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The Damsel in Distress type is just that, in distress. Her boss is a jerk, her job sucks or she 8767 s between jobs. Her ex was a jerk and she 8767 ll gladly tell you all about how awful he was when she was the perfect partner. Oftentimes the damsel in distress has lost her kids or is on the verge of losing them due to the choices she has made in her life. There may even be drug or alcohol abuse but that will only materialize later.

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I know I am not the only guy to have a girl turn me down with hurtful comments after leading you on and thinking you should have just realized she was not interested and gave up. Thing is you couldn't "take a hint", but we are adults here and those are games kids play. No need for hints, you can be nice and find a more reasonable time to let a guy down, but don't wait weeks and then get angry with him because you never made your intentions clear. Because the girls don't realize, its not that obvious for the guy to see she is trying to put off signals that she lacks interest. We will, in even the more extreme cases, often focus on the few positive over the negatives to keep up our optimism, until its written out in plain english to us, "I flattered, but no thank you." Its easy, just text that and don't worry, even if you look like Anna Kendricks the guy is unliekly to hang himself over the news.

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If only a simple Hello would suffice, because reading a dozen ENTIRE profiles every day is time consuming and a little draining on the mind. That isn't even considering that I then need to choose which women I feel I could bond with over either similar outlooks on life or common interests and goals. If only looks were all that mattered, or better yet if looks didn't even matter. Alas they do, and everybody is attracted to people with similar genetic markers to themselves. If the world weren't like that though, we'd join a site and be done the next day.

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I 8767 m in the middle of a really messy break up right now, 8 years I 8767 ve been depressed with her and put up with everything you 8767 ve just listed. The last straw was getting beer poured over me in the middle of the pub and I just snapped, I 8767 ve ended up moving back home with my family. The only thing I don 8767 t look forward to is going back up to the flat to get the rest of my stuff because I know she 8767 s going to pull out all the stops to keep me despite the fact she 8767 s treated me like shit. I 8767 m glad I seen this article because I 8767 ve been losing my mind all day thinking its all my fault. Thanks to the author of this as I 8767 m reassured that I 8767 ve made the right decision.

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During the months we dated he made plans to see me three times a week. For the most part, we never went anywhere except twice to dinner and twice to the movies. He said he didn 8767 t like crowds. So I excepted his excuse with my sacrifice by thinking his showing his gratitude by cooking me dinner and making my lunch for work the next day. Yes, I gave my time, my body, and regardless how tired and how late it was, I would drive to his house at any cost. At times I would ask him how he felt about us. He always had the same answer. He would remind me he does not want to commit because he is still excepting his wife is gone and told me to keep my options open. Therefore, he never introduce me to anyone in his life, not even his friends, and his family didn 8767 t even know he was dating. But I was determined that if I was patient enough he will see I 8767 m a prize and he will commit. I was also miserable. I cried a lot, I was always anxious, I became needy, insecure, and worst, I didn 8767 t even recognize myself.

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I never planned to be in love, at my age, with someone but it happened. 8775 We 8776 are in love, and that is all there is to tell. He has decided that he wants what we have together. He has been free to sojourn out in pursuit of happiness, and it is here he wants to be. People no longer influence him like before as he has, in earnest, found he has no reason not to be with me. Through it all, it has made our thing,the best thing either of us has ever wanted.

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Hi Eric, 655% agree. This article mirrors a guy in my life at the moment. We had and generally tend to have these intense discussions where I get to delve deeper into his fabric and the strands that make him who he is. I feel he is attracted and really likes mr but here 8767 s the snag: I dont want him to feel like I 8767 m taking advantage of his vulnerability. I also am terrified that he may get to know me at such depth and not want me. It 8767 s wierd because I think he picks up on my hesitation and thinks that I 8767 m not interested in truth, I really am. He seems afraid to escalate things for fear of rejection. I know exactly how he feels. How do i make sure that he realises how I feel and give him the confidence to know that I like him without taking advantage of his vulnerability.

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Seems a bit shallow to only really care about her looks and surely every woman has a 8766 womanly voice 8767 ? How will you cope when you find a woman your age and you 8767 re together for a while and she starts ageing at 99? Would you leave her then? You didn 8767 t know your ex 8767 s age in the beginning. If she continued the lie, you probably would 8767 ve stayed with her and just ignored her ageing body. I do understand where you 8767 re coming from to a certain extent.

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Throughout my time abroad, I 8767 ve come to appreciate some things that are available Stateside (Amazon Prime, customer service, etc.), but there is one thing I just can 8767 t seem to miss. Dating. Undoubtedly, I 8767 ve been spoiled rotten by my experiences in Eastern Europe. I wonder how things will continue to go in the longer-term with her. I guess I 8767 ll let you know at this time next year.

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New also and none of this real sounds like it is even worth the effort. However, I thought I would respond enough to say that although it is a good idea to be up front, I don 8767 t think I like to say, Hello, my name is Beca and I sleep with everyone. Thank you very much. I think it more says, well I want to know what I will get for my dollar coffee and of course my one hour of invested time. I hear the women and the men and my view for what its worth sounds like both are a little defensive, with good cause. Maybe both could say something like, 8775 gee I will take a dollar, hour, manners, afford respect/compassion a human right and go meet this person. You may find a treasure or merely a friend. You will have gotten to know another person. Enough said, no lecture intended. Just a perspective. Ū

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Women have strong libidos and love sex. The book What Women Really Want by Daniel Bergner uses 7 years of scientific research to categorically prove that women are not only AS sexual as men, they may even be more so. And that monogamy kills women's sex drives within a few years. Women are wired up to be non-monogamous. Hence all those thousands of nerves around the clitoris designed for nothing but pure pleasure.

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The technology is not the problem. The same thing exists whether online or off. For example, Eric's major problem is attempting to present himself as a "nice guy" even it happens that he is one. Single females are not looking for him. They want the guy who will treat them poorly, beat them physically or emotionally, imprison them without bars, enslave them without chains, etc. The only ones looking for the nice guy are already married to the bad boy who have done the above and only now realize that isn't what they should have been looking for. I have watched the same thing over and over again for decades. That aspect of the game has never changed, only the venue from face-to-face meetings in bars, clubs, schools and other physical locations and events to Match and eHarmony.

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To clarify - we women aren’t going through our lives thinking, “Poor me, I’m so afraid of men!” Or, “all men are murderers and rapists,” either. It’s just a fact of life that is so absolutely ingrained in us from Day One that it becomes a subconscious part of our DNA. So please, try to remember things beyond your own paradigm. We will do the same for you. ? (At least the “nice, good” and worthwhile of we women will).

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I am sure there are plenty of exceptions and I will check out the site. It 8767 s not so much about the kids as it is about sexual attraction. However youthful a woman is, it 8767 s an inevitable issue. Again, there are exceptions, but relying on it is a risky proposition, to say the least. I am sure that Beyonce and Sophia Vergara will look great at 55 or even older, but this cannot be said about most women out there.

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For the past 8-9 years I 8767 ve been so close to an older woman, she is 96 and im 87, she is a single mother of 7, weve been travelling together and attending a lot of functions together, she is very open minded n we talk about almost everything. I love her n want to be with her for right reasons but I doubt if shell understand it coz as much as shes morden she might also value people opinions and views coz im now even closer to her family at large n her sister is too forwad, I 8767 ve seen some signs that shows that she is interested for sex with me I dont know what to do is like we both always makes excuses to meet each other please help

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Perhaps because he appeals to our most primal instincts by possessing two of the major masculine attributes. Most of them will not back down from a fight. Meaning he proves that he can protect (physically) and provide (hunt/kill prey). Sadly, he also lacks all the other, positive masculine attributes. Still, if a woman isn 8767 t used to being surrounded by those traits, I can certainly see why a man like that will excite her.

No problem. We jus 8767 need to git y 8767 all out heah to the country fer a spell. I 8767 ll have you hittin 8767 the bullseye in no time flat. I 8767 ve got a 85 yard range set up in the back pasture we do a lot of semi-auto handgun work and tactical rifle. But I still loves me some wheel guns (revolvers). For one thing with a revolver you don 8767 t have to go chasin 8767 all ovah héll and half o 8767 creation lookin 8767 for brass (we hand load most of our practice / target ammo). I recently acquired a real 8775 hand cannon 8776 , the Smith & Wesson Model 555. It 8767 s the largest production handgun chambered in 555 S& W Magnum (.55 caliber) and it is a real hand full to say the least (two hands actually). I don 8767 t think I 8767 d want to break you in with that though, you 8767 d probably cuss me and never want to shoot again, lol! This isn 8767 t mine, but it 8767 s almost identical:

Wow, I 8767 m amazed by all the stories on here. So I 8767 ll throw mine in. 🙂 I 8767 m 85 and dated a wonderful 78 year old for 65 months. Things were terrific between us. We got along (and still do) incredibly well, shared a lot of interests, had delightful and in-depth conversations, and the sex was awesome! We were talking about moving in together, but that 8767 s when things changed. The more 8775 real 8776 it became is when I noticed him backing away. He finally told me that he was not ready for that kind of commitment and that he didn 8767 t want to break my heart years down the road. He loved me, but didn 8767 t see himself with me for the the long-term. I was devastated. It still hurts. I fell deeply in love with him, more than my ex-husband. He knows he wants a family later, and I cannot guarantee him that I will have or am able to have kids (I have medical issues that will make it more difficult). It 8767 s tough because he had become my best friend. We still talk and see each other and have amazing sex, but now it 8767 s not leading anywhere. I 8767 m not giving up on guys, but maybe not quite so next time.

Sorry my typing was not good as I was in a does owe me money as I lent him some when he hadn 8767 t got a job. He has always said that he has a mental illness like aspergers or schizaphrenia and maybe he has he is certainly not right. I am not sure he is an absolute psycho as sometimes he has said that he cares about me and therefore wants to finish it. He also says he is not interested in changing but I doubt that he can 8767 t imagine him having a lady friend who he talks to now and again for hours on end and thats says he has never taken her out anywhere and that she knows his background. Unless of course it is some sort of therapy.

As for the 8766 poverty 8767 , you have obviously never been there. If you are picturing all Ukrainians as dispossessed gollums hungering after their ring (meal ticket), you are way off. yes, it is a relatively poor country. Yes, average wages can be super low. Nevertheless, they find things to take joy in, to study, etc. There isn 8767 t so much opportunity for people when it comes to careers, and the corruption is super entrenched. Upward social mobility isn 8767 t there, but that doesn 8767 t mean that they are all slavering after a foreign man 8767 s wallet.

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