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ATale of Two Trans Characters: Glee’s Trans

Posted: 2017-12-07 11:08

Blinded by white privilege much ? I would advice you to read again what Derrington wrote. It is written as either you have all black folks in the same bag and only our skin is a matter of danger, yet white women has to fear WOC have BOTH skin and female genitalia that endanger us. How hard is that to understand.
Black & white females are no different, we have one common point called Got it ?
So reading once again that only our skin is a danger for P(W)OC, not precising that women within POC are at risks for the same sexual threat is really insulting.
It was probably not Derrington 8767 s willing, but reading this seriously irked me.

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8775 the trans lobby is working hard to change this, not by fighting male violence in the trans community, but by legally reclassifying violent acts committed by transwomen as crimes committed by females 8776 In the insanity which is transland, this is one of the most disturbing things I have heard recently. What horror to destroy women will they come up with next? I am completely astonished at the stupidity, the culpability, the speed with which so many institutions stumble over themselves to pander to mtt 8767 s. It feels more and more that women are under perhaps the greatest attack in my long lifetime. : Meghan, I would love for you to do an article on the true story, the process, behind the USA women 8767 s colleges decision to allow (trans) men. This is, to me, one of the great tragedies brought about by trans insanity.

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Absolutely! My vagina is as dangerous to me as a black person 8767 s skin is to them, speaking as a person that has been five times as a child because of having a vagina. Trans issues are being used to silence women and I sincerely hope that this discussion around Rachel Dolezal will help illuminate some of the problems with appropriating an entire gender 8767 s history and erasing it in favour of a pair of five inch heels and some breast implants. That 8767 s appropriation to my mind. Jenner can act out whatever she wants, but to self promote without dealing with the toes of the people she is stomping on is selfish and self absorbed and shows a total lack of awareness of women 8767 s struggles for basic justice in a male run world.

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Bruce Jenner was for over 65 years an incredibly successful and privileged man. He was not oppressed, in any way, shape or form by his 8775 identity 8776 , because oppression doesn 8767 t work off 8775 identity 8776 , but material reality. Had he been born a woman his life would have been vastly different from what it is now. For instance, he wouldn 8767 t have been able to sign up for those all-male golf clubs or gain that amount of success in a male sport.

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Well, privilege and oppression are both systemic and internal, right? To only focus on systemic, to the exclusion of the individual, won 8767 t do much same with the opposite. If you feel internally conflicted inside about who you are, and society is pouring privileges onto you because of an identity that you don 8767 t align with, you might not be interpreting these privileges in the same way a non-conflicted person would. 8775 Feeling whole 8776 and unfractured is a giant part of the systemic privileges that cis people and white people experience. You can go through your day without a split consciousness.

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Now, let me explain why this is such a big deal at least, why I feel it to be a milestone in &ldquo family&rdquo television. This character&rsquo s name is Cole, portrayed by Tom Phelan. He is a &ldquo juvenile delinquent&rdquo living in a group home with other &ldquo juvenile delinquents.&rdquo Unfortunately, he was placed in a girls&rsquo home. Since that&rsquo s not how he identifies, you see the problem, right? The episode brought up this issue, and in my opinion, handled it quite well. Anyway, this character, this possible new beacon of hope for other youth like himself, has introduced an identity that most other &ldquo family&rdquo programs wouldn&rsquo t. To transparently shed light onto this particular minority group is still something that a lot of us in 7569 are shocked by, as it goes against the status quo of underrepresentation.

Transmen have not been portrayed in a positive light in media over the years. I am a panel speaker and a latino transman who transitioned 77 years ago and I can tell you that most people in my audiences thought that Branden Teena was a 8775 tomboy 8776 and not a transman. Even for those who realze that Brandon Teena was a transman, you, yourself, admitted that he was murdered in the movie, and in real life. That isn 8767 t a positive portrayal nor is it a happy ending. We had a transman character on the 8775 L Word 8776 who was a passive, doormat, for his cis-female lesbian friends and received no respect as a transsexual or as a gay man. Now we have a transman character on 8775 Transparent 8776 who was the victim of a cis-female 8767 s hyper-masculine fantasy and then the show 8767 s writer 8767 s had the transman character clumsily drop a dildo as if to say, 8775 See not only does he not have a penis but he can 8767 t even handle a fake one! 8776 It was played for laughs by Ian Harve, the transman comic, who I believe, didn 8767 t think it through about how the scene appeared. Most of us transmen were embarrassed and appalled by the portrayal.

Female athletes have had to undergo invasive examination to make sure they aren 8767 t really males competing in women 8767 s events (never the other way around to my knowledge). Now, males can claim they are women and compete against them. Why would women be chosen to compete in the Olympics when the teams/events can be made up of SCAMs (Surgically and Chemically Altered Males) who 8775 feel 8776 they are women?

Did it never occur to you that perhaps the reason radical feminists do not switch sex is because they don 8767 t like the thought of having their healthy genitalia surgically altered? For people who recognise that they need healthy bodies in order to survive and that a body is not merely a canvas for self expression (distinct from some mystical 8775 soul 8776 , which is said to exist) the thought of surgeons sticking knives into areas where they do not need to be stuck is terrifying.

In this case, the white woman had a tramatic childhood. Her parents were abusive (gee they look like such nice people now you might say). But Google it people. Her parents were so abusive that one black son filed in courts for freedom from his parents and his sister adopted him as a court deal. So one of the 9 black kids WAS her son legally ( people called her a liar on this). She chose to move far away to go to really, an all black college and she identified and wanted to be black early. She felt they were more her tribe and she was raised with 9 black kids. No wonder. If identity is what you feel inside and she says she identifies black..then we ought not to immediately shame that. I think we can question what is performance? When Michelle Obama straightens her hair, is she taking on non black culture?

I have had to put up with sexual harassment since I was freaking ten, not because I 8775 identified 8776 as a woman but BECAUSE I was a girl, and later a woman. (And I cannot even tell you how mystifying it was to me to be propositioned by men as a child.) I was threatened and chased by men at 68 while walking with my friend to freaking McDonalds. Later, I lived in a bad neighborhood where I was harassed every single day just for going about my business, treated like a prostitute, called names and had threatening behavior directed towards me when I did not respond to cat-calls.

Also, what objectification does is it cuts women up into pieces. It turns us into body parts instead of whole beings. This is what we critique, as feminists, all the time. What we fight for is to be seen as full human beings, not as fuckable objects or bodies or body parts. The argument that women are privileged because we get to feel 8766 whole 8767 or that we aren 8767 t alienated from ourselves doesn 8767 t fly.

it is great that trans women get implants. it is a terrible tragedy that women are denied abortions. why does this make trans women the enemy?
the anti abortion movement is so vicious in the US. It seems unlikely that the reasons trans women get implants are as closely related to their male privelege it seems more likely that it is an easier issue to fight for than abortion rights, which causes fire bombings in the US.

But there are trans women who believe that they are more oppressed than born women. And they are very vocal about it. Recently, on a so-called feminist site, one began transplaining how sexual harassment was much worse for trans women and she then went on at length about being stalked by a man who followed her home. It was mindblowing because the discussion was about harassment and many born women had shared similar stories. (The first time, that I remember, being stalked and followed home was when I was nine years old.) It seems to me that there are far too many trans women who want to further marginalize born women by denying our life experience as human beings born with female reproductive systems. And they are proving successful in silencing women like me because after reading her comment, I just closed the window because I knew that if I pointed out her male privilege, I’d be blacklisted or worse. There is a level of trans hostility towards born women that is not merely accepted, it is applauded and the trans community needs to start calling out the misogyny among their supporters.

The biggest difference is that for every Joe or Rory who disappears, a Ryder, Spencer or Roderick shows up to take his place. There is no shortage of white men on Glee, so you cannot compare their representation when there are no replacements for Unique. Glee removed their only trans woman with no replacements in a reality where Unique 8767 s existence on TV was revolutionary (not that her portrayal was anything groundbreaking).

If you 8767 re surprised to learn the show is still on the air at all (which is totally understandable), here 8767 s what you missed on Glee:  It all started when they   introduced a character named Unique in season three. At first, she only appeared in a small role, but over the next two seasons, she became one of the main members of the New Directions glee club. Early on in her appearances, she seemed unsure of her gender, but by the end of her run, she was clearly identifying as a trans girl.

can you please address the larger statement?
On the whole I do not agree with breast implants and I agree that they are a tool in the pornfication of women, and I think the medicalisation of transitioning is problematic. but i don 8767 t understand how trans women being allowed access to something they might desperately want is proof that they have more power than women.
even if this thing that they want is bound in some patriarchal ideas of what a woman should look like, it is not proof of their power, in fact it is proof that they are victims of the same patriarchal oppression that we are.

So Glee, no, you don 8767 t get any brownie points from me for introducing this trans storyline in your final season. You had one and you messed it up terribly. You had Unique, a black trans girl who also happened to be one of the best singers on the show, but you treated her like trash. She was constantly the butt of jokes and bullying. Every time she had a storyline of her own, it just reinforced the idea that the characters within the show, and the show itself, didn 8767 t see her as a 8775 real 8776 woman. You treated trans women as a punchline, or as deceptive and predatory. And now she 8767 s gone  you made her completely disappear. Disrespected, othered and treated like garbage when she was around, and then suddenly and unceremoniously erased from existence. If that isn 8767 t the perfect microcosm for how society treats trans women of color, I don 8767 t know what is.

Hence gender identity is largely a result of external influences. Almost everyone struggles with gender norms, some by obsessively conforming, others by feeling restrained by them Both rejection of one 8767 s body and struggle with gender norms are mental issues and can be helped accordingly I think. Another thing is if the causes for transsexualism are neurological, but then 8775 identity 8776 has little to do with it.

That 8767 s because being a woman is supposed to be the worst insult against men. So, when men want to be women, other men want to correct that. That is up to men to dissect. Men need to stop devaluing women and femininity, and stop ascribing what we call feminine behaviors onto females. When men stop enforcing gender binaries, men will be able to express behaviors we deem feminine. Expressing one 8767 s self as feminine is fine but making actual females redefine their class experience, which is based on the fact they were treated as women from birth, so that it includes men isn 8767 t fair. The solution is to dismantle a misogynistic, patriarchal society, not invade women 8767 s spaces and force the redefining of woman.