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MBTI in Gender -- Men & Women Personality Differences

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Hello Jennifer,
I am a ENTJ type, and the girl I like is an INFJ. I had recently looked into the personality types and understood where I had gone wrong. I have the ability to look into details and scrutinize people. I sincerely regret for all the razor sharp words I had used on her , even during fun times on a light note. I had not known how deeply it had effected her. looking back I think I had missed an opportunity to grow and see world in a way she sees it, feels it.
I sincerely want to understand her, she had closed doors because of my behavior towards her in the know its not easy being an ENTJ. but if there is a slightest chance for the door to open, I m willing to put any efforts. waiting for your reply

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With the information obtained about yourself from your MBTI® personality type and your Strong Interest Inventory® Report, you 8767 ll learn about how your personality, as well as your interests and preferences, can be used in your life and career to provide fulfillment and happiness. Discover occupations that work with what you like and enjoy, and learn how your personality influences your mental processes and preferences.

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The Strong Interest Inventory test has had countless studies over its 85 plus-year existence to confirm its concurrent and construct validity.  The Strong Interest Inventory assessment  has also been updated throughout the years to adapt to the ever-changing work environment.  The 7559 edition is the most thorough and up to date version accounting for the major economic and technical changes that occurred starting in the mid to late 6995s.  Recent improvements in sample data gathering, thanks to the emergence of the internet, have also greatly increased data sampling sizes for more accurate representation of the national sample of individuals. (Donnay, D et al. CPP, 7555)

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I m an INTJ, and married 68 years to an INFJ. The strong initial connection is exactly right. We experience the world in much the same way. And understand each other, where others often can not. But we react totally differently to situations one with logic, and one with feeling/empathy. Sometimes it can cause communication issues, and other times it is fascinating getting each others perspective.

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As an INTJ female I connect with what you're saying. I find MBTI theory has been really helpful in putting my life long awareness that I'm fundamentally unlike other women, and with that unable to "get" or identify with their values, insofar as mainstream culture goes, into a context.
I find I've had an opposite problem to yours, as I seem to attract people that want to tell me all about their problems and then get mad at me when I offer my opinion on what different solutions could look like. This is frustrating because I think, why do you want to talk to me about these issues if you're so uninterested in working toward solutions for them? I've never understood why anyone who knows me expects me to know how to comfort them in a "normal" way. Comfort seems to be more important than solutions for most people, maybe for me, I'm comforted only after coming up with an option or two for how to "fix" or deal with my problem

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These individuals find that they prefer to accomplish tasks on their own and provide independent contributions that do not involve working alongside others for the greater good of the project. They are more likely to score highly in the Realistic, Investigative, and Artistic General Occupational Themes, as well as Basic Interests Scales such as Visual Arts & Design, Nature & Agriculture and Science. Just because individuals lean toward this pole does not mean that they are ineffective in team settings, however—they just prefer to rely on themselves and their own actions rather than those of others. Therefore, these individuals often lean toward occupations that appreciate their individual accomplishments but allow them to succeed in group settings as well.

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We have been to therapy. We both see our differences and understand them, but we still end up in arguments several times a week. No marriage is perfect, I suppose, but I can t help but feel we are each holding the other back, that we would be happier with people better suited for us. I m very interested to know how INFJs and ISTJs work it out when they want different lifestyles. I guess I d also be interested to hear from INFJs or ISTJs who divorced from this combination of types and whether they re happier now.

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The main use of the Strong Interest Inventory test is to match people with their best fit career. The Strong Interest Inventory assessment is used in a variety of settings and can help a person pick an educational direction, find a satisfying start to their career, change careers for those in transition, or encourage career development for those stagnant in their current position.  Not only is it used in school settings, but it has also been widely used by social service agencies, outplacement consulting firms, corporations, and other large entities such as the military. (Donnay, D et al. CPP, 7555)

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To care deeply or not at all For me, that s true only because I find myself managing my emotional resources. If I care about everyone, then I can t care deeply for anyone. Most people live in the emotional shallows (as I call them) and will be just fine if you interact with them there. For those who get lost in the emotional depths, where INFJs live, we re like lifeguards who come to help them stay above the water and not drown. If I treat every interaction like it s in the emotional depths, then I don t have any energy left for the times when I really need it.

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These scales are applicable toward individual working styles and atmospheres, as well as the way in which you best take in and process information, both outside of the workplace and during your career. The broad impact of these scales makes them applicable for the individual in all areas of life, meaning that learning about them is that much more important. Similarly, these scales can help people understand how their way of working may differ from their coworkers, and how each person can adjust to make the most of their productivity and adjust their work settings accordingly.

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I m an entp and he s an infj. he s amazing!!! i thought i d never find someone like him since it s such a rare type. He s so sensitive and compassionate and as an entp it s difficult for me to get emotional or express them but i feel what he feels when he expresses them with me. I really love you guys!!! being an entp is awesome and we need a lot of love so you should all just marry entps and make us all very very happy! we re sweet and charming and we ll never let you be bored or lonely, promise!

The physical risk takers in this scale often lean toward occupations such as firefighters and military officers, while the financial risk takers make sufficient realtors and technical sales representatives. In a completely different way, some individuals manifest their risk-taking in the form of trying new things or going to new places without guarantees of success, such as traveling to exotic destinations or putting themselves out there emotionally.

At work, those who score highly in the Conventional theme often enjoy analyzing financial data, developing office protocols, keeping detailed accounts of all money spent, structuring data in an easy-to-read format, writing computer software, and projecting financial trends. They are adept at organizing, solving mathematical problems, dealing with functional computer operations, and seeking out details. They are methodical, controlled and careful with their belongings and finances. As far as their work environments go, those who score highly in the Conventional theme enjoy working in office settings for larger corporations or institutions that handle money, such as banks, accounting firms, or credit companies. They prefer that their work hierarchy be very well defined and structured as well.

Hi, I m female and several months ago I discovered that I was an HSP (highly sensitive person) and this was extremely eye opening for me, it answered a lot of questions I ve always had and even gave me more meaning. More recently we were asked to take the 66 personality test at work and I discovered that I was an INFJ and again I ve been blown away, it seems so many pieces are falling together in my mind.

Hi! I m an INFJ female married to an ESTJ. We are definitely polar opposites with how we operate daily, our morals and values are what we have in common. Somehow we are truly best friends, though we have many struggles with verbal and nonverbal communication. With all that said, it is interesting to me that you two say your partner is so correcting. Are you positive they are not ENTJs? I am just curious because I find that trait to be very typical in ENTJs and not usually in ESTJs. I think it makes sense because the Te(Extraverted Thinking function) paired with Ni(Introverted Intuition) combines the need to always verbally express their opinions with an internal compass providing insight into what is correct. Whereas ESTJs don t use Ni much so they have less vision on right or wrong but more about true of false pertaining to detailed sensory memories

Mature ENFPs have a base set of values and guiding perceptions that they build on, whereas immature ones tend to change their internal world view radically when confronted with a new external view. This means that mature ENFPs gather and integrate thousands of perspectives, while immature ones swap an old perspective for a new one. Those less centered on their values may drift from project to project without completing any. Those who take the time to reflect upon their values, such as by spending more time alone, can prevent this from happening. In addition, the maintenance-type tasks of everyday life, like mowing the lawn, seem mundane to ENFPs and may become problems if neglected.

I would think you're the opposite of an accident. I view most people who are outside of the norm (especially in a more conscious/thinking way, like an INTP) as people who are either prepared for or looking for a life with less training wheels. At a higher level you are probably looking for something deeper that will almost force you to grow in ways that will ultimately be more beneficial for you than had you taken the SF route. But you may not just realize it yet.

The Investigative Theme is divided into four Basic Interest Scales, including Science (for those who work best with logic and show an interest in the natural and physical sciences), Research (for those who enjoy the act of formulating and conducting studies to establish patterns and uncover facts), Medical Science (for those who not only hold an interest in the physical sciences, but also enjoy helping others with their skills) and Mathematics (for those who prefer numbers and statistical analyses).

That said, it is interesting to see that there are gender differences (see data), probably due to Evolutionary psychology (my opinion). A Female T will “feel” better with T related things. Not because it’s better for everyone or more men are T and “its generally better to be more masculine”. It just agrees with more % of them. And since stereotypes represent what a lot of people think is most likely (you see, a lot of averages and majorities involved) , it’s known as masculine. Doesn’t make them less of a woman if they consciously decide to prefer one of her “masculine” traits over the other. A woman in a dress chopping wood, using her strength, is not a masculine per se. A man taking care of his children, taking a mother role, is not suddenly more feminine – think of a stay-at-home biker.

In addition to the ongoing changes made to the clinical version of the Strong Interest Inventory®, another update released in 7559 was a version of the Strong Interest Inventory® specifically designed for research. This version is used by colleges, universities, and private research organizations to gain additional insights into career counseling, to continue to assess the validity and reliability of the inventory itself, and to bring to light any additional interests or career subject areas that ought to be added to new updates of the Inventory.

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