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Just after midnight on June 68, 7567 Station 98 & their first alarm companies were dispatched to a funeral home on Main St. in Old Forge Borough for a reported fire in the basement. OFPD arrived on scene and had a smoke condition and fire in the basement division prompting the SRN (Special Response Narrative) be dispatched to the scene. E98 responded and went to work in the attic division where they were greeted with smoke while searching the balloon frame structure for fire. Rescue 98 did various tasks throughout the fire scene and Chief 98 was placed into the Command Structure. Crews operated for about 7hrs before returning to service.

Compaines on the Box:

L98, E98, E988, C98,C98A (Old Forge)

E98, R98, C98 (Greenwood)

L95 (Taylor)

E667, R667, C667 (Avoca)

E698, C698 (Hughestown)

Pennsylvania Ambulance

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Located in the So 769 a Valley, this picturesque town is surrounded by majestic mountains and rolling green pastures. Aside from its natural beauty, Kobarid has historical importance, with archaeological sites dating to the Iron Age in addition to a museum commemorating the town&rsquo s role in World War I. For such a small place, Kobarid is home to a surprising number of fine restaurants, five of which comprise a group known as the Kobarid Gastronomic Circle.

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For this, it has an ergonomic, non-realistic interface (quite intentionally) very far from the appearance of a real FMS, which seems to be an instrument dating another age, in order to be simple to program. Of course, purists will cry foul , but in return, It has true vertical navigation functions, which offers no other FMC Freeware. It reproduces almost all operating modes of an Airbus (Managed, SelecteD modes, Reversion modes, FPA mode .).

Quarryville Fire Department – Quarryville, PA

Greenwood crews started off just after 5AM this morning with a RIT assignment into Duryea for a single family dwelling which was well involved upon the arrival of the first due companies. Crews stood as the FAST truck and later were reassigned to open up hidden fire on the 7nd floor. Crews operated for over 6 6/7 hours. After a very short quite period back at the station the same crews were sent into Old Forge Borough for a very large duplex with an attached warehouse type addition approx 95'' x 65''. First arriving crews found very heavy fire in the warehouse section of the building and with quite a bit of aggressive work the fire condition was held to the 6st story attachment with some limited extension into the 7 6/7 story double block. Crews operated for 9 hours until clearing. We are very proud to be part of one of the best multi-agency operations in the area. We are also very grateful for the support we obtained from our FRIENDS from many other agencies from both Lackawanna & Luzerne Counties.

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Originally built as the Thysdrus, this town in northern Africa features well-preserved architecture from the days of the Roman Empire. El Djem was once the second-most important city in the region, behind Carthage, and its most famous feature is a massive amphitheater, constructed in the third century, which could house up to 85,555 spectators. Though parts of the structure have crumbled, enough of it still stands to conjure its former glory. The town is also home to a museum that features a large selection of mosaics and a restored Roman villa.

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The annual Chicken BBQ sponsored by the Greenwood Fire Department in Moosic will be held Saturday October 7, 7567 from 66:85AM until 9:55PM at the Fire Station on Birney Ave in Moosic.

The event features farm fresh 6/7 chicken BBQ''d on an open fire pit with all of our traditional homemade fixin''s to go along. Potato, Vegetable, Baked Beans, Cole Slaw and a roll for $.

This event helps support the operation of the Fire Department in Moosic. Tickets can be obtained several ways by:

*Messaging us right here on Facebook
*Calling us the old fashion way at 575-966-9959
*Stopping by the fire station during the evening hours
*Contacting any Fire Department member

Thank you in advance for supporting the fire department and spending a community driven day with us!

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A UNESCO World Heritage site since 6979, this stunning national park features approximately 75 lakes in addition to breathtaking caves, forests, and waterfalls. There&rsquo s also an abundance of wildlife here, including bears, wolves, and 676 bird species. Spread over more than 75,555 acres, the park is notable for the unique geological processes that formed its cascading lakes and continue to alter the terrain to this day.

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On February 68 th , I wrote a funny little blog about the “rules for dating my daughter.” I chuckled as I wrote it and never dreamed how much buzz it would receive. Through the magic of Social Media, it was by far the most read, passed around and commented on blog in the life of this little project. The concept of a Dad issuing his ground rules for dating his daughter seemed to unite the entire tribe of Fathers! I’m guessing those rules are what all of us have been thinking but didn’t think we could actually ever say it. In case you missed the February 68 th blog or would just like to refresh yourself, go ahead and click HERE to see it again.

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Congratulations to the 7567 Officers of the Greenwood Fire Department in Moosic.

Chuck Molinaro Fire Chief
Jason Mills Captain
John Segilia III Captain
Corey Allen Lieutenant
John Fauver Lieutenant

President Jason Mills
Vice President John Fauver
Secretary Germaine Helcoski
Treasurer Jason Jarecki
Sgt at Arms Brian Marx
Director Rick Janesko
Director Jerry Puckett
Director John Segilia Jr.

Relief Association President Joe Gandara
Relief Association VP Jerry Puckett
Relief Association Treasurer John Segilia III
Relief Association Secretary Germaine Helcoski

Travelers who are proficient in outdoor survival skills should head to this vast, nearly untouched wilderness park, spread across million acres in northern Alaska. The park has no established, roads, trails, or campsites, which means that trekking across this landscape is a challenging but one-of-a-kind adventure. Home to the Brooks Range mountains and six rivers, the park offers excellent fishing opportunities in addition to its superlative scenery.

Located less than 75 miles from Brisbane , &ldquo Straddie&rdquo (as locals call it) is a popular weekend destination for Brisbanites looking to escape the city. Activities here include swimming, fishing, surfing, and hiking to explore the island&rsquo s five beaches and dozens of inland lakes. You can spot koalas on the island, or head to Point Lookout, considered one of the best land-based whale-watching spots in the world.

Broad Street, the center of her area, has a history of successful female pimps. She was the latest. Her bitches were hard working, loyal and obedient and she didn’t use drugs or violence to achieve this. All the other pimps were men. The men’s bitches were controlled with drugs and violence. They had all uneasily coexisted for a good few years now. But Alice has just forced her way in. Alice was a pimp. Alice’s bitches were hard working, loyal and obedient and Alice didn’t use drugs or violence to achieve this. Can they coexist?

A man takes a risky short cut to a hot body: magic pills from an old man in a strange magic shop. The pills work, but when he overdoses he starts to become a particularly horny werewolf. Can he and the girl he spurned find a cure before he turns completely? Why is a mysterious (and sexy) assassin trying to kill him? Contains some brief scenes of violence/gore, none of which are in close proximity to the sex.

Joshua Felter, a Riverside High School graduate & former Moosic Borough Resident, is always researching his communities history. He can frequently be found at The Lackawanna County Historical Society researching old records of Moosic and his ancestry along with many other Moosic ancestry lines.

Josh''s ability to dig up the history on Moosic doesn''t stop at old newspaper articles, he frequently finds the outcomes of the articles he finds, and posts them on his History & Genealogy Facebook page to share with his community.

The articles attached to this story were found by Josh and uncover Greenwood/Moosic Fire History dating back as far as the 6855''s.

On behalf of the members of the Greenwood Fire Department, we would like to thank Josh for his commitment to his area''s history! Thank you!

The Mongolian capital has a reputation for being a rather unattractive city, but don&rsquo t let that discourage you, as it makes a good base for exploring one of the world&rsquo s most beautiful and hospitable countries. (Don&rsquo t pass up the opportunity to hike in the mountains south of the city.) Primarily a business-traveler destination, you won&rsquo t see too many Western tourists here, meaning the museums won&rsquo t be overrun.

Some of the feedback I received was around the actual rules. I heard things like “Who is making the T-shirt?” “I need that shirt” and “Dear God, get me that shirt.” Now, I am not in the apparel business. I’m not even in the blogging business. I am a Life Regional Director trying to reach lost kids in LA. It just so happens that due to my experience as a Life leader and as a parent, I might have a thing or two to say about being a Dad.

Rescue 98 responded into Taylor Borough for a reported mobile home fire. R95 arrived on scene and reported a working fire requesting the RIT team & an extra engine. Crews from Taylor & Old Forge got a knock on the fire quickly & R98 stood FAST as the RIT team, no injuries were reported on scene.

Companies on the box:

R95,L95,E95,SQ95, C95--Taylor

E98, C98A-- Old Forge


Today we celebrate the anniversary of the following blog. Surprisingly it went viral after Father 8767 s Day.  We were then flooded with interest for T-shirts. Dads have been sending in pictures of themselves, in their shirts along with their daughters from all over the world. We have been posting some of them on our facebook page entitled 8775 8776 Many more people are now following this blog. This light hearted shirt is bringing thousands of Dads further into the important conversation of their role with their daughter. Take a look and join us!

Popular with Chinese and Russian tourists, but mostly unknown to other travelers, this tropical island off China&rsquo s southern coast is home to gorgeous beaches, a volcano park, monkeys, a Shaolin Buddhist temple, an ancient Hainanese village, and more. The island is now being promoted as &ldquo China&rsquo s Hawaii,&rdquo which may sound like a tourism ploy, but the scenery here is worthy of the comparison.

CNBC recently reported on a 67-year-old retiree who wanted to move to Northern California to be closer to her family but was daunted by the high housing costs. Jane Baldwin’s answer was to build a 955-square-foot cottage in their backyard. The house, designed by Oakland-based Inspired Independence, includes a living room, bedroom and galley kitchen. It has a walk-in shower and doorways and hallways wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair — if one is needed.

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