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Texas troopers ticketing Hispanic drivers as white

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You will have rejections trust me! Don 8767 t let rejections control your emotion. When you 8767 re kicked down, just climb back up. You will be surprise that the 8775 next 8776 woman will say 8775 YES 8776 ! I was surprised too that even I 8767 m married over a decade and my mom said there was a woman asked my mom if I was married already hint hint! I know who she was but I only talked to her once. I was focused on school and I missed alot of chances that I didn 8767 t asked those Western women out who showed ALOT of interest. That 8767 s life man you will miss that chance if you don 8767 t ask. ASK HER OUT THIS WEEK AND REPORT TO US HERE. Good luck!

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Well don 8767 t generalize, I actually dated a great black lady, I very much loved her. She was separated and hiding from her Puerto Rican cop husband who probably would have killed me, she was fitting me in while her black boyfriend was in other states she was straight with me though. She was a great lady but she wouldn 8767 t commit to me till I left, then she 8767 s calling come back we will live together. I think many black women are beautiful, then there 8767 s the whole slave issue, only a few whites owned slaves, I sure wasn 8767 t alive then but I have to feel guilty. Does this black women hate me and want to knock me out? There 8767 s a lot less baggage with asian women they are positive toward white men and it makes it easy for us to find one we want. I married the Asian lady I love.

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PS yea I 8767 m a racist, one with a few very good black friends and only so because they 8767 re honest, compassionate, hard working citizens who know how to act civilized. Not of the mindset they can just take your life for 55 bucks and too stupid to realize they could earn it in half a day without the risk of life imprisonment, nevermind the moral implications. Nah, not a racist a realist.

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As white men and black women, we should hook up more, but we don t. Seeing these cultural things at play, we can see why. Women need to trust more than men need to when it comes to giving themselves to a man, they need to feel for him. Black women see this country s history, often, when she sees a white man. Men don t need all that. We don t care what you do, what history says. We want something we are attracted to, that s it. So, therefore, the whiteness of a woman and how it represents white racist history, doesn t matter, or doesn t even come into his head. Again, all of this on average, there are of course black women who don t see that when they see white men, and vice versa. But, this stuff is playing a huge part.

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For some Black women, going on a date with a White man can be extremely nerve-wracking, especially if it&rsquo s their first time dating a white man. You might be wondering, &ldquo Will we have anything in common?&rdquo &ldquo What are going to talk about?&rdquo and &ldquo Will there be any awkward moments?&rdquo Well, in this case your best bet is to go into the date thinking that he&rsquo s just a normal guy, regardless of his race. Unfortunately, sometimes that plan fails miserably because some of these White men can&rsquo t help but keep reminding you that you are Black and they are White. It&rsquo s not that they do it on purpose, but it&rsquo s just that sometimes make certain comments that can seem annoying or even inappropriate. Making these comments cannot only ruin the date, but turn you off dating White men altogether. Not sure what I mean? Well, here is a list of the most annoying things that White men sometimes say on dates.

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I get most of these but I like fried chicken and I like hot sauce. I certainly won 8767 t go out of my way to reference them, but I 8767 m not going to avoid them either. If I 8767 m going for fried chicken, the girl better be comfortable with me asking if she wants to come, because I 8767 m not going to stop liking fried chicken if and when we get married. If I 8767 m eating something that I like hot sauce with, and she hasn 8767 t shown herself to dislike hot sauce, I may very well ask 8775 hey, do you want some too? 8776 I didn 8767 t even know there was a 8775 hot sauce 8776 thing.

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I 8767 m going to resist the urge to join the tempting racial debate below bad comment on the article lol. I hate it when white guys make a reference to weave to let it be known they they know about black people things. And it comes out of nowhere lol, like it could be windy or look like it 8767 s going to rain and they 8767 ll be like 8775 don 8767 t want to mess up that weave now do we? 8776 Or 8775 that 8767 s the best weave I 8767 ve ever seen 8776 and then they 8767 re feeling so proud like yeeeepp.. I know black things, we are having a moment lol They don 8767 t realise that although it 8767 s not a secret black guys don 8767 t say that lol smh (sooo cringe- better believe another date doesn 8767 t follow!)

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Behind every successful man, there just has to be a Black woman ? You really WROTE that? And, by the way, going on a single date with a Black woman, having ONE Black girlfriend or marrying a woman who just happens to be Black does NOT add up to wooing Black women. The only person on your list that accurately describes is Bobby D. Lady, I don t even know you and you make me sick!

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Can I just say that I am a mother of a beautiful mixed child, married to a black man. What troubles me is how easily we throw race into the mix. I love my daughter but am not willing to have her claim any one race, she is not black and she is not white, she is mixed and she knows it! I am European, her Dad is Carribean and my daughter is qunique. Only in America do we have stupid standards that everyone must fit into a damn box. I resent my daughter being called black, its bascially not admiting her white side. We are not ashamed of either of our backgrounds and cultures and embrace them both. Wake up people, stop being put into the box and just live

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OMG, such immaturity, and self-righteousness Vince, you want her 8775 mind, body, and soul? 8776 You will 8775 try to 8766 forgive 8767 her past? 8776 If her alleged 8775 transgressions 8776 were against you, you can 8775 forgive 8776 that, but if this has to do with stuff that happened before she even met you, you are no position to 8775 forgive. 8776 How dare you! Too bad I don 8767 t know the girl because if I do, I would have told her to steer clear.

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My first thought was 8775 What does hot sauce have to do with race? 8776 Maybe I 8767 m naive or maybe the dynamics are a bit different here in Canada. If I offer my date some hot sauce, it 8767 s because it 8767 s on the table but out of her reach. Race has nothing to do with it. That would be true if she was black, white, or other because there are people of every race who like hot sauce. It isn 8767 t racist if he also offers hot sauce to his white and Asian dates, but you wouldn 8767 t necessarily know that.

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Herein lies the crux of the matter: Feminists had the right idea about wanting more equality, as in equal pay, but they got a little side-tracked by the free love thing. What they didn't realize is that most men are more than happy to accept the "No Strings Attached" philosophy of "free love." His philosophy goes something like this: "If we live together, I will enjoy the convenience of having a quasi-wife, but without any messy responsibilities or financial risk."

I’m gonna
take another view. GL is a comedian. A raunchy, provocative comedian. His
material is no surprise. You go see him because you’ve heard his stuff before.
From what I read the Black woman in question was there with her Latino
boyfriend. Did he defend her? Did he leave with her? Plus, did she actually
think she was gonna “shame” GL into an apology? When she protested his remarks,
he went into defense mode with profanity. The man had an avid audience just
loving the exchange between them. Which I must admit went on too long on GL’s
part. He came off as insecure. I say know about your entertainment before you
shell out money. GL is not an act you go see for decorum or tact.

Oh and hunny at least they are marrying sistas and not living with them for 85 something yr before they leave to the next victim. Putting nothing but kids in her and leaving her single and unwed. You can love black women good for u. But this black girl is tired if disrespectful black men. I give an example of why im fed up with these new age negros. Last week I was in Manhattan and walked by these panhandeling boys trying to hand out their cd. They shove it in my hand and then as im walking they ask for a donation I politely say I have no money and hand it back to them. (I did but unknowns dont get my funds) so these negros go off and say dont bring ur arse to Ny if you aint got money. Now when the white girl b9 me declined they made no spectacle about it. But when I said no we have to get loud and try to embarrass the sista. See thats one example why im tired of black men. I have many others trust and believe.

Not only that, geneticists have proven, what we consider 8775 race 8776 , is really species, and ethnicity is really race. It turns out the 8775 racist 8776 , scientists of the early 6955 8767 s, have been proven correct, in terms of the differences between variations of humans to a degree. Granted that doesn 8767 t justify one variant of humans oppressing another, or seeking to cause the genocide of another type of human.

Why does it matter if you date white, black, yellow, brown, red, blue, green? Isn t true love color blind? Race is only an issue if you make it one. people should be happy, period.
The sooner this country gets over its race issues the better for all of us. i know well adjusted people of all races, and as many messed up ones. Color doesn t define you, shouldn t define you and shouldn t keep you unhappy.

That is a racist comment. You date human beings, not skin colors. Turn your comment around and it is a very negative white supremacist comment. Why do people get so caught up in our earthly 8775 packages 8776 ? We are all souls having a physical experience. And to clarify, there are no 8775 white 8776 or 8775 black 8776 people. There are light cream colored people and light brown people and medium brown people and dark brown people. All boring neutrals. Now if we were neon colored that 8767 d be something to brag about.

I couldn t even get through the comments without getting a rise. For 6 I have to say that I do not like or appreciate the you people attitude behind some of the comments that I have read. Next, these are the opinions of a few, if not only 6, black woman. I myself am multi racial but consider myself to be a black women and I do not crave the attention or love of a white man. I see what some only see through rose colored sunglasses white man are just as imperfect as are black men just in other ways. Frankly I don t really care who dates who and I don t care what society as a whole thinks about who I date. If im attracted to a white guy and he s attracted to me and we hit it off than so be it and if I hit it off with as asian man, than so be it. But please stop thinking that black people are so desperate for the approral and love of their white counterparts!

In Miami? Where and how did you get into this country with a whacked out attitude to perpretrate hatred against a race that built this country. Go to the library, read some books, Miami is not the end all be all in the world. Travel, look at real fashion, not based on some sports team and what eye candy they select. Maybe if you travel outside if Miami and that your state has been notoriously prejudiced, so step outside and you will see what life is about and what is really important. No one talks like you except a child, are you 68? Grow up then. This site is for grown folks. (unwanted, wow a real vocabulary like are you a census taker as well, you did the survey? in your ghetto mind?

Yes, matter of fact, white people ARE to blame for what they did not just to PoC but what they did to Native Americans back then AND continue to do today! I think you are confusing people wishing and doing what they can so PoC have adequate health care including birth control (Planned Parenthood) with prisons being privatized and the war on drugs imprisoning PoC for a couple of joints while white people get to live even though they are serial killers. Please, not everyone is as moronic as you. Its not a certain political party thats screwing over Native Americans and PoC its just plain white people, primarily white men like yourself, and regardless of their political affiliations. The legalization of pot is a GOOD thing for PoC! That means a great deal of the PoC prisoners who are in there for smoking pot doing the same sentence as white murders will no longer be rounded up, imprisoned and controlled by miserable men like yourself. Telling PoC to wake up are you for real? What about you? It seems to me you are from another planet, throwing your white supremacy around like its welcome.

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