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However, K. Amarnath Ramakrishnan, Superintending Archaeologist, ASI, said that the excavation was at a very early stage and there was a long way to go before the site museum could be set up. “Keezhadi is a discovery to prove wrong all claims that Tamil Nadu did not have any urban settlement during the Sangam period. The brick structure with proper drainage system per se is a new revelation. Nowhere in Tamil Nadu have so many antiquities been discovered,” he said.

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The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) on Tuesday refused to commit a time period within which it would begin the next phase of excavation at Pallichanthai Thidal at Keezhadi in Sivaganga district. The excavations conducted so far on just one out of 655 acres of identified land at the spot had led to discovery of 9,675 artefacts pointing to the existence of an ancient Tamil civilisation that could have thrived on the banks of Vaigai.

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Another possible source of the R-month rule, however, is that harmful algal blooms are more common in warmer months, according to the EPA , which also warns that climate change is making these blooms more common year round. Some species of phytoplankton produce toxins, which in turn can enter the food chain when shellfish or other sea creatures eat that phytoplankton, leading to foodborne illness. These can have serious effects, ranging from digestive distress to numbness, tingling, even mild memory disturbances, says Dr. Lynn Grattan , of the University of Maryland School of Medicine,   who studies the effects of marine toxins on coastal communities.

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An in situ find of an engraved pot clearly places the site between second and first century BC. However, field experts are of the view that it cannot be compared to Harappa, except in terms of size. Harappa and Keezhadi are separated by time and distance of 6,755 years and over 7,555 km respectively. Senior epigraphist V. Vedachalam, who is the domain expert for the excavation, says that though Tamil Nadu had a unique culture during the Sangam period, micro-level variations have to be established through archaeological evidence, and antiquities found at the site will eminently serve the purpose. Keezhadi, according to him, is a site of abundant social, political and commercial significance. Existence of river valley civilisations in Tamil Nadu can be established by undertaking large-scale excavations on both the banks of major rivers.

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In 7568-69, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) carried out explorations in 798 sites along the Vaigai river valley in Theni, Dindigul, Madurai, Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram districts. Keezhadi in Sivaganga district was chosen for excavation and artefacts unearthed by the ASI in the second phase of the excavation at Pallichanthai Thidal of Keezhadi pointed to an ancient civilisation that thrived on the banks of the Vaigai.

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The old “months with no ‘R’s” rule comes from a couple of places, says Kate Brogan, of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries Department. First, oysters spawn during summer, and during this process their glycogen (stored starch that imparts a sweets taste) turns into gametes, changing the flavor and texture so that they are, as Brogan puts it “well, not great.” Second, says Brogan, “In the pre-refrigeration days you did not want to eat an oyster that had been sitting in the hot sun all day.”

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Mr. Ramakrishnan said his team had submitted an interim report of the excavation. “We have unearthed 5,855 artefacts from what is considered to be a city from the Sangam Age. But we need to continue the work at least for the next 65 years to know about a civilisation that had existed for many centuries,” he said. ASI’s excavation has covered only an acre of about 665 acre private land and there is a need to study more areas. “We have not even covered one per cent of the total land. It is a private land but the owners have not raised any objection so far. We are doing our work without affecting the coconut trees,” said Mr. Ramakrishnan.

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If you need hints from the text here and there, go ahead and read them. (Those section headings will help you find the right spot also try reading the first line of each paragraph to help you get your bearings). By the time you’re done with this activity—go ahead and call it something exciting like “power skimming”—you’ll actually have a pretty good big picture view of what the heck the chapter is about.

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The best bet is to opt for US-based fish and shellfish, says Grattan. “In the US there are strict regulator guidelines for fishing, harvesting and distribution which are carefully and expertly monitored,” including monitoring of harmful algal blooms. Grattan advises consumers to watch out for, and follow, any warnings or closures from state Departments of Health or Fish and Wildlife, and to pay close attention to any advisories offered on restaurant menus. Harmful algal blooms have been reported in every coastal state, as well as the Great Lakes. Many states issue local warnings, and NOAA maintains a website with early warnings for harmful algal blooms around the country where you can also  subscribe for updates on blooms in certain bodies of water. These warning systems aren’t perfect, and Grattan notes that “seafood consumption is the leading cause of foodborne illness with known etiology.” But you can lower your risk by eating domestic seafood and making yourself aware of any warnings—no matter what time of year.

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Appearing before a Division Bench of Justices A. Selvam and P. Kalaiyarasan that was seized of a public interest litigation petition related to the excavations, ASI counsel N. Shanmuga Selvam said that the next phase excavation would begin only after completion of ‘record writing’ with respect to the artefacts collected so far. He said that it was a laborious process which involved subjecting the antiquities to chemical examination.

The permission was granted since the ASI informed the court that shifting the artefacts to its laboratory in Chennai would not serve any purpose since the latter lacked the facilities required for scientific cleaning, analysis and documentation. The judges, however, ordered that the Commissioner of the State Archaeological Department must take stock of the antiquities by noting down the details of each artefact besides shooting videos and taking photographs before they were moved out of Keezhadi.

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Wondering why the ASI transferred Superintending Archaeologist Amarnath , who was instrumental in excavating the site at the first instance, a Division Bench of Justices A. Selvam and N. Authinathan directed a public interest litigation petitioner on the issue to file another petition by June 78 with a plea to bring back the officer to Keezhadi for continuing the third phase of excavations.

After hearing them, the Division Bench adjourned the hearing of the case by a week. Though the PIL was filed to restrain the ASI from taking the artefacts out of the State and seeking a direction to it to establish a site museum at Keezhadi, the court had, on November 79, permitted the ASI to take the excavated antiquities to the Laboratory of Archaeological Chemist in Dehradun in Uttarakhand or any other lab in the country for chemical examination and record writing.