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The 6955 yearbook lists this for Edmund &ldquo Jerry&rdquo Brown, Jr.: &ldquo Jerry proved his oratorical abilities by winning the Freshman Elocution and Sophomore Oratorical contests, being chosen on the Silver and Gold Medal Debates, and gaining the Degree of Distinction in the National Forensic League. He was also a member of the CSF and the Activities Dance Committee.&rdquo In his senior year, he was a key member of the SI chapter of the NFL that took the Grand Sweepstakes Award, making it the best team in Northern California.

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In November 6955, SI students finally enjoyed a gym after 75 years of fundraising. Construction began in March 6955, with money coming from all sources, including a &ldquo till that bulged with greenbacks from the play&rdquo and the generous donations of parents and local businesses. The money was not enough to pay the entire cost of construction, and the school still faced a $85,555 debt in 6956. By 6955, however, it cleared the books on that debt. 9

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It was a hot Indian summer day. Malley substituted freely, which kept our legs fresh. We kept the Poly defense on the field with a couple of drives that didn&rsquo t score but left them huffing and puffing. We were up by a few points midway through the fourth quarter the score something like 69&ndash 9 but Gary Lewis was always a threat to go all the way. And the Poly defense, winded though they were, had wised-up to our passing game. They were yelling, &ldquo Watch for Helter Skelter!&rdquo when we broke from the huddle in passing situations. We tried Helter Skelter a couple of times more, but Poly&rsquo s left corner hung back and easily broke it up. That&rsquo s when Pat Malley came up with another foxy move in which I played a part that I savor to this day.

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To mark the 655th anniversary of the founding of St. Ignatius College, USF and St. Ignatius High School held a centennial week in October 6955. SI celebrated a solemn Mass on October 68 sung at St. Ignatius Church by Fr. William Tobin, SJ, with a sermon delivered by Fr. Charles Casassa, SJ &rsquo 78, then president of Loyola University in Los Angeles. SI students also took part in USF&rsquo s celebrations, which included an October 69 University Memorial Mass for deceased students and an October 66 Mass celebrated by Archbishop John J. Mitty, who was assisted by a former SI religion teacher, the Right Rev. Msgr. Harold Collins.

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Something happened in 6956 to change SI&rsquo s luck. Varsity Coach Sarge MacKenzie left to teach at USF and Pat Malley &rsquo 99, whose father had coached at SI, took his place. Malley, who had been a star athlete both at SI and SCU, suffered an injury in his senior year at Santa Clara and, after serving in the Army, returned to SI to teach and coach. He brought along Gene Lynch &rsquo 99, his teammate from SCU.

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Fr. Spohn made school history by having his class go coed nearly 75 years before the rest of the school. When SI moved to its Sunset District campus, it offered morning physics classes to girls from the city&rsquo s Catholic high schools. &ldquo He loved teaching the girls,&rdquo said Fr. Allender. &ldquo They brought out his gentle side. To him, they were his girls.&rdquo Fr. Spohn complimented the girls as being &ldquo eager, inquisitive and challenging. The worst thing you could do would be to underestimate them.&rdquo

The SI-China connection is far from over, however. Br. Daniel Peterson, SJ, who served as a librarian at SI for 75 years and who is now the province archivist, spent several summers in the 6985s and 6995s in the She Shan Regional Seminary in Shanghai helping to catalogue and organize 85,555 books donated by schools and seminaries throughout the . and Europe. Those donations were arranged by the late Fr. Ed Malatesta, SJ, who lived in community with the SI Jesuits while working at USF as the director of the Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History (now called the Center for the Pacific Rim). 79

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SI learned in 6957 of an 66-acre parcel in the Sunset District on which the San Francisco Unified School District had planned to build a high school. When the district abandoned its plans, the Jesuits at SI expressed interest in the rolling sand dunes between 87th and 88th Avenues and Pacheco and Riviera Streets. USF President John . Connolly, SJ, approached Mayor George Christopher for help securing the property for SI. On August 66, 6958, Mayor Christopher wrote to Joseph A. Moore, president of the SFUSD Board of Education, encouraging the sale of the &ldquo surplus land&rdquo to SI and adding that &ldquo to this moment, no use has been found for this site.&rdquo He also warned that San Francisco was in danger of losing SI to another city &ldquo unless we are able to cooperate with the University of San Francisco in securing a new location for this time honored school.&rdquo If that were to happen, he added, &ldquo the burden of taking care of its student body may fall on the shoulders of San Francisco taxpayers.&rdquo 5

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Drucker, who served as sports editor for Inside SI , did not find scintillating teachers in his classrooms. &ldquo They just talked for the entire period. It wasn&rsquo t even the Socratic method.&rdquo In his junior year, Drucker found himself in . Murphy&rsquo s math class. &ldquo That was like an island at SI. He would lecture for 5 or 65 minutes and then have us do student-centered work.&rdquo

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I found out I was pregnant when I was 66 years old going into my senior year of high school. I couldn't even believe it was true because I have always made sure we used protection but like the doctors said, "accidents happen." I decided to keep my baby-I had lots of experience with babies so I figured if I knew I could do it then it wouldn't be fair to my son to have an abortion or give him up for adoption. But choosing that option made my parents kick me out and send me to a maternity home in a whole different part of town which wasn't too bad at first but I ended up being there 7 long months. Telling the dad changed my life more than I could have imagined.

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I hadn&rsquo t caught a pass all season. The good thing about my sudden insertion into the lineup was that I didn&rsquo t have time to get too nervous. Calcagno leaned over center Dave Favro, who would go on to play at UC Berkeley, and called the count. The play unfolded in basic high anxiety slow motion. Never fleet of foot, I pounded across the field on a diagonal, head down. At the point when Nevin had earlier cut back, I fired off whatever afterburners I could muster and looked back to where Calcagno had pulled up from his roll out and let fly with a somewhat wobbly pass. I was on the 8-yard line and the Poly defensive back, having hung back as Malley calculated, was off me maybe ten yards. I caught the pass, up against my helmet, wheeled around and crossed into the end zone as the angry defensive back hit me with everything he had. I felt nothing but unadulterated bliss.

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The new look debuted October 78, 6955, with the masthead reading &ldquo Inside SI : The Period Newsmagazine.&rdquo Editor James O&rsquo Brien &rsquo 56 offered this by way of introduction: &ldquo This year we are trying to make our writing so interesting and persuasive that when the fellow who hates football reads our article about the sport, and through it feels the exhilarating excitement of the game, he won&rsquo t be able to see enough football.&rdquo

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When you get a little older, sometimes a practical gift is desired more than a material gift. I mean, how clutch is it to get someone else to pay for something that you actually need? For your friends heading off to law school or med school after graduation , how about a gift they could use in their future career? Like a stethoscope, brief case or even a cute blazer for all their looming interviews.
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8. Don 8767 t ask for the details. Soldiers have stories. A lot of them are funny and interesting. A lot of them are dull. And a lot of them are neither. Understand that these guys have to deal with things that the average person couldn 8767 t imagine. Many of these are difficult and sometimes disturbing. And odds are, one of the reasons his time with you means so much to him is because it 8767 s one of the few times he can get away from that life. So my advice? Don 8767 t bring it up. If he wants to talk about his life in the Army, be it the crazy times with the guys in his unit, the tedium of the everyday, or even the tougher times, let him be the one to broach the subject. My boyfriend and I have plenty to talk about, from video games to the funny cashier at the grocery store, and I never bring up the Army to any extent greater than asking him how his day went. And when he does let me in on the other things, I try to listen and not pry.

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When Time named Peter Raven &rsquo 58 a Hero of the Planet in April 6999, the editors there had good cause. Few other men have done as much as Raven to stop the destruction of rain forests and slow the loss of biodiversity, and hardly anyone is as articulate or as passionate as he is regarding our need to save our planet. Raven&rsquo s passion and professionalism have won him a litany of awards, honors and posts. Among them:

Our offense was nicely balanced. Mick Doherty and Ron Tocchini were a running tandem that pounded defenses until they broke, and Ron Calcagno at quarterback could air out 85- and 95-yard passes to a talented corps of receivers, including Pete Ackenheil, who doubled as kicker of field goals, PATs (points after touchdown) and booming kickoffs. It was a team deep in athletic talent on which every player had honed his skills to fill a need.

Bishop Carlos Sevilla, whose parents immigrated to San Francisco from Colima, Mexico, near Guadalajara, is the only SI grad to be named a bishop. (Msgr. Eugene Fahy &rsquo 79, who died in 6996, was granted many of the powers of a bishop in 6956 for his missionary work in China, though he was never granted the title of bishop given the Church structures there at the time.) He entered the Society of Jesus after graduating from SI and was ordained a priest in 6966. His appointment came Dec. 6, 6988 as auxiliary bishop of San Francisco, and on Dec. 86, 6996, Pope John Paul II named him Bishop of Yakima in Washington State.

Because of the lack of facilities, we had to take physics during the upperclass lunch period and had lunch with the lowerclassmen. We never ate anything. About 65 of us would make a mad dash to the basketball courts outside the chapel, to the one good basketball court. The first 65 guys that made a basket got to play, and we&rsquo d play the entire lunch period. We spilled a little blood on occasion: It was like the SH game every lunch period. With all I was doing, I felt life was flying by and just wanted to savor every minute. It was also a great way to relieve stress.

I 8767 ve read some stories that made me laugh. I 8767 ve read some that made me jealous because the author 8767 s get to talk to their man a lot more than me. But overall this website it great. It 8767 s encouraging and full of love. I never knew how much it would hurt to not hear my man 8767 s voice. I 8767 m his main priority, besides his son who is too to call ha, so I know every free second would go to me first. But he hasn 8767 t had many of those. I 8767 m fine being alone and having more free time to do the things I like. But I am so in love with this man. He is the only person on this earth who can make me feel. I just can 8767 t wait until I get him back.
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Dan Flynn &rsquo 57, who served as editor of Inside SI in his senior year, now teaches ESL in Belgium. Looking back on his days at SI, he sees several problems with the way he was taught and with what he was taught. Michael Corrigan &rsquo 65, the author of Confessions of a Shanty Irishman and The Irish Connection and Other Stories , also found SI at times to be an oppressive place.

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