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When it became necessary, an awful lot of men who had no inclination to go to war found the ability and inclination (a lot of women too, when they 8767 re allowed to, as my grandmother would testify).
If it were to become necessary, people would step up, be they men who don 8767 t currently do those jobs, or women. Oddly enough jobs that are necessary tend to rise in either social pressure to do them or in rewards until enough people are found to do them.

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7. It 8767 s interesting to see the different narratives (chronologies?) of how you get hostilities between feminist-types and MRM-types. (For simplicity, I 8767 m going to use 8775 MRM-types 8776 to mean, like, 8775 favors equality but is not a feminist 8776 types, even though that includes people who are not MRAs (. Scott, me). Because back in the 8775 Words, Words, Words 8776 thread, Barry was saying it goes the other way. (My experience agrees with Scott 8767 s, unsurprisingly.)

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(My part? I just got banned from an SJ 8775 discussion 8776 space for linking this Problematic Challenging Piece by a Controversial Blogger. To be fair, during the last week I 8767 ve been on an anti-SJ-abuse roll there and it finally got under some people 8767 s skin. But at the very least I vocally expressed support for one recent very-high-profile abuse victim and he was saw it and was thankful!

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Same anon actually. Hopefully I 8767 m not coming across as aggressive in any way the tone of your post suggested to me this might be the case. I understand what you 8767 re saying about narrative versus visual stimulation. This is why, for example, many alternative PUA tactics involve creating a 8775 bubble 8776 around you and a girl and, for example, coming up with stories about other bargoers. (But you 8767 d better be tall. That 8767 s very creepy otherwise.)

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Also, 8775 they will vehemently, violently oppose [ ] 8776 is not just a statement about the correctness of a point of view but a (quite extreme) prediction of what people will do. If someone says 8775 all MRAs will women 8776 (certainly a thing people say!), this is a very different thing from saying 8775 all MRAs are wrong 8776 . Moreover, that prediction is unnecessary, unkind, and in all probability untrue. It 8767 s insulting, not engaging.

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And yes, it is noble to give to charity. I didn 8767 t say otherwise. I just don 8767 t see why national boundaries should matter in this, or why the state should do it for you by using force to make others pay. Also, allocating the responsibility for reproduction where it belongs (to the individuals who make reproductive choices) works in any situation, including the plausible near-malthusian equilibria of the future given certain technological innovations (such as faster reproduction).

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Hm. He 8767 s not too wrong about the heroin withdrawal thing, in that it 8767 s true that practically no one dies of opiate withdrawal and that in hospitals we take alcohol withdrawal super super seriously and demand it be monitored at all times but opiate withdrawal is more of a 8775 Yeah, I guess we should be nice and treat it 8776 kind of thing. He 8767 s also right that the symptoms of opiate withdrawal are very similar to the symptoms of flu. On the other hand, I 8767 ve had some pretty terrible flus. 8775 This is only a little worse than the flu 8776 and 8775 Common decency requires us to treat this 8776 don 8767 t seem completely inconsistent.

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Regarding your question why men pay camgirls:
As someone who has done that I can tell you it is (as someone said before) because of the attention you get from the girl. The last time a woman has taken her clothes of for me IRL was 8-9 years ago. Women are not sexually interested in me. Camgirls provide a way for men to feel desired, or simply to think that someone enjoys interacting with them sexually (no matter how much you know that 8767 s not true). That 8767 s also why looks is not the most important thing. The sad, depressed bombshell will not make a man think she 8767 s enjoying their sexual encounter the way the less attractive but upbeat girl can.

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I mean, there are people who are considered attractive that I go 8775 I can 8767 t see it myself 8776 others I go 8775 Yes, I see that objectively they are attractive but I am not attracted myself 8776 and others I go 8775 Holy mother of God, I 8767 d ruin that! 8776 even if they 8767 re not considered as attractive as other people . I recently found myself admiring a certain person 8767 s knuckles. Now, I have to assure you all: I do not have a knuckle fetish. But because I found the person in general attractive, suddenly even their knuckles were attractive to me.

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It 8767 s even worse than that, though. Because what we 8767 re calling 8775 blacktrance at age X 8776 isn 8767 t even a singular entity. 8775 It 8776 is actually a bunch of different algorithms running simultaneously in parallel on what we sometimes lazily call a 8775 single 8776 piece of hardware (but which actually has properties that make calling 8775 it 8776 a pair seem pretty sensible).

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9) This whole debate is a sideline the important argument is men and women have had different roles that have caused them to have vastly different personalities I was using intellectual capability and interests as an example of the obvious differences between the sexes. Some people don 8767 t see it that way fine doesn 8767 t change the substance of the argument because there are so many other data points. The whole point was to disagree with Scott 8767 s premise that men and women don 8767 t differ in personality.

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For fuck 8767 s sake, NO. This was not about how your people CANNOT into science! This was about how you MISTRUST AND CHALLENGE this area of research! This was about online feminists aligning themselves with actual epistemic criticism of the assumptions behind applying evolutionary psychology to modern romance. For an example of this criticism done right, see Oligopsony/ 8776 Chaotic Evil 8776 in the comments here. This dude is fighting for you, and doing a hell of a job. In fact, he 8767 s fighting instead of you. You are doing this incredibly wrong and hurting your misguided cause.

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The difference is that is is socially unacceptable to ask for dating help when you are older, but if Harry wanted to learn a skill (small engine repair, a bachelor 8767 s degree), there are tons of schools he could conceivably apply to and pick up that skill and everyone would be proud. 8766 Pick Up 8767 books are sort of like dating training, but they only seem to be focused on shortcuts rather than requiring the guy to put in the work, and learning nothing but shortcuts is usually not very successful. Also 8766 being good 8767 at dating doesn 8767 t mean you get to date whomever you want (which pickup books seem to imply get the hawt chick!), as there are still other factors that determine such things.

It does seem less common for a woman to receive little or no romantic attention, but I find it surprising that the vast majority of your female Facebook friends have had 8775 lots of attractive, successful, high-status partners 8776 . Of course, I don 8767 t know much about your particular situation. I wonder how much of it may be demographics. I know that, for instance, my mother in her youth was very attractive and garnered a lot of romantic attention from men, yet she went years at a time in her adult life without dating anybody, because she was reasonably picky and just happened to be immersed in the wrong crowd.

Barry is using my second-favorite rhetorical device, apophasis , the practice of bringing up something by denying that it will be brought up. For example, 8775 I think the American people deserve a clean debate, and that 8767 s why I 8767 m going to stick to the issues, rather than talking about the incident last April when my opponent was caught having sex with a goat. Anyway, let 8767 s start with the tax rate 8776

I am a bisexual woman. My experiences with women have taught me just how hard it is to be the party that takes the initiative. There is a very deeply ingrained cultural message 8775 women are pure, delicate flowers that you sully by contact 8776 , as well as a more modern message 8775 it 8767 s really really easy to or be by accident, just by the act of displaying desire, and anyone who experiences desire for women is under suspicion of at all times. 8776 And if you are sensitive to these memes, like me, you will bend over backwards to be as harmless as possible, to the point of never actually taking romantic initiative ever.

I don 8767 t think this is entirely clear. Are you referring to the act of humblebragging or calling somebody out on their humblebragging in this comment? Because I see humblebragging as a status move from someone who is already fairly high status trying to raise their status even further . 8775 Woe is me, how awful my awesome life is. Feel sorry for your betters, ye peons. 8776 and not as someone low status trying to raise their status to medium status. Conversely, calling someone out on humblebragging is just a status policing move.

First, I don 8767 t agree with your reading of Barry 8767 s blog. You assume that he is afraid of being labeled a 8775 Nice Guy, 8776 the concept of which has been around for a long time, but that didn 8767 t really seem to be the issue for him at all. He explicitly says it 8767 s because he doesn 8767 t want to be associated with the 8766 manosphere 8767 in any way, and he feels that complaints about lack of romantic success have become inextricably linked to that portion of the internet. To sum up, he doesn 8767 t seem worried about how people will interpret his posts, like you seem to assume, as much as making sure he personally isn 8767 t at all similar to people he dislikes.

Where? *** Here! *** If they 8767 re looking for a girl (beard), you 8767 ll be able to see them when you Log-In and do any Sugar Daddy Search 😀 But ya know, now that you mention it, there really isn 8767 t a way for a gay Sugar Daddy to search for a Female Cover Arrangement I don 8767 t think that 8767 s been publicized well hmmm, I 8767 ll forward a suggestion to add a check-box or some option of letting SD 8767 s and SB 8767 s know that a 8766 beard 8767 -type arrangement is being sought. Meanwhile, if you wanted to be creative, and capatalize on the lack of competition, especially in New York, you could sign up as a Sugar Baby Male and advertise your 8775 female accompaniment 8776 service for example 8775 guaranteed to maintain your hetero cover! 8776 , or something more discreet perhaps anywho, might be fun to try and see the response! Plus, you wouldn 8767 t have to worry about not being attracted to your SD! 😉

houseboatonstyx: that would be illegal in many states and countries, if you didn 8767 t first get consent from everyone you interacted with. Here 8767 s California 8767 s law , for example (section 687). Per the DMPL , a 8775 confidential communication 8776 is any in which 8775 one of the parties has an objectively reasonable expectation that no one is listening in or overhearing the conversation 8776 . Which would almost certainly apply to the sort of thing under discussion here.

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