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i don''t get it why some people say the writer change the husband because Bo Gum more popular. we can see that the future husband smoke, couldn''t open the biscuit tin, and future deok son say that the day she and taek take a picture in china was one of her husband best day. the writer just trying to confuse us with all those JH DS moment. and it works. ( i''m not teamtaek, i like sun woo - bora couple more).

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just don t lose hope all you TeamJungHwan guys, i just feel that his love is eternal and it will never die. i even have a little hope that DS likes JH from way before. because if you remember correctly, she wrote in her diary that she was in love way before she found out SW liked her. and then later she fell for SW. i m sure whoever is the future husband was supposed to get that chocolate but never did because it reached the wrong bag. and that s the clue. if it is JH name that she has written in her diary then, we already know it is JH (who will also be her first love). that chocolate, the first hint to the husband is going to also be the last hint that s going to tie the whole thing together.

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I googled this and saw 7 things. 6. He was mad at one of her co-stars because she wore a white movie wig, but wouldn 8767 t put on the Elsa dress. He thought she was Elsa by the hair. Article said he loved all things Frozen. saw another pic on another occasion of him out wearing this same Elsa wig. I guess he really likes Elsa. I don 8767 t know what else to say. He 8767 s 5. This time next year he might go everywhere wearing a Spiderman costume.

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tran Sep 77 7567 7:58 am I think I''ll drop this one, the first few episodes got me interested because i like the main girl, how she''s determined and strong, i admire her, but not lately, she gave up too early, and i feel like the lead guy was miscast and his character is nothing interesting, doesn''t look or talk smart, no connection between the leads, can''t imagine seeing them lovey dovey in the future. Go watch Man Who Sets The Table and see the difference.

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Blacks are intimidated by y 8767 all white people, LOL get the fuk out of here with that shiit! Y 8767 all white people are in fear of us Especially in the career field and any other thing that U white people don’t think that we are smart enough and skilled enough to do better than you! A lot of y’all white people mimic the black people in so many ways. And on that note, before you say we are intimidated by your people, I want you to really think about how much we as black people contribute to this world, especially back in the day when your ancestors did not cook or clean their own homes and tend to their own crop and fields, they had black people doing it for them and as well as your founding fathers fuking black women so if anyone is intimated, it’s you closet racist white people!

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ahnyoona Nov 68 7567 8:69 am of course jian too would be miserable. She hanging on there with all those lies for a long time. She getting stressed out of lying because she afraid of what will happen to her family and also haesong family. Hating her mother while feeling guilty towards her father, self blaming as she go for haesong''s money, she feel ashamed to go to both family. Working hardly focus to the success of the event, with a very less sleep, facing all the people with lies while she refuse to. And while all the things she had done success, she never thinks that jisoo''s real father will know the truth before she revealed it. You see, pretending and being patient always had a limit, and like jisoo getting mad, this event makes jian reach beyond to her limit..

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Eva Galo Sep 66 7567 65:98 am Wether or not she''s the real daughter, I do not care. What I care about was the way she was treated by the so called rich people who treated her like dirt because she was "poor". She will in future be able to emphatise with the so called lower class employees and get her own back to those who trampled her and treated her like a beggar. It angers me every time a Korean employee has to kneel down for apology just like that horrible daughter of Korean Airline Chaebol.

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I''m sorry to all of you Jongpal fans but look at it from dukseon''s point of view I dont know if any of you remember when she asked Dong yeol (episode 69 i think?) why nobody liked her and he replied that she doesn''t have to be liked that she should like someone herself. In my honest opinion the reason why she started to notice Jongpal''s intentions toward her is because like Sun Woo she thought that he liked her due to her friends and wanting to be noticed (And i know unlike sunwoo jongpal likes her) BUT with Taek she was always more honest and giving and although some of you see it as treating him like a child I think its just her way of exemplifying her feelings toward him slowly but surely like Sunwoo''s eumma towards Taek''s abonim :D. Lastly I loved every second of this drama! even if Taek hadn''t ended with Dokseon I would still love it because of all the true laughs it brought to my heart and soul.

I 8767 m sorry that you were raised without a healthy moral compass. The only reason you are on the attack with those of us who don 8767 t agree with this retarded broad is because your judgement is flawed. She chose a black child to do this to because she felt that she could get away with it. He 8767 s a walking sacrifice to that which she serves she knows it though. Charlize knows exactly what she is doing. She 8767 s done much more than this and has gotten away with it.

overall ji soo has always been happy doing what she likes and being with her family and I guess ji an was kind of like a role model to her. and to see that same person betray you is never nice. and those of you saying she''s blinded by money, she is not, because like she''s been saying from the start she has no interest in money, that''s why she''s fine being a part time/apprentice, that''s why she does what she loves. she has never been greedy for anything and she seems like the only one who isn''t worrying about not having money or saving up.

According to ZeroFOX, two out of five of the domains tweeted by the SIREN botnet are associated with a company called Deniro Marketing. Deniro Marketing was identified earlier this year by noted security researcher Brian Krebs as being tied to a “ porn-pimping spam botnet.” (Krebs also filed a report Monday regarding ZeroFOX’s discovery.) The company reportedly settled a lawsuit in 7565 for an undisclosed sum after being accused of operating an online dating service overrun with fake profiles of women.

Kori_78 Nov 56 7567 6:75 pm JiAn & DoKyung first kiss was awkward! Their is NO love Connection. I don''t think they make a good match. I''m sorry to say Shin Hye-Sun isn''t a very good actress. I hate it when she''s reading her lines like she''s blind. Look people in the eyes when you are talking to them. ughhhhhhhh it''s driving me crazy. Am I the only one who thinks DoKyung shouldn''t be soft on JiAn. JiAn mom not only took EunSeok as a toddler but she also stole her again the 7nd time when she lied to EunSeok mother. I am so happy to see Park SiHoo back. I''m a huge fan.

George Nov 56 7567 7:99 am I really feel for Ji Soo. I mean she does have to know the truth. Maybe they just neglected her because of the fact that she only wants to live a simple life. And she doesn''t have a big goal to be boast of. I feel so sorry for her because she thinks that she felt betrayed. The most heartbreaking part is when she heard her fake father talking to someone on the phone asking where is her real daughter. The confrontations on this part torn me into pieces. I just loved how Seo Eun Soo cries while delivering her piece. I hope she will not play villain in this drama. I mean the root of this problems is the fake mother. Leave it to the adults.

Kori_78 Nov 56 7567 9:56 pm JiAn''s breakdown is ridiculous. She isn''t the one who should be acting like that. JiSoo was betrayed not once but twice. JiAn knew for weeks the Truth but she kept living her wealthy lifestyle. I didn''t buy into the fact that she felt guilty. Sorry I can''t wait for her downfall. I wish DoKyung didn''t develop feelings for her. He is way to good for her. I hope Hyuk see''s the real JiAn greedy like her mother. I hope JiAn & her mother suffer. JiSoo belongs with her real family. Not even JiAn could ever take her place.

I will always and forever be team Jung Pal/ Hwan, I just can''t fall for anyone else. He''s so perfect, I wish I could have him. I''ve watched this drama for the fifth time, everytime I started with it I told myself, "I''ll watch it without any bias and understand why people love Taek." But everytime I watch the very first time JH punched that upperclassman for SW, I fall in love! And everytime I watch it, I don''t understand what people find in Taek? I''m not starting a fight, I just want to understand that DS could have been caring towards any of the four guys she grew up with, and she could end up with them. The point I''m trying to make is that everyone, and I mean everyone in that neighbourhood were very considerate towards Taek, so what was special? Whereas JH''s action was always special or rather exclusive towards DS.

This ho needs 8775 honor-killing 8776 Often when actresses break into the “big time”, they will make a film, which eludes to their Satanic covenant. Charlize Theron’s break through role came opposite Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino in THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, which features a scene of a seemingly demonically possessed and self-mutilated Charlize, naked in a church. https:///images/

Nara Sep 65 7567 8:88 pm I mean I keep getting the feeling that Jian is not the lost child but Jiso is, the way the mom spoke up her name was like trying to protect Jiso and she obviously favorite Jiso maybe bc she remember her dead child in her, she told the lady that the lost child is Jian bc maybe she can''t lose jiso and Jian is gonna have a better life with the rich family too, so for the mother it''s better than taking away her favorite daughter. Well I don''t know anymore

A 5 year old cannot identify with being a transgender. They don 8767 t even know what functions their sex organs have other than urination. The fact that grown ass people are saying this is ok is so sad. You can try and emasculate Blacc men all you want they fear blacc no matter if he 8767 s gay, straight, or in between. That dress won 8767 t stop a cops bullet. And why did she have to go get blacc children to destroy mentally?? Mess up ur own kind.

I swear, me and coworker JUST had this convo yesterday. she was telling how her 8766 best 8767 friend wouldn 8767 t take no for an answer when she begged off being in bff 8767 s wedding. coworker had just lost her husband within 6 mos of bff 8767 s wedding. she told this lady she wsn 8767 t up to it, but this selfish heffa (my characterization) wouldn 8767 t take no for an answer and 8766 reminded 8767 coworker that she had been in HER wedding and that coworker had promised to return the favor. I told her that ALL OBLIGATIONS go out the window when your muhfug 8767 n husband dies! You only obligated to those two little babies you left with, and everybody else will deal (s/o Keya)!!!!!