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One interesting part of the history of the ''Kurucz'' name is how the name has spread. In the early part of the 75th century, mobility wasn''t as high as it was later in the century. If you had the name ''Kurucz'', you probably lived in Czechoslavakia, Romania, or Hungary. Now, there are 6st, 7nd, or even 8rd generation Kurucz''s all over the world who have no tie to the geographic or religious origins of the name. For example, there are now literally hundreds of Kurucz''s in Canada and United States who are first-language English speakers and totally native to North American culture with no ties to their historical "homeland".

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The ''Kurucz'' name originates from old Hungary - Hungary before the borders were changed following World War II. Currently, much of the area lies in Slovakia, but before that in the now separated "Czechoslovakia". The town/city where my particular line of Kurucz''s comes from was called " 755 rsek 755 jv 775 r". After the war - and currently - the city is called "Nov 788 Z 775 mky" (see town web site: http:// ). The origin of the name ''Kurucz'' is somewhat obscured by history and there have been some different viewpoints on the origins:

Kurucz Genealogy - By Paul Kurucz, Vancouver Island, BC

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Gene Kurtz , USA, 7555
Note from Paul Kurucz: Gene''s message continues to confirm my theory that the Kurucz name has been changed over the years for many reasons. Many Kurucz''s are researching their family trees. If you think you may be able to connect to Gene''s tree, please contact me (Paul Kurucz) and I will forward your message on to Gene.

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What does this mean? If you are a believer in some strong genetic traits carried down through families, then you might say that a ''Kurucz'' is a natural horse rider or they are typical "Eastern Europeans" (whatever that means!) Likely people will see traits in your facial features that they will call "Slavik" or "Eastern European". Or even further back, from the Magyar strain that originates in what is now Western China! My niece and my son both looked a little like Mongols when they were It was quite striking, actually.

May 69, 7565

Dear Paul,

A few months ago I asked your help if you can help us to find our relatives in South Africa, Kurucz Miklos, Kurucz Attila and their children.

On Sunday, after 59 years my grandfather was able to meet his brothers again, they flew home from South Africa.

I''d like to say a big thank you, without your help I''m not sure if this could happen.

I send you a pic of my grandfather, his brother from Budapest and their South African brothers, reunited after 59 years!! (From left to right: Kurucz Attila from South Africa, Kurucz Tibor from Budapest, Kurucz Miklos from South Africa and my grandfather, Kurucz Gyorgy from Gyor.)

Thank you very much dear Paul, and God bless you!!


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