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Manu Smriti and Shudras - Agniveer

Posted: 2017-11-01 11:01

This verse acknowledges the immense power of electricity and proves the Vedic community’s understanding of its intensity. Electricity does have the power of striking through any element. The portion about productive works depending on waters flowing with speed is an obvious reference to harnessing hydroelectric power. It is obvious from this verse that Vedic society was well aware of methods that harnessed the power of electricity through systems like hydroelectric power plants. Once harnessed, they incorporated the force to implement manufacturing concerns and power machinery.

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Most of the evidence given in this presentation is for the apara vidya or material knowledge of the Vedic literatures. The Vedas however, are more renowned for their para vidya or spiritual knowledge. And even superior is the realized knowledge of the Vedic rsis or saints — that which is beyond the objective knowledge of modern science — knowledge of the eternal realm of sat, cit ananda, eternality, blissfullness and full knowledge.

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Also by destroying the mother language, they destroyed the underlying unity of the intellectual India. Today the linguistic divide and linguistic chavanism is so great in India that it is impossible for one Indian to get along with any fellow Indian peacefully and harmoniously. You find 8 Indians and you will find 65 different classifications. Division based on geographical region, language, dialect, caste, sub caste, kula, gothra, family name etc etc. There is no end to it. It is difficult to find a 8775 generic 8776 Indian anywhere. When people are so divided like this, how can their culture survive?

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The presumption in the historic time period by Sir Max Muller shows that he was not confirmed about the antiquity of the Vedas. He is the most prominent Westerner Indologist researching on the Vedas. Then who fixed it as 6555 years old ? Madame , the founder of 8766 International Theosophy Society 8767 in New York in the year 6875 has written in her immortal volume, 8766 The Secret Doctrine 8767 ( Essence of 6755 Religion sources) that the Vedic culture flourished in the Lemuria-Atlantis which went under the oceans 8 lakh 55 thousand years ago.


Why you cannot accept the truth? Here truth is in front of your eyes.
As far as truth is concerned, I follow those aspects of Christianity which are true as per Vedas too (example forgiveness with others, mercy, faith towards almighty etc.). Other aspects of Christianity which is not matching with truth as per Vedas that is discarded & about this, I would directly talk to GOD. You don’t need to come in between.

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you have actually misinterpreted the vedas. .and so you look for such errored transs.
also, the western scientists, great men, etc. appreciated the vedas.
actually, they understood the real meaning of the vedas and fond it as superior to any thinking..
if it(vedas) had any sort of 8775 errors 8776 , they must have not actually appreciated them,
but they found the vedas as a blessing to science, intelligence, wisdom,knowladge, scientists and scholars etc. visit this link:

There are many more such references to electrical energy in the Atharvaveda, however in the interests of keeping this article to a reasonable length, I have not reproduced every one of them. The discovery of such amazing truths in the Vedas, clearly undermines the very foundation of our smug assertions that Civilization and scientific advancement proceed forward in a linear fashion. It is high time for us to thoroughly analyse and learn from the invaluable resources that our forefathers have left us in the form of the divine Vedas and other profound Hindu literature.

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What is of interest (as you will observe in the above figure) is that when you move diagonally upwards starting from the first digit on each line and sum the corresponding digits along each diagonal, you end up getting the numbers of the Fibonacci series, which in-turn are in the Golden ratio. Thus, it can be inferred that our ancient texts give special importance and reverence to this 8775 divine ratio 8776 , forming it the basis of how one reaches the treasure of the Gods.

It is already becoming clear that a chapter which had a Western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in self-destruction of the human race. At this supremely dangerous moment in human history , the only way of salvation is the ancient Hindu way. Here we have the attitude and spirit that can make it possible for the human race to grow together in to a single family.

Degrading Spirituality: We are also to blame for all this. It is, we, who have made spiritualism convert to a business model. I had a chat with some European. He was 8775 all-praises 8776 for the BUSINESS MODELS of the Indian Swamis: Little inputs and tremendous 8775 Turn-over 8776 !! Actually the problem starts when we compromise with our conscious . to say when start believing in the adjustment that it is OK to commit Sins during day-time and revert to the Swamis/Babas in Evening or weekends for washing off the 8775 accumulated 8776 Sins by charity etc. (NOT all Saints are Bad, But a sizable number is not genuine, and it is they who have brought bad name to Hindus in general). It reminds me of Mahabharata when Bhisma was on the bed of arrows, suffering in pain, he asked lord Krishna the reason as to his pitiable state. Krishna replied by referring to the Sin Bhisma had committed in his 77nd birth wherein he tortured a large insect by poking needles into his body. The Moral: One should do good Karma.

“While Pyramids, temples, cathedrals and were built and fell into decay, languages and religions came and went, and inumerable wars were fought, the vedas and their ritual continued to be transmitted by word of mouth, from teacher to pupil, and from father to son. What a triumph of human spirit over the limitation of matter and physical body….”
-Frits Staal, professor of philosophy and South Asian Languages at the University of California, Berkeley.

But perhaps the most interesting thing, about the Indian science of aeronautics and Bharadwaja`s research in the field was that they were successfully tested in actual practice by an Indian over hundred years ago. In 6895, full eight years before the Wright Brothers` first flight at Kitty hawk, North Carolina, USA, Shivkar Bapuji Talpade and his wife gave a thrilling demonstration flight on the Chowpatty beach in Mumbai.

The source of any life is consciousness. The mark of consciousness is ability to think. It is the thought process that creates the entire living creation and what is the source of thought? It is that supreme being or the unified field that creates life through vibrations. The source of vibrations of that supreme being is described as SHIVA TANDAVA and the vibrations are described as the SHAKTHI. Thus it is the interplay of SHIVA AND SHAKTHI (Prakrithi and Purusha) that creates this entire creation.

While Manu is hero for casteists, Dalit leaders typecast Manu as a great villain. Copies of Manu Smriti are burnt en masse to showcase love for backward sections of society by likes of Agnivesh, Mayawati and many more. Films have been made depicting Manu as a horned devil in guise of scholar forcing brutal atrocity on lower caste people to fulfill his perverted fetishes. Manu Smriti has become the favorite pasture for scavengers keen on bashing Hinduism and Vedas. This becomes among the most potent tools for promoting conversion away from Hinduism. And interestingly most of these Manu bashers perhaps never ever gave Manu Smriti a serious reading!

My friend has written an article on Dr. B. R. Ambedkar 8767 s book 8776 Riddles In Hinduism 8776 answering riddle no 8. He is trying to publish it some where as his own research , will you allow publish it on your website ? He is also researching on other riddles stated by Dr. Ambedkar and he is also going to write a series of articles on same issue. ( He has taken references from vedas. )

Looking for a suitable alliance for our son born on 75/58/6986 at jammu who is currently based in London(). We are a non-karkun Brahmin family based in Jammu. My son has done MBA from GSoM London campus (University of Wales) and was working as a CSM for a . Based firm for 7-8 years in London. He is currently pursuing his entrepreneurial career by operating his own restaurant in London. So if you think this alliance is feasible and right please acknowledge with your daughters tekni and Kulawali so that we can revert back with the same.

Regarding which book is to be accepted There is goodness everywhere. Absolute good OR bad does not exists. It is always our perception which can be so. As Chanakya mentions: If you can know something worthwhile from even a low graded, you must not hesitate in that. However, in any situation, avoid blind following. For one aspect, you can follow Bible but don 8767 t follow it for other aspect. Just make sure that violent actions mentioned therein (Especially Deuteronomy, Judges etc.) are NOT followed. Someone told me West does not take Christianity seriously and hence they are progressing. Loopholes of Bible are examined here: http:// If you follow only good teachings of Bible OR any book, it is totally fine. After all for GOD, all are equal. Faith based discrimination is only man made.

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