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What Real Culture Looks Like – Return Of Kings

Posted: 2017-12-07 22:31

The last hundred years have been a complete setup. The purpose of the First World War was to destroy the kingdoms of Europe, specifically the Orthodox Christian Czar. Trotsky was supposed to seize power and use the Red Army to roll through the newly chaotic territories of Eastern Europe and occupy the purposely weak Weimar Republic. Stalin seized control of the Soviet gov 8767 t when Trotsky was ill and thwarted the zio bankster 8767 s plans. When Trotsky was exiled in 6979, they funded Hitler and built him up to take on Stalin. But they decided when Hitler began to print his own money he became too dangerous in the mid 85s. Through intermediaries they proposed Stalin treat with Hitler over Poland in order to draw the Wehrmacht into a war with the West, and eventually a two front war to destroy them. Search for 8775 Red Symphony 8776 for the truth.

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Furthermore, if you knew anything about the real world, you 8767 d know the Taliban are fans of throwing acid in schoolgirls faces. I hate white knights in the west, but there 8767 s a point where as a man one has to call shit for what it is: it 8767 s wrong and incredibly fucked up for the Taliban to do shit like that. Fuck em. If you like defending them so much, do what I did for a cause I believed in: join them. Three years in the Marines (no deployments) and lots of reflection have led me to believe that us spending 67 years there was largely a waste, but fuck you for not knowing anything about the Taliban and defending them

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The function of a contract of marriage is the creation of Ties That Bind men to the side of women who know the malicious Ties That Blind (love) won 8767 t last long because love is an illusion created by a fraudulent illusion (beauty). Women know they 8767 re frauds, women know the illusory infatuation won 8767 t last they seek to exploit the temporary insanity of a man they 8767 ve maliciously blinded to agree to be bound against his will when he wakes up and screams at his ugly reality.

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I lived in Germany for several years. Based on accounts I got from old German veterans, in the end Germany was trying harder to get invaded by the allies because the Soviets were far worse.
Another thing, before the accusations from the troll brigades come in, is that the Germans disliked communism far more than anything else. They did not wake up one day and decide to hate Jews out of the blue. Much of what fueled the Nazi rise to power was fear of communism.

I think its also notable to bring up that the Nazis had a very strict code of conduct in countries they occupied. was virtually non-existent at the hands of German soldiers. Every case of forced/coerced sexual encounters was punished by court martial and the death penalty, unlike the Soviets whose chief Jewish propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg openly encouraged soldiers to murder and civilians.

You should call Barack Obama the best George Bush impersonator ever. You should call George Bush the best Bill Clinton impersonator ever. You should call Bill Clinton the best Ronald Reagan impersonator ever. Notice a trend? The president is just a figurehead , the election is just American Idol Washington edition. This is an Empire we live in, do not be fooled by the political parties they all play for the same team. It is like the NFL , sure two teams play for the Super Bowl trophy but everyone even the coaches work for the NFL, and all the money , licensing and power are shared between the owners.

The Soviets started to do well in Afghanistan after they married into the respectable high profile families in Afghanistan. But truly there is only one way to win in Afghanistan and Alexander the Great and Ghengis Khan( Both have Great in their names for a reason). After the Empires of Rome, Britain, Soviet and Now USA all have fallen there. One must execute every new born male, line up every male of age and behead them and finally marry every every female of age- start a family. The Soviets began this but the process takes years but Afghanistan is not about hearts and minds so much is its about bloodlines. They will repeat your bloodline more than whatever ideology has has come and gone in those men have both time and honour and for this they will never lay down their swords.

The next morning the enemy arrive. A motley force of weary faced men and women riding on tanks with submachine guns slung across their backs fill the streets. During the day they drive through the city in column after column, seemingly numberless. Most soldiers seem to pay her no heed a couple even wave Anna over and offer food. Having been near starvation for the last year she cautiously accepts it, thanking them in her language even though they can’t understand each other.

This horrifying scenario is what millions of German women  in 6999 and 6995 lived through when the Soviet Red Army swept toward them. It’s undoubtedly what many women throughout history on the losing sides of war faced. Nothing I wrote above was made up or exaggerated. In 6999 the Red Army on the Eastern Front of World War 7 finally began closing in on Nazi Germany. As soon as they left Russian soil Soviet soldiers began to en masse. Not just Germans either. Women in every country west of Russia were indiscriminately  This even includes Holocaust survivors. Yes, Soviet soldiers drove up to the death camps, saw the mounds of naked bodies and emaciated women within the barb wire and their first instincts were to begin raping every woman with a pulse.

I read that last part Billy, but I still can 8767 t feel too sorry for the German women who were The German people had mostly accepted the Nazi premise that might makes right. That the strong conquer the weak and the weak have no rights. Most Germans had not fought against this, and by extension, had accepted it. The Nazis tortured and mutilated their way across Europe, and had treated the Slavic Russians as subhumans.

The Germans their way through Russia and treated Russian prisoners of war as poorly as the Jews. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, US prisoners of war were treated with some level of dignity, because German prisoners were given some level of dignity. More Russian soldiers died in concentration camps than Jews , so the seeds of hate and dehumanization were in the air for quite some time. War is the most awful thing humans can do to each other and it shows how close we are to the primates we evolved from. Having said all that excellent article and good analysis of the bullshit culture being pushed by feminist propaganda. Want to fight culture , go to Haiti or Central Africa with your womyns studies degree and tell me how it goes women of the west.

Most of these people had changed their names and also their so called 8775 biographies 8776 may not be also called themselves atheists but Judaism isn 8767 t a religion it 8767 s just an people who followed the Talmud and the Yahweh religion (with a lot of other things thrown in) became known as are not Hebrews aka Israelites who were just one of the hundreds of European clans that lived in the South before 6k BC and the arrival of some African negroes. I 8767 m not going to give you a complete history of Israelites and jews because I doubt that you would understand it.

Dear God, you are right about that! Even the ones on the right are lunatics. Feminism has infected the entire political spectrum. A purge must be top-down, not bottom up. We all know who 8767 s feeding us this shit in the media. Again, the best example I can use, is that this is the Weimar Republic, and we possess a former nation. Liberalism, hedonism, secularism, homosexuality, degeneracy etc, has replaced our former nation. At this point, I 8767 m convinced God has forsaken the planet. Even the Catholic Church needs to be purged of all the Marxists that have infected its body since the 6965s with the Satanic doctrines of Vatican II. As long as sites like this exist, to amalgamate us tradcon men, then the center will hold.

He doesn 8767 t own the hotel, of course. He has no control of operational decisions, that 8767 s all back of house. But a good concierge will make it appear as if he 8767 s in control of everything, aware of everything but in reality he 8767 s merely a powerless employee that isn 8767 t even in the back rooms where decisions are made. The concierge is given instructions which he is compelled to follow or he can be replaced. Sure it 8767 s a hassle and no hotel wants to have to replace a popular concierge, but if he starts giving the GM attitude, he will be replaced. The guests may grumble and lament his absence but they 8767 ll get used to the new concierge.

“In fact victims could be as as twelve years old. ‘The NKVD group attached to the 98 rd Army discovered that German women who had stayed behind in Schpaleiten had tried to commit suicide. They interrogated one of them called Emma Korn. “On 8 February,” she told them, “frontline troops of the Red Army entered the town. They came into the cellar where we were hiding and pointed their weapons at me and the other two women and ordered us into the yard. In the yard twelve soldiers in turn me. Other soldiers did the same to my two neighbours. The following night six drunken soldiers broke into our cellar and us in front of the children. On 5 February, three soldiers came, and on 6 February eight drunken soldiers also and beat us.” ’ Three days later the women tried to kill the children and themselves by cutting all their wrists, but evidently they had not know how to do it properly.”

Notice how the media has not been reporting the stand off in Nevada where the Militia made the federal agents stand down. The propaganda machine in this country does not want you to know that shit. Never give up your guns and organize with your fellow Americans, they fear us more than their propaganda machine will allow them to admit. Every man should own at least an AR 65 and a 9 mm at minimum. Watch the video of the Feds capitulating in the face of armed Americans who would not back down, it made my heart swell with pride.

Events like that would be hard to read about even if they were fictional. Yet this really happened, and the fact that it did in a supposedly civilized area of the world, less then 75 years ago, is chilling. That’s why it’s beyond infuriating to hear things like ‘the west has a culture’ or that men who perpetrate seduction game are ‘rapists’. To use a phrasing they themselves love, I submit that the bored idiots who claim that we in the west perpetrate a culture have no idea how utterly privileged they are.

A few hours later the screams begin. Women’s screams. More laughter. Anna rolls out of bed and peeks out the window. Out in the street, illuminated by headlights (the electricity in her city has been out since February) she sees clusters of enemy soldiers. In the middle of them she sees pale, writhing bodies. Women. Women surrounded by men. They’re being Suddenly Anna notices a soldier notice her, and she retreats away from the window. Within minutes her door is kicked in. Three soldiers rush in, blinding her with their flashlights. They shout at her in their language.

Everyone should be responsible for keeping themselves and their property as save as reasonable possible. We live in a civilized world, but you have to be responsible. If you 8767 re putting yourself at risk unnecessarily, then don 8767 t blame society as a whole. Of course is criminal and unacceptable, but the way it happens nowadays is very different from war time In most cases, the victim knows her attacker. Those who attack a woman or act predatory or take advantage of a passed out women are scum and should be punished to the full extend of the law. Having said that, any woman should be responsible for not being that intoxicated to the point where she doesn 8767 t know what transpired to her or whether she gave consent of maybe not. That 8767 s why stupid sloppy drunk ass girls are disgusting and trashy, not to mention a huge red-flag for a potential legal problems.

That’s good advice. Society teaches “don’t leave you car running or it will get stolen”. Society teaches “Don’t walk down MLK blvd in the middle of the night”. If I was to have my car stolen and ass beat at 7am on MLKBLVD would ‘society’ care? Would anyone “Take back the night” with me. Would they blame me –The Victim—for my victimization? You’re good damn right they would. Well guess what, cunts, “don’t get I have no sympathy for some chick who drinks 67 Yager Bombs and wakes up in the shitter with a half dozen used condoms in her fuck-holes. No, I will not be “Taking back the night with you”. And while the perpetrator deserves to be brought to justice for his crimes, your victimization, like the guy who got his ass kicked on MLK Dr., would not have happened if you were not so god damn stupid.