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Posted: 2017-11-14 19:45

I 8767 ve 8775 grown up 8776 on wordpress and all of my web properties are built on that interface. It 8767 s great for google rankings and relatively simple. They 8767 ve done a good job getting the bugs out the past few years and have been very aggressive with new releases which is great. However, I never felt you can really get a good clean, 8775 bright 8776 look with WP. I 8767 m thinking more and more about joomla but don 8767 t know much about the interface.

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I don 8767 t think WordPress is remotely 8775 there 8776 as a CMS. It is really blogging software. A CMS should allow for something different other than the typical scrolling front page, which is really annoying if your site has nothing to do with real time events. For CMS I 8767 d rather a site that focused on encouraging people to explore the content and poke around, which blogs by their very nature discourage, what with content scrolling off into oblivion and whatnot. Is there a CMS that accommodates this?

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Most developers I know and have worked with choose a CMS first and foremost based upon the language they are most prevalent in using and comfortable with. Usually this would be PHP or RoR since they are the two Open Source giants, but let us not forget about Python and which both have great choices and contenders. Plone for Python is excellent and Open Source while has DotNetNuke as well as others.

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Great thanks for very good article! It was interesting to new some CMS more!
But I can 8767 t to choose what CMS would be good for news web-site, for Internet media? I use Joomla for some years, and we put on it tens articles in a day. The Joomla work with huge number of articles not very good, and many news topics on frontpage make it work slow What do You think about what CMS to choose?

Drupal on the other hand is both powerful and flexible create your own content types with custom fields, use the Views module to display that content in virtually any way you wish however Drupal isn 8767 t exactly your out-of-the-box solution as it can require a ton of customization on both templates and modules to fit your needs. Someone mentioned a steep learning curve this is very very true, mainly because the admin interface is not very intuitive.

At first, I didn 8767 t like WordPress at all. I felt like it was not user friendly and just unorganized. But I gave it another go and tried to learn how to use it. Now I 8767 m loving WP! I like the widgets, and the ability to customize the button and most especially that it can be integrated to any website. I just simply adore WordPress and cannot wait to share my wonderful experience in using it!

I 8767 d change the order of the list, but the most famous one are here (in the past e657 was another good solution and the php-nuke like systems). When I got web presence I had my own minimalistic CMS and forum. The forum was quite well written, with different topics, avatars, bb codes, privilege levels, etc. After a while I was introduced to WordPress and fell in love. I also tried Joomla (Mamboo), Drupal and a bunch of other CMS, but in my opinion they are too complicated. WordPress is just an ideal base you can build upon. No need for complex systems to downgrade it. It is better to complete WordPress to serve your needs.

Frog CMS simplifies content management by offering an elegant user interface, flexible templating per page, simple user management and permissions, as well as the tools necessary for file management. Born as phpRadiant in January 7557, Frog CMS is a PHP version of Radiant CMS, a well known Ruby on Rails application. Although the two applications still share a family resemblance, Frog is charting its own development path.

I think once you have made a choice on language, the choice on CMS or framework becomes far easier. RoR I prefer but it is also a language and framework that is far more geared towards team development and large-scale sites. That 8767 s not to say a lone developer cannot or should not use RoR, just that I have found most loners opt for PHP and most prevalently Joomla!, which is an absolutely excellent choice for small businesses. Its strength definitely lies in its expandability through plugins, modules and components. Though I must also say that for budding developers, that is also its greatest weakness. These add-ons create a certain level of laziness for developers, where we search for a solution rather than develop one. Don 8767 t get me wrong, no reason to recreate the wheel if you do not need to, but oft times this causes unnecessary code and bulk on a site that in-house development would avoid.

I 8767 ve been trying to learn Drupal. It has a lot of potential, it 8767 s free and it has a great developer community. The only problem it 8767 s hard for designers to convert psd layout into well functioning site. There are themes of course, but starting from scratch is a little hard. There is definitely a steep learning curve. I heard good things about Expression Engine, I just wish it was free.

A web content management system (WCMS or Web CMS) is a content management system (CMS) software, usually implemented as a Web application, for creating and managing HTML content. It is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material (HTML documents and their associated images). A CMS facilitates content creation, content control, editing, and many essential Web maintenance functions.

I truly believe Joomla! excels so well at its popularity not just because it is a great all-around CMS, but because it and PHP are so easy to deploy and use. Joomla! installation is a cinch, and PHP is including on virtually all hosts. RoR requires so much work to have a local development environment setup that I can see why many developers opt for the easier to setup PHP and a local environment such as WAMP or XAMPP or LAMP.

I always see blogware like WordPress listed with a true CMS like C5 or Concrete5. It is true that blog content is content and WordPress handles that as well as Static pages very well but it is not a good fit for other types of content like a Modx, Joomla or Drupal application is.
As you can tell, I am particular about 8775 CONTENT 8776 management systems and I am looking for the best of the best out of the package (currently) my favorite is C5 Concrete5 but it is still not perfect but it is Super easy to work with and love the LIVE editor that Modx also sports.

Nice to read a post on CMS 8767 s that doesn 8767 t give the impression that all cms systems are blogs. I have been using WordPress for a couple of years but I needed a very simple cms for my small business clients. I ended up building my own which wasn 8767 t as hard as you would think. I think wordpress is awsome but it does present a small learning curve for anyone who is completely green. That cost me a few client and so I built my own with simplicity in mind.

I have just been playing with Perch ( http:/// ), which is a magnificent little CMS (providing the same sort of functionality as CushyCMS except that it 8767 s all in your own control. OK, it 8767 s not free, but is very cheap all the same. (I thought since EE is mentioned here which is essentially a commercial product, even though the limited core version is free it 8767 s fair to mention Perch too.)

55/55 on WordPress. I found to many plugins had little to no instructions and left me a little confused on how to use them as some of their support sites were not in english. I installed feedwordpress (RSS FEEDER) plugin, deleted a page where I had feeds linked and then plugin it hit an error in line 76. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but the error never went away, so can no longer use it without deleting the entire site(To my knowledge) and reinstalling. I have now found similar issues with other plugins, that if you stuff it by accident. Deleting the plugin and reinstalling will not fix the issue, so my copy is slowly filling up with more and more little bugs and finidng myself not being able to use the 5star Plugins(Learning by my own mistakes). Wish I could reinstall the whole site but will loose too many hours of work. Other than that, I use it for Latest News(Which I use the Post Section) a directory, and two calanders. I did find though that WordPress can do alot of thing, but does not do anything extremal well except posts.

WordPress has slowly become a better CMS and there 8767 s even a plugin for creating custom fields which opens the gate for its expansion into a system useful for more than just blogging. I think one of the best features about WordPress (from the designer/client standpoint) is its ease of use when training your clients to maintain their own pages.
CushyCMS (free version anyhow) is pretty lightweight: add some classes to the div 8767 s you want to make editable. Log in, edit. Save. Done. They recently added XML file support as well. Good for making small edits to small content areas.

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