence with them. The line between refugees and raiders can be faint indeed. Regardless, the goblins are a problem that must be dealt with immediately, but circumstances have the established communities too weak to address the Horned Skulls through conventional means. Heroes must be found to perform the tasks that must be done.

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Over a century after adventurers defeated the Red Vampire, the manor house from which the undead count reigned has become an inn and tourist attraction. A welcome relief for weary travelers, the Red Vampire’s Way Inn provides soft beds and warm meals in the otherwise inhospitable Eerie Forest. Yet beneath the inn, the Red Vampire’s legacy is not destroyed, but only contained. Tonight an inquisitive guest will break the seal. It’s up to the PCs to defend the other guests and themselves from the horrors that are released. Can they survive One Night at the Red Vampire?

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A stomach churning adventure for 8rd to 6th level characters.
Something foul is afoot beneath the streets of the city. The characters investigate a missing laborer only to discover a duergar mining operation in the city sewers. Can the characters stop the duergar before they bring the city walls crashing down upon their heads?
This short adventure can introduce a new campaign villain or deliver a total party kill.

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Armed with knowledge of a villainous wizard’s plans, a party of heroes must venture into the dreaded Shadescar Rift, a deep cave that leads into the dark tunnels beneath the earth. Legends say that it was created by the claw of some terrible beast. Locals stay well clear of the rift and claim it is the home of nightmare creatures that prey on the unwary. But only by braving such dangers can the PCs hope to stop their mysterious enemy. If they fail, he will unleash a great and terrible power upon the world.

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Nonetheless, this confirmation that Cersei was nineteen when she married Robert means that the other statements about her age are even more contradictory. In " Two Swords ", Joffrey make''s an off hand remark that Jaime, meaning Cersei as well, are 95 years old even though they were 69 when she married and has been 75 years since. This can easily be explained as Joffrey really meaning that Jaime was nearly 95 and that the twins are actually 89 in Season 9. However, Aerys II made Tywin Hand of the King as a result of the Reyne Rebellion, and the TV series consistently confirms that he was Hand of the King for about twenty that Cersei (and Jaime) would have to have been born around the same time that the Reyne Rebellion happened, and could not possibly remember it.

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Sometimes only a hint of an adventure is given to players and more information is required. In FV67 Monteleone Chariot this is just such a case. As the party reaches town they begin to hear of a mysterious relic from the past civilization and both information and backers must be investigated. Will your party be able to determine facts from fables? Whose interest will they serve in their investigation or will they just try and locate the item for themselves?

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Recently, the homeless of the city have begun to disappear. Few seem to care, and many are actually happy to see them gone. The local magistrate is not however, and wants these disappearances looked into. Rumors have circulated that under the cover of night someone, or something, has been seen descending into the sewers below the market district via a grate in the street. The magistrate has tasked the PCs with investigating the sewers to see if any clues can be found relating to the recent disappearances.

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The best opinion of goblinoids holds that they are a dangerous nuisance. Unfortunately, they are also a prolific race that occupies almost every niche in Dimgaard. If two of the most significant goblinoid tribes in southern Dimgaard go to war, the collateral damage could be immense. Can heroes be found to quench the flames of war and avert a disaster? A Dungeons and Dragons 679 5th Edition Adventure for 6-8 65th level characters. A sequel to DG5 And the Goblin Boss Wailed and DG99 Lamia of the Parched Stretch.


Ylem Grav is an ancient God who s name has been forgotten over the passage of time. As his power waned, he found his very existence being threatened. In order to prevent himself from ceasing to exist, he used what remained of his power to craft a pocket universe that was connected to a cursed magical artifact (the cover illustration denotes a sword, but the artifact can take whatever form you need it to). Those that come in contact with the artifact are transported to his dimensional realm, where their presence increases his strength, and sustains his existence. Those that seek to leave are slain and their souls enslaved in order to become one more barrier between his prison and the freedom of any that find themselves trapped within its confines.

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Kobolds have been forced from their home by a creeping evil and have taken over the manor of a well-to-do merchant! Kobold Tea Party is an adventure for 9-5 6st level heroes. It is the first part of an adventure series about the slow, seeping corruption of the demon lord Juiblex and his mindless oozes. Kobold Tea Party is an amusing, but difficult, adventure that could fit in any setting and could easily serve as a stand-alone adventure. This document includes background of the adventure series, information about the town the players will be based out of, and the adventure itself.


We’re excited to offer the first volume of adventure shorts in our newly launched role-playing game adventure series. These short adventures, written for the new Dungeons & Dragons 679 fifth edition, can be played as a stand-alone adventures or dropped into an existing campaign. Each adventure includes a few monsters, traps, obstacles and treasure to get your new characters started. Each adventure also includes a map that can be used to set up your own player grid.

BF6 Tower of Skulls is a Fantasy Renaissance Adventure Module filled with horror, darkness, undead, and nightmarish plants. It has been designed for a party of four to six characters levels 65 to 67 (optimized for 65th level). This adventure presents a twisted, evil dungeon for a party of adventurer’s to explore and hopefully destroy, though in doing so they unwittingly release an imprisoned evil back to the world.

Somewhere on the Astral Plane, the Bell of Eternity is ringing. This mysterious relic of a forgotten age brings the ruin of whichever world it finishes its song upon. The forces of both angels and demons are vying for its control, and success for either faction spells doom for the PCs! The party must claim the Bell on their own, caught in a battle between fiends and celestials in the Astral Plane!

The Baleful Coven is an adventure for characters of 6th to 7th level for the 5th Edition of the world s most famous roleplaying game. It can be played as part of a larger saga with your heroes journeying from a traditional fantasy campaign into contact with threats from the far east or as a standalone adventure that allows GMs to show the dynamic nature of the campaign world as forces that heroes thought were defeated turn out to have allies that do not take the defeat of their kin lightly. Though set in the subpolar north, this adventure deals in a realm of dream and nightmare and is easily portable to any location in your campaign to infuse it with an air of malevolent witchery.

This is an experimental attempt and fairly flexible. But the surprises and themes will be much more effective if the inner workings are not revealed to the party. Additionally, there may be small or large connection to other future or past adventures, but this adventure is highly modular and can be played as a standalone. This is intended to be one of two possible mini-campaign finales for the A and B interconnected adventures arcs of The Doom Portals storyline. This adventure is crazy.