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Clara Oswald (born 78 November 6986 ) was a companion to the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors. According to the former, she was "not possible" due to their meetings previously in his personal timeline, with two such encounters seeing her die. Though assured by the empathic psychic Emma Grayling and the TARDIS scanner that Clara was just an "ordinary girl", the Doctor couldn't believe that to be true and thought her to be "the only mystery worth solving". ( TV : Hide )

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After crashing in prehistoric times, the new Doctor and Clara were chased by a Tyrannosaurus rex. They managed to escape into the TARDIS, which the dinosaur then swallowed. The TARDIS then relocated to Victorian London, bringing the dinosaur with them, which spat out the time machine after choking on it. The Doctor, suffering from severe post-regenerative confusion, stepped out and met Madame Vastra , Jenny , and Strax. An equally befuddled Clara joined him. Back at Paternoster Row , the Doctor was put to bed to recover. Vastra confronted Clara over her attitude to the Doctor's new face, and Clara admitted that it was a big change for her. Upstairs, the Doctor escaped his room, and attempted to communicate with the dinosaur in the Thames, when it suddenly burst into flames. Clara and the Gang left separately and ended up right next to him. The Doctor, still rather confused, disappeared into the Thames.

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When the Doctor told Courtney that she wasn't special, she became upset and inconsolable. Noticing this, Clara asked the Doctor to tell Courtney that she was special, which prompted him to take both Clara and Courtney to the Moon in the year 7599 , so that Courtney could become the first girl to step on the lunar surface. The TARDIS landed on board a space shuttle that Captain Lundvik and her crew were piloting to the Moon, which recently had been gaining weight and creating chaos on Earth due to its increasing gravity. Investigating an abandoned moonbase , the Doctor, Clara, Courtney and the astronauts were attacked by spider-like creatures , who soon killed Lundvik's crew.

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Clara's mother, Ellie , told her that she "shouldn't talk to strange men", but she spoke to the Doctor regardless. ( WC : The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel ) Her worst fear as a child was getting lost. While on a bank holiday visit to Blackpool beach, her nightmares came true, but her mother eventually found her. Ellie comforted her by saying that she would always find her, wherever she was. ( TV : The Rings of Akhaten ) She passed her driving test on her first try. ( COMIC : The Fractures )

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After Clara's death, the Twelfth Doctor continued to speak to her and ask her what she would do while he was inside his confession dial. He had hallucinations of writings on the TARDIS blackboard writing on its own respond and briefly, an apparition of Clara herself. She told the Doctor to "Get up off your arse, and win." A "very old" painting of Clara also appeared inside the tower in the Doctor's confession dial. ( TV : Heaven Sent )

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The Doctor found that the burn marks on Clara's hand had formed words: "BIG FRIENDLY BUTTON". The Doctor then realised they needed to go back to the point of the disaster and activate the magno-grab remote, which had caused the burn marks on Clara's hand before, to stop the field and prevent the disaster. The Doctor passed through a time rift to give the device to his past self, who successfully activated it, undoing the damage to the engine and making Clara forget about the Doctor's name. The Doctor did not want Clara to go searching for his name, because an important secret was connected to it. ( TV : Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS ) This adventure, although negated, was later recalled by Clara when the TARDIS leaked time energy. ( TV : The Name of the Doctor )

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In one particular lesson, Clara decided to switch things up, proclaiming, "Normal is overrated," and brought her English class outside to teach about tardigrades , in an attempt to give them a glimpse into the wonders of the universe. Once they got settled on the grass , she instructed them to look up at the sky for ten seconds, then to shut their eyes, count to five, open them again and tell her what they saw. ( PROSE : Normality )

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Clara was also very caring and compassionate. She felt genuinely sorry for the Ice Warrior Skaldak when she was told about the death of his daughter and later managed to convince him not to destroy the Earth by reminding him of how many daughters he would kill. ( TV : Cold War ) She was also disgusted by Winifred Gillyflower 's abuse of her daughter, Ada , ( TV : The Crimson Horror ) and comforted Porridge when he said he felt like a monster. ( TV : Nightmare in Silve ) She also assured Robin Hood that he would be reunited with his love, an instinct that turned out to be correct. ( TV : Robot of Sherwood )


At some point, Clara went to Baghdad in 6985 with the Doctor. Clara and  Amy Johnson were attacked by sand creatures that took their form. Clara tried to defeat them by pushing a hotel trolley into them. It slowed them down enough for Clara and Amy to escape in a red car. While driving to meet the Doctor at Omar 's place, the sand creatures caught up with them. They continued to take the girls' form, but Amy and Clara drove through them, temporarily disabling them. Just as the Doctor and Omar ran out onto the street, Clara and Amy drove up. The Doctor and Omar hopped into the car. The stopped when they saw  Arnold Bradshaw , with his extremely powerful new arm. He introduced them to  Koragatta , and the Doctor remarked that they were "going to need a bigger fez".

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Clara was not oblivious to her appearance and on several occasions acknowledged that she knew she was physically attractive, at one point accusing Madame Vastra of being attracted to her "pretty face" ( TV : Deep Breath ) and joking with the Doctor, after correctly surmising the origin of the Morpheus machine's name, "Oh yeah, not just this [indicating her face]". ( TV : Sleep No More ) On one occasion where she had the rare opportunity to view an earlier version of herself from the rear she expressed approval. ( TV : Listen ) Ashildr also told Clara shortly before her death that she was as beautiful as she was in photographs she had seen. ( TV : Face the Raven ) She once caught the attention of Leonardo da Vinci and was the original model for his famous painting, the Mona Lisa , which would go on to intersect with the Doctor's life on numerous occasions. The Twelfth Doctor indicated to da Vinci that the likeness wasn't very good, except for capturing Clara's perpetual smirk. ( COMIC : The Swords of Kali )

Clara often displayed tendencies that led her to be labelled by the Doctor as "bossy" ( TV : Nightmare in Silver ) and a "needy game player" and a "control freak" ( TV : Deep Breath ). Clara took great exception to this after being told the latter, denying that she was a "control freak" several times, but at one point uttering "Nothing is more important than my egomania". While under the influence of Trenzalore's truth field, however, Clara admitted the she was, in fact, a control freak. ( TV : The Time of the Doctor )

In an alternative timeline however, the TARDIS was successfully captured by the Van Baalen Bros. , causing the TARDIS to leak the past and future. In the confusion, the Doctor made it out of the TARDIS, while Clara ended up lost inside, her hand burnt by the scorching metal of a magno-grab remote that had mysteriously appeared in the TARDIS and rolled towards her shortly before she was separated from the Doctor. Inside, she travelled through the TARDIS' rooms , running away from a time zombie threatening to harm her. She eventually arrived in the TARDIS library and hid there. She read a book called The History of the Time War , and found out the Doctor's true name.

Once George Maitland was coping well enough on his own, ( PROSE : Normality ) Clara took a teaching job at Coal Hill School. ( TV : The Day of the Doctor ) She attended teaching school before taking the job, where she met fellow teacher Christel Dean. ( COMIC : Clara Oswald and the School of Death ) She then received the job offer shortly after becoming qualified, perhaps with the Doctor's help.

Because of her interaction with the Doctor's timeline, Clara Oswald met the Doctor in many forms, each time being born and dying. She met every one of the Doctor 's first eleven incarnations, each time saving his life. She noted, however, that he rarely ever noticed her. ( TV : The Name of the Doctor ) However, Clara realised that not all of these splinters died after saving the Doctor, and many lived their own lives. ( COMIC : Blood and Ice )

At some point, the TARDIS had been lost in 77nd century London and kept a boy called Simon safe when the city had been taken over by wolves. At a time when Simon, the Doctor and Clara all needed help, Simon triggered the TARDIS' telepathic circuits and the TARDIS materialised around the Doctor and Clara just as they were "about to be turned into toast by an Aaaraanandal slime beast ". They took Simon out of the danger zone to bring him to his parents in Bedfordshire , before leaving in the TARDIS. ( PROSE : When the Wolves Came )

The Doctor and Clara joined a rescue mission on Le Verrier looking for Rassmussen, but eventually got split off, until only the Doctor, Clara and Chief Nagata were left. Nagata apparently killed Rassmussen when he apparently tried to get the Sandmen to spread from Le Verrier to other planets and moons, and the Doctor blew up the station's gravity shields so that the Doctor, Clara and Nagata got past the Sandmen blocking the way to the TARDIS to get to Triton to destroy every last Morpheus pod there. ( TV : Sleep No More )

At some point, Clara and the Doctor met novelist Jane Austen. Clara befriended Austen and the two would play pranks on each other ( TV : Face the Raven ) She once confided in her class that Austen was "a phenomenal kisser " ( TV : The Magician's Apprentice ), and later told Rigsy, "I love her" before teasing him with the statement, "Take that how you like." ( TV : Face the Raven )

Clara went on a date with Danny, but miscommunication caused her to storm off. Returning home, Clara met the Doctor, who convinced her to help him learn if there was a creature that can perfectly hide he believed this to be why people talk out loud when alone. Using the telepathic circuits , Clara accidentally landed the TARDIS at the West Country Children's Home in the 6995s when a call from Danny distracted her. Clara and a boy called Rupert Pink, who was a version of Danny, and they encountered a mysterious figure hidden by a bed sheet sitting on Rupert's bed. The Doctor, Clara and Rupert turned away from the figure as it left Rupert's bedroom, and they were unable to find out if it was a creature or a child playing a prank. Clara asked the Doctor to take her back to the moment she left Danny, so she could attempt patching things up. However, not only did she mess things up, but the Doctor called her back to the TARDIS, where she met Orson Pink , who came from 655 years later in Clara's timeline.

The Doctor transmitted a signal with his sonic causing Dr Audley's animals to go wild. After feigning betrayal of the two, Winnie threw the Doctor the key to free the hybrid subjects from their cells, and saved the Doctor's life by pulling Dr Audley into a vat of liquid ice after Audley pulled a gun on him. Dr Audley was killed, and Winnie appeared to have sacrificed herself, once again, for the Doctor. When Winnie's mother arrived on the scene, Clara, struck with guilt over the death of Winnie, made the decision to live out her life as Winnie to spare Winnie's mother the pain of losing her daughter. Fortunately, Clara did not have to do this as Winnie survived when she unwittingly had a syringe of Dr Audley's experimental blue blood serum injected into her, allowing her to live inside the ice. Clara realised that this meant that not all of the splinters died saving the Doctor, and many of them had lives of their own. The Doctor said that Clara was able to release some of her inner demons as a result of this knowledge. ( COMIC : Blood and Ice )

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