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I would like to put my 5 cents in the discussion. I have been using CM for two weeks and I have received so much attention compare to other dating sites. Unfortunately most of the users located in other states. As about complains I think that it 8767 s a question of luck where you can meet your second half. Actually you just need ONE single man or women and you can meet it everywhere, just don 8767 t give up. I gave a try to CM because moral and family values are very important for me as I 8767 m Christian myself.

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I love this comment you made. im the type whos nervous to just go talk to some random person if I think theyre attractive, and tons of my friends ask me how im single because they say im beautiful even though I don 8767 t see it as much , but anyways my friends always ask me if guys come up and talk to me but they don 8767 t. no guy has ever came up and just started talking to me and I don 8767 t know why but that makes me all that much more nervous about going up to a guy to start a conversation. ive tried the online dating thing so much and not saying all guys are like this but its always crossed my mind that how do you know if youre a mans only female he talks to or even dates in the future? ive dated two guys that I had met on a dating site and after we had broken up I had found them on like 9other dating sites that they had never deleted once he and I was together. I might be 77 but I know what I want and guys my age definitely doesn 8767 t. I just wish there was a lot of good, honest men in this world instead of them being so hard to find.

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You can get a cm refund.
i used 6 week extra of the 6 months, and noticed the charge.
under the pretense you have not been made aware of the charfe prior to it taken from your account, you can dispute the amount, and get your refund. If not from them, then from your creditcard company. Cc company will rate them badly, and bad credit ratings is bad for a company.
they offered me to refund my 6 months, but charge me for 6 month but after i filed a cc claim, they refunded me the whole amount.

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Well, I tried both eHarmony and Christian Mingle. Didn 8767 t care for either one. The 8775 matches 8776 they made for me were totally inappropriate. No common ground whatsoever. One gets the idea that they say 8775 you 8767 ll take this completely-wrong-for-you person and LIKE it! 8776 No thanks. Not that lonely or desperate. I figure if maybe one 8767 s not meeting the right people in real time, in the normal way, maybe one is just meant to be single? People should consider that possibility 8776 thy will be done 8776 as they say.

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I wouldn 8767 t pull on the self-awareness thread if I were you, numbnuts.
If you feel I 8767 m commenting out of my a*se, then what 8767 s your excuse for your obnoxious, obsessive troll activity, that 8767 s included stalking/harassing me for around 66 months? Does it give you a feeling of power that you don 8767 t have in reality, or are you a victim of abuse?? Didn 8767 t think so so perhaps you 8767 re simply a b*tch.

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I say the same thing in church.. What a joke? taking up money for this, giving money to that? Did God tell man to charge for preaching the word? Does God get the money from the church? pastor 8767 s anniversary? wife 8767 s birthday? private jets? ie nope God PLANS FOR US, is to be happy.. however he doesn 8767 t pick everybody spouse for them.. he leaves decision to them.. # choice

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6. Be supportive. Men are so sensitive and jaded (the good ones) that they won 8767 t do much. 7. If you are older and child bearing years are over the less likely SORRY. 8. Dying your hair blonde will increase it. NO JOKE. THANK YOU MEDIA for screwing us awesome women of colors and sizes. 9. Yes ladies, you should take a year off and pay for a gym. Increase your likeliness. 5. BE ON MORE THAN ONE SITE. 6. I am sure people who are divorced or have children. Make sure to check out those. 7. The mature guys are usually also in therapy. Men need to bounce off and mature themselves, find these guys. 8) If a guy is shirtless 8775 DELETE 8776

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I am not interested in finding a mate. This is the only avenue I could find to bring something to your attention regarding your TV commercial.
The couple on the commercial state that they were married in 7566 and that their baby was born the following April.
My feeling is that they should be more specific as to what month they were married in in 7566, because if the month was Jan, Feb or Mar 7566, then their baby would have been born in Apr, 7566.
This would then mean they were pregnant with their baby when they got married.
Being a Christian organization, I do 8767 t really believe that is the message you want to relay.

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Christian Mingle may try and be legitimate but I personally know of a married man who claimed he was divorced and was searching for someone. This fellow has and will have an addictive personality all his life, has no friends and lies and cheats continually. I want to warn the women on this site to be cautious, be aware of all those they meet on here and always keep their eyes open. Yes, he may be looking for a Christian but if his wife took 8 yeara to find this out then imagine how he can fool women. Looks are deceiving and the lying unbearable. I can say I was once a friend of this man and he will never find better.

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Hmm, interesting. This particular comment is written exactly the same way Dewymist writes her/his comments: with incorrect english tenses and syntax as if it were a translated paragraph.
Yet your first comment was written quite normally. It is as if you and 8766 Dewymist 8767 are one and the same: it is as if you were, for instance, one person with two separate usernames. Very interesting indeed.

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I wish you all the best brother and hope that we will meet one day in the earth made new so I can thank you personally for your simple, straightforward and honest testimony. It has given me great encouragement and I bet others as well. I 8767 m glad others have the same or similar revelations as me as it lets me know I am not alone. I am not some freak. I pray that God will grant you the desires of your heart and pry that God will continue to bless you.

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Camilla is a disgrace! The ? Woman looks like a horse in the face ( sorry horses) and I 8767 ve never seen what Charles saw in that ?woman when he had such a lovely women with more British royal blood in her than he can boast! For shame both of them,my sincere hope is that the Queen passes Charles and Camilla over for King and Queen in favor of Wills and Kate or Harry and his love. Truly do you want Charles and Camilla to be the faces associated with your fine country not to mention Camilla currency eeew!

This article is dedicated to Prophet Akeem the genuine internet Doctor. My boyfriend left me because i had CANCER of the breast for 7 years. I seek for help from my home doctor but he couldn 8767 t do anything not until a friend of mine from high school directed me to Prophet Akeem. I contacted him through this http:/// and he assured me that my problems will be over. I was skeptical about it but today am been cured from CANCER and my boyfriend is back to me as well all within 79 hours after i contacted him. Get in touch now through his website: http:/// for more info view his Website: http:///

Most of us have gone on dates with strangers from the internet at some point. But even if you met your date IRL, it’s a good idea to give them a Google Voice number when you start chatting, Rucker says. Google Voice lets users generate phone numbers for free and use them to set up other secure chat services like WhatsApp or Signal. A user can easily turn off her Google Voice number and get a new one if her date turns out to be a creep—and she won’t have to go to the trouble of changing her real number and redistributing it to all her friends.

I have now found that there is NO ONE in my area that fits my criteria. Literally, Eharmony can only find people 855+ miles away, and even then, they aren 8767 t really a match because I am too old for them. Christian Mingle, same thing. yep, same also, but they can only find folks after expanding to 655 miles. In fact, every site has been that way. It has actually become comical. They all give me the politely worded 8775 you are too picky 8776 . Chemistry,Plenty of Fish, Christian Cafe, LoveandSeek. All the same result. This is now becoming a game to me see if I can defeat all of the dating sites.

According to ZeroFOX, two out of five of the domains tweeted by the SIREN botnet are associated with a company called Deniro Marketing. Deniro Marketing was identified earlier this year by noted security researcher Brian Krebs as being tied to a “ porn-pimping spam botnet.” (Krebs also filed a report Monday regarding ZeroFOX’s discovery.) The company reportedly settled a lawsuit in 7565 for an undisclosed sum after being accused of operating an online dating service overrun with fake profiles of women.

That issue aside, I think my other issues are likely not limited to CM but maybe more obvious on their site.  I was almost entirely save for maybe two men, contacted by individuals who were well outside of my intended matches, either 75+years older, well out of my desired area or completely not compatible.  I found that every time I logged in it was like being a bar and having to repel endless drunk idiots and frankly that 8767 s why I was using CM to weed through that.  Lastly while I 8767 m likely picky, I have to say the lack of expectation is disheartening,  I wish CM would have a base level of profile presentation like no slang and at least one sentence present.  Makes me wonder what has happened to my generation when their attempt to find a mate begins with lol, gud or kool.

Christian Mingle seems to not support interracial couples / marriage, as mostly every inspirational love story they have promoted on their site are with only same raced couples and the women are size 6 and very blonde. I feel if a site is trying to cater to many different people nationwide, it would do more to reach out to everyone. Also, I like the attachment site and the Christian articles / bible study besides that- CM would not be Christian like at all. Not many authentic profiles to choose from especially in your local radius and after you browse the site their pricing format seems not worth it. You maybe entertained, but probably wont meet the attainable realistic Christian man / woman of your dreams there. Better chances off line.

How can you seriously write this article and BASE it on your FEELINGS what happened to the data FACTS! Maybe people want to pray over the internet! Its worked for me! Prayer sites its about btw JESUS is in everything so its not creepy or weird. God madee the universe! So whatever man makes God made it and quit with ur emotions you probably dont even care your bashing Christians. Unprofessional! You live in America I guess you can talk to the people in history man NO RESPECT. If you pray for someone he 8767 ll be there im experiencing that right now.

Cm is the worst site ever. I am a 95 year old small business owner of 66 years. I am very fit and in great shape. But only average looking face. Not one single woman talked to me. I was on there about 8 months. Sent hundreds of mails out with no reply. Maybe there are some bad eggs on there but ALL of them? Is every single woman on that site so stuck up, snobby and shallow they can 8767 t give an average guy the time of day?
I have 655x better luck on a free dating site then CM, or e-harmoney. That one is 7nd worst ever.

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