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Aemi, Ai, Aika, Aiko, Aimi, Aina, Aino, Airi, Akae, Akaho, Akana, Akane, Akari, Akemi, Aki, Akie, Akiha, Akiho, Akiko, Akimi, Akina, Akino, Akiyo, Ako, Ami, Amika, An, Anna, Anri, Anzu, Aoi, Ari, Arika, Arina, Arisa, Asa, Asae, Asaka, Asako, Asami, Asano, Asayo, Asuka, Asumi, Asuna, Atsue, Atsuko, Atsumi, Atsune, Aya, Ayae, Ayaka, Ayako, Ayame, Ayami, Ayana, Ayane, Ayano, Ayu, Ayuka, Ayuko, Ayumi, Azuna, Azusa 

IMDb: Most Popular Males

Mahito, Makihiko, Makio, Makishi, Makito, Makiya, Makoto, Mamio, Mamoru, Manabu, Mao, Masa, Masaaki, Masafumi, Masaharu, Masahide, Masahiko, Masahiro, Masahito, Masakatsu, Masakazu, Masaki, Masakuni, Masami, Masamichi, Masamitsu, Masanari, Masanobu, Masao, Masaru, Masashi, Masataka, Masatake, Masateru, Masato, Masatoshi, Masaya, Masayoshi, Masayuki, Mashuu, Masumi, Masuo, Masuto, Mayo, Mayoku, Mayuhiko, Meguru, Meitetsu, Meiya, Michiaki, Michihiko, Michihito, Michiki, Michinori, Michio, Michisato, Michito, Michiya, Michiyuki, Mikihiko, Mikihisa, Mikio, Mikita, Mikito, Mikiya, Mikiyasu, Minao, Minato, Minehiko, Minehiro, Mineki, Mineo, Mineta, Mineto, Mineyuki, Minoru, Mirai, Mitsuaki, Mitsuharu, Mitsuhiko, Mitsuhiro, Mitsuki, Mitsunobu, Mitsunori, Mitsuo, Mitsuru, Mitsutaka, Mitsuto, Mitsuya, Mizuto, Mochihiro, Mochihito, Momota, Moriaki, Morihiko, Morihiro, Morio, Moriya, Moto, Motoaki, Motochika, Motoharu, Motohiko, Motohiro, Motokazu, Motoki, Motomu, Motonari, Motoshi, Mototsugu, Motoya, Motoyuki, Mugen, Mugito, Munehiko, Muneto, Muneyuki, Musashi, Mutsu, Mutsuhiko, Mutsuo, Mutsuto 

Male Scottish Names - 20000

Hagane, Hajime, Hakuba, Han, Haruaki, Haruhide, Haruhiko, Haruhisa, Haruka, Haruki, Haruo, Haruya, Haruyuki, Hatsuto, Hayaki, Hayao, Hayate, Hayato, Heima, Heisuke, Heita, Heiya, Hibiki, Hidaka, Hideaki, Hidefumi, Hideharu, Hidehiko, Hidehisa, Hidekazu, Hideki, Hidenori, Hideo, Hidetaka, Hideto, Hidetoshi, Hidetsugu, Hidesuke, Hideya, Hideyasu, Hideyo, Hideyuki, Hifumi, Hikaru, Hiraku, Hiro, Hiroaki, Hirohiko, Hirokazu, Hiroki, Hiromasa, Hiromi, Hiromichi, Hiromitsu, Hiromu, Hironobu, Hironori, Hiroo, Hiroshi, Hirotaka, Hirotsugu, Hiroto, Hiroya, Hiroyasu, Hiroyuki, Hiryuu, Hisamichi, Hisao, Hisashi, Hisato, Hisaya, Hitoshi, Hiyuu, Homare, Honoo, Hotaka, Hokuto, Hoshihiko, Hoshihito, Housei, Hozumi, Hyougo, Hyouma, Hyuuga, Hyuuma

10 Best Australian Female Singers | Made Man

Kae, Kaede, Kaho, Kahoko, Kahori, Kahoru, Kako, Kami, Kana, Kanae, Kanako, Kanami, Kanayo, Kanna, Kanon, Kao, Kaoru, Kaoruko, Kaori, Karen, Karin, Karina, Kasumi, Katsu, Katsue, Katsuki, Katsuko, Katsumi, Kaya, Kayami, Kayo, Kayoko, Kayu, Kazu, Kazue, Kazuha, Kazuho, Kazuko, Kazumi, Kazuna, Kazuno, Kazuyo, Kei, Keiko, Keina, Kii, Kie, Kiho, Kihomi, Kiko, Kiku, Kikue, Kikuka, Kikuko, Kikumi, Kikuno, Kikuyo, Kimi, Kimie, Kimiho, Kimika, Kimiko, Kimiyo, Kina, Kinu, Kinue, Kinuho, Kinuka, Kinuko, Kinumi, Kino, Kinoka, Kirari, Kiri, Kirie, Kirika, Kisa, Kiwa, Kiyo, Kiyoe, Kiyoka, Kiyoko, Kiyomi, Kiyone, Kiyono, Kiyori, Kiyumi, Kofuyu, Koharu, Koma, Komaki, Komi, Konami, Konatsu, Konomi, Koto, Kotoe, Kotoha, Kotoka, Kotomi, Kotone, Kotono, Kotori, Kotoyo, Kouko, Koume, Kozue, Kumi, Kumiko, Kunie, Kunika, Kuniko, Kunimi, Kurea, Kurumi, Kyouka, Kyouko, Kyoumi

German Boy Names - Baby Names Country

Tae, Taemi, Taeko, Takae, Takaho, Takako, Takami, Takana, Takane, Takiko, Tamae, Tamaki, Tamami, Tamao, Tamika, Ta, Tsumi, Terue, Teruha, Teruho, Teruko, Terumi, Teruna, Te, Tsumi, Tokie, Tokiko, Tokimi, Tomie, Tomo, Tomoe, Tomoha, Tomoka, Tomoko, Tomomi, Tomono, Tomoyo, Toshie, Toshiko, Toshimi, Touko, Toyoe, Toyoha, Tsuguho, Tsuguka, Tsugumi, Tsukika, Tsukiko, Tsukimi, Tsumugi, Tsuneko, Tsuyako, Tsuyuha, Tsuyuho, Tsuzumi, Tsuzune 

Polish Last Names - Common Polish Last Names, List Of

Naming things ( Namensgebung ), as well as people, is a popular German pastime. While the rest of the world may name hurricanes or typhoons, the German Weather Service ( Deutscher Wetterdienst ) has gone so far as to name ordinary high ( hoch ) and low ( tief ) pressure zones. (This prompted a debate about whether masculine or feminine names should be applied to a high or a low. Since 7555, they have alternated in even and odd years.) 

Boy Baby Names - JustMommies

Nagaharu, Namihiko, Namito, Nao, Naoaki, Naoharu, Naohiko, Naoki, Naota, Naotaka, Naotake, Naotatsu, Naoto, Naoya, Naoyuki, Naozumi, Nariaki, Naruaki, Naruhiko, Naruki, Narushi, Naruto, Natsuhiko, Natsuhisa, Natsuhito, Natsuki, Natsuo, Nichika, Niito, Nijito, Nijiya, Nishiki, Noboru, Nobu, Nobuaki, Nobuharu, Nobuhiko, Nobuhiro, Nobuki, Nobuo, Nobutaka, Nobuto, Nobuya, Nobuyoshi, Nobuyuki, Noriaki, Norihiko, Norikazu, Norimasa, Norio, Noritaka, Norito, Noriya, Noriyuki, Nozomi

Dutch baby names - SheKnows

Machi, Machika, Machiko, Madoka, Mae, Maeka, Mahiru, Mafumi, Maho, Mahoko, Mahomi, Mai, Maiha, Maiho, Maika, Maiko, Maimi, Maina, Maino, Maki, Makiko, Mako, Makoto, Mami, Mamie, Mamika, Mamiko, Mamina, Mamiyu, Mana, Manaka, Manako, Manami, Mano, Mao, Maori, Mai, Maria, Marie, Marika, Mariko, Marina, Marino, Mariya, Mariyo, Maruko, Marumi, Masae, Masako, Masami, Masana, Masano, Masayo, Masuho, Masumi, Masuzu, Matsuho, Matsuko, Matsuyo, Maya, Mayako, Mayo, Mayu, Mayuha, Mayuka, Mayuki, Mayuko, Mayumi, Mayuna, Mei, Megumi, Michie, Michiko, Michiyo, Midori, Mie, Mieko, Miho, Mihoko, Mika, Mikako, Mikayo, Miki, Mikiko, Miko, Mimi, Mina, Minako, Mine, Mineko, Mineyo, Mio, Mirai, Misa, Misae, Misaki, Misako, Misayo, Misora, Misumi, Mito, Mitoki, Mitsue, Mitsuko, Mitsuyo, Miwa, Miya, Miyabi, Miyako, Miyo, Miyoko, Miyu, Miyuki, Moe, Moeka, Momo, Momoe, Momoka, Motoe, Motoko, Motoyo, Mutsuko 

Russian Female Names - Names for Women in Russian

Yamahiko, Yamato, Yasuaki, Yasuharu, Yasuhiko, Yasuhiro, Yasuhisa, Yasuki, Yasumasa, Yasunari, Yasunobu, Yasunori, Yasuo, Yasuomi, Yasushi, Yasutaka, Yasutoshi, Yasuyuki, Yawara, Yokuya, Yorihiko, Yoshiaki, Yoshifumi, Yoshiharu, Yoshihide, Yoshihiko, Yoshihiro, Yoshihisa, Yoshikazu, Yoshiki, Yoshimasa, Yoshimichi, Yoshimitsu, Yoshinobu, Yoshinori, Yoshio, Yoshisato, Yoshitaka, Yoshito, Yoshitsugu, Yoshiya, Yoshiyuki, You, Youhei, Youichi, Youichirou, Youji, Youki, Youkou, Youku, Yousui, Yousuke, Youta, Yuigo, Yuito, Yukihiko, Yukihiro, Yukihisa, Yukihito, Yukimasa, Yukio, Yukitaka, Yukito, Yukiya, Yumihiko, Yumita, Yumito, Yumiya, Yutaka, Yuu, Yuudai, Yuuga, Yuugo, Yuugou, Yuuichi, Yuuichirou, Yuuji, Yuujin, Yuuhei, Yuuhi, Yuuho, Yuuki, Yuukou, Yuuma, Yuusaku, Yuusei, Yuushirou, Yuushuu, Yuusou, Yuusuke, Yuuta, Yuuto, Yuuwa, Yuuya, Yuuzou, Yuzuru

Ukrainian baby names - SheKnows

Hagino, Hako, Hamako, Hamano, Hami, Hana, Hanae, Hanaka, Hanako, Hanayo, Harue, Haruka, Haruko, Harumi, Haruna, Haruno, Haruyo, Hasumi, Hatomi, Hatsu, Hatsue, Hatsuho, Hatsuko, Hatsumi, Hatsuna, Hatsune, Hatsuyo, Hayaka, Hazuki, Hibari, Hideka, Hideko, Hidemi, Hideyo, Hikari, Hikaru, Himeka, Himeko, Himiko, Hina, Hinako, Hirari, Hiro, Hiroe, Hiroha, Hiroko, Hiromi, Hirona, Hiroyo, Hisa, Hisae, Hisako, Hisami, Hisano, Hisayo, Hitomi, Hizuru, Homi, Homika, Homina, Homugi, Hona, Honami, Honoka, Honomi, Hoshika, Hoshiko, Hoshimi, Hoshiyo, Hosuzu, Hotaru, Hozumi

Female German Names - 20000

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Common German Names for Boys and Girls - ThoughtCo

Saaya, Sachi, Sachie, Sachiho, Sachiko, Sachina, Sachiyo, Sadae, Sadaka, Sadako, Sadami, Sadayo, Sae, Saeka, Saeko, Saemi, Saho, Sahoko, Sahori, Sai, Saika, Saiko, Sakae, Saki, Sakie, Sakika, Sakiko, Sakimi, Sakina, Sakino, Sakiyo, Sakura, Sakurako, Sako, Sana, Sanae, Sanako, Sanami, Saori, Sara, Sari, Sarina, Sasara, Sato, Satoe, Satoko, Satomi, Satori, Satoyo, Satsuki, Sawa, Sawaka, Sawako, Saya, Sayae, Sayaka, Sayako, Sayami, Sayana, Sayano, Sayo, Sayoka, Sayoko, Sayu, Sayuki, Sayumi, Sayuri, Seika, Seiko, Seina, Seira, Seiya, Sena, Senami, Serena, Seria, Serika, Serina, Serino, Seshiru, Setsuko, Setsumi, Shie, Shiemi, Shieri, Shifumi, Shigeko, Shigemi, Shigeri, Shiho, Shihoka, Shihoko, Shihomi, Shihona, Shihori, Shima, Shino, Shinobu, Shio, Shiomi, Shiori, Shirabe, Shiria, Shiyoka, Shiyomi, Shizu, Shizue, Shizuha, Shizuho, Shizuka, Shizuko, Shizuna, Shizuri, Shizuru, Shouko, Shuuko, Sonia, Sonoe, Sonoka, Sonoko, Sonomi, Souko, Sugako, Sugina, Sumi, Sumie, Sumiho, Sumika, Sumiko, Sumina, Sumire, Sumiyo, Suzu, Suzuha, Suzuka, Suzumi, Suzuna, Suzune 

Austrian Baby Names & Austrian Names - At Baby Name World!

Nachi, Nae, Naeko, Nagami, Nagi, Nagisa, Nagomi, Naho, Nahoe, Nahoko, Naka, Nakako, Nako, Nami, Namie, Namika, Namiko, Namiyo, Nana, Nanae, Nanaho, Nanaka, Nanako, Nanami, Nanao, Nanase, Nao, Naoko, Naomi, Nari, Narimi, Naru, Narue, Naruha, Naruho, Naruko, Narumi, Natsu, Natsue, Natsuho, Natsuki, Natsuko, Natsumi, Natsuyo, Nayu, Nayuko, Nayumi, Nene, Nichie, Niina, Nijie, Nijika, Nijiko, Nijimi, Nijino, Nijiyo, Nina, Noa, Nobue, Nobuko, Nobumi, Nodoka, Noe, Nogiku, Noko, Nono, Nonoe, Nonoko, Nonomi, Norie, Norika, Noriko, Norimi, Nozomi, Nui, Nuiko, Nunoe

Polish Last Names - Family Education

Chiaki, Chie, Chieka, Chieko, Chiemi, Chieri, Chifumi, Chifuyu, Chigusa, Chiharu, Chihiro, Chiho, Chihoko, Chihori, Chika, Chikage, Chikaho, Chikako, Chikayo, Chikaze, China, Chinatsu, Chinami, Chino, Chio, Chisa, Chisaki, Chisako, Chisami, Chisano, Chisato, Chise, Chisuzu, Chitose, Chiyako, Chiyo, Chiyoko, Chiyoe, Chiyori, Chiyu, Chiyuki, Chiyuri, Chizu, Chizue, Chizuka, Chizuko, Chizumi, Chizuru, Chouko

Yae, Yaeka, Yaeko, Yasue, Yasuha, Yasuho, Yasuka, Yasuko, Yasumi, Yasuna, Yasuno, Yasuyo, Yatsumi, Yayoi, Yorie, Yorika, Yoriko, Yorimi, Yoshie, Yoshika, Yoshiko, Yoshimi, Yoshino, You, Youka, Youko, Yue, Yufu, Yuho, Yui, Yuiha, Yuiho, Yuika, Yuiko, Yuina, Yuiri, Yuka, Yukaho, Yukako, Yukami, Yukana, Yukari, Yuki, Yukie, Yukiho, Yukika, Yukiko, Yukimi, Yukina, Yukino, Yukiyo, Yuma, Yumako, Yumi, Yumia, Yumie, Yumika, Yumiko, Yumina, Yumisa, Yume, Yumeji, Yumeka, Yumeko, Yumemi, Yumena, Yumeno, Yura, Yuri, Yuria, Yurie, Yurika, Yuriko, Yurimi, Yurina, Yurino, Yurisa, Yuuha, Yuuhi, Yuuho, Yuuka, Yuuki, Yuuko, Yuumi, Yuuna, Yuuri, Yuzu, Yuzuho, Yuzuka, Yuzuki, Yuzuko, Yuzuna

Sachio, Sachiya, Sadaharu, Sadahiko, Sadahiro, Sadami, Sadao, Sadato, Sahara, Sai, Saiki, Saimei, Saita, Sakio, Sakito, Sakuma, Sakutarou, Sakuya, Sakyou, Satoaki, Satoki, Satomi, Satomu, Satonori, Satoru, Satoshi, Satoya, Satoyuki, Satsuya, Sei, Seiga, Seigi, Seigo, Seiichi, Seiji, Seijun, Seiryuu, Seita, Seitarou, Seito, Seiya, Senri, Senta, Shigeaki, Shigeatsu, Shigehiko, Shigehisa, Shigehito, Shigeki, Shigenori, Shigeo, Shigeru, Shigeta, Shigetaka, Shigeto, Shigeya, Shigeyuki, Shiki, Shikio, Shikou, Shimon, Shin, Shinga, Shingo, Shinichi, Shinji, Shinjitsu, Shinki, Shinpei, Shinpo, Shinri, Shinsaku, Shinsei, Shinshou, Shinshuu, Shinsuke, Shinta, Shintarou, Shinto, Shinya, Shion, Shirou, Shizuki, Shizuma, Shizuo, Shizuya, Shou, Shoudai, Shougo, Shouhei, Shouji, Shouma, Shousei, Shousuke, Shouta, Shoutarou, Shouya, Shun, Shungo, Shunichi, Shunma, Shunji, Shunki, Shunpei, Shunsaku, Shunsuke, Shunta, Shuntarou, Shunya, Shuu, Shuuhei, Shuuji, Shuumon, Shuukou, Shuurei, Shuusei, Shuusaku, Shuusuke, Shuuto, Shuuya, Sora, Sorahiko, Sou, Soudai, Souhei, Souichi, Sougo, Souji, Souma, Soumei, Soushi, Sousuke, Souta, Souya, Subaru, Suguru, Sumiaki, Sumio, Sumito, Sumiya, Sunao, Susumu 

Raina, Rami, Ramika, Ran, Rana, Raraka, Rarisa, Rei, Reia, Reika, Reiko, Reimi, Reina, Reiri, Remi, Remika, Remiyu, Ren, Rena, Reona, Ria, Rie, Rieka, Rieko, Riemi, Riho, Riina, Rika, Rikae, Rikako, Rikana, Riko, Rima, Rimi, Rin, Rina, Rino, Rinoka, Rio, Rioko, Rion, Riona, Rira, Riri, Ririka, Ririko, Ririsa, Riruko, Risa, Risae, Risako, Risami, Rise, Ritsu, Ritsuko, Riya, Riyo, Riyoka, Rizu, Roka, Romi, Rona, Rui, Ruka, Rumi, Rumie, Rumika, Rumiko, Runa, Ruri, Ruriko, Ryouko