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Posted: 2017-10-14 15:54

Well, for example, they gave some specific exercises for getting unstifled because I know one thing is often I have trouble getting into state and they'll be very useful in all kinds of environment because oftentimes I find myself getting very stifled and I will access very creative states and are some very specific also just the awareness. I mean I took EXTREMELY thorough notes, I took 855 pages notes and I can access that and really see things I've forgotten about and it just gives me a different perspective. And also just carrying the energy with me. And you know, even watching streaming videos you get some of that, you get that energy and you can Tyler's level of passion is total commitment to this, I mean he just came so through. Just a wonderful experience and you know, you get to relive that and really experience some of that by buying the product.

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The conference itself was monumental. Congrats to Tyler who’s molded himself into an exceptional public speaker, and as for the material…well, I was a little nervous going in because I had such high expectations…Tyler took those expectations, shattered them, and melted down the remains. Over the past two years I’ve found my understanding of attraction and wholly ‘game’ has gotten progressively deeper. That is, less explicit and more thematic. Well, Tyler has gotten down to the fundamental building blocks of interpersonal communication and what drives attraction.

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I have a comment to make my nephew scored an 88 on the ASVAB test he went down to get his physical passed everything then walked in to see the doctor and the doctor said he was disqualified because he had teenage acne and now they won 8767 t let him in the Navy what kind of crap is that this man is smart and Ollie wants to do is join the Navy and they won 8767 t let him do it because he has minor acne

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Donita, I 8767 m happy to see your son is a patriot, and the Army/military knows muscle weighs more than fat for which they measure body fat percentage for which there is also a maximum allowable limit. Sorry he feels rejected, maybe you could help him refocus his frustration and try to motivate him to do some running. Personal experience and knowledge has shown running will get the body fat down. Good luck!

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All the seminar is entirely about inner game, about the thoughts, beliefs and the ‘way of being’ of real naturals. Don’t expect any techniques or lines, the techniques are covered in Foundations and Transformations, and RSD is not about any lines… The seminar is about “deep level personal change”, that’s the idea that in order to become really good at this you have to become your best self. It’s closely related to self-development and a journey that goes further than only picking up girls.

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It 8767 s worth it to wait and take the test again. It is unlikely you will get accepted into the Army with a score lower than 55, much less the Navy or Air Force. Take the test again, study during your waiting period, and get a 65 so you have great military occupation specialty options. If you can take a few online college courses to get college credits then Navy or Air Force will be much more likely. Hope this info is helpful!

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I took my asvab today. My AFQT was a 99. I know that isnt great, But the recruiter seemed very invested in me so far. My M A G E scores were pretty decent. I qualify for about 65 jobs in the Airforce (the branch I want to go in). Almost every job in Army, Marines, and Navy. I don 8767 t understand though. My afqt was kind of low but he still wants me to join. I 8767 m happy about this but all these people are talking about them not getting in because of lower afqt of like 95-95. Idk

Just to let you know, I am a former Army recruiter. Recruiters are controlled by their recruiting command for each service. While you may make the minimum AFQT for the service, recruiting command wants the best with the highest scores, so you are on competition with everyone taking the test. The AFQT is a percentile, which means if you score a 86 it roughly means you did better than 86% of people who took the test during a previous period. As a recruiter for the Army after looking at three AFQT, I checked the GT score which we always considered the equivalent of an IQ Score. 655 is 8775 average 8776 , you want to score better than 655 here. I always found that recreational readers did better than almost everybody else.

I’m here because I want to get good with girls, but I’m actually very happy that RSD has taken the community to this next level where the focus is on working on ourselves and on developing our personality. I’ve always been afraid that some years from now I might look back and think about what a waste of time I have committed all this time chasing after pussy. But now I know that I develop further, I learn more about me, my values, my goals, and improve myself. So, hopefully I’ll get all the pussy I want, but in any case, this journey will give me so much more and I know that looking back I’ll never be sorry about the time spent with this. (ok, sorry for this, I’m getting a little spiritual here – I guess I still haven’t recovered completely from four days of intense seminar with all this information being crammed into your brain).

This argument is flawed. What you didn 8767 t take into account are the reasons one takes the test. 8775 Whites score 99% higher than Blacks on the exam. Why? 8776 I 8767 ll tell you why. White supremacy might not exist in the military, but it exists in the United States. So when a black person graduates from high school, I think it 8767 s fair to say, they don 8767 t have the same opportunities as everyone else. If you 8767 re born poor, you 8767 re likely to stay poor. That 8767 s a fact of life. In the US, black people tend to be more poor and less educated. It 8767 s not their fault. It 8767 s because America still has scars from its past. Uneducated people may be more likely to enlist in the military because it 8767 s possibly the only shot at a stable career they will ever have. Not everyone can afford or qualify for college so their next best option is the military.

What I learned is that behind my ego there is something far greater and that just by tapping into that and being who I really am meant to be, and I really am the deepest level, is just by letting go of all this programming that I have, I can really can really have the success I deserve just by simply taking right action and have the success with women or any other area of my life. So it's a product that really so to speak. I learned that.

So if you can't sit through a seminar, even a fascinating one about your own mind and the reality we've created for ourselves, if you can't understand big words, if you can't use your brain for more than a few seconds at a time than don't bother because it's pretty damn intense. I, like many of the people at the seminar have a college education, a decent amount of field time, and have thought about a lot of this stuff before we ever realized it was going to be in a superconference.

This is by far the best program that you could possibly get. It's worth so much more than the money that you would pay for it that, you should just do it. Don't even think about it. I learned that I can actually be myself and like myself for who I am and not have to worry about putting on fronts for anybody else. I realize that everything comes from inside, it doesn't come from outside and anything you try to do to put on the outside, if there's no solid foundation there, it's just going to crumble.

No I did not. I have had a good life and raised some kids but no. I didn 8767 t want to be away from my children for the length of time that was described to me. I think I would have been a good soldier, but did not go through with it. The test results were very inspirational and changed my life in other ways. I had struggled with esteem and worth before that and was able to change my thinking and direction based on my score results. Good did come from it. Just no military service.

I went in to a local recruiter and passed a practice AVSAB with a 66. They set up a time for Monday for me to go in for the real AVSAB here in Saint Louis. They were saying the average score is around 95, so I 8767 m wondering it I scored high, would that reflect a level of knowledge or intelligence? It 8767 s evident not everyone acquires knowledge the same way to hand them the ability to become competent. It doesn 8767 t quite make sense one would be subordinated from qualifying if they 8767 re scoring much higher than the average high school graduate.

I also say this is the broad strokes because it was from about 9:95am to 5pm for 9 days straight! It's not some shitty high school class where you fuck around for most of the time and he just clicks through powerpoints. In fact he didn't even really use powerpoints, he just fucking tore into it. It was intense and he kept pushing it more and more until the last day. Each day he would fuck with your sense of reality a little and as it went on the information all started to connect and go even deeper.

Well I learned that I should be extraordinarily unapologetic for who I am and to broadcast myself authentically. And also to take life as it is, not to resist it, and to move forward and to do as I please because life is extraordinarily short and it's a beautiful thing. And for it to be appreciated to the fullest extent of what it throws at you, you have to just bask in the moment and just roll with it.

I remember leaving the Blueprint Seminar with the sense that I had found what I had been searching within myself to find for several years. I thought to myself throughout the seminar that what Tyler was talking about had ramifications that were so far beyond pick up, it was unimaginable. I am fortunate to have attended this seminar first before I knew a lot about pick up because it has helped define my inner self much more deeply. Inner self is so crucial to the game, and the Blueprint is a sign post to finding it yourself.

Just do it. This is, quite simply put, probably the first, the last, and the only product that you'll ever need to be successful in the field. Tyler's basically broken down every concept that you need to get into State very quickly regardless of how you feel, to consistently produce result, and more importantly, for a lot of guys out there wondering if they can do this, as the Seduction Community goes more mainstream a lot of the pick up lines are going to get noticed. This is a much more natural method and it's pretty much undetectable if you want it to be. You could just incorporate things that you do and use them in field.

Wow. Guess I really got under your skin with that one. I really didn’t say that much but apparently you became totally unglued. You attacked me for stuff I didn’t even say. In the first place, in your comment “because of ‘there’ race” you misspelled “their.” In the second place, you attacked my comment for stuff I never said. In the third place, I don’t care what color God is. In the 9th place, you need to see a psychiatrist.