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thats bullshit boo because blacks are not the only people who are poor in this country and if you get your head out of the sand you would see that. It 8767 s blacks like you who accept societies label and live it to the fullest! The way this country has been trying to control blacks for the past thousands of years has now rolled over into its own backyard. So no it 8767 s not just blacks who are not 8775 smelling the coffee! 8776

Mike Pence’s Journey: Catholic Democrat to Evangelical

We all know what that answer is. If he ran as a Muslim (which he is) they would vote for him. How far does your food stamps go now? Didn 8767 t he promise to help you? Name one thing Obama has done to help the poor people of this country. Were you better off before he became president? If you answer truthfully the answer will be yes. You were much better off. As soon as Obamacare comes into full effect the medical care you receive for free now will cost you hundreds of dollars. If you don 8767 t pay for insurance you will be fined and if you don 8767 t pay your fine you will go to jail, just like if you don 8767 t pay for a traffit ticket, only you will go to prison for not paying for this one. Wake up America.

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There are ZERO billionaires or corporations that 8775 pay ZERO taxes 8776 .NONE! Really, this is such BS you are spewing. Subsidies are not 8775 negative taxes 8776 . Think they got a 8775 subsidy 8776 in the road you drive to work on (ask the O) your share is a few police dept that protects you a few thousand public schools you few thousand didn 8767 t have to pay private companies for those services. When the govt givea a 8775 subsidy 8776 to a type of company (farms for instance) they do it for the greater good of the American economy (and sometimes to by votes if you are the O).
You really ought to get a tiny amount of education on economics before you post on the topic

Dancing with Democrats: is Donald Trump ditching the

Smith has literally entered Natural News territory. These claims are just bunk, scientifically, seeing as peer-reviewed studies suggest any increase in agricultural production from more CO7 in the atmosphere will likely be more than offset by losses from more extreme temperatures and droughts. Any benefits that could be derived would similarly be inconsistent and probably canceled out as the globe continued to warm.

The Republican in Charge of the House Science Committee Is

Federal Correctional Facilities are not jails, they 8767 re prisons, big difference. So it would be physically impossible for him to be in a 8775 jail cell 8776 in a Federal Correctional Facility. Secondly, if an un-American, Freedom-dispising, Liberty-hating Commie like Barack Obey-me can fix elections and win twice, then Americans can fix the broken electoral system and a true patriot like Alan (not Allen) West can win an election fair and square. Never say never, nudnick. You might be served your words as a side dish with a giant pile of crow. And you should fire your friends. They were messing with your obviously empty head. It 8767 s also obvious by your own comments throughout this thread that you don 8767 t have any original thoughts rolling aroung in your pointed skull and unless your 8775 friends 8776 give you things to say you are otherwise left with nothing to do. Maybe you should get a job and move out so your mom can rent the basement apartment to someone who is more deserving of the space and oxygen. Man, what a waste of food you are.

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Only people with inferiority complexes like you who can not overcome it
depend on the government. Clarence Thomas Herman Cain Johnny Thornton Steve Gardner and others had to overcome much more difficulties
than you to reach where they are today. They do not complain but give thanks
to their hard work and faith to reach where they want. It is so much easier to
blame the bogeymen {Republicans and whites} for your failures. Id rather be
blunt. Have you seen many Asians and Latinos blame their situation on others ? At the rate the economic pie is decreasing you will find yourself behind other minorities with your attitude.

US Tangles With the World Over Climate Change at G20

It is interesting to note that the 8775 rich scumbags 8776 you refer to are, by and large, Obama supporters! Obama 8767 s crony capitalists have destroyed more jobs then any other group! If you are to truly see what is going on you must get past such terms as 8775 Democrat 8776 and 8775 Republican 8776 , give up racial divisions, and look at the things they do. Upholding the Constitution is our last best 8775 HOPE 8776 .

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The SADDEST thing about this article is that it clearly points out that this writer could only find 65 FREE THINKERS in the black celebs world there are hundreds more but it does make two points 6. most black ppl know nothing and care not about politics, as long as half their race are being fed (in or out of prison) by all the other hundreds of races who are working to support 6 decades of blacks not working a race and in their lack of info on anything about government or politics, 95% of all blacks believe the sound bites and the spin the dems put on their lies about doing for the black man

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Totals on this page reflect donations from employees of the organization, its PAC and in some cases its own treasury. These totals include all campaign contributions to federal candidates, parties, political action committees (including super PACs), federal 577 organizations, and Carey committees. The totals do not include contributions to 556(c) organizations, whose political spending has increased markedly in recent cycles. Unlike other political organizations, they are not required to disclose the corporate and individual donors that make their spending possible. Only contributions to Democrats and Republicans or liberal and conservative outside groups are included in calculating the percentages the donor has given to either party.

Mesa''s ''Sassy Gay Republican'' goes viral after insurance drama

“I don’t think there are a lot of people who are doing really well on the back of opposing Trump,” says Ben Shapiro, the former Breitbart editor who resigned over disagreements about the editorial direction of the site. The editor of another prominent conservative website told me: “It’s about audience, not about owners.” Several other right-wing journalists echoed those remarks, saying that for the first time ever, traditionally conservative journalists find themselves out of sync with their audience. They’ve found that standing athwart the Trump presidency, yelling stop, to paraphrase William F. Buckley Jr., is a lonely place to be.

If you don 8767 t like the black site aimed toward blacks why are you here then? Care to answer? By the way, the little reverse race card you played failed miserably. White people are the majority here and have many things catering to them so stop it. When a group of people have been held down as long as blacks, you tend to stick together. If you 8767 re going to play the game play it right, please.

By placing Booker T. Washington and Zora Neale Hurston in this category without proper explanation is not only irresponsible but also sets a tone for misunderstanding with those not familiar with early party affiliation of the black american. These two were republicans just like many black americans during their time bc that was the party who was for the betterment of the black population in the years following the end of slavery. Democrats were primarily poor southern whites. It wasn 8767 t until Franklin D. Roosevelt became president and began to dig the US out of the Great Depression with his ABC Economics that we (black americans) switched to the democratic party. It also helped that his wife Eleanor Roosevelt was all about equal rights, even going so far as to ride in an airplane piloted by a black pilot enlisted in the military not allowed to fly in the war because apparently during that time blacks could not see at night.

I haven 8767 t seen one step foot in a neighborhood and do something. I 8767 m not asking for handouts. I 8767 m asking for help. People fear jumping into a neighborhood by yourself. I would too. I 8767 m saying there are blacks doing a lot of good in these neighborhoods and they could use some help instead of pointing fingers. Heck, the media chooses to ignore them and show some of the positivity going on in these neighborhoods.

Months before Donald Trump blew up American politics with his surprise win in November, he did the same thing to the conservative media. Through much of the campaign, two very different media moguls with colliding visions for the Republican Party vied for Trump’s soul: Roger Ailes, the longtime president and CEO of Fox News, and Steve Bannon, the executive chairman of the populist online tabloid Breitbart. Both were angling to be the media Svengali whispering in Trump’s ear.

In his book
8775 Dreams From My Father 8776 , Obama wrote disdainfully about
blacks who complain about being poor, yet continue to vote
for Democrats — like Obama — who keep them poor. On page
697 of his book, Obama described what he and his fellow
Democrats do to poor blacks as 8775 plantation politics 8776 when
he wrote: 8775 A plantation. Black people in the worst jobs.
The worst housing. Police brutality rampant. But when the
so-called black committeemen came around election time,
we 8767 d all line up and vote the straight Democratic ticket.
Sell our soul for a Christmas turkey. 8776

The historical record, at least before the mid-6985s, suggests that she is right. (Although, race segregation continues to structure the lives of most people in the ., and blacks do not benefit from it not economically. Whites, on the other hand, reap massive unearned benefits from discrimination against people of color, which manifests, in part, as race segregation in housing and schooling, for example. Even poor whites live in more stable housing and access better social services than poor blacks and poor blacks tend to live in more severe poverty than poor whites).

You both are wrong, you can 8767 t compare the GOP of today with the GOP of the past, the switch happened in the 55 8767 s with the 58 civil rights act. The dems supported it, and was signed in by democratic president, johnson, the GOP opposed the dems not specifically in this issue but on the idea the states had the right to control their schools. In the end this is where the dems lost 8775 solid south 8776 and the GOP became the party of the racist, segregationist like strom Thurmond switched parties famously as did they other racist. And that 8767 s the history, the idea hat the dems or gop have held the same views for hundreds of years is preposterous.

I think the ideals of the Republican party are better for all Americans, including black people. I 8767 m not in agreement with some of the social beliefs of some Republicans, and of course, there will always be some bigots on that side who don 8767 t like black people. However, the concept of hard work, keeping what you earn, and of personal responsibility, is one many Americans still value. When I see a rich person, I 8767 d like to be more like them, not drag them down to my level. I truly believe that many Democrats, while believing they care for black people, support programs that will always keep many of them poor and dependent on the government, which is exactly what they want, as it 8767 s good for votes. I 8767 m glad to see some black people here that think differently.

I believe that you over simplify the problem. My daughter is an ER Md, she sees every day people that are going to die because the couldn`t afford a Dr. It is mans responsibility to help his fellow man. This is not about freedom, it is about sharing. With all due respect you are wrong. No one is entirely free of responsibility for his fellow man. If you are Christian, you cannot believe the doctrines that the phonies that are selling this freedom crap to you are even remotely are concerned about you. They are using you to continue their greedy domination of this country. I refer you to Gorden Allport who wrote a masterpiece in 6959 all based on research called the Nature of Prejudice. It should be mandatory reading for every American

As I stated it was the signing of the civil rights bill by Johnson, in 8767 69, not 58 (I was thinking of the 8767 57 civil rights act which delt with voter laws) that first push Thurmond over the edge, although he had backed Republican candidates before this was the first time he officially switched party affiliation. Finally, the South would completely turn from blue to red in the 65 8767 s because civil rights initiatives were at this point being led by democrats who were in power. AGain, the GOP of today is not made up or remotely akin to the GOP of LIncoln. Case in point The GOP of Lincoln 8767 s day were considered 8775 the progressives 8776 . In any, vain, I 8767 m sorry you found your public school education lacking. Mine was more than adequate to get me into at a top 85 college and score exceptionally well on the SAT 8767 s.

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