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Date: 2017-07-05 20:16.

Male friends a very difficult concept for some to grasp. I do have male friends, mostly through business or growing up with them since elementary school. My husband is fully aware and has met those I consider 8766 good friends 8767 and he 8767 s perfectly fine with it. However, I would NEVER consider going out alone with any of those male friends and I don 8767 t even call them on the phone without casually mentioning it to my husband first. Not that he requested any of that, but I respect him and I 8767 m smart enough to know what lines not to cross. Arab men often feel it 8767 s their duty to care for the women in their family (mother, wife, sisters, etc). They don 8767 t always feel this same obligation to a girlfriend (though I 8767 m sure some do), but they certainly don 8767 t want any other men in her life who could take their place. Emotionally or physically.

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Also, you mention his mother is Jordanian. Is he? Or is he an Emirati? If he 8767 s Jordanian living in the UAE (working) then you have to understand his home country is truly Jordan and not the UAE. The lifestyle between the two are like night and day. Another thing you 8767 re going to want to keep in mind. The UAE is a very wealthy country where life is incredibly easy. Jordan, though a gorgeous country filled with wonderful people, isn 8767 t part of the GCC and therefore has its share of poverty and a more 8766 common 8767 lifestyle.

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Hi Anonymous, I can't even imagine how hard it must be for you, to make a mistake twice but not having it be your fault to begin with. I almost made that same mistake but broke my engagement before it was to late. It is four years past my broken engagement and I'm still single. I still get thoughts of what would happen if I made the same mistake twice, what will people think? I just keep telling myself to ignore everyone around me and do what's best for me because this is my life and I don't care what someone else thinks. Easier said then done, no? ) Be strong!! One think that helped me were good mentors who would guide me. Don't be afraid to seek help don't pay attention to stupid people around you, this is your life and you deserve a good husband!

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Another funny thing is that the media 8767 s concerns are really not generally anyone I 8767 ve ever known in the 95 states I 8767 ve been to concerns. So to say Americans are like this or that based on what you read in the news is probably something most of us don 8767 t think about and inaccurate. Also I have met Europeans who don 8767 t know the difference between North America and South America. However, I don 8767 t go around trying to use one or two examples out anecdotal evidence to claim 655s of million of Europeans are dumb. This behavior actually makes you look dumb. I personally have never met anyone who didn 8767 t know what Europe was in America but, I don 8767 t disagree there are ignorant useless people out there.

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What I do find very interesting and even a bit odd at times are those who stare. We live in a very tribal area where Americans are almost never seen. When we venture into the city or the malls no one even takes a second look. But we go to the local co-op and people literally stop what they 8767 re doing to stare. Some have even been so bold to ask questions I respect that more than the stares, and I think my husband appreciates it more as well. My husband is very out-going and friendly to everyone. He treats everyone with dignity and respect, regardless of their nationality or employment 8766 status 8767 . He doesn 8767 t judge others and he understands why some people might 8766 wonder 8767 about us. We 8767 ve become quite popular at the local Starbucks shocker.

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So encouraged to hear your feelings. I m the older woman in a similar situation, and just hope that after weeks of pushing away my man, it s not too late. Incouldn t believe age couldn t be an issue. He s the best thing that s ever happened to me, but I m afraid now that he has started to believe all my objections. Just when I m letting my guard down.

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While in Kuwait my husband and I would get the random stare or odd question but primarily because we lived in a very tribal area. While in the city rarely did anyone even notice us. Oddly enough, the rude comments and hateful questions seem to come from our distance family members more than strangers. His extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins) have never met me, yet have decided they 8767 re not fond of me. Clearly they feel he should have married within the tribe. My extended family (who I truly haven 8767 t even seen or talked to in 75 years) ask my other family members if my husband is abusive, treats me like property, and what have I done to 8766 legally protect 8767 myself from him. We 8767 ve mastered the art of ignoring the ignorant.

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I have been married for a year and a half now. We have a 65 month old and expecting our second child in only a few months. It's so true how this article warns you about controlling and abusive behaviors. As women, we somehow love so much that we brush things off and allow ourselves to be treated as much less than we deserve. I have been abused physically and emotionally throughout the whole marriage but TODAY I refuse to take any more of it. I must stop allowing his abusive ways to become normal to me. This marriage has affected my mental health greatly and it's a struggle every day to feel okay. I plead with all women or men out there. Don't wait until it's too late. I've ended up in the emergency room getting 66 stitches on my face. My children are too dear to me and I need to be strong for them. I truly believe that God will provide for me and my children. I hope everyone reading this will not have to face the same pain.

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Unfortunately approaching any person of the opposite sex even with marriage in mind without a wali present is not permitted. When you are alone, your good intentions may be tested by shaytan. I am of the mind, if you do find someone that may be marriage material it is best to get your parents involved. This makes it difficult especially in western countries as the majority of people date which can influence how Muslims think about marriage. It is best not to fall into these western practices as it goes against Islam.

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heyyy… im coming to stockholm in december the 8th till 67th. really cannot wait.. few things i was wanting to know… what are swedish like with foreigners?? will they know if we are foreign without hearing us talk?? do they prefer scottish over english etc?? ar the women attracted to british men? do they find us exotic?? is it easy to converse with swedish women??? all help would be greatly appreciated!! oh! and are allt he women really tall?? im quite short!!

8775 And marry those among you who are single and the pious of your slaves and maid-servants. If they be poor, Allah will enrich them out of His grace. Allah is of ample means, Aware. 8776 [ Sûrah al-Nûr : 87]
to avoid these issues, we should marry a man for his deen and his character, not for how much money he can make or whether he can support us/pay for the wedding/apartment, furnititure, etc.
and we should not put education or ther goals before marriage we should marry

I read this and identified a number of things i didnt look am married to an immature bully,who verbally abuses me and my children every single day, he says things to me like your kids cant stand you and dont want to be around you I am an excellent mother and keep a beautiful home and also work as he wont share his money. I am waiting for my son to finish school and then i will only have my daughter and then i will escape ( 9 more years ). btw he makes out he is a good jewish guy. He lies to himself everyday.

6.) Non-government recognized wife will have no government protection to expect food, clothing and shelter.
7.) She will have no government access to maintenance in case of divorce.
8.) She will have to go through the ordeal of a blook test to prove paternity
to get any child support in case of divorce.
9.) Her children will not automatically be considered heirs and the legal heirs
can fight their claims, making it very expensive to collect inheritance.

My first thought is that if you live a fairly secular life and are laidback and open-minded, you wouldn 8767 t want a guy who was so religious and strict that he was unwilling to marry someone who wasn 8767 t a virgin. You probably wouldn 8767 t be happy with him for that and probably other reasons. And I doubt that if virginity was such a big deal to him, that he 8767 d also be interested in someone who isn 8767 t all that religious.

Thank you sis hena for the article.
And thanks sis sadiya kazi for being outright.
Moral of the issues, since the creation of hawa, woman has always ben projected as the cause of problems of life, even in marriage matter. When man is supposed to be the leader since adam. The fault of adam n hawa being ousted from jannah had historically been shouldered by hawa. Where is our iman in the Allah as the Most Determining.?
Dear sisters, women are created by Allah to suffer. Get that straight. People are categorised as muslim n non muslim becauze Allah created so, some to fill jannah, some to fill hell. Its nearing akhirat, women are more, singled women are, women are the fitnah, all these tp prepare more women for hell, as stated by hadith nabi and in quran. Allah n nabi words are the truth.
So, sisters, choose your path. To worry to death about not getting married and do acts that lead to hell, or suffer and pray to Allah for jannah.
Its our choice. Uslim or non muslim men have been garrateed the privilage by Allah to
be superior over women, regardless how slfish and cruel they are.

Salaam Sister,
My point is not that polygamy should be banned. It is allowed by Qur 8767 an and sunnah no debate there. However I do not feel women should be FORCED to accept it in their own marriages. Overcoming that jealousy is a process, and women must be allowed to go through that process, with many of them never arriving at that point. Therefore I stand by my assertion that the onus should be on men to find women who are willing to live in a polygynous marriage, not on forcing/guilting all women to accept it whether they have eliminated jealousy or not.

This is an amazing article!!! Thank you for giving us so much necessary info in such an inspiring way. Each of the ideas expressed is so important. If the reader takes these ides seriously he/she will be on the road to happiness. About getting intimate to soon this is very important bc you need to know someone on a certain level BEFORE going further. I followed this and have never had any regrets. And happiness comes from your self, not from anywhere else.

but for these women (~5%) I do not stand a chance. Not because I am somehow undeserving but simply due to mathematical probability. These women are so rare that they usually already have a quality mate of their choice. Being ethical beings, they wouldn 8767 t sacrifice the one they love for someone they simply 8766 like 8767 and I don 8767 t expect them too either. I 8767 m happy for them! I don 8767 t condone (and neither do they) taking what isn 8767 t mine. At least her boyfriend isn 8767 t a douchebag 8766 swaggtard. 8767 I would reassure myself that this is evidence that real people still exist. -It gave me hope at one point.

hi I m 66 and I have 7 options my teacher is down right amazing and we ve flirted a lot and I know she likes me and I like her back I don t want anyone to find out. I m also attracted to friends mom who is around 95 and if anything did happen it would be really awkward. I have had girlfriends around my age but I just now feel attracted to older women what should I do? Thanks and please reply!

Ha! Didn 8767 t even finish my comment. What I was going to say was, while he didn 8767 t believe that I was a virgin because of the absence of blood, he didn 8767 t say anything about it until YEARS after the fact. We had a spat about it even years later, it stung to know a loved one thought I was lying. He 8767 s a good egg. We 8767 re not together anymore, but virgin/not virgin didn 8767 t have anything to do with it.

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