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I met this girl, and we texted for a day and a half and i proceeded to make plans with this girl. She is a girl who loves soccer, as do i and i asked her what she wanted to do, and she told me she wanted to go play soccer on a field alone. Upon arriving i helped her with her bags, and everything else and she was calling me a saint, how nice of a guy i was and it was hard to find someone like me. (Keep in mind this girl doesnt mind a casual date). We did our thing, went back to my place and sat next to eachother on the couch watching TV and having a generally good time. Everything went great, she told me she loved hanging out with me and wanted to do it soon. But, the thing i flawed was right before she left and i didnt hug her out of my own stupidity. She has been barely texting me since then and sometimes it is one text a day. I dont send more than one text at a time and im flirty but not easy. Did not hugging her set her off down the wrong road? What did i do wrong?

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One additional slant that has not been brought up here is that there really is no longer an expectation that kids will 8775 grow up and move out 8776 . My boyfriend kept saying, this will just continue until his daughter turns 68, but considering that she has no plans for college, smokes weed, has never held a job in her life and attends a private school where the students focus on knitting and crafts, I don 8767 t see at which point she will 8775 suddenly 8776 become independent and grown up. I think a more likely scenario is that she will hook up with a guy, get pregnant, and that this cycle will continue for decades.

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So we chat and I get her to have dinner with me, six months after we last went out together. This time, after we meet, she brings a lady friend as well, though she never told me she was going to do that. I put on my best act, wear my best clothes, etc. Everything seems really good, however there isn 8767 t any physical contact. Sadly I got injured the day before and was on antibiotics so I couldn 8767 t drink when they had asked about going for a drink after dinner (wish I had lied and just went now in hindsight).

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I was engaged and pregnant by a man who told me he was awaiting a divorce and had been separated from his wife for 5 years and she even had a boyfriend and he had a string of ex 8767 s. He never had a good word to say about her I had to listen to how bad their marriage was all the time. When our baby was 9 months old wedding dress bought etc I found out from ex wife approaching me and my son in the street (to ridicule me she ignored me and cooed over my son, as my fiancé stood by and watched) so I did some digging AND FOUND THE TRUTH.

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For example: the eldest wanted dad to take her to a rock concert on a school night. After deliberating on it for weeks he finally determined the answer was no. She blamed me. I had absolutely nothing to do with, but she blamed me. Dad is the cool rocker guy there 8767 s no way he would 8767 ve said no if it weren 8767 t for me right? When big sis got mad at me, little sis followed suit I was the bad guy.

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I also don 8767 t believe it 8767 s the time aspect of it (putting the kids first in time), I believe it 8767 s the aspect of not respecting your quality time with your partner (if you made a dinner date then stick with it your child should be raised to understand that your time is important as well and that you can manage your time without being irresponsible.. unless it 8767 s an emergency).

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Shocked, I texted her back, paraphrasing: 8775 That really hurts. I thought there was a lot of potential there to start something. I think you 8767 re making a mistake. I hope there is still a chance for us sometime in the future. Please don 8767 t be a stranger and message me anytime. Take care. 8776 I didn 8767 t hear back naturally, and tried to let it go. But that weekend, out with my brother, there she was with her boyfriend. We saw each other, smiled and waved like everything was good.


Anyway I tried to make some more conversation with her but she was in a hurry to get off the phone (I could hear a lot going on in the background). Oh well, guess thats more motivation for me to go work out, get in better shape, and talk to other girls (although I do not give myself many opportunities to do so, socially I am pretty closed and shy). Thanks for your advice, hopefully I can get myself unstuck!

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Do you think I said something that just not right or randomly? I 8767 m pretty confuse about the American dating culture so I 8767 m not really sure what am I doing. I tried to compliment her on her picture that she 8767 s pretty or her hair looks nice. I also posted on her Facebook asked that if she has class on the coming Wednesday. Do you think I 8767 m doing too much? Should I just let it go for a while? I feel like an idiot and ashamed. I don 8767 t know what I do wrong. What should I be doing if she doesn 8767 t responds forever?

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You have hit upon the evil of text messages. You are dead right. Your neighbor has no right to hold you hostage by expecting instant replies. This person is your neighbor, and she didn 8767 t bother to try telephoning, or coming over and knocking on your door. Angry degrading curses? She showed nothing but laziness and contempt for you. 8775 Either you answer my texts OR ELSE! 8776

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I 8767 m a single father, I have alternate weekend with my son and certain vacation time. I have joint legal custody, these are things that I fought to have the rights to see my child and have important bonding time with him for my and his development. So of the woman I date can 8767 t accept the fact that one weekend is for me and my son and the other weekend is for her then she can kick bricks, BUT if she is willing to give time to get to know me and understand that one weekend is for her and the other is for my child then so be it. Women tend to want to rush things especially if they to have a child. I 8767 m sorry I don 8767 t want to meet your kid yet unless we are 6 months to a year into dating and I know we have an understanding on both parts. When it comes to a point of living together and my son comes over to visit that is when we can have an awesome family dynamic of half brothers/sisters and step mom or vice versa and my child feels as if they belong in the family and home.

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Tony, you are a wizard! I have been wasting my time on 8775 girl 8776 websites trying to figure out men! This single site answered ALL my questions. And, you advice is spot on! As a woman who has lots of 8775 dicks in orbit, 8776 (LOL at the expression), I can promise that most men lack confidence and this, by far, is the biggest turn-off! The second biggest turn-off is men with a down-trodden, negative attitude about life. These are the types that after they bang you, now want you to play Dr. Freud to all their mommy issues. C 8767 mon, men! We all know life is tough but most, if not all, of my gay male friends are standing taller than you! Women dig men who dig them. Women dig men who make them laugh and LIGHTEN UP. Women dig men with specific plans. Women dig men who are NOT needy. Women dig men who respect women in the highest sense. Women dig men who want their minds as much as their bodies! Any questions?


Tony, I 8767 m an Asian guy and I was interested in this girl from Peru. We met at the bus stop in our college and sometime we made eye contact. She seems like she 8767 s interest in me because sometime I saw she turned around to see if I was looking at her, plus she told her friend about me so her friend did the same thing. The other day I decided to be brave and went talk to her. The conversation went pretty well, she doesn 8767 t has a phone so I couldn 8767 t get her number, but she gave me her name so I can look her up on Facebook. She accepted me the day later and I was happy about it. On the weekend, I sent her a message said 8775 Hi, this is the stranger on the bus, hope you remember me. I want to invite you to the dance party at blah blah studio on November blah blah. If you want to come you can bring a couple of your friends as well. So please let me know and I 8767 ll talk to you soon :) 8776

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Finally i found he loves his wife more than anything. He is with me only for sex.. I was stupid and went to have a kid with him then i found out the truth that he has no love for me. When i was pregnant, he was sending his wife all love messages and did not want to break his marriage where on other hand myself and my kid were left alone with nothing. It took me 7 years and ruined my whole life. Now i am single struggling mom with no help from anyone .

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Not only is this article poorly written, lacking in strong evidence, and oddly stating that mothers are penalized for sexuality, but it is also insulting to men.
Through dull anecdotes the writer tries to convince us that it is healthier to put a lover before their children. The author uses terms such as 8776 putting first 8776 but fails to realize that there is no need to put anyone first, or second, or third. Romantic love is completely different from the love you have for a child. While making time for romantic love is important, putting a lover 8775 first 8776 over the creature that came out of your body, the one you would die for, is completely ridiculous.
You get one shot at being a decent parent. You have hundreds of shots to date. Hang up the push up bra, put away the lace thong, and remember, men will always be there, however your children will not.

Now it gets bad. After seeing her that night 7 weeks ago i realized i totally liked her. I texted her that Sunday to say hi and if she wanted to get dinner during the week. She never replied. I called her later that week, she didn 8767 t pickup. This morning I texted her saying hi and still nothing. Haven 8767 t heard back from her in over 7 weeks. I want to just call her but I 8767 m feeling borderline skeevy. Help a brother out!!

Am I looking into this shit WAY too deep? Could the friend have caused the delay in texts or was she really busy? A week is a small sample size, but yesterday afternoon, and after the evening message to this morning is off. I haven 8767 t text her today (no good morning, etc) and know she is started her second job for 5/6 this evening. Should I CALL her around 885/9 today not asking how her day was, but set up something for the weekend or should I just talk and try to see if anything if wrong/off with hearing her voice? It 8767 s just very wierd to not get a message from her this morning.

A man doesn 8767 t have to do any of these things, but a man will want to do these things naturally if a woman fulfills him. If a woman fulfills him, she has him exposed and she needs to help keep him strong because he will trust you to share his feelings when he cant cope, because he will break his neck, his back and his wallet for a woman he loves. Oh and after a certain point in life you don 8767 t have anyone but your chick and your family. That 8767 s a big one. If your lady can 8767 t emotionally support you, you are kind of fucked.

I would like to think that marriage demands that you love, and are devoted to your spouse. If you don 8767 t have that, you don 8767 t have a marriage. Certainly, children are to be loved and cherished, but to place the children above all other interests, makes the marriage meaningless. How could you go into a marriage wondering how much of their mother 8767 s time you would be allowed to have? A major part of parenting is to model good behavior, which includes loving and respecting your spouse. What do you think children learn if they are calling the shots? They will learn that 8775 me first 8776 is their birth right. They will not learn to be considerate of others, and they will treat everyone, including their parents, as if they were servants.

Well I suppose she isn 8767 t interested. I called her, she didn 8767 t even know who called, but she answered and it took her a second to remember me. I asked her if she wanted to grab some food this weekend. She paused, said she had work late on Friday, then said she would love to but (with some awkward fumbling pauses) asked me if she could text me with a time that worked for me. Not expecting to hear back from her, I said of course. A few minutes after I hung up, I thought of a good line I could use for next time. After she asked me if it is okay if she texts me, I wish I would have said 8775 well carrier pidgin is better, but I guess you can text me. 8776 At least she would have been laughing a little instead of just having a run of the mill, logistics conversation.

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