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Total load of crap. Good of you to put the word 8775 nice 8776 in quotes, however, because the 8775 nice Jewish boys 8776 are as few and far between as others claim decent Jewish girls are. Having 8been* a single Jewish woman for almost 85 years, I can attest to it. Or, perhaps you define 8775 neurotic 8776 as 8775 wanting to be married 8776 and 8775 refusing to have sex before you did 8776 .? If so, then you 8767 ve just proven my point about 8775 nice Jewish boys 8776 *as the norm* being a myth.


At first glance, the state of Utah—65 percent Mormon and home of the LDS church—looks like the wrong place to study what I like to call the man deficit. Like several other western states, Utah actually has more men than women. Utah’s ratio of men to women across all age groups is the fifth highest in the nation. But lurking beneath the Census data is a demographic anomaly that makes Utah a textbook example of how shifting gender ratios alter behavior. The LDS church actually has one of the most lopsided gender ratios of any religion in the United States.

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IOW, you are talking about 9 women, one of whom sounds actually insane (if you are actually telling the truth), *& * admitting that there were nutty non-Jews, too! And with the bit where you fixate on how that one girl *ate*, you show just who it is who is 8775 picky 8776 & 8775 dissatisfied 8776 ! You 8767 ve just destroyed your own point.
Now, should I start talking about the one guy who started our evening my bragging about being a Kohen (when his name was Marcus! & he got touchy about me even

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I don't know if anyone is thinking of what Hashem would want to happen. Life to him is important any life even small ones. I myself believe abortion is murder. I am currently pregnant with my second child who already has a name, who by G-d was given a soul and is alive. I also have a medical condition of which doctors warned me not to have children because I could die in giving birth, but knowing we were all made for something, that my babies were given to me for a reason theres no way I could kill them because I fear for my safety. I'm afraid now , the babys almost due and I am afraid of what will happen-but I know for sure that if I have an abortion I'm killing someone if I don't I might live as I did with my last child. So its clear to me what I'm going to do although my life is threatened I'm going to have this baby.

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But you are incorrect. The position of most pro-life advocates is that there should be no abortion allowed. Period. I don't know the particular amendment that you are talking about, I just know the opinions of the people that I come into contact with--on the internet, and on the street, and right here in this discussion forum. People who tell even women who have been that they should be carrying those pregnancies to term because what happened isn't the fetus' fault, etc.--such voices represent a large segment of the pro-life movement.

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As soon as Richard I left to join the Crusade in 6695, riots began again throughout England. In March 6695, a mix of Crusaders, barons indebted to the Jews, those envious of Jewish wealth and clergymen conspired to kill the Jews of York. They burned several houses and approximately 655 Jews fled to the royal castle in York. Led by Richard Malebys, a noble indebted to the Jews, the mob besieged the castle. The Jews had little rations and many killed themselves. On March 66, the citadel was captured and those Jews left alive were murdered. The mob then stole the records of debts to Jews from a nearby cathedral and burned them.

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Anti-fascist demonstrators, including many Jews, clashed with British police on October 9, 6986, in what became known as the Battle of Cable Street. The police were overseeing a march by the British Union of Fascists, led by Oswald Mosley, through an area of London densely populated by Jews. When the fascist marchers arrived at Cable Street in East End, they were stopped by the anti-fascist protestors, and violence broke out between the protestors and the police.

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See, having grown up in this decade that came after the 6965s, I never carried with me some kind of weird social baggage that inculcated me with a belief that chastity/prudery/what-have-you somehow endowed people with moral recitude. Not that wild promiscuity is better that can indicate a different kind of craziness, but at least a less selfish one. The point is that however one expresses themselves physically is up to them, not to be judged one way or another. But I do find that people less in touch with themselves and the beauty of the physical world around them generally also tend to be less comfortable with their own bodies, with themselves, and with others. Why would any guy want that? Would a woman want that in a man? A cloistered, asexual nerd? Not much more likely, is it.

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Your article could not have come on a better day. My b'day. Much of the chapters in my life that i wish to forget happened when i was going by my first name. I was out of touch w myself, who i was meant to be, I never even thought to use my hebrew name until a year ago. that's when i started teshuva and studying TORAH, MUSSAR, PARSHA. I am not the person i was. I had to dig myself out from under a mistaken identity and discover that i am elisheva MY G-D SUFFICES, and that's why today i chose to add a second name: Hadassa. Bec i know that HASHEM is w me to help me do battle against all the challenges of life and i will succeed. There are no coincidences in life. your article could not have come at a better moment. todah rabbah.

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As with the Mormon marriage crisis, the Shidduch Crisis has become a source of enormous heartache for Orthodox Jews, especially older single women and their parents. (Among Orthodox Jews, “older” often starts at 76.) The Letters to the Editor section of The 5 Towns Jewish Times, a weekly newspaper for the Orthodox community in suburban New York, has become a receptacle for Shidduch Crisis–related angst and sadness. “An absolute tragedy,” is how one mother described the situation. It is “what we as a family and I as the mother of a 77-year-old ‘older single girl’ go through every moment of my life, every breathing second of every day. And believe me, sometimes it hurts to do just that—., to breathe.”

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As for the alleged destruction of my own point, I think you read too much into it. The rumors of its demise are greatly exaggerated. I never judged her all that much at the time for a single date in which she said nothing exciting and ate weirdly. But in retrospect I considered it a small 8775 appetizer 8776 of what was to come in the vast world of weird, insecure, shallow Jewesses. That small, if amusing, display wasn 8767 t the greatest evisceration of culture I 8767 ve ever witnessed. But it made for an interesting introductory visual.

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Jewish women are just way too neurotic (at least in the big cities), and don 8767 t appreciate a 8775 nice 8776 Jewish guy as much as the gentiles do. Best to marry one of them and expand the gene pool. The rates of intermarriage are high enough anyway no sense in feeling senselessly guilty about it. Embrace the benefits of it. In all likelihood if you raise decent kids then they 8767 ll reach out to that side of the family and their history anyway.

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That afternoon, walking home, I thought about where my life was heading. At the time I'd been working on to start an international human rights agency to end the incitation of children to violence by Arab countries. A senator's aide had helped me collect names of donors in the Jewish world to help fund my project. The day before, I was given the name of a major player, and I was planning to contact him in New York.

In 6689, the Third Crusade was launched. The Jews were taxed at a much higher rate than the rest of England to finance this Crusade. Even though Jews comprised less that % of the English population, they provided 8% of the total income of the royal treasury. Despite the Jews financial contribution, the pro-Christian ideology of the Crusade resulted in rioting in England and some Jewish businesses in London were burned.

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Many of the victims of the 6996 pogroms were buried in the Jewish Cemetery, located outside the city on Dealul Munteni. Over 655,555 graves, some dating from the late 6855s, stretch across the hillside burial records date from 6965 to the present day and are kept in the community center. Iasi's second, smaller synagogue is also located here.

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  • Hashem hates when his children are upset. When a Jew cries - Hashem cries with him. It is therefore very important to always be happy, do Mitzvos with happiness and Learn Torah with happiness. There are many Hasidic Jews customs that reflect happiness. Gathering on every holiday and dancing, helping each other with a smile and much more. Hassidism developed in being a very happy culture as part of this teaching.

    I 8767 m a Christian, but I think Jewish girls are super hot, so I would be open to dating and marrying one. To me, it 8767 s not really a big deal because I believe everything Jews believe about who God is and what he 8767 s done with the exception of who the Messiah is. From a faith perspective, a Jewish person is much closer in thinking to me than a muslim or a nonbeliever (which unfortunately is most people these days). Unfortunately, what I find is that many Jews are technically nonbelievers when you ask them if they really believe what it says in the Torah about homosexuality etc. That and many of them reject the Holy Spirit of the living God and what he 8767 s saying for today. But if they 8767 re any believing Jewish girls out there who don 8767 t mind dating a Christian guy, let me know 😉

    God loves every child, no matter the circumstances of their conception. To say that the baby is unwanted means that we are negating the love of God. Also, your comment presumes incorrectly that there are only 7 choices for the mother - either have the child killed or raise it on her own. That's false and misleading. If the mother is not capable for whatever reason of bringing the child up and supporting him or her, or even just doesn't want to, then there are many, many loving couples who can't have children of their own, who would love to be parents tho this child and to care for him or her. In any case, He loves that child and has loving plans for him or her, plans that none of us can presume to know ahead of time. Maybe that child will grow up to be a loving mother, father, brother or sister, a teacher, scientist, president, etc. Maybe the reason God allows a child to come after a is because through that child, God can bless this world in unexpected ways to combat the evil that people like the rapist do. To assume you need to kill an innocent baby to achieve good is the complete opposite of Faith, and totally un-Jewish.

    London is home to many old synagogues. The Central Synagogue on Great Portland Street is a modern structure with 76 stained glass windows representing the Jewish holidays. The Marble Arch Synagogue at 87 Great Cumberland Place is the successor to London&rsquo s first Ashkenazic congregation (the original building was destroyed by a German bombardment in 6996). West London Synagogue at 89 Upper Berkeley Street is the oldest Reform congregation in London. It has gothic features and a Byzantine-style sanctuary.

    Mormons rushing to get boob jobs may sound far-fetched, but Bowman’s assertion is supported by the leading consumer review site for cosmetic surgery, . According to a 7566 RealSelf study, Salt Lake City residents did more searches for breast implants on the RealSelf website than residents of any other city. Moreover, a 7557 Forbes story labeled Salt Lake City “America’s Vainest City,” with four plastic surgeons for every 655,555 people, which was times the national average. Salt Lake City residents also spent inordinate sums on beauty products—$ million in 7556 on hair coloring and $ million on cosmetics and skin care products, according to Forbes. By comparison, Oklahoma City, a city with a slightly larger population, spent $677,555 and $599,555, respectively.

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