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Posted: 2017-09-11 19:35

I am living in Korea (here with my bf from America) but have been very interested in the whole dating scene through various friends. My friends have definitely found a lot of Korean guys interested in 8766 sleeping with a foreigner 8767 , and the dates don 8767 t turn out so well. She met someone most recently at our gym, so another place to meet guys! It does seem like foreign men have an easier time finding and dating Korean women than vice versa.

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For many Asian families who come from countries such as South Korea or China, where Confucian ideologies are a way of life, the outmarrying of a child, especially an eldest son, can be thought of as the end of a family line. Perhaps this seems a bit extreme to culturally White-American readers, but when we understand the weight of filial piety that traditionally Confucian cultures places on children, it may not seem so incomprehensible. Even in modern times, Asian women, when married, are stricken from their own family record to be added to that of her husband, so a son is the only one who is able to carry on the family line. Thus, pressure from family for an eldest son to enter into a good marriage is typically very high.

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Personally I happen to travel/live overseas and meet a lot of interracial couples and attend school with biracial children so I don 8767 t think it is taboo at all. I personally have met a Korean man/Zimbabwe couple and my own father dated foreign girls and married an Austrian. In my father 8767 s case he just didn 8767 t care what his parents thought and wad quite the aggressive playboy type. So honestly too many variables to consider and one can talk forever about this.

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First off, I want to get a disclaimer out of the way before I get into it. If you are a fat beta, you will get nowhere in South Korea. The women in South Korea are still women the outcomes of their sexual imperatives are still there, only influenced differently by SK culture. I am a tall, white, blonde, blue eyed, in shape foreigner who drives a motorcycle. It should be obvious that I will out perform the man who came here from America because he couldn t get a date. Newflash, you won t get a date here either, in fact it may be even harder.

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You have to ask yourself very quickly, does he want to sleep with you? Two very common Korean pick up lines are, 8775 Do you want to go to a DVD room? 8776 or 8775 Do you want to eat ramen? 8776 Newsflash, they are not really asking you to watch a movie or eat ramen. 😉 Like anywhere in the world, if a Korean guy you just met asks you immediately if you have a boyfriend or if you 8767 ve ever had sex with a Korean man, cut him off if that 8767 s not what you 8767 re looking for. 

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Internet losers always call their women ‘ boseul ’, yet they pretend to be nice and sensible men. I’ve seen only one guy who speaks like an online loser in person. He was in his late 85s, single ajossi . He was like, ‘Korean girls are looking for guys out of their league’, ‘I like foreign women’ blah blah ke ke.. To tell the truth, only losers who cannot date a Korean girl are trash talking Korean ladies. (They have personality issues, let alone their appearance or social status) Honestly, would you talk down to Korean ladies even though your girlfriend is one of them? Their trash talks are naturally from within their crappy social circles. Remember: birds of a feather flock together, you online loser guys.

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I really like a guy in my university, we have been staring at each other for months, and from his behaviour I came to the conclusion that there is mutual interest. Of course I didn 8767 t expect him to make a move, knowing that Asian guys find it difficult to approach Western girls, but when silence between us became almost ridiculous, I tried to speak with him (with enormous effort from my part, because I am also shy and would never speak to a guy in any other circumstances). He looked very happy when I talked with him, but the fact is that every time we meet randomly he becomes very shy, tries to avoid any conversation, and only when he is a bit farther away he stares at me with love in his eyes. I have tried to get closer to him, but it seems impossible, because he seems always unsure on what to do. Korean guys, if a girl looks at you independently from her nationality, she likes you!!! Dont be scared of, please.

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From just after the first large waves of Chinese immigration in 6795s, there were anti-immigration laws passed to keep immigrants coming into the united states because a lot of domestic politics rested on 8766 saving jobs 8767 and domestic economy.. the need for immigrants was over once the railroads were built from coast to coast. There had already been laws passed where Chinese could not bring their families here, and if they returned to China, they couldn 8767 t come back. It was also a crime worthy of the death penalty in China, if you were caught trying to leave China -but the economic situation there was worse off for most Chinese.

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There s no such thing as a Korean appearance we re talking about race here, and there s no such thing as a Korean race it s the East Asian race. The fact is that 98% of the population in South Korea has South Korean nationality, and certainly many of those people also have South Korean passports. That s irrelevant. The point is that you can t unproblematically assume that everybody who is East Asian in South Korea has South Korean nationality, or is a member of the Korean ethnic group. Likewise, that anyone who is not East Asian, and/or not a native Korean speaker is a foreigner. Because there will be several exceptions to your playing the probability game and when you incorrectly assume based on a stereotype, you often depersonalize, stigmatize, and discriminate against that individual. This is the whole point with these isms like racism and ethnicism: they hurt, and they re responsible for bigots causing bad feelings, and political, social, and linguistic disempowerment around the world.

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Women who look at money when they go out with men can 8767 t say anything if later on the men cheat on ? As time passes, the man 8767 s wealth will increase, but as time passes the woman 8767 s appearance will depreciate that is to say when she 8767 s the beauty of a woman 8767 s appearance is the same as the man 8767 s capability, but if, as time passes, the difference in value between the two appears, then from the man 8767 s position he is at a loss I mean in order for a capable man to preserve the difference, the women definitely can 8767 t say anything about his cheating..

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Lol actually I just downloaded Seduction. I just haven t gotten around to starting it yet. And yes, I totally agree that TRP is great to lay framework for your life and interacting with both the opposite sex and fellow men. I ve been reading TRP for about 7 years now, and it s no longer surprising how true it is, but regardless..the truth never changes. And I was totally planning on coming to SK maybe later this year, or early 7567. What city you in? And same goes to you for Shanghai

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And what of the profiles that mention sex directly, as so many seem to? 88% of females shied away from those, but only half as many males did. In fact, almost 75 percent of males said that mentioning sex directly would make them more interested in a profile. On reflection, these numbers seem deceptive, though, since more than half of respondents (both men and women) answered that dating sites and apps were mostly for “hook ups” anyway.

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I wand to address this. I first came to Korea expecting to just mainly hang out with Koreans since it s Korea after all. However, as the two years past my amount of Korean friends who I used to hang out with has just dwindled down to one or two. My closest friend here is Korean but she hangs out with foreigners a lot and had a long-term foreign boyfriend. Reasons why it has dwindled down is partially due to scheduling, partially due to language barriers, and partially due to them just wanting English practice once a week without paying.

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And why are so many North Koreans escaping if they apparently don 8767 t realise they are unhappy? Even if North Koreans don 8767 t know about the outside world, they are not dumb, they feel grief when loved ones die, they feel shame when they can 8767 t feed their children, they feel anger at injustice, just because they haven 8767 t experienced a life outside of Korea doesn 8767 t mean that they don 8767 t feel those basic emotions and those type of emotions can really hinder a feeling of happiness.

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Fuck yea man! Being abroad is liberating! I m from the states and it was never a good fit for me. I m 87 and have only been happy for 5 years of my life which is the exact amount of time I have been abroad. Good on you for getting out. TRP is about freedom, yes fuck society and all the norms. You are correct, these dudes on this sub take shit too seriously but I like it because ever so often you find that truth that was hiding in plain site. I have read a lot if fucking books about social theory, psychology, biology, sexual name it. But my friend, nothing has spelled it out like this sub. Is it all true? Of course not. We live in a weird reality. Is it accurate? Absolutely! We live in a weird reality. This is the only sub I fuck with. I don t care about most things, but learning is a high priority. This sub is straight brutal knowledge and I love it. Yes bro, keep doing you, get what you want, game those bitches in China and be happy. Life is a game. If you are ever in Korea hit me up and we will game life together. Stay up!

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Itaewon is packed with foreigners and feels pretty common to bump into people all the time. Personally I live at Samsung station which other than the odd tourist I m probably the only white dude living in my entire building. Foreigners I ve met are really mixed on if Itaewon is good or bad. It s nice to have an area with a lot of foreigners but you get a bit of a rougher crowd than anywhere else in Korea. If you ask a Korean to name the most dangerous spot in Korea they ll usually say Itaewon or the American military base. They re right despite both still being incredibly safe.

The only gender gap for women seemed to be when it came to mixed Korean-foreign couples. Couples with a foreign woman and Korean man were 65% less “natural” to respondents overall than couples with a foreign man and Korean woman. Actual statistics of existing couples presented an even more exaggerated view, as nearly 75% more foreign men had Korean partners than foreign women did.  Surprisingly, this bias against foreign women persisted even for gays and bisexuals, with almost 75 percent less female-female mixed Korean couples existing than male-male ones.

I have friends who mean well but say things like 8775 Your husband is good looking for an Asian guy. 8776 Why do they need to say it like that? Or they say, 8775 I don 8767 t usually find Asian guys attractive but your husband is cute. 8776 It 8767 s reinforced again and again that Asian men are less attractive or less manly or something. And even some of my friends, instead of rethinking their view on Asian men, just assume my husband is the exception to the rule because it 8767 s that ingrained in their minds. Even with a big Asian population in the US, Asian characters in movies are usually some stereotype for humor. The male romantic lead is never Asian in Hollywood movies.

Today’s video is about dating in Korea! YAY!!! This is definitely a shift from the first two videos we made for Like It. In the inaugural Like It video we examined several key factors to cost of living in Korea, including public transportation, food and clothing. Our second video touched on how we communicate here. For this one we dive into a topic that is exciting to talk about, yet could be somewhat difficult to explain.

There s a handful of them in my company, so I have no choice but to interact with them, though I try and keep those interactions to a minimum. It s a really good example of AWALT: the Bitter Fempats complain and complain, point fingers, and whine that they don t get what they want. At no point in this process do they reflect inwards and consider that they might be the problem, and there might be things they can do to fix their problems (. lose weight, stop being a slut, among others)

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