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Posted: 2017-09-11 17:09

Earlier this year, a 7-year-old girl from Minnesota entered an examination room at a clinic just outside of Detroit. Thinking this was a regular visit, she allowed the doctor to remove her pants and underwear and place her on the examination table. Suddenly, while two women in the clinic held her hands, the physician spread her legs and cut her clitoris. Two months later she told investigators the pain ran down to her ankles and she could barely walk.

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He is also correct that all the various “integration” models have failed. Whether it is consensus-based social democracy in the Nordic countries, multiculturalism in Britain, or republican secularism in France, the same patterns of disintegration and social in-cohesion persist nearly everywhere. Different European governments have treated this or that security measure, economic policy, or urban-planning scheme as the integration panacea, to no avail.

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In 6997 the British put the future of western Palestine into the hands of the United Nations, the successor organization to the League of Nations which had established the 8775 Mandate for Palestine. 8776 A UN Commission recommended partitioning what was left of the original Mandate western Palestine into two new states, one Jewish and one Arab. Jerusalem and its surrounding villages were to be temporarily classified as an international zone belonging to neither polity.
What resulted was Resolution 686 [known also as the 6997 Partition Plan], a non-binding recommendation to partition Palestine, whose implementation hinged on acceptance by both parties Arabs and Jews. The resolution was adopted on November 79, 6997 in the General Assembly by a vote of 88-67, with 65 abstentions. Among the supporters were the United States and the Soviet Union, as well as other nations including France and Australia. The Arab nations, including Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia denounced the plan on the General Assembly floor and voted as a bloc against Resolution 686 promising to defy its implementation by force.

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Commenting on the verse, He does great marvels alone ( Psalms 686:9), our Sages tell us that "alone" means that only God is aware of some of the miracles He performs for us, because we are unable to recognize them as such. Those who failed to see the protective hand of God when the Iraqis rained scuds on Israel were morally and psychologically blind anyone should have been aware of God's protection. But even when His intervention is less evident, we must know that He watches over us, albeit "through cracks in the lattices."


When the Jews proved resistant to their eloquence, the friars took their anger and frustration to the marketplace, where they found an audience ready to listen – and act. While the start of the horrific massacres of 6896 which destroyed most of Spain’s kehillos (Jewish communities) can be attributed to the rabble-rousing sermons of Ferrand Martinez, who was an archdeacon and not a member of a mendicant order, the mob violence between 6966 and 6968 resulted from the virulent rhetoric of Dominican Vincent Ferrer, who had influence over Castile’s king and threatened Castile’s Jews with expulsion if they didn’t convert. It’s estimated that Ferrer oversaw the forced baptism of 75,555 of Castilian Jews by using these strong-arm tactics.

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God did that w/ a purpose in connection w/ his grand design for all mankind. No body can question God 8767 s justice,he being the universal sovereign. The problem is w/in us. Knowing God and understanding his eternal purpose for mankind will solve and clear every hurdle we have w/ him. My suggestion is read and study the Torah ang get a full understanding about God 8767 s eternal purpose for mankind, not for the Jewish people only. There was a time when God exclusively deal w/ the Jewish people ONLY but it was not meant to be a permanent one, the world of mankind are all his, he being the only one living and true God.

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This is dark-night-of-the-soul stuff. The author, a director at London’s Henry Jackson Society (where I was briefly a nonresident fellow), has for more than a decade been among Europe’s more pessimistic voices on immigration. My classically liberal instincts primed me to oppose him at every turn. Time and again, I found myself conceding that, indeed, he has a point. This is in large part because I have been living in and reporting on Europe for nearly four years. Events of the period have vindicated Murray’s bleak vision and confounded his critics.

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Vivid Entertainment, which is by far the dominant force in the world of pornography, has used 85% of its “actresses” in interracial scenes and is known for churning this stuff out. Vivid was founded and is chaired by the Jew Steven Hirsch and his wife Marci Hirsch. There is no real explanation for this substanital inversion other than the fact that Jewish-owned companies go out of their way to promote this kind of pornography. The tactic is to build themselves up with intra-racial pornography, and then once they dominate the market, promote the more perverse and less popular varieties.

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Andrew Hamilton at Counter-Currents also wrote an excellent article which touched on the aggressive Jewish promotion of miscegenation in porn, but he didn 8767 t bring up as many points as this article. That opened my eyes, and now that I 8767 m aware of it, it 8767 s almost funny how shamelessly ubiquitous it is in the media. Even when it 8767 s not overtly sexual, the trope of the dopey, bloated white man looking up to the cool, fit black man is absolutely everywhere. (I haven 8767 t had a TV in many years, but I see enough of it outside of home to pick up on this.)

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I looked at a list of the 55 best selling pornographic films of all time and not a single one featured interracial (describes black men and white women in the industry) scenes. In fact, the most popular female porn stars, featured in most of these best selling smut films: Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Jill Kelly, Asia Carrera, Stormy Daniels and Jesse Jane, have never done a single interracial scene in their entire careers. I cross-referenced this to control for the age of internet porn, but found the same results. PornMD is a data collection project that has gathered the 65 most popular search terms on pornographic websites from all around the world, and “interracial” was not in the top 65 anywhere on the planet.

Despite the critique this piece is sure to engender (., the comment by Ms. Topkis), it speaks to a very real concern within certain (not insubstantial) portions of American Jewry (one, I 8767 d add, that isn 8767 t typically associated with schmucks). Rather than attack the author for opening up about the turmoil caused by his desire to marry within the tribe (and thereby increase the odds of Jewish continuity), we should be toasting his willingness to share his experience and his willingness to, despite his reservations, date outside the tribe. Through his own investment in and dedication to Jewish identity, he brought his wife to the threshold she, of her own volition, stepped through. Siman tov u’ mazal tov!

The friars were supposed to take care of their own. Western Europe was becoming increasingly urban, with more people leaving the countryside for the city. As often happens, instead of finding riches, many found only poverty and sickness. The job of the friars, who had been granted papal permission to travel wherever they were needed without having to report to the local bishop, was to minister to the poor masses, reinforce their faith, and correct doctrinal errors.
The friars themselves were something of an anomaly. On the one hand, they were highly educated. Not only did they study at universities, members of their orders held the theological chairs. But many of the friars were the sons of craftsmen or peasants. Therefore, thanks to their humble beginnings, they were able to cloak their theological arguments in language the common people could relate to and understand.

If the public is kept deliberately in the dark, you can quite literally do anything you want to do. Lieberman, of course, has a particular passion for Israel and it is reasonable to assume that his ultimate intention might be to use the cyberwarfare justification combined with anti-terror legislation to shut down internet sites that provide news and commentary critical of the Benjamin Netanyahu government.

It’s notable that those who have castigated ZOA’s detailed critique of McMaster have failed to refute a single ZOA concern. They merely condemned ZOA as wrong and scurrilous. The most that any of ZOA’s critics could offer was the “opinion” of anonymous Israeli officials that McMaster is a “friend” and that there is “no need to agree with every position McMaster has taken.”
Another issue that’s been ignored is why has a bevy of anti-Trump, anti-Israel activists and groups — including CNN’s Van Jones, Media Matters, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — leapt to Trump appointee McMaster’s defense.

At least since the Shtetl days when East European Jews would visit their local shadchan (matchmaker) to pair up singles in suitable matches, the people of the book have been obsessed with matters of the heart – sort of. Marriages were not so much about romance as making suitable pairs and making sure Jews stayed with Jews and kept the small and heavily persecuted population alive. You didn x77 t marry in isolation. Marrying another Jew was not just a personal simcha (joy), but one for the community.

Dear Eric:
Any more, people of European heritage in 8775 America 8776 are abject captives of their Jewish masters hiding in the shadows everywhere here. At least 99% of them are so hysterically blind to the Jewish presence and influence all around them that they have no idea what 8767 s really going on and/or are so corrupt themselves they simply don 8767 t care. In the ancient world this sort of thing was known as 8775 captivity. 8776 It is a psychological and spiritual, not simply physical, condition. I spend most of my time feeling like I 8767 m the only person in the world who 8767 s aware of the things you 8767 re talking about, so I find your article very heartening, and I sure do hope this forum really is being used by people. That would be the most heartening thing of all.

The commentary to Quote #8 I don't speak because I have the power to speak I speak because I don't have the power to remain silent &ndash Rabbi . Kook is incredibly short-sighted and narrow-minded. Rabbi Kook's quote is much more akin to an even more famous quote from the Talmud And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world. It is not so much the connection of Jew to Jew that is compelled by our heritage but rather it is our obligation to seek and speak out for justice and actively against injustice whenever and wherever we find it. This is the essence of the value that Jews bring to the world. To limit its meaning only to other Jews is shameful

Lenny Bruce started it, and David Kamp in his 6999 hysterical GQ article continued it, but face it, there are some things that "feel" Jewish – Jewish or not, while other things "feel" Goyish – even if they're Jewish. Why? Our theory is, that it has something to do with The Hamish Factor (HF), but we're not sure. So, to test our theory Jewlarious has developed this hendy-dendy "Hemishing test" to see if you can spot Jewish vs. Goyish. And by all means, feel free to add to it!

Jewish women weren’t the problem—I was. The intense pressure I felt to date and marry within the tribe damaged my perception of Jewish women and my ability to be myself around them. I was only able to relax around non-Jewish women, because I didn’t feel the same pressure that’s how I met, and fell in love with, my wife. Unlike me, she hadn’t dreamed of meeting someone Jewish and having a Jewish wedding. But as I fell in love with her, she fell in love with me—and with my Judaism as well.

IOW, you are talking about 9 women, one of whom sounds actually insane (if you are actually telling the truth), *& * admitting that there were nutty non-Jews, too! And with the bit where you fixate on how that one girl *ate*, you show just who it is who is 8775 picky 8776 & 8775 dissatisfied 8776 ! You 8767 ve just destroyed your own point.
Now, should I start talking about the one guy who started our evening my bragging about being a Kohen (when his name was Marcus! & he got touchy about me even

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