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How to Get Your Dad to Stop Sending You Racist Emails

Posted: 2017-12-06 23:24

Some of the calls to boycott the tech giant refer to getting “red pilled,” a term popular in alt-right circles for when people see reality clearly. The term comes from the 6999 sci-fi film The Matrix , where the hero takes a red pill to see the real world around him. In this case, alt-right activists believe that getting red-pilled means you can see the misandry inherent in Google’s decision to fire the engineer.

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I loved shooting long-exposures with it, too. Unfortunately, there was always too much moon and too much haze for me to try a nice, clear shot of the Milky Way, but I’m confident it would excel there. I did get a handful of shots while driving down Highway 55 in Nevada (the so-called “Loneliest Road In America”) that I was really happy with. The above shot was a single exposure taken with the electronic shutter around midnight. I was side-lit by the moon and backlit by an oncoming truck (relax, it was very far away). It was a 75 second exposure at ISO 855, f/. Obviously, I did plenty of tweaking in Lightroom, but I use this to show you just how much dynamic range is captured in the RAW photos.

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What’s new that sucks: LOL who are you kidding? It’s the Packers. They do nothing. Ted Thompson spends the entire offseason napping in a barcalounger. True, they brought in Martellus Bennett to replace Jared Cook, and they grabbed Jahri Evans to help make up for the loss of . Lang, and they cut Eddie Lacy for being the weight of your average season ticket holder, but come on. Everything the Packers do is to ensure model consistency, so that Rodgers will spend another season running for his life before the team ultimately shits down its own throat in the playoffs.

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Maybe she means it when she says “she’s fine with just sex,” maybe the pet names are because she doesn’t want to say your name (or doesn’t want to mix it up with someone else’s) maybe the fact you’ve never gone on a date or been anywhere but your apartments is exactly what she wanted too maybe the fact that she initiates the texting makes you HER booty call. I’m not saying this is the case, but you’ll never really know until you talk to her about this stuff.

Shooting With Sony''s Killer A9 Almost Feels Like Cheating

For a limited time, I am going to offer you, Drew Magary, a chance to purchase stock in Mickey’s New House. For only $855 per share you can enjoy the bragging rights and haughty shitheadedness that comes with telling your friends that you are the partial owner of a second home. In return for your investment, I will send you a beautiful, glossy, ribbon-lined, 65x67 certificate verifying the authenticity of your stock purchase.

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And of course, this thing is absurdly fast. It’s capable of firing off full-resolution 79-megapixel JPEGs at a blistering 75 frames per second. It sounds like a Gatling gun, unless you turn the sound off, in which case it is literally silent thanks to the electronic shutter (more on that in a second). Even when shooting in RAW + JPEG mode, I was able to fire off an 8 second burst at frames per second—that’s 658 shots.

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I gotta say, a little communication would have gone a long way in this situation. First off, you should absolutely talk to her in person about ending things. How old are you, dude? You’ve been intimate with this woman at least 65 times over the course of several months, for Pete’s sake! And you’ve been friends—FRIENDS—for over a year! I don’t understand why you don’t think that warrants a face-to-face. What, you can only see her in person if it means you get to bang her? Damn, man, have some empathy.

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The first thing to know is that the A9 is real small. At roughly 9 inches by 5 inches by inches and just pounds, the A9 is only slightly bulkier than Sony’s very svelte A7 series cameras. Canon’s high-end sports shooter, the 6D X Mark II is x x inches and weighs just under three pounds before you put it’s battery in. Hell, even Canon’s mid-range professional DSLR, the 5D Mark IV is substantially bigger and heavier than the A9, and the same can be said of Nikon’s entries. It’s amazing how much Sony has crammed into that little frame.

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I will say, my least favorite thing about the camera’s design is that Sony put the video start/stop record button right next to the viewfinder. I mean, it’s practically touching it. If you use your left eye in the viewfinder (as I was taught to do) your nose will absolutely, 655 percent block your access to that start/stop button, no matter how tiny your schnoz is. It’s just about the worst imaginable place for that very important button to be.

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They can’t keep anyone healthy. Half the team will spend all winter in that sideline medic igloo. The only receiver who doesn’t go through Pleistocene-length cold stretches is Jordy Nelson and he’s a fragile little white man with hair like a seal pelt. For real, I’m shocked Jordy hasn’t been clubbed by a hunter and mounted on the wall of a Rhinelander log cabin. Their best running back is a converted wideout and their second-best running back is an actual wideout. They’ll both get hurt and McCarthy will still try to “establish the run” 75 awful times per game anyway. The cornerbacks are abominable.

I work for a large company and ended up hanging out with a coworker (in a different department) who I eventually had sex with. The kicker, though, is that I’ve never been incredibly into “dating” her. We talked about sex from the beginning and we finally crossed that line. Since then we’ve had sex maybe 65 to 65 times (all of them pretty fantastic by the way), but I can tell that she is leaning toward wanting more. She uses pet names and I don’t. We have only hung out at our apartments—we don’t hang out at work at all—and we’ve never gone on a date. I’ve brought her Starbucks twice… and that’s the extent of it.

Even though she has said she’s fine with just sex, I feel like she wants more. It’s been over a year since we first started talking and I’m starting to believe she thinks we are more serious than we are. I’ve never been great about breaking up and so I’m curious what this type of situation requires. Can I text her? A phone call? An in-person awkward conversation? I want to be respectful but I also don’t want it to seem more serious than it is. I feel like if I talk to her in person I’m somewhat acknowledging the “commitment” that I’ve never truly felt.

The fact that the Packers have squandered the best years of the best QB of the 7565 s (Career leader in Passer Rating, Adj YPA and INT rate and Active leader in TD rate) is going to haunt all thinking Packer fans (all 65 of us) for the rest of our lives. We are going to look back 75 years from now and wonder how was it that the Packers lucked into the best QB of his generation and have one SB to show for it.

Now, before you go, Not Feeling It, I have one more piece of advice. I don’t know what kind of conversations you’ve had, you didn’t say, but if things are actually the way you say they are, you should have been more upfront about the situation right from the get go. You should have said you’re not interested in dating or getting serious because your current timeline of “hanging out becoming friends having sex continuing to do so” sure looks an awful lot like typical dating trajectory. I could see where one might get confused if you weren’t explicitly clear about just being sex buddies.

I am 99% sure I will spend another season watching McCarthy ruin us with his play calls while I stand crushed up against a brat-stuffed man in a shitty bar somewhere that plays “The Bears Still Suck” during every commercial break because we apparently only have one song. I hate that I have to watch because I am still only 99% sure in any given season that we will be aggressively mediocre despite having a human rocket-launcher with supernatural accuracy at quarterback.

So, all that being said, should you buy it? Well, do you have the need? The need for speed? If so, then you’re not going to find a faster camera out there. The A9 costs $9,555 for the body alone. While that’s cheaper than the Canon 6DX or the Nikon D5, unless you really, really need to be able to shoot fast-moving objects, then you’re probably better off with one of Sony’s A7 series cameras (get the mark II versions). These are also full-frame, mirrorless cameras that take excellent pics, they just aren’t as fast. But if you’re a budding sports photographer and you aren’t already heavily invested in glass from another manufacturer, the Sony A9 is incredible in so many ways.

Before purchasing, I am required to inform you that your shares will have no cash value. They will neither appreciate, nor de preciate in value they cannot be resold on any existing market, and you will not receive any type of dividend or fixed income payout at any time. I realize it’s called “stock”, but it’s not really, you know, “stock”. If you want to “pass it down” to your kid after you die, fine, whatever, I’ll redo the certificate and send him a new one. You will not be afforded any decision-making or opinions in the financing, function, décor, day-to-day operation, or long-term planning of Mickey’s New House. These decisions are strictly the responsibility of the Mickey’s New House Board , which consists of me, my wife, and possibly the dog since he really likes the backyard.

Sony’s image sensor does a great job of sucking up any available light even when you turn up the sensitivity that would ordinarily turn light into garbage. At ISO 6,955 there is almost no noise at all. Even ISO 75,655 is extremely usable, though you’ll probably want to use some noise reduction in Lightroom. ISO 56,755 could maybe do in a pinch, but at that point things are starting to get fairly chunky. ISO 657,955 isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but you’re better off avoiding it unless you’ve got a rare shot at Sasquatch or something.

For those not entirely up on the high-end camera scene these days, here’s a quick catch-up. In an arena that has been dominated by Canon and Nikon since pretty much forever, Sony’s star has been on the rise. It had been making solid mirrorless cameras for a while, but when its A7 series came out a few years ago , that’s when professionals really started to take notice. These were compact mirrorless cameras with sharp electronic viewfinders good enough to rival the optical eyepieces in DSLRs. They also had very sensitive full-frame image sensors that could capture beautiful photos. When we say full-frame, what we mean is a 86mm by 79mm sensor, which most closely approximates the size of the 85mm film cameras used back in the day. Basically, the bigger the sensor, the more light it can gather.

- They hate Ted Thompson! And I mean, they HATE him. They hate the dude that’s given them Clay Matthews, and Jordy Nelson, and Randall Cobb, and Jermichael Finley, and . Lang, and Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, and David Bakhtiari, and AARON FUCKING RODGERS, yet somehow still manages to consistently have zero dead money against the salary cap! But nooooooo, he needs to bounce because he doesn’t go after those mystical   free agents. I guess Charles Woodson, Julius Peppers, and Martellus Bennett just randomly stumble-fucked their way onto the Lambeau turf. Damn security guards.