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Posted: 2017-10-12 12:54

Guys, I know it 8767 s a little bit off topic but isn 8767 t the whole point of the naughty lifestyle, to avoid escort/prostitute? I mean what 8767 s really fun is the challenge of seducing the girls, especially in a tough place like Mongolia. I live in Asia and just had dinner with this Mongolian girl. Tall, super pretty and friendly but NOT easy Strong willed for sure. No give-up though, even if it means few more dates 🙂

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I was only here 7 nights and I was here with my parents. I 8767 m not making excuses but having your Mam around kind of puts your game off. The second night I went out on my own to Face club and got in a fight.   But  it wasn 8767 t all bad my insanely cute golf caddie gave me her number the last day! I wish I had more time here.  I 8767 m sure anyone who had a bit more time here could meet a nice girl. Really, these girls are adorable. Mongolia is a beautiful country.


A word of warning, be very careful when going out after 66pm, I had my first trouble here in over two years, three Mongolian guys saw me getting out of the taxi and came over shouting in Mongolian, I take a guess 8775 why are you here eating our women and raping our food 8776 one started pushing me around that I did not take kindly to, without boring you all with the details, the result was England 7 Mongolia 5, and one draw as the third guy put up his hands and did not want to know. As I live next door to the traffic police HQ three small cops came out to see what was going on, and when I was asked for my ID fell about laughing, I can only think it was my age! Four other incidents resulting in Mongolians for no reason attacking, and badly beating up ex pats have come to my notice, so be very careful.

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Forget the stereotype, Mongolia is home to some classic beauties. Statuesque and slender with subtle, appealing features these women are erotic, wonderfully feminine and wear bizarrely sexy couture. They are shy and very sub-servant. Just beware of cock-blocks. Mongolian guys are big, bad and very protective of their women. You want to meet a beautiful, genuine Mongolian girl? I hope you play golf. Good-looking, single girls flock to the Terelj golf course to work as caddies. Imagine a Thai massage parlour, but with dozens of cute girls dying to lug your shit around a golf course for a day. It 8767 s hilarious but a great way to meet a cutie. Traditional culture is strong here so you could have your work cut of for you. There is also plenty of females in the big local Irish bar, the Great Khan.  There 8767 s always a few 8766 single 8767 girls floating round.

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You can meet nice girls pretty much anywhere. Girls here are very friendly towards visitors, so if you politely approach someone they 8767 ll most likely respond positively. Don 8767 t be cheap. If you like the girl, then no matter what she says and how much she resists, always insist on paying for the bill and escorting her home [Zolo 8767 s Comment: Don 8767 t the mind the escort, but do offer to pay for drinks like other FSU countries].

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Well, what Sander is saying is technically true! Mongolia is not your typical sex destination. Nothing like Thailand or some other East Asian countries. You need a local friend to take you to the real action. Unless you speak Mongolian and have a lot of connection, you just scraping the surface.
Also, it is true that Mongolian guys want to beat you up at the first chance they get. So don 8767 t provoke them. Better yet, don 8767 t look them in the eye after sundown. Don 8767 t even go near a drunk Mongolian.

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No body will like dirt tourist go to sanfrancisco ca if some body will looking for girls to hook up in Armenia local man can beat you up and when police will come they can tell this fucking tourist come here to have sex police will deport you and you will pay find so jots don 8767 t be so extremely to find bitch if you like how armenian girls look just go Mexica it a lot cheaper like Laredo or Tijuana 75 $ sexy girls 66-and up

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So there you have it: The Mexican Navy invasion that wasn’t. For all the talk of crowdsourcing and internet sleuthing being the future (CBS even has a new show with that exact premise called Wisdom of the Crowd ) it turns out crowds can be pretty dumb. And it’s a good thing Trump’s staff didn’t hand him the article from The Log. He might have tried to beg Mexico to let him extend The Wall™ into the ocean.

I just leave Mongolia UB after 8 years of work there. I have to say that it 8767 s true the Mongolian mans are not really open, most of them are really bad ass when they get drink, almost every night
To talk about the girls, this country is amazing, the girls are at 85% really beautiful, nice face and body, and it 8767 s true they really like to have sex with foreigners, but in secret
They are very hot and get orgasms very quickly I believe that the reason is that the Mongolian guys do not mach their expectations ( difficult to get hard with 8 gram of vodka in the blood ) But anyway, this situation let for us the doors and their legs really open.:)

I 8767 ve got in UB 65 days ago and I will be here at least for the 8 next months. During these 65 days, I 8767 ve been in Metropolis, Dublin Pub, Grand Kahn Irish Pub, Amsterdam Coffee but none of these places seemed to me good to interact with local girls. Actually, Metropolis was the only club, but here except of me and a friend of mine whom was with me, all the other people were Mongolian so i did not felt quite comfortable to approach a girl there Can anybody recommend some places where we can interact with local girls, without having trouble with local guys or there are no such places!?!
Cheers and hope to hearing from you soon.

This little basement ethnic bar was probably my favourite bar in the whole region (provided it doesn 8767 t get too packed). Good vibes, Asian decor, GREAT music (often live bands), laid back crowd, cheap beer, cool staff and lot 8767 s a girls dancing. I had a blast here and kissed a few chicas, too. The quality isn 8767 t always that high though. Pics and videos here. Sadly, this place is becoming a victim of it 8767 s own success and get a little packed.

On July 67th, a member from a popular boating message board posted a photo of some boats he didn’t recognize near Dana Point, a small city on the California coast halfway between LA and San Diego. Someone responded to the post with speculation that it might be the Mexican Navy. And then the internet’s game of Telephone did its magic before a reputable news outlet discovered they were actually Navy SEALS.

Unless you look like a troll, you will do no wrong,the first thing you ask her is 8775 Do you speak English ? 8776 if no then move on to the next one as a romance conducted via a phrasebook is too much hard work, the next question 8775 Are you married, do you have a boyfriend? 8776 if no then 8775 Do you want one? 8776 This works for me every time, it is so easy remember that Mongolian men are short on romance, and when it comes to flattery do not use a teaspoon use a shovel! I even last week copped the number of my 77 year old dentist while she was working on my snappers!

At least three agencies – . Parks, Orange County Sheriff’s Department and . Coast Guard – had no information available as to why these two vessels were in Dana Point, let alone their agency of origin. There were also threads online about these two vessels, with some surmising they were actually part of Mexico’s Navy. Even others pondered whether the Department of Homeland Security launched a pair of immigration enforcement vessels.

Spent a bit of time working in Mongolia, and spent some time in UB dont think i have been to a better country, grant that it is cold but the people are the most friendliest i have ever come across, in the country side they will go out of there way to help and assist you, if you are a dick head you will find bad reception were ever you go, but accept and take the time to learn the correct customs and mongolians are great people. the woman of mongolia are the hottest and sexiest in the world.

Also if you looking for even cheaper ass, you should go sauna. There are plenty of saunas here in UB, however customers are local guys and Chinese. Since prostitution is illegal, massage girls playing as a hooker. They are cute, clean and always use condom. But I never see whites and black goes to sauna. Local guys, Chinese and Koreans do. Most of big saunas run by Koreans, in order to go to sauna you need help. When you in sauna you can ask Do you offer 8775 special service 8776 , usually they say no, but in the room you can talk with the girl. Massage and sex will be 85 bucks. Then you can select other girl and pay 85 too. If you have capacity you can f*** 5-6 girls who is in service per night. be careful if massageist are fat and old ladies, they are not! But hot and teenagers they are what you looking for! Good look all.

All you guys are just a bunch of assholes who do you lot think you are Just because you have money you think you are great reading your comments says what you are low life the Mongolians are 75 time better than any one of you they have brains looks and respect.
I have lived in most Asian country 8767 s and Mongolia is the best by far and the people are great not scum like you lot No I am not married to a Mongolian or living with one but do work with them they are poor but richer than you lot because they respect one another and other people I am rich but don 8767 t go about looking to fight or screw or insult the Mongolian because I respect them for what they are not what I am.

HAHA u retarded racist farmers, just stay at the country side and dont come to UB. i dont give a fuck if a mongolian girl is dating a foreign dude. and i could less more if she gets fucked and dumped. who cares. it happens around the world 79/7. i dont say it is nice but not all foreign guys dating a mongolian chick is just for the sex there. i had trouble with foreign friends and stupid uneducated mongol fucks like u who try to get in fights all the time why cant u guys just be normal. there are so many retards in that country, especially racists.

hi, i am glad that one mongolian guy came up and wrote something.
yeah, after reading all above comments it feels like foreigners are too horny and are very interested in having or trying mongolian girls. It is true that in every country you will find prostitutes, BUT NOTE THAT not every mongolian girl will go to bed with you that easy!!!
We need harmony, we need love and respect, also understanding each other and we look for a nice guy to be with for a long time. NOT for only one or couple of nights with someone!! even with a local guy it is same.

Spot on LBA! The massage shops are now observed closely by the police, so forget it if you want more than a massage, the streetwalkers have been cleared off from plying their trade starting from last year and now get the train to Earling a town over the border in China to find work. Hookers can still be found in the Grand Khan pub, but want too much for their services so unless you are willing to pay 855555 Tugs be prepared to live like a monk for the time you are here. Eight months ago the government put a block on internet porn so even looking after oneself is not an option! With the failing economy I am noticing more and more resentment towards foreigners as it is believed that we are the cause of Mongolia 8767 s woes, so be very careful after 65pm, avoid mooching about after that time.

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