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25 Cute Teenage Romance Movies To Watch This Year!

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The gym they were at, conventionally named Cali Fitness, was one that specialized to a very specific customer base, one that that the girls qualified for on two levels. First the gym was women only, meaning they didn’t have to worry about pervy guys checking out their asses while they used the treadmills or stretched. And they didn’t have to worry about some guy sneaking a camera phone around and getting the kind of pictures that paid them well but only humiliated the subjects of them. And second, the gym was one that was designed for celebrities.


“Feeling more at ease?” Jessica asked, feeling the same shiver Scarlett was as she watched Maria grope Reese. It had been so difficult for her to talk Reese into coming with them that day. Reese had been so worried about how she looked and being out of place with her baby so clearly only weeks away from arriving, but Jessica had managed to talk her into coming without revealing one secret she held from her friend…she loved how Reese looked like this. She looked sexier than ever with her pregnant belly. Jessica had never confessed anything like that and she continued to hold her tongue about it because she didn’t want to make things weird between her and Reese.

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Jessica had a hunch that this girl was really acting like this because she had a secret of her own.  She couldn’t be positive, but as much as the girl tried to hide her beautiful face with her hoodie she couldn’t quite pull it off and the little strands of red hair that peeked out only added more certainty to Jessica’s gut feeling.  Plus there wasn’t anything that girl could do about her ultra-distinctive voice short of inhaling helium before she spoke.

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Not just wanting to be a passive spectator, though, Jessica decided to help out.  She didn’t really know either of these girls very well, but they were all linked by their lusts.  Plus this was hardly the first time she had noticed how sexy Emmanuelle and Jordana were.  She had entertained thoughts of fucking them before and now they were literally there for the taking.  So, to encourage Jordana more, Jessica came up behind her and started caressing her ass through her panties.

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Tossing her no longer needed dress to the floor, Christina and Britney both pushed Demi onto the table so the smiling girl could look up at them as they stood before her, lust in their eyes as they looked all over her barely covered her body. Thanks to her boots being on, Demi’s leggings hadn’t been able to come off all the way and she still had her bra on, but both of those were easily disposed of as Britney and Christina wordlessly made sure Demi was just as bare as they were.

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To have all of that going on at once combine with how much Holly had pent up arousal for something like this, gave her little ability to be able to hold back.  And she didn’t want to hold back either.  She had been holding back for too long, too often denying herself this carnal pleasures with other women, and Holly didn’t want that to happen any longer.  She needed this too much.  So when she felt her orgasm start to trigger inside her, Holly pushed it forward with much enthusiasm.

Summer’s breaths were coming out as even stronger gasps now and Eliza relished the reaction.  Her own pussy was drooling again and she felt the urge to touch it, but instead she kept her hands on Summer’s body, caressing her thighs and reaching down to grope her tight ass cheeks as she made her squirm and writhe with pleasure on the counter.  The girl was completely spread open for her and Eliza took full advantage, tongue fucking her cunt into a juicy mess of desire and making her clit bulge out before pulling away so she could lap her pussy coated tongue against Summer’s asshole.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhh!  Oh fuck yeahhhhhhhh!” Scarlett grunted out, pausing her own licking for just a hot moment from the pleasure Kat brought her. “Fuck me Kat! Yessss show me how much you love coming all over that pretty face!  Jam your tongue into me while you’re coming! Oh yessssssssssss mmmm fuck your hands on my ass feel so goddamn good!  Squeeze that fucking butt while you tongue fuck my pussy!  Give it to me Kat!”

Fortunately, Demi had found out that Britney was anything but straight in the most emphatic manner and that the reality was far better than the rumors. Demi had been told by her agent that this was just supposed to be a casual, friendly and, most of all, professional meeting with her and Britney. But it had been anything but and Demi had loved it. Britney had been handsy from the moment she had met her at the door, hugging her like she was her long lost friend and not a virtual stranger. Britney had been so friendly to her, holding her hand as she’d shown her around the place, telling her how pretty she looked and not missing a single chance to brush her hand against her body.

What was Jewel going to ask her to do?  Was she going to want to kiss her?  Or touch her?  Or even have sex with her?  Right here in the trailer!  Oh God, that was crazy! And Taylor immediately recognized that part of her actually wanted Jewel to ask that.  Since that day she had been denying herself the pleasure she had first experienced from all those wonderful female hands and tongues and it hadn’t been easy…not at all.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm fucking eat it bitch!” Sasha groaned in bliss, grinding her ass into Emma’s face and loving the way her tongue was attacking her sensitive hole.  “Bury your face in my ass!  Shove that movie star face into those big cheeks!  I love it up my ass and you’re a lucky little bitch to get to lick my hot hole!  You said you loved my ass before and now you get to prove it!  Shove that tongue into my nasty hole and fuck me!”

Holly’s cum soaked Rose’s fingers and she shoved them up her harder as she came, making each thrust of her hand squish into Holly’s cunt while at the same time her body smacked into Holly’s round, soft butt cheeks from the continued assfucking.  Rose didn’t stop or even let up until every last scream of release had escaped Holly’s body.  She fucked with her fingers and her strap on and when Holly finally gasped out the last of her orgasm and slumped forward, Rose slowly eased out of her ass.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss!  Mmmmmm that feels so fucking good Scarlett!” Emma cried out into Sasha’s pussy, her tongue licking away in between words, giving her a halting delivery that synched up nicely with the way her chest was starting to heave from her quick breaths.  “Do me bitch!  Do my fucking ass hard!  Ughhhhhhh give it to me Scarlett!  Make my tight little ass loose!  Ooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS OHHHHH YESSSS!  FUCK ME!  OOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSS FUCK MY SLUTTY ASS!”

Kat did everything but widen her eyes to puppy dog proportions and bat her lashes to get what she wanted. But what she was doing was enough incentive for Scarlett. It took a lot to get her to stop licking a pussy as tasty as Natalie’s, but Kat’s promises got close enough. So Scarlett pulled away from Natalie and gave Kat a juicy kiss, giving her a sweet preview of just what she’d be licking by feeding her the flavor of her friend’s pussy.

But Emma’s main focus wasn’t on Sasha’s kiss, but rather on Scarlett’s thrusts.  That cock felt so amazing up her ass.  She loved every inch of it.  Scarlett’s thrusts were so hard but at the same time not too rough.  She didn’t give her anything she couldn’t handle, but also completely dominated her emotions, making her cry out in ecstatic surrender as her ass was fucked.  She didn’t care where she was or who was where.  All that mattered was the orgasm she felt breaking through inside her.  Emma felt her whole body tense up for several intense seconds and then wildly uncoil as she became lost in orgasm.

Ever since then Kirsten had been a very loyal customer of Alena’s store and Alena returned the favor for her continued business by often closing the store just for Kirsten and letting her shop in peace.  Kirsten appreciated that a lot and loved showing Alena just how much but before Kirsten could even start to think about doing that, her cell phone began to ring.  Her phone was in her jeans pocket and her jeans were on the floor so Kirsten had to bend over to get it.  That gave Alena an absolutely wonderful view of Kirsten’s ass since bending over pulled the babydoll up and showed off almost every bit of her in the g-string.

Christina couldn’t get enough of seeing Katy and Rihanna put on their little duet for her. It was so hot to watch them as she played with herself that soon just witnessing their carnal coupling wasn’t enough to satisfy for her. Her sadness and regrets had been pushed to the side and she needed to get in on this action. So she stood up and went right for the special bag where she had packed her toys. She knew exactly what she wanted and where it was and she found it with only a little bit of fussing.

She had broken away from everyone else with the promise she was going to track down Stacy, but she wasn’t exactly getting on that right away.  She was far too enamored of the giant Christmas tree to do anything but stare up at it in all its majesty.  Love supposed she could have texted Stacy to find out where she was and arrange a meeting point, but that would have ended her search too quickly.  She wanted to wander around the mall and soak in the season and find Stacy that way.  That was the far more fun method and it was exactly what Love was doing.

But she couldn’t get both and for then kissing won out.  They resumed smooching with a growing urgency, their mouths both open and their tongues rubbing into each other.  Natalie again let herself take the lead and found herself liking it a lot as she pressed herself into Kat.  Her friend got the message in no time and lay back on the couch, letting Natalie lie on top of her, her small, lithe body rubbing into Kat’s juicy curves.  And as she did this, Natalie reached over to feel Kat’s leg and trace her hand upward toward her thighs.  She could feel the teasing signs of warmth from between Kat’s legs and Natalie badly wanted to just jam her hand under Kat’s jeans to feel that hot pussy and get it soaking wet with her fingers.

Finally some thank yous. As always thank you to KayJay for unflagging support and for 868 for being such a cheerleader for this series. Sorry we didn’t have time to proofread this sucker, but hopefully there are only a few errors in here that need to be marked off. Thank you as well to the constant ideas of ATM defilment given to me by Cosmo Kramer as well as the razzing of VoodooJoe and TRL for insisting I will never get to their favorite celebrities before they hit the age of mandatory retirement. And of course, special thanks goes out to the person who always tells me I’m awesome even when I’m not and who never stops encouraging me even when I don’t deserve it. She knows who she is.

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