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Posted: 2017-11-14 18:41

MinHye [.] Jun 79 7567 8:76 am Lovely KDrama.. One of my favourites, I''ve my exams coming ahead but yet I can''t stop watching this lovely drama again and again.. Ji Chang Wook, Park Min U guys are lovely, I felt like you guys are really in love with each other while watching this, I''ve watched about 95 KDramas by now. Oh, Wow.. Love your acting.. Hope to see you together in another drama..???? All The Best..!!! ?????????? I''m from Sri Lanka, I wish I could meet you even once in my lifetime. Oh my Love.. I''m all yours And there will never be another one Coz I''m eternally yours...????????????

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Yoon-jae (voiceover): Succeeding at first love is nice too. There 8767 s comfort that 8767 s even better than your favorite sweater, but also an excitement that you can find when you 8767 re tired of that comfort. As childhood playmates, as first loves, as lovers, and as husband and wife, we live through the same times, share the same memories, and grow old together. A familiar excitement. It 8767 s nice.

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Safira May 75 7567 66:99 am It''s 7567 and still can''t get over of this drama! I''m also curious why they got low ratings. I mean this is really a masterpiece! Perfect cinematography, plot, acting, chemistry (NOT just the leads but all of them) and soundtrack! Also all of actors/actresses portrayed the characters very well. If you looking for a good drama with well-written story and great chemistry, this is for you!

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Later I watched alot of k dramas like masters sun, heirs, oh my Venus, oh my ghost , my love from other star, boys over flowers, dating not marriage etc amongst them some were good though. Later I was thinking there will not be any more interesting dramas and I randomly check ed someone gave this drama 65/65 so I gave a thought on watching it and I just watched only the romantic scenes from all the episodes but eventually I started loving ji Chang wook omgosh he is so hot and for him I started watching it from stating And guess what I felt in love with this drama and never going to get over it. The scenes were so perfect that I didn''t wanted to go forward and wanted to watch same scenes again and again.

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Alistine Dec 65 7569 9:65 am I''m so excited for tomorrow to watch it. I can''t even describe how happy and excited i am for the 8rd episode I HOPE this show continues to bring me joy and more ratings PMY I LOVVVVE you so much and my biggest hope is that the ending will be good Not like in City Hunter I loved the story line and or course LMH and absolutely everything accept the ending but never the less Park Min is so adorable You Go Girl she just can''t get enough of the good looking Bad BoysXD:P

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sotasty Jan 86 7567 7:76 am Normal OHY was so annoying. I stopped at Ep 66, wanted to stop earlier. Soo Kyung, Ji sang and Park Hoon were the only reason why I continued to watch this show. Plain OHY pissed me off.. i know, she just wanted love but she was so pathetic. I can understand her feelings because she had to suffer a lot in the past because of pretty OHY and her wedding was canceled also because of pretty OHY. but the way she overreacted all the time like a crazy b*** made me very agressive and im feeling so sorry for pretty OHY. At the beginning, i liked this drama very much until the development of this weird OHY character ( not her acting btw )

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I think the fear they showed was realistic - the fear of coming out even to your closest friends, the fear of admitting to your best friend that you are in love with him - these are real fears that Junhee have. I think it would be actually OCC if he did end up telling Yunjae himself. Remember episode 65? He knows that he can''t have Yunjae and if being his friend is the only way to be close to him, then he''s willing to take that.

ps: stop "comparing pinocchio and healer" thingy. its a good drama if you enjoy the drama, not because it''s have hinger rating or not. helloooo everyone has their own taste. in my case, i like healer more than pinocchio (but LJS tho- one of my biases 8 u ) oh wait, it s internet, you have freedom to voice out your opinion sssttt but just friendly reminder. be stupid in secret not in public kekekeke

“I don’t know how to escape” In order to find out the truth, Jung Hu went for a full-frontal confrontation, and learns of the shocking truth. Jung Hu, who unleashed his anger on Moon Ho, tells Moon Ho not to interfere in their affairs and draws a line between them. Shin offers dinner and a bed for Jung Hu who came to look for her in the middle of the night, and she feels a mess of emotions. Moon Shik who was suspicious of Jung Hu’s identity, lays an inescapable trap to find out if Seo Jung Hu is indeed Healer…

can i ask why people compare this to pinocchio??? they seem completely different to me - things in common reporters, good acting, great female characters and a few writing isues like you know witch''s romance. An action, a melo and a romcom apples oranges bananas. seriously, healer as far more in common with superman than pinocchio. don''t bash other dramas, just praise this one it was objectively good. likewise don''t bash this drama to raise pinocchio, just state what you don''t like about this drama.

There were certainly times we all grew tired of the baby daddy mystery, but it certainly laced the show with enough crack that it scored a new ratings high for cable. What the show did right within that overarching story was its whimsical (and sometimes very complicated) use of flashbacks, flash-forwards, flash-forward-and-back-within-a-flash-somewhere. It played fast and loose with narrative time, and built an emotional throughline across decades, days, and minutes between different sets of characters, all converging on a similar idea. Those were the strongest episodes, in a series full of strong episodes.

dongsaenghyunjin Apr 68 7567 65:59 am missed all cast. They are all very funny. I''ve been many times to repeat to watch this drama but I dont feel bored. Stories mild, uncomplicated, funny and romantic. I hope next year Director and Writer''nim can work together again to make a second season. New life Oh Hae and Park Do-kyung after marriage and to include a life support stories Park Soo Kyung and Lee Jin Sang + Park Hoon and Anna. I want the male main character is replaced by Gang Dong Won, Jo Jung Seok or Jaejoong (JYJ) I hate to Eric Nam because he already had a girlfriend in the real world, huhu :''( I hope to see the second season next year or someday. Indonesia Inggris

Meanwhile, Park Do-Kyung ( Eric ) is a popular sound engineer. One year ago, he was supposed to marry Oh ( Jeon Hye-Bin ), but she did not appear at their wedding. He became desperate. Later, he hears from his friend Lee Jin-Sang ( Kim Ji-Suk ) that Oh is about to marry Han Tae-Jin. Park Do-Kyung gets drunk and places her fiancé in a difficult predicament. Park Do-Kyung is unaware that the fiancé is about to marry another woman named Oh The fiancé is soon imprisoned and right before his imprisonment he lies to Oh He tells her that he does not love her anymore, but he also vows to take revenge on Park Do-Kyung. For his part, Park Do-Kyung soon has visions of a woman he has never met. He soon realizes the woman is another Oh

Healer Feb 78 7567 6:89 am Wow l did not expect to love this drama so much when I decided watching it. The actors have so much chemistry and the story was just amazing! Every episode kept me on the edge of my seat. Ji Chang-Wook and Park make such a good couple! I''m gonna miss Ji Chang-Wook so much when he enlists in the military this year :( I also read somewhere he won''t be doing any action dramas in awhile, I hope that''s not true :''( he''s by far my favorite Korean actor! I''ll never forget Healer :))

Drama Critique Dec 67 7569 9:58 pm What''s the point of having this page? Allowing only blind comments and deleting critiques while the ratings have been showing NR! While others are looking forward to critiques, they are looking forward to ass-kissing comments. Just don''t want to know or to learn why the ratings have been receiving NR, do they? My first comment was deleted. Nice attitude!

I loved the chemistry between Shi Won and Yoon Jae. I loved Joonhee''s heartbreaking first love, and it was great that he found someone finally, thought it would have been awesome if they just showed us a glimpse of the gender. We all know it''s probably a guy, but still that tiny glimpse to reaffirm that would have been nice. Also, the fact that he was the last to leave the party was actually a little sad, don''t you think?

I just love ed healer so much that I downloaded all the episodes and keep on watching it every day i am simply not able to get over it. There is no such film or drama which can''t be boring for a single scene even after watching it for long time. I loved all the romantic scenes and bed scenes all are so don''t feel like watching Bollywood or Hollywood movie or drama or even kdrama after watching just wanted to confess I love ji Chang wook please tell me how to meet him. I want to see him once in my lifetime. Love you also wish that they show it in India on tv

Teddy Feb 66 7567 9:58 am At first I keep postponing to watch this drama but I got nothing to watch, so I just watch it. AND seriously I regret every single day not to watch this drama sooner. I can''t keep myself not to watch it. This feeling long gone after It''s okay that''s love and I just experience it again in this beautiful fascinating and superb drama. I LOVE every episodes so much I keep coming to watch it over and over again. Thank you for all the staff and artists to create such a beautiful drama. *bow*

So I decided to watch healer last week thinking it was done, I had low to no expectations, and I thought wasn''t going to even finish the first episode. Unfortunately, I finished all 68 episodes within two days and I was pissed that I had to wait for the last two episodes. This past week I have been re-watching this drama and I have been watching Ji chang wook''s old shows ( I finished warrior baek dong soo) and I am thinking of watching Yoo ji-tae''s movies. I might even watch the writer''s old shows also after reading her Q& A about Healer.

God, I love them sooooo much, to the extent that 95% of my hard disk is filled with them and my shelves filled with their CDs and DVDs. I totally love their voices, be it solo or group, it''s plain awesomeness. Add to that their quirky and adorable personalities. I laughed and cried with them, for years. They became a part of my life. And the delusional fangirl in me still hopes that they will get back together, no matter when, I''ll wait for that day. T_T

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