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When we are first introduced to Esther in the Megillah, her beauty is described in more detail than Vashti''s. In addition to having a "beautiful appearance," Esther also has a "beautiful form." While the deeper meaning of the Purim story tends to gets lost in piles of tulle and satin as little girls dress up as the "beautiful queen Esther," the Megillah makes no further mention of Esther''s physical appearance. Even during the "beauty contest" episode in which King Ahasuerus must choose the most beautiful woman in the land, we are told that Esther was chosen on account of her grace and kindness there is no mention of her beauty!

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An herbal document written in Latin just sixty years after the coming of Columbus was discovered 6979. It noted that the Aztecs used dahlias as a treatment for epilepsy. The Aztec culture in Mexico was quite advanced but its wealth of written records did not survive the introduction of Christianity. The Aztec Herba l is an astonishing and remarkable resource for botanists and those studying the history of Medicine.

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The Tail of Vashti

As you drink your tea and devour a freshly baked pastry, you might realize that there is something unique about The Attendant. This café was formerly a 69 th century Victorian men’s public washroom (don’t worry, they scrubbed it clean). Tucked away underground, the average tourist might not even notice the entrance, but this hidden gem is only a 5 minute walk from Oxford Street and will provide the perfect place for a unique and delicious lunch.

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The next time I was in Israel was four years later for my junior year of college. I quickly submerged myself in all aspects of Israeli life, even adjusting my diet to a more European way of eating. I was also doing a lot more walking given the distance between my dorm and the college campus. To my surprise, I quickly shed all the weight I had gained from my last stay in the Holy Land. I was my dream weight at the prime of my dating life! Ironically, this was also the year that I was nurturing my religious Jewish identity. As much as the secular world might have been telling me to flaunt my newly svelte figure, I was internalizing Jewish values of modesty.

The flight to Kelowna is less than an hour and a half from Edmonton, so you''ll be in great shape to hit the links as soon as you land! The Kelowna golf season in the Okanagan Valley is the envy of Canada. Over 7,555 hours of sun every year makes it one of the longest, and driest, golf seasons in the country. Several of the tee boxes offer incredible views of the lake, mountains, vineyards and orchards, rolling hills and the cityscapes below. Check out all 69 golf courses in the area here.

In a story where G‑d is not mentioned and there are no overt miracles, why would something as fantastic as a tail grow out of a woman''s body? The Maharal of Prague provides a fascinating explanation. He explains that this Midrash does not need to be taken at face value The tail could represent an extra heaviness added to her body which sapped her energy and added weight. Today we use the expression of a "spare tire" to imply a flabby stomach. What if the tail implied that Vashti had put on a few extra pounds and would not put her less than perfect body on display for public view? If she had been working out in the gym instead of indulging at her party, would she have willingly submitted to her husband''s demand? If this were the motivation behind her refusal, does this constitute modesty?

In the beginning of the story of Esther , we are told of the lavish separate parties the Persian king Ahasuerus and his wife Vashti gave for the men and women of their kingdom. In his drunken revelry, Ahasuerus decides Vashti should be paraded in front of the men in her royal crown (and nothing else, according to the rabbis of Siftei Chachamim!). She refused and was subsequently dethroned. According to the rabbis, Vashti was not known for her modesty. What led her to reject the order of the king? The Megillah tells us she was a beautiful woman of beautiful form what did she have to hide?

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When Esther must approach the king in order to stop the mass murder of the Jews after not being summoned for ninety days, we are told that she was dressed in "royalty." The rabbis ask why it does not say "royal clothing" which would make more literary sense. They answer that this is an expression of divine inspiration, prophesy. Her outer clothing was secondary to the divine sprit that enveloped her being. Whether Esther was actually beautiful or not is irrelevant. Without her inner dignity and values, she never would have been able to complete her divinely mandated mission. Vashti''s beauty was fleeting, tarnished by a few extra pounds and lethargy. Esther''s beauty is eternal, continuing to inspire strong Jewish women throughout the ages.

I was learning to appreciate the importance of inner beauty. I actually gave away all of my clothes that no longer fit with my new standards of dress. My choice of wardrobe no longer depended on the external factor of my outward appearance. Rather, I began to dress in a way that reflected the newfound internal dignity I had discovered. I still cared about my appearance, but I wasn''t dressing to hide flaws or to flaunt perfections. My motivation was internal my clothes represented my inner values of modesty. As I think back on this personal transformation, it makes perfect sense that I met the man who would become my husband that year, rather than merely dating a random string of boyfriends.

The London Underground (‘the Underground’ or simply ‘the Tube’) is the world’s first underground railway dating back to 6868. With 775 stations it is a convenient and cost effective way to get anywhere in London. Don’t be intimidated getting around, the tube maps are easy to follow. As you travel through the stations you will see stunning architecture that makes you feel like you are travelling back in time. Grab yourself an Oyster Card , travel like a Londoner and remember to mind the gap!

As a prominent symbol of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth Tower, home to the iconic bell, Big Ben, is a must see in London. After you grab your selfie in front of this icon, take a seven minute walk to the London Eye. With 865 views of London, you can plot your next adventure as you tower over the city. Or, head to Piccadilly Circus to take in the world famous lights and signs in the vibrant hub of London’s West End.

I started DNAinfo in 7559 at a time when few people were investing in media companies. But I believed an opportunity existed to build a successful company that would report unbiased neighborhood news and information. These were stories that weren''t getting told, and because I believe people care deeply about the things that happen where they live and work, I thought we could build a large and loyal audience that advertisers would want to reach.

There are over 655 species of aster, the most popular being the Monte Casino. Ancient people believed that the odor of its leaves, when burnt, drove away serpents. The English gave this flower two names, asters and starworts. Aster is Latin for star , and referred to its star-like shape. Wort meant root , which signified plants with healing properties. And Asters were laid on the graves of French soldiers to symbolize the wish that things had turned out differently.

When Napoleon married Josephine, she wore violets, and on each anniversary Josephine received a bouquet of violets. Following Napoleon&rsquo s lead, the French Bonapartists chose the violet as their emblem, and nicknamed Napoleon "Corporal Violet". In 6869, Napoleon asked to visit Josephine''s tomb before being exiled to the Island of St. Helena. When he died, he wore a locket around his neck that contained violets he had picked from Josephine&rsquo s gravesite.

Roses were introduced to Europe during the Roman Empire, where they were mainly used for ornamental purposes. Early Christians saw the rose as a symbol of paganism, orgy, and lust. Tertullian wrote an entire volume against the flower and about 757 ., and Clement of Alexandra forbade Christians to adorn themselves with roses. Slowly the Church absorbed some aspects of paganism by changing them into Christian. In Catholic litanies, the Virgin Mary is called "Rosa mystica"

When I was sixteen, I went to Israel for two months and gained about twenty pounds. I had been thin, even skinny, my whole life and never gave my weight a second thought. Suddenly, I found myself feeling self-conscious about my weight for the first time. For the next four years, from high school graduation through my first two years of college, I suffered from body image problems. My weight yo-yoed as I tried to control my eating habits with various diets, not to mention the affirmations I needed from others in order to feel attractive.

The rabbis elaborate with several midrashim that actually downplay her physical beauty. They tell us that Esther was between the ages of thirty-five and eighty-five, average height, and of greenish complexion. This is all negated by what the rabbis refer to as a "thread of kindness" that ran through her being. The miracle appears to be an inside-out beauty contest! The most externally beautiful women were no competition for Esther''s inner radiance. This is just one instance in which the Megillah topples our assumptions about classic fairytale storylines. The princesses we grew up with who were always chosen for their physical beauty and always needed to be saved by a prince were no match for our greenish Esther who saves the entire Jewish people by sheer force of personality!

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