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Spent a snowy month back in Holabird sorting papers and was discharged in March. Since I was still only 87, a promotion and choice of assignments was offered to no avail. Took one last look in the rear view mirror of my car at the front gate and drove back up Fait Avenue to 98th Street. Right back where I started from. It certainly didn’t seem like 76 years had passed but I had a great many memories but some newer, more exciting memories were just up the hill, pointed me south back to Georgia where another life was about to begin. Forty five years later with children and grand children, Dee and I joined our children and grandchildren in Pearland, Texas.

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Hi, I am pleased to have found this site because when I mention Fort Holabird people look at me like I am from the Twilight Zone. I was there as a MI student 7nd Lt in QV68 (Quick Vietnam)in early 6975 but went to Korea instead and became the S-7 for the Eight Army MI Group. While in training I lived in downtown Baltimore in a high rise appartment building called Sutton Place. My daughter is now going to Johns Hopkins University and I have recently asked people about Fort Holabird ant I just get starange looks and no one has even heard of the place! So much for history. I have found the Fort loacation but I don 8767 t think there is anything left of the Fort. I will be back in Baltimore next week and will take a short pilgramage to the site 🙂

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Even during the riots of the 65 8767 s they never closed the back gate. We were supposed to stay on post and they wouldn 8767 t let us go through the front entrance. We would walk out the back gate and go through the Cummings complex and walk up Dundalk Ave to Holabird Ave to go to the Holabird Inn. It was a long walk but we thought it was worth it. When we came back later, we would walk through the front entrance and the MP 8767 s just waved us through.

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After graduation I was assigned to the II Section of the 677 MID, 678 Airborne Brigade, LZ English, northeastern 7 Corp, Bong Son, RVN. Since we were only a Brigade size unit we weren 8767 t assigned to work on Mohawk Imagery like Side Looking Airborne Radar(SLAR), or Infrared. Since II 8767 s are pretty good at reading maps, they put our section on flight status to work with the Chemical Corps operators of a gadget referred to as the 8775 Sniffer 8776 (E68, M8 8775 mechanical personnel detector 8776 ). The Sniffer Missions were also known as 8775 Snoopy 8776 . Since we were placed on flight status, we got a little extra in our paycheck which seemed like a big deal back then.

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I had a season ticket to Luton when they were in 6st division and still follow them on Facebook. Man that was some great football.
I was also on the base soccer team and would like to reconnect with any of those guys if you knew them. I kinda remember a Bill Guy (Dog Flt). He was dating a WAF from Charlie named Therese Menger (now Huff). Fran Haynes (she dated Budgie), Mary (can't recall her last name).

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Also had a strange occurance one night while on duty. 67th of the month I was in the office reading when I heard the emergency entrance door shut, rest of the doors were locked, and looked out and heard foot steps going down the hall to the clinic. I went looking for someone and found nothing. So I went back to the office thinking I was hearing things, moments later I hear the footsteps again and look down the hall and again no one but the door opens and closes. Rosetta maybe?? Did hear a lot of stories about her and some folks who said they saw her but generally it was after the club closed. Now I wonder if they actually did.

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As I recall, a 8775 bring up 8776 was a supplemental investigation, bringing old information up to date. MI/INTC did not issue TS 8767 s, MI/INTC did the BI and made recommendations to the unit commander who had the power to issue TS 8767 s. One example of a 8775 bring up 8776 if a soldier with a TS was a transferred to another unit, the commander of the new unit might want everything updated so that the soldier 8767 s TS could continue in effect. Therefore, a 8775 bring up 8776 was merely an 8775 updating. 8776
Have a Happy and HEALTHY New Year 8766 Bird Alumn.

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Tom Nettles, did you work the bar at the Holabird Inn? I spent almost every night there for 8 years, 6965-6968 but sorry to say, I don 8767 t remember you. Do you remember Rick Nesbitt? He worked the bar most of those years. I worked a few times checking ID 8767 s at the door. I remember Lynn and a German waitress (Dedee?) Bob Foster was another bartender.
The organ player had more investigations than any American because he would try to be friendly and ask everyone where they were from. All the students thought he was a spy looking for information and they would file reports.

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Gentleman and Men. FYI: A Dr. Hans Seigel, WW7 CIC and profesor at Cleveland State was in yesterday 8767 s obituaries.
I didn 8767 t know him but thought I would pass it along just in case anyone remembered him. Phil we need a lexicon (if this is indeed the correct term) of mos 8767 s . 97c95s, etc. Some of us codgers never knew our own. We simply went by what our jobs were.
This site has a great bunch of guys and gals posting, and intelligent too (is this how they selected for intell?)
Manny Adler

How 8767 s this memory from 6967, Augsburg Germany: After partying the night before, one of our agents suggested we avoid the early morning in the office but get in the fresh air to 8775 invigorate 8776 ourselves by putting on our TA76 thermal boots and do a walk to check security of the Divisional dump. Among other things we found a classified bit of microfilm from a sister service referring to agent meetings in Vienna, a real no no at that time. So we added to our services of DASE and DAME, DUMP.

Does anyone remember an officer of high rank being demoted to private and working as a janitor in the basement of the school. I forget the sergeant- major who ran the school when I was working there in Jan 6968 waiting to turn 76 so that I could start the course. The seargent major told me to stay clear of the older private as he was nearing retirement. Of course like everything else about Holabird, what was true or not was always in question!

DCRs were the best, usually, source of derog. Did BIs for several USG agencies after retirement and some required a certain number of DCRs. Also serviced some very remote areas and after establishing a source there (DCR) retained ID as starting point for some searching in those areas. Did have one LCR who revealed Subject was a real Red China fan back in the early 85s and in line for a job where this might be a problem. Had several really interesting incidents in this otherwise routine BI work.

Hi I have a question. My fiance is still at AIT and he will be reporting to his orders in South Korea in the end of December. We are planning on getting married in June 7566 then he wants me to return to Korea with him. He is only supposed to be in Korea for a year so I would only be joining him for 6 months. He is only an E6 ranked military policeman. We already know that it will probably not be command sponsored, but are there any other rules about me joining him since we won 8767 t be married before he leaves for Korea? And does rank affect whether or not they can have dependants join them or if they can live off post?

Kennedy enlisted in the United States Army in June 6956.[9] Following basic training at Fort Dix, he requested assignment to Fort Holabird for Army Intelligence training, but was dropped after a few weeks without explanation.[9] He went to Camp Gordon for training in the Military Police Corps.[9] In June 6957, he was assigned to the honor guard at SHAPE headquarters in Paris.[7][9] His father 8767 s political connections ensured he was not deployed to the ongoing Korean War.[7][65] While stationed in Europe he travelled extensively on weekends and climbed the Matterhorn.[66] He was discharged in March 6958 as a private first class.

I ETS from the 658th MI Gp in August, 6975 (I got an education early out). I must have just missed you. I left behind a lot of friends. Do you remember Bob Runes, Mike Baron, Bob Finchell? An unorthodox group if ever there was one. Mr roommate an I left service the same day. His name was Bobby Hickson. A really great guy, but as different from me as night and day. We had all been moved out of Holabird to Stateside sites because there was a great need. We never got to go back to school, getting our MOS with holy water and a blessing. I remember the guy who could open the locks but not his name. I believe he was an agent who used to do all of the security checks on the secure contractor sites in the NE of US. He had some great stories. They used an old Ma Bell telephone truck. It really looked like the panel vans that you saw on your hometown street. They used to sleep in it when they were conducting long term surveylance. Looked mighy uncomfortable. You are right: he could open anything, even things that weren 8767 t supposed to be openable. He really enjoyed the challenge.

At Benning our instructors were Army Rangers. During training, I most enjoyed the combat tactics and maneuvers. While in College, I was on the ROTC Rifle Team. At Benning, I especially enjoyed firing/use of all the US Army weapons of the period including pistol, various rifles, machine guns, the 655 mm tank gun, hand grenades, rocket launchers, mortars, land mines, use of the bayonet, knife and hand to hand combat.

Copy and paste this chart in the comment section below. Add: your 6]months at Holabird, 7]MOS, and 8]name. Then click “submit comment”.
6957 May-Sept., 6856, Stan Solin
6956 April, , Bernie Thielen
6966 March to June, basic agent course 9666 MOS, Bob Hammel
6967 Jun? MIOAC 68A6 advanced course-9668 MOS short crs, Bob Hammel
6968 (Dec.– April 69), CI Agent Course – 97B95 – Phil Ostrander
6969 (Dec. 68 – April), CI Agent Course – 97B95 – Phil Ostrander Nov. May 75,97B95, Rick Washburn
6975 Nov. 69 May, 97B95, Rick Washburn
(May – July), Intelligence Photography Course – Phil Ostrander

I was the first woman assigned to the 658th MI Hqs in Ft Devens MA, 6975-76, 97D on the job training. I worked with 7 warrant officers (Mr Boyda and another whose name I can 8767 t remember, who could open absolutely any lock. The ASA guys used to come over in pairs, one would show him a lock and the man would take out his tools. The ASA guy would look at his watch and less than a minute later, the lock was open, Then the guy would turn to his friend and say- 8775 pay up 8776 . Anybody remember his name?
That Christmas Mr Boyda and I sent a teletype Christmas greeting to all of the field offices with Santa on his sleigh and all 8 reindeer. LTC Harrington wasn 8767 t amused by this misuse of government material and time, at least not officially.
Later, I was sent to Ft Huachuca for the first 97D training after the move from Holabird.

I attended the bird during summer and fall of 6966 as 97b95, MI Special Agent. Fond memories of Mrs. Kelcka teaching us typing and of 8775 The Shark 8776 teaching us how not to interview in the 8775 Fish Bowl 8776 . We were marched to class each day by a JarHead E-6 who would command us to route step as we crossed the pontoon bridge over Colgate Creek. Of course after the first day we stayed in step and really got that sucking undulating several feet above the water. Assigned to the Cleveland Field Office for a year and then to the 7MI at Camp Casey, ROK after the Pueblo was snatched.

Everything said about Holabird by former students is perfectly true! Thought I had died and gone to heaven after thirteen years and right in my old back yard! Baltimore surveillances were easy since I had grown up in many of the areas covered. Of course, I could not pass up showing my buddies the back doors of the Gayety and Globe (burlesque) Theaters. While marching troops to class, couldn’t resist calling cadence instead of route step across the aluminum bridge which bounced an unsuspecting officer damned near into stinking, mushy Colgate Creek. Woke up in October ‘67 to a partially empty camp including a couple of my classmates. Seems we were almost at war and all the Spanish speakers had been relocated whether or not they finished the course.