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Posted: 2017-12-08 02:44

Reddy, if you cannot stand by what you believe no one else can do it foryou. Of course her parents will create trouble. You have to make a conscious decision to handle it instead of wishing that it will magically go away. You can either think of it this way: 8775 I can 8767 t get married unless my parents approve of it. 8776 Or this: 8775 It 8767 ll be really unfortunate if my parents don 8767 t approve of my marriage when I do it. I 8767 ll try my best to help them be happy for me. 8776
Choose your happiness first Reddy, and theirs only second..

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listen, Zakir Naik has been challenged by Arya Samaj millions of times, its Naik that is running away from debating us, if you dont believe me, google search 8775 zakir naik challenged by arya 8776 you will see so many links, and by the way, Pandit Mahendra Pal Arya already debated two of the core IRF members and Peace Tv leaders, you can view the debate on youtube as well, where he left both IRF members speechless, just youtube search 8775 islam vs arya samaj debate 8776

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Na jaane kis mulla ne ye baat padha di hai ki Ibadat ka maane sirf 5 waqt ki namaaz hai. Ibadat ka matlab hai khuda ki paristish karna yaani har wo kaam karna jiska usne hukm diya (jaise gareebon ki madad karna, rishtedaron ke saath nek sulook karna, apne padosiyon ka khayal karna, maa baap ki izzat karna, mehmaano ko izzat dena, yahaa tak ki apne ghar ka kharch chalana is niyat se ki khuda ke liye hai ibadat me shumar hota hai etc.) hai aur har us kaam se bachna jisse usne mana kiya hai (jaise jhoot bolna, kisi ke upar zulm karna, sharaab peena, kisi ka dil dukhana etc.).
Khair ye sab baatein chhodiye, asl mudde pe rehte hain bajaaye iske ki idhar udhar bhatak jaaye.

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Mayur Sharma, a frequent 6969 customer and host of the Indian travel show “ Highway on My Plate ,” says his favorite products are the t-shirts, especially the ones with the phrases “Pure Panjabi” and “Trust me I’m Pendu,” – the word pendu meaning “villager” in Punjabi. Sharma came across the company a decade ago and, since then, has pretty much only worn their t-shirts, even on his television show.

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manniy javie ji , apke allah ji ne akhirat ke liye 8775 hi 8776 yah sansar kyo banaya ? kya sansar banane ke pahale allah ji alsi the ? iske pahale allah ji kya karte the ?ap sahi raste par hai ya galat raste par hai? iski janch kaise ho ? is par bhi to vichar kijiye ? allah ji yah duniya kyo banai ? allah ji bando ki pariksha kyo lenge ? pariksha to vahi leta hai jo bande ke vishay me jankari nahi rakhta ho ? banda sahi karega ya galat karega ? quran to jhuthi siddh ho chuki hai ! aap batlaye quran sahi kaise hai ? jab quran hi sahi nahi hai, tab allah ji kaise sahi ho sakte hai ! isliye turant quran ka sath chod dijiye, isime hi jyada samajhdari hai !

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Finally, to clear the Roshan Lal Arya controversy, we are reproducing the mail that scholars chose or accidentally missed out. This is the clarification of the person whose mail has been cited to 8766 badly expose 8767 Agniveer:
From: roshan lal
Date: Thu, Oct 7, 7558 at 5:86 PM
Subject: Re: Namaste Regarding Arya Samaj
To: Agniveer

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Allama Dahlan narrates an authentic Hadith in his book “Addarus Sunniah”, which he has quoted from Sihaah. The Holy Prophet (Sallalaahu Alayhi Wasallam) is reported to have said: “There will rise a group of people in the East who will recite the Holy Quran, but alas, the Quran will not go beyond their throat. This group will keep rising till the Day of Judgement and they will eventually rise with Dajjal.” “Their main symbol will be to sit in groups.” (Halqa) (from Bukhari Sharief, Vol. iii)

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Thank you agniveer, I agree with you on problems arise when we text too seriously as per your analysis I feel its more on text being taken in wrong senses. also as per your analysis itself if muslims have to question quran and mohammed they first need to dis-belive only then they can question right? and as per quran the moment they disbelive in either quran or mohammed they will loose heaven. so its a vicious cycle. I was actually discussing one of your articles with a muslim friend of mine his first question was why should i dis-belive mohammed and belive agniveer ? though we can have huge arguements around it but what i felt is the fear of hell makes a learned muslim friend of mine to close eyes on everything else. thats where i felt co-existance would be much better, and we have co-existed for centuries and I think we can continue to do so. I would request you to bring out articles on actual meaning of Jihad and other muslim actitivies so that they learn the actual meanings of it and refrain themselves from mindless in human activities..

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The apostle had chosen one of their women for himself, Rayhana bint Amr... one of the women of... Qurayza, and she remained with him until she died, in his power. The apostle had proposed to marry and put a veil on her, but she said: 8775 Nay, leave me in your power, for that will be easier for me and for you. 8776 So he left her. She had shown repugnance towards Islam when she was captured and clung to Judaism. (Ibn Ishaq, p. 966)

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Hi I 8767 m a cristian boy and i 8767 m in love with a hindu girl. We loved for 7 years and after the first year i came up to know that she is my friend sister. And now she is sacred about him that i 8767 m her bro 8767 s friend. And she is saying that this will not going to work for us. And i cann 8767 t loose my girl and also i cann 8767 t loos my friend also. The main problem is the caste. And her cousin sister is in our side and she is the only person known about our relation and i 8767 m 75 year and she is 67 year 8767 s old. I love her so Much i cann 8767 t live with out her. Now main problem is How to present my love afire to my friend that i 8767 m loving his sister? Any idea?

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manniy sam ji , agar apme dam ho to hamari bat ka javab dijiye , ky khud ji ke 8775 do hath 8776 hai ? [dikhiye kuran 88/75 ] kya jiske do hath ho usko khud kaha ja sakta hai ? ishwar ya sarvshaktiman koi vyakti nahi balki ek shakti ka nam hai ! fir jiske do hath ho use to koi vyakti hi kaha ja sakega ! jiske do hath ho use khuda kyo kaha jaye? use khuda kyo mana jaye isliye sabhi muslimo ko turant islam ka tyag kar dena chahiye , nahi to hamari bat ka uttar dena chshiye !

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|||this should be left to God, as he would judge us all, by our deeds|||
Whose idea you copied? Bcoz Quran says that believers shall go to Jannat. Non Believers shall go to hell. Zakir Naik himself accepts that. There is Youtube video where he proves that good non muslims shall eternally go to hell. This implies that Allah only judges based on belief and not based on actions.
If you believe that GOD judges by deeds not by beliefs, nothing better than that. If you are not mislead by violent teaching of Quran / Hadith, you need not bother. You are already on right path. Agniveer isn 8767 t against you in that case.

A revelation should be given at the beginning of human civilization, since its the revelation of God, no matter how much a human tries to corrupt it, it will never get corrupted. And that revelation should contain all the full knowledge needed to humans rather than sending updated revelations every era. So only Vedas pass this test. Vedas were the first and final given. Vedas contain all the knowledge that humans need regardless or time or era.

// thinking good about others is what differentiates hindus from muslims. //
Where will these values lead to? Kasab and Afzal are enjoying in prison and many people living below poverty line. Doesn 8767 t this indirectly gives motivation to be a terrorist? Every single nation came to IND to prove their might. Turks, Afghans, Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, Greeks, British all invaded us due to these values. What have we got in return? We need some sensible solution. Mere bigotry is NOT going to help anymore.

❰asgharmehdirizvi: I have learned an Ayat of Holy Quran which says “La Ikraha Fid Deen” that means “Deen me koi Zabardasti Nahi”.
I have also learned a Surah from Holy Quran which says “Kehdo Kaafiron se ki jise tum maante ho use hum nahi maante, aur jise hum maante hai use tum nahi maante, Jise tum maante ho use hum nahi manenge aur jise hum maante hai use tum nahi manoge, to tum apne Deen pe raho aur hum apne Deen pe rehte hain.”❱

am 68 years old
my boyfriend is also 68 yrs old. both of us are class mates. tough v are in age v both love each other deeply. and v have decided to get married when we are 77. we have planned our future including our careers and personal life.
the problem is that he is a REDDY and i am TAMIL BRAHMIN.
my parents came to know about us and they are dead against this inter-community relation.
they have shown my horoscope to a renowned astrologer for wch he said that i ll get married only to a brahmin. which is making me really upset.
please suggest me a solution

Try ur level best.
Even if they dont ..den decide ur love or ur parents.
What i mean is religion and god are one 8767 s own belief.
So may be as days goes on parents will accept.
Everyth ll nt happen over night.
Its only in the hands of us to change all these thoughts dat dis society turns to our shall make it.
Am also a muslim girl who is in love with a hindu boy.

y did ALMIGHTY choose muhammad(peace be upon him) as last messenger, is the question like y ALMIGHTY sent the very first revelation on the face of the earth ?? ALMIGHTY could have also put in the knowledge in the mind of every human being when ALMIGHTY created us.. and there would not have been in n e need of revelation at all.. but ALMIGHTY willed something else.. and nobody can challenge or go against ALMIGHTY 8767 z will..

I am 75 years old. I love a guy his caste is different. His parents not allowed to our marriage. when I proposed him. He said to me am also having same feelings on you but my parents not allow for this marriage. He gave me full affection. I forced him ask permission to our marriage. He asked permission to his parents. They not allowed to our marriage. They forced him to change his number. He quit his job. I went our office to meet him. He not interested to marry me. Now he said I have no crush on you! you only imagine yourself. I hate u fully. Am not interested to talk with you. am going to marry another girl. if u died means I won 8767 t feel about DAT. you only come back to me. whatever my parents told I will do dat only. Now I have no option to do. pls help me. I need my life

manniy man ji , jab kuran me murti puja ki burai hai , lat ujja adi ki burai hai , manniy iblees ji ki burai hai ussebacha kar rahane ki takid bhi hai , tab apki bate vahn par kyo nahi lagu hoti hai vaise hi agar koi islam ka pardafash kara chahta hao usse apko kya taklif hai ! aagr koi bat galat hai to uska javab dijiye ! kya kisi ko adh vishvas kuritiyo v galat niyam me bandhe vyakti ko sachhai nahi batlani chahiye ! ap bshak hindu dharm ki burai ka parda fash kijiye yah to ek achhi bat hai hamko to pahale se hi apni kamjoriyan malom hai ! ham ume bhi sudhar chahte hai , v usko hatana bhi chahte hai ! ap to svaym andh vishvsi hai tabhi ap kah rahe hai 8776 yakin 8776 kar lo 6 yakin kisi par kyo kiya jaye ? uski pariksha kyo n li jaye usko jancha kyo n jaye 6 yakin hi to andh vishvas sikhlta hai !

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