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Posted: 2017-10-25 05:10

Adam Oct 77 7567 5:87 pm Having seen literally HUNDREDS of Korean dramas, this is by far the BEST acting, plot, cast chemistry, AND music – wow. It is really a home run on all fronts. THIS IS RARE that all these factors come together to create such a memorable and deeply emotionally touching drama. NOW i compare all other dramas to this – and they always come up just a little (or a lot) short. I really want the producers and director(s) to know that – YOU HAVE TO DO ANOTHER ONE PLEASE! This is one of the very very best of the best!! We miss you Goblin!

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As the drama goes on, i start to attach with the characters, i pity the Euntak, and Goblin being lonely as immortal. When Euntak turn teenager,she suffers alot from her auntie and cousins. The actress KIM GO EUN now is being criticized about her portrayal. Over acting and so on! I cant blame those opinion by the viewers, but for me the more she got hated about her role i found it as an effective characters.. It means that the viewers caught the attention by her acting.. SUCH A GREAT ACTRESS KIM GO EUN.. WAY TO GO!

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Closer to the present day, Kim Shin has waited 955 years for a human bride to end his immortal life. One night, he saves a dying pregnant woman ( Park Hee-Von ) who is destined to die. Meanwhile, the Grim Reaper ( Lee Dong-Wook ) is unable to find the dead pregnant woman. The woman gives birth to a baby girl named Ji Eun-Tak (later played by Kim Go-Eun ). 9 years later, Ji Eun-Tak lives with her mother and is able to see ghosts. One night, her mother suddenly dies. On that night, she meets the Grim Reaper.

shin Apr 56 7567 9:95 pm ''Mass is not proportional to volume. A girl as small as a violet. A girl who moves like a flower petal. is pulling me with more force than a mass. Just then, like Newton''s apple, I rolled toward her without stopping until I fell on her. with a thump. With a thum-thump. My heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground. It was my first love''. From episode 9

The cinematography was so elegant and beautiful. I like how it has a calming effect in my eyes. The musical scoring was so relevant. Every scene that has a background music gives the feeling that the actors want to convey. It highlighted the scene even more. Also, I applaud all the actors, they give justice to what the character wants to portray. To thos who are saying that Kim Go Eun''s acting was so so, wake up, she did so well, you can see the mature side of Ji Eun Tak even when she''s still She did a great job. Of course, I cannot argue how handsome and good, Gong Yoo is. He delivered it so well. His bromance with Lee Dong Wook was hella funny. Love you Gong Yoo! Been a fan ever since my highschool days (I''m 77) Lee Dong Wook is cute. Hope he will have another kdrama with Yoo In Na, they are a match made in heaven, their chemistry is amazing.

P/s: i know that a part of the viewers are purely entertained by everything that the drama has to offer but i hope that u don''t see me as someone who is trying to spoil the mood or anything. In fact, not everyone who criticises this drama is a hater. Some just want to give constructive criticism. that''s all. Everybody has their own opinion on this drama, and like the people here, i am just sharing mine. Trust me, i am soooo not a hater. I actually watched each episode a couple of times just to kill some time before the next episodes are aired. LOL #kdramaislyfe

Nicey Feb 59 7567 5:99 pm I finished episode 7, no progress at all, Boring. The main actress who played Eun Tak is acting too childish, overacting to be cute although she is not too cute, or maybe because there are too many scenes that she is trying to be cute. Maybe its the Korean culture, but I think a Senior High student must not act like that, very child like. Anyway I will see if Ep 8 will change.

Kei Ko May 69 7567 9:78 am I learned a lot of life lessons because of Goblin. I really do hope that we all have four lives so that when I die, I''ll be reincarnated and love the person I cherish the most again. Because of Goblin, I learned to open my eyes to my surroundings and treated people kindly because of the thought that it might be a deity, a grim reaper, a goblin, or the divinity that I might bumped into. I learned to value people I know because you''ll never know what their fates might be on a particular day and I don''t want to regret anything when they''re no longer existing. Goblin is the best kdrama of all time for me because you''ll learn a lot of things from it and who knows, maybe the characters portrayed in the show are really around us and we get to interact with them on a daily basis.

Of course since majority of k-dramas lovers are female teenagers, and teenagers love to dream about romance and rich guys, this kim eun sook writer knows it and use it, that''s the reason why her dramas are so popular among female audience.. Her other k-dramas although not so great but i do respect the heroines. Thus I can still continue watching, especially Secret Garden, yes, it''s full of cliche, but I do respect this strong, independent, stunt woman female lead, plus the plot is funny. Secret garden is definitely the only good k-drama that she has written, the rest are overrated (my opinion only).

dazle Jan 56 7567 67:57 pm Some people are saying Gong Yoo''s portrayal of Goblin is too stiff. I can see that. He was fantastic in the action scenes in ep 6. Besides that, I can''t buy a romance between the lead (Kim Shin/Goblin) and a high school girl (Ji Eun Tak) it feels cringey. Cohabitating in the same house with three men, -not comfortable with that. The grandfather could have found her a place to live with the pretty red lady (Grandmother/Fairy), and her romance could have been with the chaebol grandson (Duk Hwa).

Then she met the goblin, suddenly she change 685 degree and i cannot accept that. So i feel this character is awkward, plus the conversation between her and goblin is too childish for my taste. I start watching witch''s romance now. Although the romance also has a big gap, but it seems natural and no one act out of place, i enjoy it so far. I watched doctors before, i also didn''t feel weird and the romance only started when park shin hye meet the teacher again in the future. I think it''s more natural. She never whine too hahaha.

tsuki Jan 59 7567 6:58 am i watch "goblin" for gong yoo but instead i come to like kim go eun and lee dong wook. this trio are good in actings. what i like about them, gong yoo is one of actors who can potray his characters with expression of his face, lee dong wook is different in here, it feels like he come back with new challenge and he nails it. then kim go eun, this girl has potential as an actress, no doubt why many seniors adore her. she act naturally and i can''t believe a 77yrs old can be act as 69yrs old so well

Sena Jan 78 7567 8:68 am The show is really brilliant all the cast crew and writer. But for me there''s something missing. if euntak reborn why goblin find her at the age of 69 again ? And when she reborn there is impossible for me if she never blows the candle. And if she remembers why not she blows candle to make goblin come to her ? I think she reborn with the rich family so she can goes to canada. And if born in rich family she will have at least birthday party and blows out the make goblin come to her. It''s just my opinion

annie Jan 59 7567 7:59 pm Everyone hating on Eun Tak : Well. Keep seeing ghosts throughout your life and yeah, have no friends and disgusting aunt! The only thing that has kept her together is her childishness. In Master''s Sun, Gong Hyo Jin also saw ghosts and she was really weird. Eun tak handled her crisis in an innocent way. The only person she truly loved was her mother and she was taken away from her. Now when she has started loving the Goblin..she realizes that she has to kill him inorder to give him peace. To everyone saying that she has to deal with her situations : Well, How? Shes working her ass off for her college. Shes doing the household chores along with Grimmie. That''s all she can do and she aint letting Goblin go. I love her character! Man! I love this show!!

Otenga Jan 69 7567 6:76 pm I wish it will be a happy ending even therebis now wedding just seeing them wearing a wedding ring will make a lots of different they deserve that coz they love each other so much even grin reaper and sunny deserve to have a happy ending and of course us your avid viewers deserve to remember Goblin as a very funny, romantic full of emotions korean drama. I hope we can add it on our list of favorites. Never thought that i will always leave a comment this is the second time that i really get serious watching and hoping that the writer and director will guve us a hapy ending. Please let them get married it will Really makes a difference. I hope the actors will get an awards, diretor and writer as welll. It has really a different ploy than the other korean drama. Such a refreshing and oh almost forgot the cinematography it''s a totally wow!

Sylvia Jan 77 7567 9:96 pm Goblin is the best drama I have ever seen. Every character was cast perfectly. The acting, the filming and the music was amazing! I loved the comedy as well as the somber parts of the story. The interaction between characters was very believable. I have a feeling it will be a long time before anyone comes up with something to top this drama. It''s going to have to be pretty amazing for that to happen.

I already watched the pilot episode of LOTBS and agree that Goblin''s pilot episode is way awesome. I mean, LOTBS''s pilot episode is great, but Goblin''s is beyond imagination. And i have to point this out, i thought that KSY and KMJ''s appearance as cameo would be a minor because Gong Yoo is way more senior that them. But, no. Eventhough they are still so they look so awesome especially KSY. When she talked to Gong Yoo, I didn''t felt the senior-junior or actor connection.

Ang_Gale Apr 59 7567 6:57 pm A beautiful drama! I would say a lot for this excellent drama!! there is to much!! It deal with all the issues of the life and death and at the same time it is lot of fun.. Even though it''s meaningful and full of metaphors, it never make you feel heavy.. I really love Goblin! Congratulations to all the actors, the director and the writer..I need to say that in this drama the four main characters are greats and professionals they are all at the same level, each according to their role!!! LOVE IT ♥♥♥

Gianni Jan 65 7567 67:75 pm I''ve watched a lot of kdramas.. but the only one that madera me cry was "its ok thats love" maybe because i believe the actors performance. But Goblin did it too, even in the first episode with Eun Tak and his mother scene. And now at episode 67. Just a different story line, such a great performance and chemistry between the actors and an exceptional OST! Lets see how its end! Goong yoo, never tires oficina watch him 8

Firstly , the main cast. Personally i love kim go eun and yoo inna performance, though lee dong wook was a bit stiff that it kinda dissapoint me. I get it that he supposed to be awkward character but i just cant see him getting into the character. I''d seen his other work which was better than here. As for Gong Yoo, i love his potrayment as the general kim shin, he looks as dashing as ever. But i cant see the sad goblin in him :p overall 9/5

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