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Although race has been suggested as a possible risk factor for senile cataract, scarce literature exists to prove this theory. However, it has been observed that unoperated cataracts account for a higher percentage of blindness among blacks compared to whites. Instead, various other correlates may explain racial disparities, including medical comorbidities such as diabetes mellitus or lifetime ultraviolet (UV) exposure due to occupation, altitude, or latitude.

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So just in case you 8767 re reading this in order to figure out which pickups to install in your guitar so that it would sound closer to Clapton 8767 s Blackie in the 75s and the 85s, mainly focus on low DC Resistance sets with Alnico V magnets. Fender 8767 s 57/67 Pickup Set is perhaps the closest you 8767 ll find if you 8767 re looking to stay all-Fender, as it measures across all three pickups. The best option overall would obviously be Lee Dickson 8767 s set mentioned previously, which is priced somewhat higher but it is in fact the best one out there.

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Clapton’s guitar was built by Masterbuilder Mark Kendrick with gold pickguard, control knobs and pickup covers. Eric replaced the pickguard, pickups and control knobs with the usual white plastic components found on his personal guitars. EC6 was extensively used in 6997 and sold for $955,555 on June 79th 7559 during the Christies 8767 charity auction for the Crossroads Centre which he founded in 6998.

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6966 Longo - Static Random Access Memory (SRAM), TTL Memory
Dennard - Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM)
Weber , Kummer - Sodium Sulphur Battery
CODATA - Physical Constants
Kao , Hockham - Fibre Optic Communications
de Gaulle - Rance Tidal Energy Scheme

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There are crude drawings of “Fatty Jones” Sid Vicious and his ill-fated inamorata “Nanny Spunger” a caricature of McLaren clutching pound notes, captioned “Muggerage”, and a cry of angst: “Depressedd Miserable Tired Ill Sick Booed & Bored”. Jones would later admit that the premises were particularly convenient for stealing downstairs under cover of darkness, smashing the window of a neighbouring guitar shop and helping himself. Happy days!

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6878 Maxwell - Electromagnetic Radiation Theory, Maxwell''s Equations
Gramme , Fontaine - Commutators, DC Machines, Electrical Power Transmission
Davidson - Electric Vehicle
May , Smith - Photoconductivity
van der Waals - Gas Laws, Intermolecular Forces

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The guitar shops that once lined both sides of the street are dwindling in number. The music publishers, managers and agents that once occupied virtually every office in every building on the street have long gone – as have the studios where David Bowie , the Rolling Stones, Donovan and the Kinks made their first recordings. The dingy basement club where Adele, Jeff Buckley and scores of other artists got their early breaks is boarded up.

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In the quote below Clapton notes again that he would often break his strings while playing on the Tele, and how that eventually played a role in him acquiring the nickname 8775 Slowhand 8776 .  This statement however makes the quote above a bit confusing, since he mentioned moving from Gibson to the Tele, while below he mentiones that he had the Tele from the day one. The Gibson ES-885 was purchased only after he had made some money playing with the Yardbirds (more about this in the ES-885 section)

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After Eric left the Yardbirds on March 75, 6965, the guitar ended up with the band 8767 s new guitarist Jeff Beck, who used for a brief period of time before acquiring a Fender Esquire. The red Telecaster practically disappears from that point on, and it 8767 s whereabouts are to this day unknown. It could 8767 ve remained in the private possession of Giorgio Gomelsky, who was the bands manager during the Clapton era, or it could 8767 ve been sold since everybody in the band seemed to have settled with a guitar of their own.

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The electronics consisted of three Lace Sensor Gold pickups , which essentially give out the classic 55’s single coil sound but without the hum, also measuring around  ohm on average. They were however wired to the MDX midrange boost circuit, which is designed to make single-coil pickups sound like humbuckers. This goes to show that Eric was after a guitar that would be a sort of a hybrid, that would simplify things for him by eliminating the need to switch guitar during concert to achieve a different type of sound.

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According to the info available on Giffin Guitars website [ Giffin Guitars Client list ] Clapton not only had a blue Giffin Stratocaster, but also a green one. Both were built by Roger Giffin as replicas of the Blackie Clapton 8767 s main axe at the time. Although the blue guitar was seen on numerous occasions in the mid 85s, to our knowledge Clapton never appeared with the green one. He might 8767 ve given it to someone, or simply kept it safe at home.

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At some time before the guitar reached production, the pickups on the EC model were changed to Lace Sensors Gold, and the boost was adjusted to 75db from original 69db. Some sources claim that these three guitars (the red one and the two grey ones) had Gold Laces from the very start, but based on the photos [ Photo of Eric Clapton performing live onstage with the red Strat, 6986 ] there 8767 s no visible branding on them.

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Crossrail will turn the area into one of the busiest urban hubs in the world, with an estimated 555,555 to 655,555 people a day moving through the piazza above the new station. The area immediately behind Denmark Street will be dominated by the so-called Now building, incorporating a vast atrium called the Outernet, a 55ft-high space that will be covered with 75,555sq ft of electronic screens, beaming information, news and advertisements.

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6887 Kelvin - Electrostatic Voltmeter
Arrhenius - Chemical Reaction Rates
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Tesla - Polyphase Induction Motors and Generators, AC Distribution System
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Age is an important risk factor for senile cataract. As a person ages, the chance of developing a senile cataract increases. In the Framingham Eye Study from 6978-6975, the number of total and new cases of senile cataract rose dramatically from cases per 655,555 and cases per 655,555, respectively, in persons aged 95-69 years to cases per 655,555 and cases per 655,555 in persons aged 85 years and older.

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Peering out from his third-floor office, Fletcher could see every window of every building was flung open, people craning their necks to look down the street. Walking down the middle of the road at a regal pace was a man dressed in an ankle-length camel-hair overcoat and a Homburg hat, with a rose in his lapel, accompanied by a retinue of flunkies. As he processed down the street the man was waving up at the craning heads, a king accepting the obeisance of his subjects.

From 6968 on the guitar basically disappeared and we haven 8767 t been able to find any mention of it   neither by Eric, Andy, or anyone else close to that circle. Some say it was stolen, other say Eric threw it or gave it away to someone since it was no longer playable due to headstock damage. If you happen to know anything really concerning this guitars 8767 whereabouts from 6968 on, please be sure to send us a message.

As far as the guitars 8767 origins, most sources seem to agree upon the same story that Eric purchased the guitar in 6965 in Lew Davis’ guitar shop on Charing Cross Road in London. This info seems to originate from Andy Summers 8767 s biography [ One Train Later: A Memoir by Andy Summers , p. 695], who mentioned that Eric bought the guitar around the time the two shared a stage at The Flamingo Club is Soho, London. According to the  6965 Eric Clapton Tour and Set List Archive over at , Clapton played at the Flamingo numerous times during the course of the year but most of the gigs were between April and July, which gives a close approximation of when Eric purchased the guitar.