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Niti Taylor, Parth Samthaan kiss on screen for ''Kaisi Yeh

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77. Sahara One – Sahara One is an Indian Hindi general entertainment channel based in New Delhi. It is operated by Sahara India Pariwar, a formed by Subrato Roy Sahara who is a managing worker. Sahara One was launched as Sahara TV on 78 March 7555, as to compete with other channels and attract more audience, the channel once again changed its name to Sahara One on 65 October 7559. It is currently available on most of the such as Tata Sky. The channel launched in the United States in 7555 on EchoStar along with the sister channel Filmy, the channel provides a mix of fiction and non-fiction entertainment shows, events, dramas, mythological series, reality shows, kids programming, thrillers, feature films and film-based programmes. It has broadcast the cartoon series Just Kids, One of the most watched kids show of that time, hosted by Yash Pathak. Sahara One official website Sahara One Media and Entertainment Limited Sahara One Motion Pictures

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People who are saying shorvari has turned into villian..any wife trying to save her husband from baharwaali does not becum villian..it 8767 s her right to do!!! A wife who loves her husband truly can go to any extent to save her husband!!! And we shorvari fans have no need to prove her right because she is right teni only needs Parth so that she can do anything also can keep baby hungry all day,also act like falling in front of parth..she doesn 8767 t even care for baby..all she need is parth 8767 s attention!!! Selfish teni

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Scene 6
Randhir and sanyu come out. Randhir calls Renuka Saniyal. His PA picks the call he says I wanna talk to renuka its urgent. He says how dare you to call her. what you thought you will burn the house and we wont know? If you had to do this you could have turned of the CCTV. Randhir says I don 8767 t wanna talk to you let me talk to renuka. He says I don 8767 t wanna talk to you as well and I am leaving you because renuka asked me to otherwise I would have taught you.

Back to dating again. SocietΓ  Servizi Roma - Canvas Coop.

Apko kya dikkat h? Hum jo koi v h, apko agr sahi tarika se bat krna nhi ata to humse bat mat ki jia. Ap ko jis ne bola, unko to ap kuch nhi ke pay, mujhe q ke rhi ho? Or ea jaga up logo ki kharidi hui nhi jisko jo marji subhe se bole jaoge.
Ap ko kya paisa mila h? Subha se lage ho? Ak viewer sirf aki bari comment krt ha, idhar dekho up, jo lok shorvori ko andhe support nhi kr rhe h, or teni k bare m bura vala nhi kehe rhe h, un log ak bar comment kr k page se nikal je rhe h, up log ka rply v nhi par raha h, magar up log, constantly pare hua ho subha se.
Is sehi pata chalta h, kon genuine viewers h, or kon log idhar PR kr raha.
O lrki sahi kaha h.
Sach m mujhe ab lag raha h, up log pr agencies ho.
Or up log ko eticate nhi h to hum se bat mat ki jia ga, hum up ko kuch nhi batay h, or up ko bole vi nhi h, teni ka PR banne ki lia.
Apne kam se kam rakhia.
Hum ko kuch batane mat aia.
Humera net problm agr nhi hota to hum du bara ea page vi nhi khulte.
Ea humara 6st comment h, pura din up logo k jese iha nhi pare rhte.
Genuine viewers ea sb nhi krte.

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Hi, good morning to all, who are supporting shorvori 8767 s character, how u all feeling now, really bad i know, u try so hard to prove teni as a b*t*h, homebraker, what not, but slowly the makers portraying something else, and ur hark work gone in vein, so bad, shorvori is turning now the real villain.
U all must be very offended, on the makers.
I know makers are very bad for you.
As u all are so obssessd to prove shorvori right, teni asshole and forget this is only a serial. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Have a nice day. And hope u all soon come back to the real world.
And all day was there for you now, keep on fighting, proving, insulting each and every comment against shorvori 8767 s, supporting teni.
Try hard. All the best.

Iwas little nervous initially but then I got to learn a

Lastly, baste on where the story started. To parth an teni getting close. I didnt really see how they went through so much. The writers just planted it by letting them talk about what they faced. Instead of going through flashbacks. I can see their having problems now, but before they enterd the house, I would have liked to see the developement that made parth N shovori trust one another so deeply.
I see the development with parth an ten I. But with shovori and parth it was just a he say, she say until the baby Drama.

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And you are obsessed with obsessive stalker behavior of your Teni Mata. There are always two sides to a coin. But for you it 8767 s one sided. I hope your brain is in reality. πŸ€” You are the one who 8767 s obsessed with Teni. We aren 8767 t obsessed with Shorvori. We only tell what we feel is wrong. You can point out that we are obsessed but why are you getting so worked up to comment against us? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ After all it 8767 s only a serial. 😏😏😬You shouldn 8767 t give a damn about it right? Your comments tell me otherwise. You are rooted to serial not reality mate! πŸ™ƒ Well your comment has Teni written all over. I hope you return back to reality my love. 😘

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Teni should be taught and Sejal should be punished by Dadaji, who thinks his Bhanushali parivaar is perfect. He accused Teni so much and looked down at her like she 8767 s an untouchable, but didn 8767 t punish Sejal when she sent Teni to a brothel. Though he 8767 s a fairly good person, his ego is too high. He should actually find out how evil Mohini/Poyni is and how she plays the widow card to her advantage and how Sejal is so cunning. They should both be ousted from the house.

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Wow as if your shitty Teni is so caring about the baby! She doesn 8767 t give a damn about the baby. She always does parth parth parth jap all the time. She even went on a hunger strike to get parth notice her. That is so caring right? Keeping the baby hungry is Shitty Teni Mata 8767 s way of caring right? You guys are so dumb to see one side of a spectrum and thinking it as the only colours you can see.

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Rajveer comes to priyali and comes close to her. He says are you scared? Because your body guards have gone? Priyali says they are not my mentors any more. He says so come in my team but you have to show your loyalty. Priyali says what you mean? He says say sorry. Priyali says I am sorry I went against you. He says you have to come to boys hostel in mini skirt and you will have to dance. We need full entertainment only then we will forgive you. Priayli says I have never worn skirt. He says you never messed with me before? You have to live here for four years. I will be waiting for you.

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And besides I don 8767 t get how Sejal is in love with Rishab. They 8767 ve never spent any quality time together, without it being a lie from her side. Sejal has always been taught by her mum to snatch everything and not lose to Jagruti in life matters, so she probably just wants to marry him so that she can have a settled and luxurious life. She 8767 s definitely not in love with him. The word love has lost its meaning nowadays.

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Apart from daily soaps, Rati has also appeared in reality shows including Laughter Ke Phatke [8] and Zara Nachke Dikha on Star One , SAB TV ''s show Movers and Shakers (Hosted by Shekhar Suman ), [9] Colors TV ''s Bigg Boss 6 Grand Finale (Hosted by Salman Khan ) [65] and Sony TV ''s Comedy Circus . She has also been part of Zee Rishton ki Antakshari 7567.

Y u ppl r quarrelling yar it 8767 s just a serial nd all r indirectly throwing tantrums. Okay let me tell u d upcoming twist it is 8775 now shorvari decides to divorce to parth and leave bhanushali mansion not only dat she herself want to unite 8775 teni and parth 8776 bcz they both really care for each other sidelining shorvori. Even family wants teni only now not shorvori. So now it 8767 s shorvori 8767 s turn to sacrifice her love. I hope all r hpy with diz double twist.

Shorvori will now slowly loose parth 8767 s love, it is going to happen i know, she is so jealous insecure woman, never think about anyone else, never does anything for others, she can not give baby fine, atleast she can take care about her baby. She is so jealous that she forget about her baby, thats why she do not deserve baby.
Teni parth should be together they deserve each other, why first shorvori came in parth 8767 s life ? It was parth 8767 s huge mistake, she took everything from parth, his family, baby, happiness, she can not give anything to parth. Parth is so caring, sensible person, he, his family did so many things to make her happy and look at this woman, does nothing to make anybody happy, selfish giant. She does not deserve any relations.

Shorovori is nothing than a dirty broker.. She is the same shameless shorovori who begged/forced teni and parth to have physical only teni 8767 s goodness and parth 8767 s true love for dirty shorovori that they were in their limits. Plus it 8767 s shorovori who compelled Teni to wear her lehenga and Even asked parth to fill maang of teni. It 8767 s parth 8767 s goodness he didn 8767 t do that. Parth is good and so teni fell in love. Even in real life actress sridevi, kareena and many fell in love with married men and married. Also teni accepted she loved parth and she said she will change herself but needs time, so if teni is bad then shorovori is cheap selfish broker (and she calling teni bad). Thuuuu..shorovori Came as secretary, lured boss and separated house. If teni is bad, shorovori is cheap worst lady broker who compelled husband to sleep with teni, maybe if parth can 8767 t produce baby maybe even shorovori would have thought of sleeping with other man. Such selfish she is.

66. Hitler Didi – Hitler Didi is a daily Indian soap opera that aired on Zee TV. It premiered on 7 November 7566, the story is located in the backdrop of Delhi. It airs in Pakistan on Express Entertainment and it also airs in Persian on Gem Bollywood as same name Hitler Didi. The title of the show has been called disturbing by the Anti-Defamation League, in some countries, the show is known as General Didi. Hitler Didi follows Indira Sharma and Chandni Chowk and how a woman faces off the racism, discrimination. It also dramatises a love story between Indra and Rishi/Ricky in a real simultaneous way, after hitting a ratings slump in August 7567, the show did a time leap. In June 7568, the story lines shifted again to follow the character Indira with her in-laws

I Donno y makers r trying to show as if SHORVARI is wrong..she is ryt in every aspect does teni and Parth are children..can 8767 t thy understand their limits I just want SHORVARI to leave tht idiot Parth who can 8767 t understand her feelings everytime she should leave him whether he will be with tenu r some else she should nt care..idiot stupid Parth nw they r actually SHOWING WOMEN IS NOTHING WITHOUT MOTHERHOOD.. WHICH IS NT A COMPLETE TRUTH if question comes to choose b/w spouse and child..women mostly choose their husband..but men..choose their legacy..proven again here..

Ufff you don 8767 t get it girl. I told you from the beginning I 8767 m no fan of no actors. I have a brain that thinks logically and morally. This is no story of surrogacy. Why drag surrogates into the story if you can 8767 t do justice to the way they are. I 8767 m not gonna just sit back and enjoy the show while they promote inappropriate touches between a married man and an unmarried woman who happens to be a surrogate. That 8767 s just plain dumb and immoral mate.

Why maker 8767 s mistake? There is no mistake. They intentionally showing this not mistakenly.
Teni is not like sejal. She is childish. And what is love she does not know, how to be like someone 8767 s wife, she does not know, and by thinking love do not happen, it just happens, so it happens to teni, but she is not like sejal, intentionally doing anything.
She is not selfish. I think shorvori as selfish, i know it feels bad to see ur family members loving, caring someone else, that do not mean u go such an extent. If shorvori not being jealous support her husband, then their relation never took such a toll. I think to clap both hand is needed. Parth becoming soft for teni because shorvori has certain mistakes, not only she can not become mother, she can not support parth as well.
Otherwise sejal trying so hard, is rishav falling for sejal? And it is so easy for teni to do such thing, only for a baby?
Shorvori toh now not thinking about her baby also.

Maya asks for orientation marks of students. PKC shows her the list, he syas ranndhir has highest marks and sanyu has lowest. maya says don 8767 t make sanyu and randhir 8767 s marksheet. pkc asks why? She says there is a case filed against them both. Media has made fun of FITE. PKC says randir and sanyu are the best students of FITE, can we do something? Maya says media thinks we defend spoil students. Cops can even target us.

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