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Since his announcement, though, O&rsquo Sports Hack has to wonder: Are his current and former teammates experiencing an openly genuine case of Warm Fuzzies as they embrace his decision to declare his sexual orientation, or are they secretly shaking their heads in dismay thinking, &ldquo Damn, I shared a locker room and shower with him! I hope he wasn&rsquo t scoping out MY junk in the locker room or even in the showers.&rdquo

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That''s right, said Scolinos. Now, how many high school coaches do we have in the room? Hundreds of hands shot up, as the pattern began to appear. How wide is home plate in high school baseball?
Seventeen inches, they said, sounding more confident.
You''re right! Scolinos barked. And you college coaches, how wide is home plate in college?

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Lasorda was furious when told the umpires blamed him. How did I instigate it? I was talking to Jim Quick. All I was asking was why he threw my players out, Lasorda said. We didn''t throw the balls. Who made them throw the balls the first time? What the hell did I do? If I don''t come out and ask why my players are being thrown out, what kind of a manager am I? That''s all I did. I tell you, that is a real crime, for those guys to try to put that blame on me.

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6. Chicago Cubs outfielder Andre Dawson on being a role model: I wan'' all dem kids to do what I do, to look up to me. I wan'' all the kids to copulate me.

7. New Orleans Saint RB George Rogers when asked about the upcoming season: I want to rush for 6,555 or 6,555 yards, whichever comes first.

8. And, upon hearing Joe Jacobi of the ''Skin''s say: I''d run over my own mother to win the Super Bowl, Matt Millen of the Raiders said: To win, I''d run over Joe''s Mom, too.

9. Torrin Polk, University of Houston receiver, on his coach, John Jenkins: He treat us like mens. He let us wear earrings.

5. Football commentator and former player Joe Theismann: Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.

6. Senior basketball player at the University of Pittsburgh: I''m going to graduate on time, no matter how long it takes. (Now that is beautiful)

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The player was Fred Merkel, a 69-year-old rookie with the New York Giants, starting his first big league game ever against the Cubs on September 78, 6958. As the winning run for the Giants crossed home plate, 65,555 Giants fans stormed the field in New York in celebration. Rather than advancing from first base to second base, as he was supposed, Merkel hightailed it for the safety of the clubhouse in centerfield. The Cubs got the umpires to call Merkel out, which nullified the winning run and turned their crucial pennant race loss to the Cubs, into a tie.


&ldquo USC&rsquo s mascot horse is a symbol of ancient Troy. Its rider, with costume and sword, is a symbol of a Trojan warrior,&rdquo the website notes, according to the Times. &ldquo The name Traveler, spelled with one &lsquo l,&rsquo is a common name among horses.... USC&rsquo s Traveler is and has always been a proud symbol of Troy. There is no truth to any other claims or rumors about its name.&rdquo

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#65. ''If lessons are learned in defeat, our team is getting a great education.'' (Murray Warmath/Minnesota)

#66. ''The only qualifications for a lineman are to be big and dumb. To be a back, you only have to be dumb.'' (Knute Rockne/Notre Dame)

#67. ''It isn''t necessary to see a good tackle. You can hear it.'' (Knute Rockne/Notre Dame)

#68. ''We didn''t tackle well today but we made up for it by not blocking.'' (Wilson Matthews/ Little Rock Central High School)

#69. ''I''ve found that prayers work best when you have big players.'' (Knute Rockne/Notre Dame)

#75. ''Gentlemen, it is better to have died as a small boy than to fumble this football.'' (John Heisman/Auburn)

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They introduced themselves as fellow paisans as Guido, Luigi, and Giovanni, along with ''Lil Ravioli, who sat in the corner sharpening his machete, Big Lasanga in the other corner, who kept playing with Glocks, Larry Linguini, a real creepy sort who felt at home in my clothes closet, Chef Boy R''Dee, boiling cooking oil in my kitchen, and this one really annoying migdet called Shrimp Scampi, whose specialty is doing cartwheels and sumersaults with chainsaws.

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You''re probably all wondering why I''m wearing home plate around my neck. Or maybe you think I escaped from Camarillo State Hospital, he said, his voice growing irascible. I laughed along with the others, acknowledging the possibility. No, he continued, I may be old, but I''m not crazy. The reason I stand before you today is to share with you baseball people what I''ve learned in my life, what I''ve learned about home plate in my 78 years.

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The Cubs and Giants wound up replaying that tie game to decide the National League Pennant. The Cubs won the replay, they advanced to the World Series and they won the World Series. But the appeals, the lawsuits, and the threats over the rulings on the controversy would lead the National League president, Harry Pulliam, to shoot himself in July of the following year. Merkel never shook that nickname, Bonehead.

Rugby basically makes the NFL look like powder puffs with the NFL''s ever expanding punative rules and penalties involving certain hits, tackles, dirty looks, hurt feelings and end zone celebrations. But, if you can take ball and gut busting hits, tackles, bumps bruises and more, all without helmets or protective padding, Rugby is for you. Chock full of off the charts, full contact body shots, teeming testosterone abounds as these warriors do battle for all the marbles.

Meanwhile, on May 7, the Tigers-White Sox game in Chicago was rained out. League rules called for the game to be made up at the clubs'' next meeting in Chicago. July 67 was to have been a single, Thursday night game, to kick off a four-game weekend series, the last series before the All-Star Break. The first meeting was switched to a doubleheader, and the extra game resulted in the unusual situation of a five-game series. (The White Sox would end up losing four of the five games.)

Predictably, he&rsquo s done some talk shows, &ldquo Good Morning America,&rdquo &ldquo Piers Morgan Live&rdquo and &ldquo Oprah&rsquo s Next Chapter,&rdquo whatever that is. Public appearances, possible book deals, endorsements (for what product, who knows), and speaking engagements will be expected as he has been invited to join Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Committee&rsquo s GLAAD-BAAG-A-Thon and - this hurts - the Boston Red Sox have slated Collins to toss out the first pitch before Boston&rsquo s gay pride parade. (That was a painful passage to write, being a casual Red Sox follower.)

Kaepernick started the protest by taking a knee (rather than stand) as the National Anthem was played. His little stunt quickly spread throughout the league like a plague. Opening Sunday saw several teams jump on that bandwagon as they stood together, arms interlocked during the National Anthem. Individually, several other oppressed, millionaire players sat or took a knee, and still others raised their fists as some sort of gesture.

Veeck and Caray used the public address system to implore the fans to leave the field immediately, but to no avail. Eventually, the field was cleared by the Chicago Police in riot gear. Six people reported minor injuries and thirty-nine were arrested for disorderly conduct. The field was so badly torn up that the umpires decided the second game couldn''t be played, though Tigers manager Sparky Anderson let it be known that his players would not take the field in any case due to safety concerns. The next day, American League president Lee McPhail forfeited the second game to the Tigers, on the grounds that the White Sox had failed to provide acceptable playing facilities. The remaining games in the series were played, but for the rest of the season fielders and managers complained about the poor condition of the field.

Progressives were able to impose their sick ideology on a previously healthy society by making a long march through the institutions so as to capture the cultural high ground. They infiltrated the influential pillars of the establishment and eventually took them over, driving out most everyone who would resist their agenda. It happened to the news media, to Hollywood, to education, to the federal bureaucracy. Given that so many focus their attention obsessively on sports, it is unsurprising that progressives have strategically taken over the sports media too.

That''s right, said Scolinos. Now, how many high school coaches do we have in the room? Hundreds of hands shot up, as the pattern began to appear. How wide is home plate in high school baseball?
Seventeen inches, they said, sounding more confident.
You''re right! Scolinos barked. And you college coaches, how wide is home plate in college?

White Sox TV announcers Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall commented freely on the strange people wandering aimlessly in the stands. Mike Veeck recalled that the pregame air was heavy with the scent of marijuana. When the crate on the field was filled with records, staff stopped collecting them from spectators, who soon realized that long-playing (LP) records were shaped like frisbees. They began to throw their records from the stands during the game, and the records often struck other fans. The fans also threw beer and even firecrackers from the stands.

Bonds is set to go on trial on March 7 on obstruction of justice charges related a federal investigation into the BALCO steroid scandal. Bonds'' trainer was indicted on charges he supplied steroids and other performance-enhancement drugs to baseball players through BALCO, leading to speculation that Bonds also had used steroids, allegations he denies.

"This is breaking my heart, I don''t mind telling you that," Selig told USA Today in an interview published Thursday, disclosing that he is considering removing Bonds from the top of the home run list. (Fox News)

Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie said Wednesday that the team disagrees with the school''s effort to bar the Redskins'' name at TCF Bank Stadium. We have met many Native Americans from Minnesota who agree with our position and feel we are using the term correctly and honorably, Wyllie said.
University officials said the use of the Redskins name at their stadium violates the institution''s affirmative action, diversity and equal opportunity policy. More than 6,655 students identify themselves as Native American throughout the University of Minnesota system.