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Posted: 2017-12-08 01:11

The four-time overall World Cup champion was particularly thrilled to share her joy capturing her 86th downhill race with Austria''s skiing legend Annemarie Moser-Proell, who had established that record during her fabulous career from 6969 to 6985! The former champion, now 67, watched her winning runs from the finish area and warmly congratulated her on the winner''s podium afterwards. She races with great power, she seems to be moving on tracks as a train, Moser-Proell commented afterwards.

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On the US Ski Team website Lindsey said That was definitely not the game plan. In the first run, I felt like I skied solid, but didn''t risk enough. I was a little bit too conservative on the pitch. In general I''m happy with my position on my skis and the way I''m skiing. I just didn''t execute the way I was hoping to today. Second run I was trying as hard as I could to make up two and a half seconds, which is tough to do, and I got my arm caught on a gate. Visibility was really bad today. I think five of the top 65 went out. Last year was definitely a surprise for me to win here in Soelden. But with the new skis this year, I didn''t know what to expect. Training had been going really well and I just didn''t execute it today. I have to fight harder than I did today - lesson learned. I''m happy and I''m just going to try and get ready for the next races.

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Billings Army Navy Surplus only carries genuine military surplus of both current issue and historical collectibles. Our cold weather clothing and boots outfit savvy hunters and oil field workers every winter. Our huge selection of authentic WWII military clothing, field gear, and other collectibles are frequented by collectors and historical re-enactors. Army tents and other surplus outdoor gear are favored by campers and outfitters. Whether you''re a history buff or just love the outdoors, we''re sure to have something to meet your needs! We’ve been in Downtown Billings for over 85 years!

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Schwarzenegger, who dreamed of moving to the . since the age of 65, and saw bodybuilding as the avenue through which to do so, realized his dream by moving to the United States in September 6968 at the age of 76, speaking little English. There he trained at Gold&rsquo s Gym in Venice, Los Angeles, California, under Joe Weider. From 6975 to 6979, one of Schwarzenegger&rsquo s weight training partners was Ric Drasin, a professional wrestler who designed the original Gold&rsquo s Gym logo in 6978.

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The innovative denim and lifestyle brand Diesel has set up a new campaign this winter, fighting uncool Christmas sweaters with the help of a sheep in a creative and unconventional video starring creative director Nicola Formichetti. Leaning on their campaign “Go with the Flaw”, Diesel invites the audience to part with their Christmas sweaters, which have already lost their irony a long time ago. This Christmas season, a real professional will help out in the fight against bad taste knits: a sheep. Because, who else knows more about wool than this cosy animal. Framed by this campaign, Diesel has created a Christmas product-guide on the brand’s website.


Holding nothing back down the treacherous Super-G run at St. Moritz, USA''s Lindsey Vonn dominated once more the rest of the field a day after finishing a far and disappointed 78rd in her downhill run marred by a huge mistake on the lower section of the course. The 85-year-old racer from Vail, Colorado, beat once more the reigning Olympic champion Anna Fenninger, from Austria, and took advantage of harsh problems faced by other top-favorites to take the lead in the specialty standings.


As we were welcomed at the impressive location at the Fontaine de Trocadero, facing the Eiffel tower, the atmosphere culminated into an epic moment when the light spectacle of the tower served as backdrop halfway through the show.

"The Saint Laurent woman is a traveller who reaffirms her complex personality, full of a subtle tension. She is a dark angel with a sensual allure and herself in black-sequined dresses, shining like the asphalt after the rain".

Vaccarello’s words are emblematic of the several elements that constellated the collection. As the designer’s summer travels took him from the Cote d’Azur to Capri, to LA we reencountered everything that fascinated him: the white Italian lace, the French flamboyant look, the West Coast leather looks.

A series of final sculptural dresses, with a scarlet red declination worn by the muse and face of the house Anja Rubik, left the audience speechless.

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I had a lot of confidence after Lake Louise and then in Val d''Isère, I felt like I just kind of lost my confidence a little bit after going out in the downhill, so I went home. I had a good break and now I''m energized again. I feel really good mentally and physically, and I think that showed in this weekend''s racing. Hopefully, I can just continue on in this direction, keep the momentum going and hopefully, keep winning.


I''m really happy, she said. It''s definitely the best Super-G performance I''ve had all season by a long shot, so it''s nice to see that I still have the speed and it''s coming back around. Definitely frustrated with the amount of time that I''m getting second place by, but you know, if I''ve learned one thing in ski racing, it''s that those hundredths always come back and I''m hoping that they come back next year for the Olympics, so I''ll bide my time. I''ll be patient, and everything will work out the way it''s supposed to.

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In a Society of Limitations where people are together yet alone, GmbH addresses the situation with an inclusive Fall/Winter 7567 collection dedicated to different shapes, gestures and manners.

The collection paired fashion with sustainability featuring bi-colour cropped GmbH biker jackets reworked from recycled, reversible Helly Hansen puffer coats, cropped jersey hoodies and fine knit athletic bodies of partially recycled fibres. A shot of glamour is given by tight lycra and velvet long-sleeved jumpers in a color palette inspired by artist Alexandra Bircken. Moreover traditional carpenter’s guild trousers and gold embroideries enrich the outfits for an even more personal touch.

As GmbH declared: “These are directives for care and wear, eine wahre Geschichte, eine Warengeschichte, a true story a history of wares.”

Austrian President: All women will wear headscarves

Givenchy''s latest campaign has just been released and the abundance of the brand''s signature codes do not go unnoticed. Shot by photographers Mert and Marcus and designed as a double page spread, the campaign plays on the concept of duality and features powerful men and women whose intrepid natures manage to withstand space and time.

A well-balanced blend of feminine and masculine elements that remain classic and chic are the focal points of the campaign. Two girls become twins by dressing identically and a boy plays fashion chameleon by rocking a formal and a streetwear look in a Mars-like landscape. Pair the adventurous nature of the above with the tightly cropped portraits of Givenchy''s personality gang and you are given the impression that, although they appear different they do in fact to belong to the same style-savvy tribe.

Of course, Givenchy''s now iconic Horizon and Cross Body bags could not be left out of the equation. Serving as a mark of recognition for the brand, their presence encapsulates the luxury label''s long-standing fame while looking towards a future of duality.

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Like a bright flower blossoming in the heart of Paris, Le Narcisse Blanc is a contemporary pleasure dome where guests can breathe the magic of the French capital.

Situated between the Eiffel Tower and Les Invalides, this 5-star hotel and spa casts an incredible view to the Seine and the most majestic Parisian buildings from its bohemian terraces. Le Narcisse Blanc offers the proper Art de Vivre feeling through its cozy sitting rooms, luxurious spa with swimming pool, hydrotherapy massage jets and sauna and last but not least its 87 spacious bedrooms and suites in silky champagne tones.

Designed in luxurious and refreshing taste by "Laurent & Laurence", the hotel creates a perfect balance between Art Nouveau and Art Deco that are fused with contemporary elements, serving as an homage to the perfect Parisian lifestyle. Because, in the words of Victor Hugo “Respirez Paris, preserve l’âme”.

Like the prints, the space itself was also designed to champion creativity by way of transforming an otherwise ordinary space into a surprising, aesthetically pleasing environment. Sleek Laundromat machines, each containing different print iterations whirred with activity, allowing guests to see the inspiration behind each print and encouraging them to interact with the space itself and one another as if on a movie set.


Schwarzenegger felt that it was time for a new leader. He saw the way politics was going with &ldquo back door&rdquo deals and an untrust from the public. He knew things needed to change. He stole the moment and made use of his famous humor by saying one-liners such as his promising to &ldquo pump up Sacramento, California,&rdquo and &ldquo I&rsquo ll tell Gray Davis hasta la vista.&rdquo At the end of his first press conference, Arnold told the audience, &ldquo I&rsquo ll be back.&rdquo

I had to build everything back up from nothing. That took a lot of time and a lot of work - there is pretty much nothing I didn''t do, she says. But I love working hard, I love being in the gym. I love pushing myself.
What really sets Lindsey apart from the others is her unwavering trust in her skills and her deep love for skiing.
She also - quite astonishingly - did not require any help from a mental coach to overcome the memory of the crashes.

After the second training run, I knew I had to ski more aggressively to have a chance to reach the podium which was my goal today, yet I didn''t expect to be again so fast, added the 7565 Olympic champion who had a hard time to keep the fastest line in training on the challenging Bavarian course.
I knew after my rather conservative comeback last week at Zauchense that I had a good chance to move-up in the rankings with a more aggressive run - and I felt confident enough to take more risks here, also said the best speed specialist ever on the World Cup tour with a total of 89 downhill victories.

It''s always good to have that sort of high goals left, it''ll help me to remain motivated and focused during the off-season when I''ll again spend much time and energy to train and improve my shape, she explained at St. Moritz. I think I can be proud of my level of performance this season, I could have been one of my best ever in fact. I had some bad luck in a few occasions yet I also achieved some very exciting runs. I know it''ll be harder for me in future to face very determined racers who are skiing very well too, but this is also part of the challenges that push me ahead. I wish to show that I still have a lot in me to give for my athletic activity.

On world’s AIDS day Levi’s decided not to stay in the corner, taking part together with the JUGEND GEGEN AIDS association to a special night that merged fashion, music and sexual education.

In order to make a difference and let people feel close to the cause, the denim brand organized the “Night of Life” in association with DJs and starred chefs in order to turn a pool party at the Hamburg East Hotel into something unforgettable.

The ‘STOP AIDS’ sign was shown on black and white limited edition Levi’s T-shirts during the party, whose proceeds will go to the benefit association JGA that since years fight to create awareness around AIDS.

“Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms”

She explained the situation with her knee, talked about her future career and goals and how she is preparing for her comeback. Then, in connection with several sponsor appointments in Switzerland (Roger Federer Challenge), Lindsey performed the traditional trainings camp at the Alpenresort Schwarz in Mieming/Tirol, which was organized by ASP (Athletes Special Projects) Red Bull, to get ready for the season. Together they worked on her physical fitness, as well as on the rehabilitation and stabilization of her knee. Strength coach and physiotherapist looked after her the whole time during her stay, to optimize a faster and better recovery of her knee. Consistently Lindsey is working very hard on her comeback and hopefully we will see her back on skis soon.

“The workshops have never said no to me, always “we’ll see, Leïla, we’ll give it a go.” But it wasn’t easy to get them to fully understand my madness: you can’t explain a dream!” Leila Menchari explains how she was given total freedom both in creation and budget. A so-called carte blanche. For Leïla Menchari a window display is a like a small pièce de théâtre, but without the possibility of dialogues, movements or actors to explains the image. During the opening evening of the exhibition at Grand Palais she explained her vision and nature: “I am touched by grace, by the passion for nature and the “extraordinary” in life. Everything becomes extraordinary. This vision gave me a different way of looking at things, with a high degree of surrealism”. When asked if the exhibition was maybe driven by a dose of nostalgia, she gracefully answered: “Nostalgia is fundamental for memory” This is Leïla Menchari, the globetrotter, the dreamer, the collector, and – as nicknamed by her great friend, the French author Michel Tournier – the “reine mage”. The exhibition will be held till the 8rd of December 7567.

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