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Another thing about science, its all right, even encouraged to say I don t know what causes this. Having to have an explanation for everything is the province of religion. So its totally ok to say sexual attraction is based on a bunch of factors that are way too messy for me to break down into a simple explanation. Science isn t about believing the explanation with greatest truthiness but eliminating all of the ones that sound good until you re only left with the one that works.

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Yes, there are body types we all enjoy looking at. But appreciating them doesn 8767 t mean that this is the  only type that we want. It 8767 s possible to enjoy staring at Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy and still prefer Chris Pratt in Parks and Rec.  And yes, there will always be shallow people who insist that physical beauty is the only thing that matters. We call these people assholes. And why would you want to date an asshole in the first place?

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I m on your side in this, I think. I don t necessarily fault DNL for posting the pic, particularly since he was pulling it directly from Alexander s post, but I think that the defense has that kind of edge we see from the GamerGate community. Just because you like a blog and I like Doctor NerdLove! doesn t mean it doesn t sometimes post problematic stuff. I don t think he s a bad guy for posting the pic, and I don t think he meant anything bad by it. But I do think it s part of a problematic trend, and if it had been done in a different direction (targeting, say, a female cosplayer and labeling her with a stereotype) it would read as wrong to a lot more people.

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At one point during my grandfather s military career, the commanding officer of his base decided that every man under his command should weigh in at 685 pounds or less, period. My grandfather was one of two soldiers who didn t fit that standard. He s a stocky, pear-shaped teddy-bear type, who never had defined abdominal muscles in his life, despite a lifetime of hard labor. (Of course I m the only one in three generations of the family to inherit THOSE genes.)

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He is a succesful businessman, who runs a large electrical cable distributors. I met him at his warehouse in Leyton, a short drive from Stamford Hill. Lobenstein founded the business 66 years ago with his father, and now runs it with two of his sons. He has eight children. ''It x7569 s part of our religion not to count grandchildren. But I can tell you I have enough to man a number of football teams. x7569 He paused. ''Actually I x7569 ve lost count. x7569

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Because of the size of families, and the emphasis put on continued religious studies, poverty is a real problem in the community. A 7556 study of the Stamford Hill community, Between Torah Learning and Wage Earning, published by the Floersheimer Institute for Policy Studies in Jerusalem, estimated that more than half the households below retirement age were receiving a means tested benefit of some sort, 67 per cent of families in the study were receiving child benefits, and 75 per cent receiving housing benefits. Of those, 75 per cent reported finding it ''difficult x7569 or ''very difficult x7569 to fund the gap between housing benefits and real rent levels.

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The HOLY COW is definitely more common in superhero movies, but dudes are superheroes. It s more insidious when it s not a superhero movie and yet the men are still perfect. Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love. He s not a superhero, he s supposed to be a regular (insanely hot, but not Norse God or juiced up on supersoldier serum) guy. Emma Stone s character even points it out.

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We talked about the dilemma facing Stamford Hill - the rapid growth of population, the rising rents, the overcrowding. For some years there had been a running battle with the local Hackney Council, he said, which has placed stringent limits on roof extensions. ''In my years as a councillor I have met hundreds and hundreds of residents of this borough who have complained about the state of the road, the cleanliness, all sorts of things. Not a single person has complained to me that there are too many roof extensions. Some people in our community feel that some people in power don x7569 t want to oblige us. x7569 His silence implied a multitude of agendas. ''It makes people feel uncomfortable, x7569 he said at last.

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We ve dealt with the no harm can possibly be done by sharing pictures argument.
We ve dealt with the Possibly the doctor knows the guy in the picture and knows he s okay with it The edited picture comes from a blog unrelated to the doc.
And we ve dealt with the It s of utmost importance to share it , since the doctor could easily change the picture to another relevant one.

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Also a 85 year old who we re supposed to believe is a world-class scientist. I spend a lot of time around world-class scientist ladies by some definitions of world-class I would even be one myself, though give me a few more years before I m ready to own that title and she is hilariously unbelievable and implausible. There are even ways to justify her waiting around for Thor within that paradigm ( I don t have time for love unless it s also helping my research! she ended up marrying a professor in a related field) but not when she s so badly written and even worse acted.

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''I had walked in late and donned my prayer shawl and tefilin in an anteroom. As I was wrapping myself in my prayer shawl I accidentally jabbed the guy standing near me. This is a guy who though I see him regularly in the morning I have never exchanged a word with. While unwrapping myself I said x756c sorry x756d to him. He bent forward and said with a smile, x756c We Hasidim don x7569 t say ''sorry x7569 , we serve a jab in return x756d . x7569

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I was commenting Doctors old wives tales about how you need to lift for 67 hours a day and eat a whole chicken every two minutes to be muscular, something that s not true. An average Joe can build a body that is seen attractive on societys standarts, whatever that even means, with much less effort. I never claimed any sort of superiority or bragged. It just the whining about impossible body standarts that I don t get, my point being that if you aren t wiling or able to meet the standarts, then don t, and that s completely fine in my books. Do something that you enjoy instead. Just don t complain and claim something is unrealistic when it isn t.

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Additionally, I won t speak for you, but being involved in nerd-plus-fitness groups myself, I think there is some pretty heavy selection bias behind the idea that these physiques aren t at the very least difficult to attain. I do many of the things that are supposed to lead to that wonderful physique, and yet I am still just as pudgy as I always have been. Heck, even more so. since I started lifting* 6 months ago, I ve *gained* weight and inches, despite there not being a substantial change to my diet. Years ago, I did substantial weight lifting/exercise alongside Paleo AND calorie-counting, and still didn t lose any weight.

Let s say that I discover that people who eat three green apples every day live on average 65 years longer. What I could conclude is that eating green apples prolongs life. But what I might also discover is that it has nothing to do with apples at all. But rather it has to do with the kinds of people who eat three green apples a day. Such people are also the kinds of people to workout more often, eat healthier in general, visit the doctor regularly etc.

That word spornosexual that s used in those articles that Doc Nerd Love linked is kind of obnoxious, but it signifies and describes something really important about hypermasculinity, and what it means to try to embody it. I don t remember where I read this, but a really elegant (if vulgar) writer somewhere on the internet described a hypermasculine man as somebody who fucks things (sexual desire and dominance and aggression, which is depicted in most boilerplate straight porn), and fucks things up (socially acceptable forms of violence and destruction, of which sports is a major venue for). That&rsquo s why they didn&rsquo t just shoop Beiber&rsquo s biceps, but also his genitals.

Presumably because they wanted their members to mix and mingle more. But I do feel there s a certain extent to which people don t want to. On a moral front, I m never even going to think about meeting a guy who doesn t get the no means no question right or who is a creationist. On a lifestyle one, even an amazing profile isn t going to interest me in dating someone who has a child.

The objectification of men has followed the same path as the objectification of women. The 8775 ideal 8776 female body is a study in contradictions athletic yet still soft, petite yet still curvy, thin (thigh gap, yo) yet still busty. And most importantly it 8767 s supposed to look effortless. The work that women are expected to put in to chasing the ideal is expected to be invisible. The 8775 cool girl 8776 rant from  Gone Girl captures the dichotomy perfectly they should be drinking beer and eating steaks yet look like they exist exclusively on salad.

What is this idea of a natural that you keep throwing out? I mean, if what you re saying is that there is a small part of the population that takes to body building naturally, and gets results with minimal effort, then sure, I think we ll believe you. But that also implies that at least some of the population is made up of not-naturals , and for those people, it WON T be as easy.

Lobenstein is 88 but he still comes to work each day, after morning prayers, and studies the Torah each evening. ''The Torah is, or ought be, a lifestyle for every Jewish person. There are some people who don x7569 t observe some of these laws. x7569 He shrugged. ''That x7569 s a great pity. A person who lives by the Torah is a happy person, and a group of happy people are by definition a happy community. x7569

This is something I first really noticed when I watched the newer X-men movies (see the before and after pictures of Hugh Jackman in doc s Invisible Men article) and it makes me cringe for more than one reason. First, it s bullshit and seeing psychological issues rise up because madison avenue and hollywood want to make a buck makes me nauseous, and second, I actually like some of these actors and what they re doing to themselves (even with nutritionists and doctors on standby) can only be shortening their careers. I don t care what kind of shape you re in, those veins just aren t natural hugh, THINK OF YOUR CIRCULATORY SYSTEM FOR FUCK S SAKE. I CAN HEAR IT SCREAMING FROM HERE.