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Date: 2017-08-13 08:39.

This is kind of a chicken and egg argument. As a Canadian, I found Swedish women to be very aloof, unless they were drunk. In that case, they were content to be just another piece of ass. Amazing transition. And despite their air of superiority, most Swedish women will settle for pretty much anyone as a boyfriend. No self-respect at all. So, Swedish women 8766 Looks 8767 thumbs up! 8766 EVERYTHING else 8767 thumbs down!

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Hello, Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kevin, and I reside in Wyoming. I am 57 years old and became disabled on the job as a Long Haul Truck Driver in 7567. I am now confident that I can go back to a meaningful job. I am looking for a Lady who wants a man to hold her when times are hard, and love her unconditionally 655 percent of the time. A lady who doesn 8767 t mind being spoiled with things things that may not be bought.

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I found your blog through oh, I don 8767 t know, some google search or other sometimes I like to read about places I 8767 ve been or lived in my spare time and thought your post on what is acrid and detestable about Sweden was a riot a laugh riot, that is, and I 8767 m not being condescending in any serious way I genuinely found it rather entertaining, as satire goes. The comments were something else, but then, obviously that 8767 s not your fault.

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Or, indeed, that all Swedish girls are blond and beautiful. I 8767 m not going to go into how problematic even 8775 positive 8776 national stereotyping is, but come on, now: you 8767 ve lived in Sweden for a fair bit surely you 8767 ve noticed that homely or plain-looking women abound just as much as the gorgeous ones? You 8767 re opening yet another can of worms if you begin to equate 8775 gorgeous 8776 to 8775 tall, blond and busty 8776 by the way. Internalized sexism and internalized racism, that is. I 8767 m honestly really sorry if you feel like you aren 8767 t beautiful just because you don 8767 t look like this ridiculous 8775 white ideal of beauty 8776 that 8767 s been touted since forever by those in power.

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Well it all started with a sweet message from him, and we started talking. The more talked and laughed together, we realized that we belonged together. We both were searching for that right person, and we both agree that it was fate and destiny that brought us together. We are both happy with each other and neither one of us wants it to end. We both know where this is leading to a more wonderful life with the perfect man.

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am a Zambian male aged 76, a dark in complexion with a medium height and very have a bachelors of art with education degree in mathematics and special education. I like reading books during my spear time, playing chess and watching fiction movies. am also entrepreneur, just opened a college. am interested to marry a rich lady cause i want learn from her how she has become successful so that i can use the ideas to develop my from that am also tired of dating poor ladies who just want my money even before i can make some, taken my business back wards. am a bit reserved, jovial,loving and only love one lady at a time.

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Yet at the same time I have always been extremely progressive. I would want a woman to be highly educated and to work outside the home as I would want her to have some independence if something happened to me. I also believe in evolution, sex-education, reproductive rights, and gender equality. And I live a very ecofriendly lifestyle, am concerned about climate change, and believe in universal healthcare.

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I feel like the list you made of what Swedish girls want/like men to do is what an real man is supposed to do when going after or courting any girl from anywhere lol. Especially on the first few dates you have to have a good personality, show some chivalry, and be willing to pay the bill and not be a cheap ass. Idk that may be just me, but I 8767 m from the States and I 8767 ve traveled the world and all that holds true anywhere. I just find it funny that any dude would think that that list is ridiculous or think, “damn, how do Swedish men and women mate and have lots of babies?” like you stated because uhh its kinda obvious that you have to do such things, and be able to hold a conversation, not be a pushover, have some courage etc etc. if you want to get anywhere with any girl. Idk Is it me or is that not just common sense when it comes to trying to get a girl or even simply trying to make friends?

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hi everybody,im guy who likes blondes,welljust x the outside,ighuees,ihad meet many swedish n ithink they r not friendly open people ,as somewere i had read ,ibeen travel lot n everywere they just are open with another sweedish people,they r sure that they r best in the world n they r more than anybody,they r to proud to be swedish ,is to much,that this just make me take swedish to the bed n dont think morte than this,ill never take a swedish u really know sewedish people as i do u ll figure out.

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I 8767 ve never asked anyone this question because it 8767 s quite dumb but, what is it? What makes 8775 white 8776 guys (no intention to look racist here) like latin women? I 8767 m not saying it is a general thing, because I realize many don 8767 t like latin features and vice-versa (n my case, my skin is not as dark as some wouldd expect but my hair is). But there seems to be a 8775 fascination 8776 for latin women, at least that 8767 s what I 8767 ve seen from quite a number of white men. Is it the looks? the culture? the language? the dancing? the fact that we are a little more 8775 submissive 8776 lol?

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Until he explains it. See, Scrooge has a Weird Sex Thing he likes, and he finds it hard to bring it up. x756C I&apos m not going into detail here x756D x7569 and he never does, and we will all die not knowing, all of us except a few lucky ladies x7569 x756C but there are certain things that I enjoy about sex, certain things, and it&apos s difficult to tell the typical date about those things, so I never get past the first date. x756D

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Now, are you ready for something sweet? He could see himself marrying her! And this, he says, is what makes sugar dating different from prostitution. x756C I don&apos t have an extensive track record with escorts, prostitutes, or hookers, x756D says Scrooge. x756C But I&apos ve done it a couple of times in foreign countries. And it&apos s just the biggest turnoff you&apos ve ever seen. It&apos s like all business. They don&apos t smile. x756D With sugar babies, no one&apos s on the clock. There&apos s hugging and kissing, laughing and talking.

I mention the physical traits that define me, but am most concerned with my over-all individual/cultural personality traits, and where I should be looking for a suitable match. Having grown frustrated seeking American men, I 8767 ve wondered, are there men beyond my country 8767 s borders that would make me happy? Perhaps Sweden would be a nice place for me to meet someone? Or at least someone as large/tall as me? I 8767 ve known wonderful Swedish and Scandinavian men all living abroad!

My last point pertains to the final few lines of your post: the implication that all tough Swedish women must necessarily be 8775 soft, delicate women 8776 on the inside makes me rankle. It is absolutely offensive to equate femininity with softness, as though women who are 8775 tough and viking-like 8776 be it on the inside or on the outside, are in any way lesser women than those who are soft and delicate. Personally, I take pride in being a strong, able woman, just as much as others take pride in being more emotionally-inclined indeed, women can be both. That does not make one of us more female than the other that 8767 s an absurd idea.

Eventually the guy broke up with John. He wanted to have threesomes, and John didn&apos t, and the way the guy acted x7569 angry, entitled tantrums about x756C didn&apos t I buy you a new computer x756D x7569 showed John exactly what was going on here. John had seen this before. The first guy didn&apos t want to use protection, and he seemed to get turned on trying to get John to relent, then was outraged when John refused. John got out. Now he works the front desk at a health club.

(And here I must confess that I&apos ve become obsessed to the point of being unhinged over trying to figure out what sex act Scrooge could possibly want that is so horrible. Is it something plain and regular, like anal? Maybe he wants to wear some lingerie? Does he want to punch her in the stomach while he sucks on a pacifier? Does he need her in a clown suit as he takes a dump on her clown nose? I&apos ll be doing the dishes and it will come to me, these unbidden thoughts that are nonetheless relentless. Often in the past few months, my first thought upon waking up is a new possibility for Scrooge. x756C Maybe he wants to wear a saddle and be hit with a riding crop while he recites Whitman, x756D I will tell my husband. x756C Can I have coffee before we discuss this? x756D he will answer.)

Seriously, I read your blog and think you have some good points but this is just not true.
I am as swedish as we get and I do not want my guys to buy me things and pay for dinner. That makes me feel like I owe them something, which is very uncomfortable if you try to date someone. Yes I do enjoy getting a beer payd for now and again, but the next round he better let me pay.
And yes, some chivlary is nice but not too much, if a man try to pull out my chair it makes me laugh, do hold the door up, but next time when I walk thrpugh the door first, let me hold it up to him. It 8767 s all about equality, even in the little things. If the guy pays everyr bill and open all the doors he will make me feel like he looks down on me. As far as the alcohol coles I agree it 8767 s a pity swedish guys need to be drunk to hit on people, (for the most part) but to be honest, it goes for us swedish girls aswell, and probably boils down to the fact that we mostly interract with others out at clubs and bars.

Another thing I 8767 ve learned here is to be less romantic. I used to be the guy who loved to cuddle in the morning and just caress their hair but I 8767 ve noticed that you can 8767 t really do that all the time. This kind of keeps a sense of interesting aura about me that the Swedish girls I have been with definitely like. I have some really close swedish guy friends here so I guess you could say that when I date girls I kind of follow their steps.

Yes being with someone besides ur own culture, colour is truly exotic, see i am seeing a swede and me being tanned (native american/canadian), she goes crazy about my skin colour, my hair my language, vice versa for me, its different and the culture, hair, etc attracts me as well, we were two different people, in race, culture, language etc and we were instantly attracted to eachother, so voila! we are married and together :D

I dont know why, maybe it 8767 s their culture of freedom, outside, they can look different from many other. But i felt in love with one, and I liked her so much since the very first moment. She meant to be stressed and teased by men but not valued like she was before: a gorgeous woman.
Now, every woman from every part of the planet deserves to be treated as woman, not a toy to use after or during a drunk. She deserves to be afriend, communicative, cuddles, maybe sometimes to be angry but never lacked of respect. That seems to be very common in Sweded, I dont say every sweden male treat badly a woman, but a lot of them especially generation are lacking of sensibility.
And from my point of view, it 8767 s weird
Now my story with that sweden girl went over not because there was not lack of love from both, but because my work, I was deployed so far away, and I was at that time.
What remains to me is a big funny happy sweet moments of warm wool and big heart, here in the deep of Italy. Still running all my love for swedes. Nobody is perfect, but the sweden males that I known, needs to grow in empathy and care with their women. at least.

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