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I am actually trying to think of recent stories about trans issues, and all I 8767 m coming up with is Annika 8767 s recent essay about being disowned by her family, though maybe I 8767 m just not thinking of other stuff. Anyway, it is not Trans Awareness Month (apparently that 8767 s November!), but I don 8767 t think a site that covers a wide variety of queer experiences needs a particular reason to cover trans issues. I pitched this story because I thought the program was cool and I had met Kit a few times and thought he was cool too and I like interviewing cool people and learning stuff about cool projects, so here we are.


So your friend came out as transgender/genderqueer/non-binary! Yay! The holidays are actually a pretty perfect time to show your friend your support, both by taking that old holiday advice to let the people you love know that you care and by giving them gifts that’ll help their transition. Take care to ask them if they’re comfortable with you gifting something specifically having to do with their identity, but if they are, here are some suggestions for gifts that’ll be useful for someone who’s transitioning their gender presentation.

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Gita: Well, I know that I really emotionally resonated with the dad stuff because I know I want to be a mom someday. Amanda is the kind of daughter I want to raise. Later in the game, you have to help her through a very teenage problem, and not only did it really remind me of the kinds of things I needed help from my parents with when I was it made me really think about what kind of parent I would be. It’s funny to me that you say you’re not into the dad stuff though—around the office, we call you Dad.

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For many trans folks and butch women, binding is an every day process, one that can be expensive and sometimes painful.  Many folks start out binding and later have chest surgery, while others may bind for their entire lives or just for one evening.  Any way you go about it, though, binders are quite an investment.  I’m going to explore several different ways of binding, looking at the safety, efficiency, and price of each.

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No. Click here to find out why. This question comes from the same well-intentioned, but misguided, place as &ldquo aren&rsquo t we all / aren&rsquo t we all a little bit bisexual, or pansexual?&rdquo It is a given, although one that is not often examined, that almost none of us exhibit 655% the attributes associated with any particular gender. Not conforming to binary gender expectations 655%, however, does not alone qualify as genderqueerness - a term like gender non-conforming may be more appropriate in this situation. Genderqueer identity is more complex than not aligning with social expectations of binary gender, as described above: socio-cultural elements can be a factor in genderqueer or non-binary identity, although elements as diverse as psychology, health, sexuality, and spirituality also often play roles in shaping such identities.

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There is no one way to dress as genderqueer or, more rarely and as of this time of writing, to be perceived as genderqueer being that, as a term encompassing various non-binary, non-normative identities, few people in daily life, who are likely unaware of one&rsquo s gender identity in the first place unless you are out to the group in question, would be able to recognize a specific presentation as genderqueer. &ldquo Passing&rdquo as genderqueer is similarly difficult since genderqueer is still a term growing in popularity and is not widely known outside of trans* and LGBTQ circles.

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Next comes the "packy," or prosthetic penis, which is absolutely a real thing. Many of us like to wear them because it feels right, so packies are often entirely cosmetic. But sometimes, they function more or less like a real penis, with apparatuses for urinating and even inserts to simulate an erection. Technology these days is wonderful. I just got one of these dealies, which is exciting. Possibly the best part is that it's called a Pee-Cock. I wish I could have been present at the meeting of whoever made that decision, if only so I could shake their hands.

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That's why I originally decided to move to Canada. Even in the land of queers and beers, though, trans-friendly doctors were difficult to come by. The only one I could find mostly saw hookers, so I was treated like a prostitute (I once sat in a waiting room for two hours surrounded by bleeding hookers, almost like Saul Goodman's office from Breaking Bad ). I heard that South Korea was trans-friendly, so I gave that a shot, but once I got there, I realized that by "trans-friendly" they meant "trans-woman-friendly," as they so often do. Unlike the rest of the world, which simply ignores or kills us, they actually don't even believe in trans men. The hooker connection, which needs to be the name of a William Shatner drug-smuggling thriller, is also bizarrely prevalent there. For some reason, Korean prostitutes wear men's clothing, so I found out the hard way that appearing to be a female dressed like a man is a good way to get mistaken for one. The hijinks that ensued were not what I would call wacky.

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If you're a man and want to throw your office into turmoil tomorrow, all you have to do is show up in a dress. If you're a woman and want to utterly disrupt the lives of everyone around you, just grow a beard. What we're saying is that people cling so desperately to gender roles that when anyone colors outside those lines, the world freaks the fuck out. No one knows this better than transgender people.

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I 8767 m not entirely sure what you 8767 re trying to say here, but this article/charity is helping trans* youth feel better about their bodies and lessen body dysphoria, not encourage it. It sounds implied that being trans* is a mental illness, and it will go away if you don 8767 t think about it, neither of which is true. Next time, try to be more informed before you comment about what is or isn 8767 t 8775 normal 8776 .

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Some do, some don&rsquo t, and some aren&rsquo t sure whether or not they want to yet. As with transgender people such as trans men and trans woman, among genderqueer people, there are those who are: non-operative (no-op), no-hormones (no-ho), pre-op, pre-ho, post-op, and post-ho. It should be noted that some may want surgery, but not want hormones, and vice versa. Transition in appearance may also, or alternatively, be desired in use of implements such as breast-forms, packers, and binders and/or involving clothing and/or hair (body hair, hairstyles). See also Transsexual Road Map and Non-Op: Beginner&rsquo s Guide.

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That's why there's a huge black market for things like testosterone. I won't tell you where you can find it, because I can't afford legal fees either, but let's just say the stuff you get on the black market really brings out the animal in you. Specifically, the horse in you. Fortunately, my fiance can get it for free, due to the Czech Republic's socialized medicine, but until recently, I couldn't ride that sweet healthcare train. Without insurance, I couldn't even afford to see my therapist as often as everyone would have liked. It could be a lot worse, though, because.

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Gita: Well, it depends. Although you can name your dad in Dream Daddy , it’s less that we are playing as ourselves and more than we’re guiding the hand of a predetermined character. In the other visual novels I’ve played, the main characters tend to be much more blank. Even if they have a backstory, the choices presented in text are less about “what would this character choose” and more about “what would YOU choose.” This goes as far as not allowing you to customize your character, but instead their character portrait has their hair going over their face and a shadow where all their features would be. Dream Daddy ’s arc is definitely more about “does this particular character need to open up or not?” Which is I guess up to you.

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This often isn&rsquo t practical anymore, with the increasing separation of the terms&rsquo meanings, while the two are frequently used as synonymous colloquially. Assumptions, particularly those based on stereotypes, about someone&rsquo s gender presentation, or expression, may cause a person to conflate presentation with assumptions about physical sex, and even potentially discriminate against them because of the sex they assume or know them to be.

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Riley: I don’t know, it kind of made me think, “Well, they got the misogyny in the game community right!” I guess that’s where I struggle with the game—the way I want to approach it as, say, a piece of queer media, but it isn’t meant to be read through that lens, which in itself feels a bit troubling. Like in the beginning, you can choose whether you Amanda’s other parent was a mother or father. I chose father, but then it comes up that your partner died, and I couldn’t help read that as “oh look, this tired gay tragedy trope again,” when obviously the same thing would happen if you chose mother. I worry I’m trying to make it be something it isn’t, but at the same time the fact that it isn’t disappoints me.

Transmasculine and genderqueer youth can apply for a binder through In a Bind 8767 s website. (There is also a paper application, but according to Kit, it is rarely used— 8776 kids are so tech-savvy these days, 8776 he says.) Applicants must be 76 and under and have a mailing address in the United States (applicants 77 and over have the option of checking out the Big Brother Binder Program , which has been providing binders to transguys in need since 7556).

It was pure luck that found me in the Czech Republic, which is where my now-fiance happened to live. You don't get lynchings here, you don't have people beaten in the streets here, and the suicide rate is much lower. People don't even yell at each other. The first week I was here, I saw a gay couple holding hands on the train and nobody gave a shit. Everything is still expensive, because I've only been here for one year and I'm not a citizen yet, but it's significantly less expensive than in North America. It's like leaving your horrible small-town high school for college in the big city. I used to get bullied all the time, and now I'm the Fonz.

I don 8767 t believe 8775 jumping to the worst conclusion 8776 is what happened here. You wrote a statement that is, before being explained, seen as a passive aggressive complaint about Trans* articles. Since you now say that isn 8767 t what you meant, I am glad.
The fault was not in the interpretation of your intentions, as it is not possible to determine those, but your communication of them.
I am curious what possible answer you expected from your question, as in, what were you looking to get out of leaving that comment in the first place? Knowing that would help see why you were read as being annoyed about 8775 all the trans stuff lately? 8776

The Homemade Binder Method
I would definitely recommend that folks who are just getting started binding try this out.  It can cost just about as much or less than getting an Ace bandage, and it will work so much better, particularly if you have a smaller chest.  You can make a binder from control-top hose or biker shorts that will work quite well.  Hudson’s FTM guide recommends taking a pair of control-top hose or shorts, cutting a hole in the crotch, and then putting it on with your arms through the legs.  You can modify this to make it more comfortable.  This replicates a binder, though it will not hold you in as well as one made specifically for smoothing a chest.

Identity is often about figuring out and experiencing what feels right, for, often, a multitude of reasons. The reason, or cause as it is so often sought out as, as interesting as it may be to ponder and research, is not nearly as important as the need for acknowledgement that the vast spectrum of gender, sex, and orientation identities that exist out there are deserving of equal respect , while regarding as well the specific needs and experiences that each entail. Equal respect does not, and need not, imply that we are all &ldquo the same&rdquo .